Ombre’d Out?

by Chelsey Wilkins

Ombre hair has been all the rave this season. Ladies everywhere have been dying the end of their hair shades lighter to create a glorious gradient affect. I, too, adopted the style last month and dyed the ends of my dark brown hair to a light reddish brown. It’s a pretty pop of color that seems more than appropriate for the warm summer weather upon us. I love it. Plus, it complements my dark brown complexion perfectly. It’s subtle yet noticeable; classy but slightly daring. Not to mention, I’ve received a lot of compliments regarding my hue change.

As the months speed past, the trend has picked up speed, and more and more women are opting for ombre’d ends. However, subtlety has gone out of the window. The trend has seen a lot of innovations as of late from platinum blond tips to mermaid colored locks in purples and pinks. Are the changes too much?

A few months back, R&B artist, Ciara, debuted what I considered a very pretty ombre do. As time went on it seemed her ombre’d ends became more and more evident. Soon, she was going from black roots to platinum blonde without any warning. Some criticized the look, deeming it unnatural, a bit harsh, and a cry for attention, yet these criticisms didn’t stop admirers from quickly adopting her look. Weeks later, I witnessed a woman at my job sporting a drastic ombre hairstyle in the office. Jet black roots and purple ombre tips grew from her deep brown scalp. She was channeling her inner Azealia Banks. It was a bit loud and some may even say slightly unprofessional. Nonetheless, she was rocking it proudly.

What are your thoughts on the growing and continuously changing ombre trend? Do you love the subtle, gradual highlights, the bold and obvious color change, or are you simply ombre’d out?

Let us know what you think!
  • Janeya

    I got the ombre look a month ago and I love it. I even want my ends lighter! Rock it!! Loooks great either way.

  • Tia

    This look is so last year to me! If you’re just now doing it, you’re LATE. Clearly I am ombre’d out…

  • cosmicsistren

    My ends have been lighter since I let the dye grow out. I think Ombre is just a fancy word for letting the dye grow out. It doesn’t seem so new to me.

  • brwngrlwoe

    I’m ombre’d OUT! I enjoyed the look during the fall and even last year but now it’s played. But what’s more played is girls who simply dye their tips and say yes I “ombre’d” my hair…no your tips are dyed.

    I think its clear…

    I’m over it.

  • Nikki

    I hate it and always did. Looked like roots growing out & mildly trashy. I don’t get it.

  • cake211

    yesss, i had it for homecoming back in ’07! the gay boy at the supply store in atlanta suggested i get it. even though i initially though it was a hot ghetto mess, it came out real good. i was so suprised when i heard this became the “new” thing

  • Sharon

    Creativity never plays itself out; only reinvent’s itself.

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