After rocking a relaxer in summer 2010, Jill Scott has big chopped for her second time since stepping into the spotlight. She revealed her new “TWA” at a performance at Somersot House in England.

Since Scott got a lot of flack for relaxing her hair, it’s interesting to see her do the big chop again.

We’re all for women having the freedom to change their hair as they please and embrace any style, texture, or length they see fit. But as natural hair becomes increasingly popular among artists and the women in their fan base, we sometimes wonder what the real motive is in big chopping.

Is it a move toward growing healthier hair or a chance to gain publicity and appeal to a fanbase of naturals? What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?


  • Mademoiselle

    Does there have to be a motive behind cutting your hair? I don’t think natural-haired women only listen to natural-haired artists–no one chooses music that way. I wish this article had an explanation for that outfit, though. What was the motive behind wearing such an awful print???

  • Mademoiselle

    P.S. Not everyone who’s natural does it for health. Sometimes it’s just something to do or not do, which is still ok.

  • rando

    She is not her hair. Women grow, cut, time, dye, fry,and weave their hair daily.

  • Sasha

    Right!! That outfit made me want to drum on her belly and sing the ‘Circle of Life’. Back to the topic: I didn’t know people had to offer up explanations in regard to what they chose to do with THEIR hair.

  • Laugh

    I think all that happened here is what many women do. Your hair gets long and healthy being natural then you say I’m getting a perm (yea I said perm) then that ish starts to break off and fall out again. Time to start over.

  • gfkag

    I think it is just to switch it up, not to generate publicity. We are the ones who (over)interpret their hairstyle choices.

  • David

    Whatever her reasons may or may not be, the point is: she looks fabulous! As always, regardless of her hairstyle. Jill is so beautiful.

  • Miss Toni

    I really dislike this headline. My mother and aunts throughout my entire life would change their hair periodically. Sometimes they would press and curl and/or perm, then there were times they would wear hair pieces –pony tails or afros, then I remember each of them chopping all of their hair off and rocking a short natural at least twice during my childhood–each of them. I was raised to see it as the beauty of being of African descent, of being a Black Woman—you got choice. You can make your hair stand up or your could lay it flat on its back. …..and if experiencing one’s natural hair is the new trend!?!? I see it as an indication of freedom. *insert India Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair”*

  • thefourps

    I think it’s just about personal style, no different than if she had dyed it a new color. We make a big deal about certain people being our hair-icons, but they didn’t ask for that. Both her and Solange Knowles have commented on the matter about them just doing whatever they want to do with their hair and that they’re not “Natural Hair Icons” they’re just them.

  • Noneofurs

    I swear most of these articles are written by bloggers who considered deem themselves journalists. You have no credibility and lack substance. How can anyone take you serious with ridiculous content like this? Keep this junk in the blog sphere.

  • Marie

    Seriously get real. Do you think we are that weak minded that we’d be so easily influenced by her going natural again? It’s about music. Just like the first poster said. Beyonce SHOLE’AINT natural but I still like some of her songs. And in case you hadnt noticed, Katy Perry isnt either. She’s addressed this once before. People put the label of natural hair icon upon her she didnt ask for it. Most artists are chameleons, they will change, shed skin, or in this case hair. People project their ideals and beliefs upon ppl and expect them to uphold them and its unfair bc you dont know this person from Eve and you want her to hold your natural hair standard. Hell how do you know she was natural for health the first time or that she was taking care of her hair? She’s a great artist and for all I care she can wear a burlap sack with sequins on it long as she’s singing her heart out for me.

  • Yoli

    @Noneofurs:Thank you!! You’ve said it all right there!

  • angel

    I am soooooooooo tired of this. Tired. If someone relaxes their hair fine. If someone is natural fine. If someone wears a weave fine. Can we please move on from dissecting a celebrity’s motives/worth/personality/cause, whatever because of what they do with their hair!!!

  • d_nicegirl

    Seriously, stop with the dumb hair posts. Full stop. Please.

  • Stephanie Palmer


  • rl

    Ridiculous. I am unliking on FB. It seems there is nothing on your webpage of importance, just fluff.

  • Britni Danielle

    We publish about 15 articles a day covering fashion, beauty, and politics. I’m sorry you feel this particular piece is “fluff,” but we cover it all. Just take a look around.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Valerie

    Yep because it sure happened to me in that order!!! Lol

  • African Mami

    Jill has been known to be a chameleon when it comes to her hair. In other news, that outfit is unflattering!! LAWWWWWD!!!

  • NewLook

    @ Sasha LMAO

  • grateful

    yes sisi! no to that “dress”

  • kelly1920

    I think she looks great! *humming I AM NOT MY HAIR by INDIA ARIE*

  • Pink

    Jill has a beautiful face…..sorry but that hair do, and outfit are whack!!!!

  • African Mami

    sup missy!!

  • Dalili

    **Giggling** Hello My Love!!

    Jill is gorgeous, she doesn’t go wrong often in the hair/makeup/accessories department. :-)

    I actually like the top; the puff sleeves and the colors are rather cute and the earrings are divine. I think coupling it with matching pants is what took it down several notches; it would have been much nicer had she worn black tights or had the top been a cute little dress.

  • Amber

    Who the hell cares why anybody does anything with their hair? It’s hair. It grows, it breaks, you can chop it, dye it, fry it, braid it, weave it, etc. And I agree with a previous comment that sometimes we really do overthink other people’s hair choices! If she did it for publicity SO WHAT (even though I don’t see how that would do anything). And if she didn’t SO WHAT AGAIN! Like Solange said, Jill has cut her hair so many times cuz she felt like it. Why is this time any different? Sometimes Clutch….sometimes..

  • African Mami

    Sissy!! Wassssup!

    Exactly! If she had toned it down with black tights, I was actually thinking the exact same thing, maybe it would have been bomb.

  • 2NatuRho

    Jilly has said time and time again in interviews that she is not a spokesmodel for natural-haired woman. Let her and her hair just be great!

  • Bee

    You ain’t neva lied. 100% co-sign.

  • Marie

    One of the advantage of being an African American woman is being able to change your hair. I love that about us and definetly love to see when an artist change up, its part of entertainment and being an artist.

  • grow black hair long

    I really don’t care how she chooses to wear her hair but I will have to say that I am glad that she went back to natural

  • mel

    so tired of hair talk, but this concert was amazing!

  • Yolo

    this article is downright downgrading.People relax and chop their hair for various reasons and celebs, just like regular people have issues with their hair.Stop this nonsense hair talk already and stop bringing down women for their hair chouces

  • Yolo

    …and i am unliking clutch on fb for this unitelligent post!You people are part of the problem!!!!!GOSH.Now unliking!

  • shadow

    ok, ok,… many of us are tired of hearing about the natural hair revolution. I understand, it does get overwhelming and in-your-face alot, but I get where the excitement is coming from. IMO, the constant talk comes from finally getting to the end of generations of hearing so many negative things about our hair i.e. it’s too curly, it’s too kinky, your hair is nappy, etc. Remember “nappy” and “kinky” were insults except in the 70′s. As you know, criticism crushes self esteem. We went years as black people changing our hair to how “society” thought it was supposed to look. Well once natural hair was embraced, plastered all throughout the media, massive products made to cater to natural hair, well we were so glad to finally have acceptance verses criticism we kinda lost it in a sense. Yes, many may have become fanatics, at the end of the day it is…just hair! I don’t believe any harm is meant, we’re just so excited and proud to finally have something positive said about our tresses. It’s ours naturally grown seen now with pride and not shame…just saying.

  • Selah

    I went natural because I grew tired of relaxing and coloring my hair. My maintenance routine is now less time-consuming and less expensive.

  • Marlene Rogers

    I think the “big chop” is both a great way to grow healthier hair and a bold statement that “I’ve come into my own,” and am comfortable with me. BEAUTIFUL JILL!!! You go girl.

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