Summer fashion has the potential to be fun and stylish — from vibrant printed maxidresses to a beautiful head full of curls. But it can also be dreadful when people commit style faux pas influenced by the weather. From wearing the wrong undergarments to sliding into shorts two sizes too small, we run down the top style offenses people make whenever the temperature rises. We’ve got to do better.

1. Visible Bra Straps

If I had a dollar for every woman I see in a halter dress, tube top, and racerback tank with bra straps clearly visible on both sides …. Bonus change for bra straps that are neither nude nor black, but pink, leopard, neon, and red. It’s tacky and jarring and completely ruins the look, and there are too many styles of bras for this to continue to happen in 2012.

2. Panty Lines

Speaking of undergarments, a sundress and full briefs are highly offensive to everyone walking behind you. To avoid panty lines, it’s crucial to invest in a thong or even a G-string when needed. But whatever you do, don’t go panty-less just on the mere chance the dress is see-through.

3. Off-Season

Fashion rules are usually meant to be broken, but there are a few things that shouldn’t make appearances in the summer months: boots of any kind (especially not rain boots), fur trim, or suede. Even if you paid a lot for them and want to get your money’s worth, pack them away until September.

4. Not Changing Your Makeup After a Tan

You went to the beach, had a wonderful time, and walked away with a golden, sun-kissed tan. But the very next day, you put on the same foundation and concealer you always use, and now you look a raccoon or a ghost. When your complexion darkens, so should your makeup.

5. Wearing the Wrong Size

We’ve all had that moment where we looked through our box or bin of summer clothes and realized we can’t fit that amazing floral dress we loved or those short shorts that were last year’s staple. What do you do? Go shopping for clothes that fit or items like dresses or maxidresses that give you some wiggle room. What you don’t do is slide into a pair of daisy dukes (by putting lotion your legs and jumping up and down around your bedroom) and act like no one sees that your thighs are suffocating. We’re more than a number, ladies; go up a size.

What are some other summer style faux pas you see, Clutchettes?

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  • shlbshl

    Rain boots in the summer, you say? Scoff all you want, but you’ll have to pry my Hunter boots out of my cold, dead hands.

    I live in South Korea, and summer=monsoon season in E. Asia. That means torrential downpours at a moment’s notice, and a near universal summertime uniform that consists of shorts/above the knee dresses and skirts (basically anything with a shorter hemline that won’t get too mucked up while wading through olympic swimming pool sized puddles) and rubber wellington rain boots.

    This is all 100% pragmatic. And if you get some boots in a funky color or pattern, I dare say that it’s, *gasp*, even cute. Lemonade out of lemons and all…

  • Jenn

    Something like 3 out of 4 women buy the wrong bra size. These conversations make that *so* apparent. Ladies! Come on. If your breasts are muffin’in out of the cup, if your straps are too long or too short even after adjusting, if you solve jiggle by squishing them down or together then you deserve a better bra! Your bra should be both comfortable and supportive. You wear it every day! If you’ve been a demi-cup woman your whole life give a full coverage bra a try. It seems like a lot of bra, but you might be pleasantly surprised by the extra lift. And keep in mind that most of your support comes from the band so skip anything with a skinny back strap. If you’re going to spend good money on something you wear your bra should be pretty high on the list.