Keeping your hair healthy is just as important as achieving a flawless style or desired length. Whether you prefer salon treatments or take care of your hair at home, here are ways you can protect your hair from the inside out.

1. Eat healthy, drink  lots of water and exercise

Your hair needs proper nutrition just like your body does! If you eat a poor diet, expect to have fragile, brittle hair.There are several vitamins that enhance the overall look, feel, and state of your hair, including vitamins A, B, C , D, and E, as well as minerals such as calcium, zinc, and iron.  Whole grains, fruits, nuts, and fish should be mainstays on your meal plan.  And remember to hydrate your body.  Not only does water help skin look supple and refreshed but it’s also good for the hair.

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  • shadow

    Got a question, I sit under a table top dryer for my styles. I only blow dry when I’m getting my ends clipped every 4 or 5 months, yes this is appyling heat, but is it considered damaging?

    • bee

      I do that, too. I don’t consider that direct heat and I haven’t noticed a change in my curl pattern. My guess would be no.

  • shadow

    @ bee

    Thanks :)

  • df

    i’m gong to retry pre pooing. I tried in the past with coconut oil because everyone was recommedning it but it was before I realized my hair doesn’t care for coconut oil. I’ll try it again with EVOO…

  • Yvonne

    I LOVE oils. I prepoo w/ them, condition w/them and cowash w/them too!