There are few women who cannot attest to being teased growing up. As a child, such taunting may have elicited tears and embarrassment, but as most of us grow older, we learn to make peace with the body part that caused so much strife when we were younger.

As celebrities like Rihanna and Tyra Banks have experienced, teasing can continue way beyond the adolescent years. Fans, critics, and some media relentlessly have made fun of the two ladies for their big foreheads. In fact, the teasing is so commonplace it’s almost expected.

Therefore, it’s super empowering to see both ladies recently embracing and flaunting their large foreheads on social media, in their own unique ways.

Rihanna recently posted a picture on Instagram of her standing next to a wall that reads, “Mines Bigger Than Yours.” Her caption read, rather bluntly:

“My d*ck AND my forehead! One love”

Shortly after, Banks published an image of herself in the water, saying:

“I challenge you to a big 4head contest! You know I got that win on lock!”

Yes, Rihanna was a bit crude, but we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the two rep body parts for which they were previously ridiculed. By doing so, they encourage other people to own their bodies and accept themselves, perceived flaws and all.

I was teased for my long toes in high school (they look like fingers!) and was so horrified by them, I used to avoid sandals all summer. Now, I wear my long toes out with pride. In fact, I think they look elegant in my flip-flops and peeptoe sandals.

Is there a body part you were previously teased for that you now accept with open arms? Tell us, Clutchettes!


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  • Talayah Ross

    I get teased all the time for my peak and my big head. I deal with it because I think having a peak is a mark.of beauty. I told my mom I wanted to shave it but she refused it and said it’s unique. Well I like having a big head I am really smart and get good grades. It makes me even more confident.