There’s a reason Solange Knowles has become a favorite of the clothing industry and a staple on fashion blogs. She boasts an artful, unique, and deliciously modern sense of style. The DJ and mother of one has a penchant for mixing prints, rocking a stretched out ’fro, and embracing bold beauty looks. Her style is polarizing for some (folks either love her fashion statements or hate them) but here’s one thing you can’t deny: She’s daring! Here are 10 fashion risks Solange took that we salute (even if we wouldn’t try it ourselves!).

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  • I love her style! It is unique and authentic. She make being natural look glamorous and cool. I am natural and I have three daughter and I want them to see that being yourself and letting your own style shine is the coolest way to be.

  • Her Met Gala look this year was so much better than last year’s get up. She was stunning! My fav of the looks presented was the Maki Oh hi low skirt. I probably would have styled it a bit differently, but I dig solo’s style overall.

  • Solange has definitely evolved over the year for the better. But I think you can attribute her improvement largely to Charles Wade. He did the color block, sequin and leopard back in 2008, He killed it, I bit the same trend and I am a fashionista who creates not imitates but it was so nice I went on a mission to find out who created that look. It was the first time I saw Solange really really fly.