Dwyane Wade is no stranger to embracing bold fashion trends, but recently, his love of style has spilled into the beauty realm. The Miami Heat shooting guard posted a picture on Instagram of his black toenail polish.

Men wearing nail polish is not exactly a new phenomenon, but it’s rare that you see men of color rocking it, especially on their toes.

What do you think of men wearing nail polish? Men, would you paint your toes?


  1. That’s so gay

  2. Whatever floats his boat, but my man bet NOT do that…

  3. Nicole Neal

    I actually think its great I have no problem with a guy wearing nail polish. It does show he is bold and courageous. It’s not so long ago men didn’t wear earrings, now they do it all the time. A bit further back women couldn’t wear pants only a dress. Surely as a society we can accept something little like this. I would be proud to go out with a guy who rocked polish or had earrings. I know when my husband was alive he loved me regardless of what I wore and supported me in whatever job I wanted to do. What’s more important? I support it completely go Wade.

  4. If you ever played sports you know how busted your toes get. That black polish is covering up something nasty. Go ‘head Dwade.

  5. I think it’s great- I’m a father, Soldier, marathoner and I do it. Right now my toes are opi gel black. It’s probably all in my mind but it’s more comfortable to run with gel polish on than anything. Plus it looks good in my opinion. I wish more guys would do it or come out of the closet with it. It doesn’t define the man’s orientation- just taste. Courage men!

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