I love babies — the way they smell, how quickly they smile, and how wonderfully soft their chubby little legs and arms are when you hug them. Babies are definitely a gift from the Creator, and Beyoncé’s little bundle of joy is no different.

Recently a picture of Mama Bey and Blue Ivy popped up on Tumblr, and from the looks of things, little Blue is growing up fast. Not only is she amazingly cute, but she seems to look just like her superstar mama.


Although I’m not a Beyoncé stan, I must say I do like watching how she seems to be becoming more open and radiates pure joy now that she’s a mama. I don’t know about you, but I like this side of King B.


*Photo cred Tumblr.

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  • Sandra

    Beautiful Baby Girl, what a blessing!

  • Deborah Shirley

    My People, Black People

    We have a long way to go

    I have never met another race who are so critical of their own race in terms of how they look – which is all based on the white standard of beauty.

    An ideal of beauty fed to us since slave trade until now

    But my people, black people have taken this to a new level

    We see black people as good looking when they have lighter skin, softer hair, a smaller nose etc – in short when they have more Northern european features. Even when the person just looks average because of their lighter complexion, smaller/straighter nose we automatically view them as pretty.

    We are constantly ridiculing people that have more African features i.e. a larger nose, coarse hair etc

    When are we going to realise that we are so brainwashed. The ideal of beauty is learnt as we are born empty jugs.

    The ideal of beauty is different for many cultures and most importantly – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Terrie Walker (Cali)

    she is a true blessing, you now have an angel on your wings. Lover her hard, teach her all and always understand!

  • Ryan Thompson

    Stacy is right. #SorryNotSorry