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Find what you like to do
Chances are there’s something you love to do outside of your job. Now’s the time to dream again. Kelly suggests going back to a childlike state to find what you like to do. “Pull on your passion,” she says. “What is that thing that all your friends and family compliment you on, that you do with your eyes closed? That’s your gift.” Explore your city, pick up a hobby, complete an unfinished personal project for inspiration. If you loved your job, consider transforming your skills and experience into an enterprise for additional income.

Let the sunshine in
No, you don’t have control over the weather, but if the sun is shining bright, let it in. Open your windows or blinds to keep you out of darkness for extended periods of time. More than 14 percent of Americans are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which makes you feel depressed during the winter months due to fewer hours of sunlight. If the weather is gloomy, turn the lights on inside your home. It’ll make you happy!

You no longer have lack of time as an excuse to skip workouts. Drop by the gym or grab the Wii to relieve some stress and get fit, too. Exercise helps clear your mind and releases endorphins in the brain to create mood-boosting effects that keep away depression.

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