I hope this is just one of those rumors to get folks talking and drum up ratings, but according to the gossips at the New York Daily News, Nene and Kandi might just channel their inner Basketball Wives and throw down on the upcoming “Atlanta Housewives” season.

Here’s the scoop:

“THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of Atlanta” are getting physical. A show source tells us NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss “get into a fight with production” during the filming of season five, which is currently taking place, and the scuffle will not be cut out during editing and appear when the season airs, reportedly sometime in the fall. “It’s really bad,” says the insider, who says all of the ladies “have been real divas this season.” A spokeswoman for Bravo told us: “We have not announced anything regarding season five yet.”


If Nene and Kandi do come to blows, it’ll be a shocker.

Although Nene has never shied away from conflict, last season she seemed to try to float above the unnecessary drama and attempt to reform her image. Unlike a few of the other ladies (ahem, Marlo), Nene’s TV career has taken off and she’s found roles on network TV on shows like “Glee” and an upcoming NBC comedy. If she gets into with Kandi, who has also tried to steer clear of the drama, it’ll be a bit surprising. But with reality shows becoming more dramatic and controversial by the day, I suppose it only makes sense that the folks over at Bravo would try to crank up the drama.

But seriously, I know they’re in Atlanta, home of “throwing them ’bows,” but aren’t these ladies too old to be fighting?

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  • Kam

    Do these women have pets? A cat or a dog to calm their behinds down? Last time I was in a fistfight I was 11!

  • my_reply

    All grown women are too old for throwing bows. Physical fights are unnecessary unless it is self defense. Fighting is uncivilized. Civilized people have arguments and debates. Voices may get loud. Bad words may come out. You start moving towards being uncivilized and get to fighting. Have you ever noticed that people who are quick to want to physically fight are the same people that can’t win an argument? Then it’s time to fight. When they lose the fight, they have to go get some buddies or a gun. People just can’t handle getting outsmarted or beat up. They always have to win.

  • Yep, they need to put a real halt to the unreal shit they say and do on this show!!! Thumbs down to a show I used to look forward to watching!!