Cosmetics, often viewed as harmless, could be doing more damage than we think, according to a recent study. A survey conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston revealed that chemicals used in some nail polishes, fragrances, and hairsprays can increase the risk for diabetes.

The chemical in question, phthalates, is used to keep said products flexible. After analyzing 2,350 urine samples, the hospital discovered women with significant phthalate concentrations in urine were twice as likely to have diabetes than those with lowest concentrations.

The alarming stats may prompt women to be more selective about beauty products they use, but Tamara James-Todd, M.D., a researcher in women’s health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, says the chemical is also present in medicine used to treat the disease: “We know that in addition to being present in personal care products, phthalates also exist in certain types of medical devices and medication that is used to treat diabetes, and this could also explain the higher level of phthalates in diabetic women,” she said. “So overall, more research is needed.”

What are your thoughts on the results from Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s study on diabetes? Do you pay attention to the chemicals present in beauty products you use?

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  • Might need to refrain from nail salons, hair dressers, and malls all together. There are many females who can avoid some of these things but, the ones who like to stay primped up need some products that do not contain this “phthalates” but like they said, more research is needed.

    Hey, good to know that all those fumes in the nail salon wasn’t just because it smelled terrible…

    • Wet’n’Wild nail polish does not include phthalates. Nail polish junkie here!

  • JC

    Every week or so you learn that something that you are using is killing you slowly. Sad

  • omfg

    not surprised. i’ve always done the natural thing. why people trust companies is beyond me.