5 Celebrity Beauty Secrets Worth Trying

by Clutch

Most women have a beauty secret or two in their arsenal passed down from their family or shared between friends. Celebrities also have a wealth of insider beauty tips, thanks to the professional makeup and hair artists they work with on a regular basis.

We searched for a few from stars like Beyoncé and Tracee Ellis Ross that are worth incorporating into our beauty routines!

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  • Anon25

    I thought the picture of Beyonce was one of Aubrey O’day lol Anyway, what is dry brushing?

  • http://twitter.com/Echidiime @echidiime (@Echidiime)

    If your hair is real, Could one still spritz perfume on it???

  • http://nesheaholic.com LaNeshe
  • http://nesheaholic.com LaNeshe

    Yea, I don’t know about perfume on real hair. I suppose using nice smelling hair products could also do the trick.

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