What Blue Ivy Backlash Says About Us

by Jessica C. Andrews

It wasn’t long after a picture of 7-month-old Blue Ivy made its way to the Internet that the slander started. Facebook and Twitter posts  lamented the fact that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter was starting to look like her father. There were mean-spirited jabs about her inheritance of his “big lips” and jaws, and prayers that a “wide nose” wasn’t in her future. Here are only a few of the comments I saw online:

Beyoncé really screwed up, having a baby by Jay-Z. His nose and lips are never going to look right on a girl.

Let’s pray Beyoncé’s genes kick in as B.I.C. gets older. All the money and talent in the world won’t take away from having Jay-Z’s features.

Nappy-headed kid. Wish Beyoncé had married a nice-looking man instead of Jay-Z.

The criticism of full lips, “nappy” hair, and wide noses in our communities is weighted. Some people would have you believe attractiveness is subjective, but the truth is our collective view of facial features is tangled in the web of racism. In our social imagination, European features set the standard for what’s beautiful, rendering broad noses and big lips ugly.

Writer Akiba Solomon also tackled the issue in her article for Colorlines, “On Baby Blue Ivy Carter and the Alleged Ugliness of Blackness.” She writes:

I knew if indulged in even a smidgen more about this little girl, I’d find myself walking among stunted souls who traffic in the idea that the full lips, large eyes, broad nose, and dark brown skin of a Jay-Z is inherently ugly [...] I hope, in our media-saturated, appearance-obsessed society that is still so wounded by white supremacist aesthetics, baby Blue will find peace and joy in the simple act of living, no matter what she looks like.

Demetria Lucas echoed Solomon’s sentiments in a piece on Essence.com, “Real Talk: Do We Believe All Black Is Beautiful?”:

If some of us are very honest, we’ll acknowledge that there are only certain “black” physical features that we as a collective find attractive. Curves? A blessing and curse. Full lips? Eh … depends on how full. Broad nose? On women, not at all. On men? Some get a pass, but not Jay-Z. Kinky hair? Not so much. There’s a reason most black women “prefer” perms, and even a lot of natural girls spend an inordinate amount of time and product trying to reconfigure their coils into curls.

It’s fair that some people simply don’t view Jay-Z as handsome. But when the public excoriates a baby for developing potentially “black” features, it’s our self-hatred that’s rearing its ugly head.

What are your thoughts on the Blue Ivy backlash, Clutchettes?

  • ME

    Im sure half those comments came from black people. Until black ppl stop thinking that you have to be mixed or anything but just black we will be in the same place for years to come. Blacks have gone back to a mindset inwhich my grandparents and even parents experienced where being light skin, having “good hair”, and features like a European are whats better, its a shame that black ppl divide themselves but at the end of the day Beyonce had a baby with whomn she loves, trusts and adores, and even if the baby does look like her father who really cares. People shouldnt put so much effort into other ppls lives.

  • FabulousFocused

    WOW, people will find ANYTHING to hate on. Anyway, EVERY Child is beautiful. A lot of people in this world weren’t attractive until AFTER puberty. I’m just sayin.

  • http://itsoftenbeensaid.wordpress.com Sasha

    Man some people are really sick, truly messed up and in need of psych evals, prayer and strong medication.

  • Margaret

    I completely agree with you, Sasha. STRONG medication. I find it so sad that people focus on such shallow issues when there are children starving for love and attention. Blue is blessed. Period.

  • Jess

    God I hate stupid sh^t! And ignorant ass people.

  • Jazz

    That fact that people go so far to shade a baby, AN INFANT, a obviously BEAUTIFUL innocent child disgusts me. This world is so disturbed. I don’t care how you feel about the parents leave the innocent kids out of the mockery. I pray that Bey and Jay don’t have read any of this foolishness.

  • http://gravatar.com/mrhymes10 DBG

    Honestly, I think most of the backlash is just that the gossip sites are saturated with Beyonce this,… Beyonce that… not her fault, per se… but that’s celeb life.

    The backlash says as much about the people who say it, as the media who seems to throw out any and all images, videos, whatever of Beyonce without regard for its necessity. So it’s a mutually agreed upon level of media incest.

    It’s the reason why when some mega stars like a Jodie Foster or a George Clooney come out of the woodwork to promote a movie or project, it’s such a big deal… they don’t saturate you with every piece of garbage of their lives every day. And it’s not even arguable… they are MUCH bigger stars than Beyonce.

  • EssDot323

    Not even a 7-month-old child can be spared. That’s nigger shit.

  • funkyhairchic

    It’s disheartening to read comments that spew so much self-hatred and ignorance. Blue is a beautiful little girl with her full lips, cheeks, nose and all! It’s sickens me that some blacks believe that features that look remotely African isn’t beautiful. What a brainwashed mentality and world we live in.

  • mel

    basically, black folks are fucked.

  • Morning Rain

    I couldn’t care less who Blue Ivy resembles or the backlash. It’s peculiar to me how engrossed people become in the lives of celebrities.

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com gfkag

    I think it just stems from the fact that many Black women just do not like Beyonce. If BIC were some other celeb’s baby the criticism would not be there. As much shade as Alicia Keys gets no one shades her baby, at least not in looks.

  • nigerianBOOM

    WOW! Some people hate themselves so much, that they would find anything to hate on. At first I felt, why would Beyonce always hide the baby, but now I see…To spare little Blue from the ignorance and hate. She’s a lovely baby, a cutie pie. Nappy Hair? Wide Nose? Big Lips? Huh? If you don’t love yourself…good. Keep that to yourself, don’t shade a baby…

    That is EXACTLY way I can’t stand social media…gives too many assholes outlets to send their ignorance.

    & since everyone is attractive how about they post their baby pictures and lets allllll take a look.

  • kagu

    Holy hell. I must be living under a rock. I looked at the photo of that baby. Thought “how cute” and moved on. I never would have thought people could be so cruel to an *infant* Good lord.

  • Lish

    People keep questioning the blanket and how Blue is being carried this is the very reason. She is trying to Shield her child point blank period! And they need to leave Jay be I think he is handsome in his own right as is everyone else in this world. People do a lot of talking but steady hitting up ticket master and his tickets sell out in seconds! Who’s really getting the last laugh?

    What the hecklers fail to realize is that while they are stalking Celebes like the Carter’s they are lessening their chances from making moves in their own lives.

  • Jess


  • True

    all i really noticed when i finally saw her was that juicy leg that i would like to squeeze!! she’s cute. and for more than goodness sake, SHE’S A BABY. good grief.

  • YB


  • Athenia

    The Carters have a beautiful baby and she is a great blend of the two of them. Blessings to you both!!!! Enjoy!

  • Tami

    As Mel said above we are f—ked. The media, society, all the images that are displayed of what is beautiful. The light skin woman, the white woman. Sure we have a couple of brown beauties like Gabriel Union, Angela Basset, but on the whole what is being displayed is the white, Hispanic, Asia woman. Why do you think so many women are into long flowing weaves? That’s the image we have been given, for years. I think Blue Ivy is beautiful. There is something wrong with a people that can leave such ugly remarks regarding a child. There is nothing wrong with brown skin & broad noses. I think we have surpassed hatred & I don’t see a way to come back.

  • Annette

    My first thought when I saw the baby was “what a pretty little girl” so happy for the two of them. I don’t understand why people want to belittle others. All this negativity is blocking your blessings.

  • Fee

    Great article!!! I agree 100%. Its self hatred without even knowing it….so sad….

  • Child, Please

    I agree, I’d like to add, that for every “negative” there were thousand more positives; and of the negative comments, few attacked the baby specifically, but most were directed at her father. I’m sure at this point he’s been told he’s ugly more times than not, so he may not care.

    Also, while some value European features (the same ones that his wife has – which somehow I feel was conveniently left out of this piece – and part of the reason some people love her and an Alicia Keys-type over say an India.Arie or Kelly Roland who are equally beautiful women) at the end of the day, is it possible some people just don’t fine Jay-Z an attractive man? I know I don’t and this has been since he’s first come out (strange, it seems, some women didn’t even like him until he got with his wife). Him having what are considered non-European features has nothing to do with that.

    I think this discussion should be extended to why are there unrealistic expectations placed on young girls, teens and women to not look, well, ugly. Jay-Z being an [ugly] man hasn’t impacted his success, but a woman deemed ugly, she’ll be shamed worse than Hester Prynne.

  • dee

    And folks wonder why Bey keeps her baby out of the public eye as much as humanly possible. Basically people can be so mean spirited and jaded that they would attack a small child and not give one second of thought to it. I don’t consider myself a huge supporter of beyonce and JayZ but right is right and wrong is wrong and this right here is very very wrong. It’s a baby people….let it go!

  • Afcnpuddin

    That baby is beautiful!!!! people are so hateful and yes the black community has to do better. It’s bad enough that we are blasted with hate from other races but to castigate a beautiful child based on jealousy is disgusting!

  • http://www.facebook.com/manthony139 Michael Anthony

    I’m reading the article on self-hatred by blacks and the ad on the page is for a hair texture product!

  • Chris

    Took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Child, Please

    “I think it just stems from the fact that many Black women just do not like Beyonce.” That’s extreme. I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. For all we know the people making these comments that are posted into the article (not in the comment section) were made by prepubescent kids whose world revolves around looks. I have yet to meet or hear a black woman outright say they don’t like her, especially here and Bessence.com (they glorify her!). Are they tired of her? Perhaps, but to imply people are saying this because they don’t like her is a bit extreme.

    We also don’t see man celeb mothers behave as Beyonce did with Blue Ivy. The only other celebrity we could think of who did that was Michael Jackson and he was deemed crazy by society. Alicia Keys along with many other celebrities (that are far more famous and worth more money than both AK & Bey) just go out in public with their kid as if it’s a normal thing to do, which it is.

    I don’t know how often you frequent other blogs and read their comment section, but Jessica Simpson’s kid wasn’t sparred, at all. On that same site, people praised Blue Ivy as if she was the messiah, so to say many Black women just don’t like her, just isn’t the case in this situation (especially when statements like those in the article were made by other races when the announcement was made. Liking her had nothing to do with that from what I could gather.

  • kikig

    exactly! lets see them post baby pics… i don’t care what ethnicity a baby is I have rarely ever seen a 7 mth old that doesn’t look chubby in the cheeks n face WTH, they aren’t supposed to be model thin as a baby. Chubby and baby goes hand in hand, how can u say big lips at such a young age? I don’t know anyone that looks like they did at 7 months when they reach college. this is just shameful. And that hair doesn’t look nappy to me its got a lil wavy curl going on.

  • 2NatuRho

    great article and great quote at the end! crazy how we choose to accept some attributes over others. How ugly is it when a grown person is criticizing a baby over their too ethnic features. black people, we have to break down the molds of mental slavery, because clearly they still have a grip.

  • O’Phylia

    Are these people blind? Baby Blue has to be the most adorable baby I have ever seen, and I don’t even LIKE babies. I just want to pinch those jaws through the screen, she’s so cute! And nappy hair? Really? You mean the same hair that grows out of your head if you don’t pour lye and alkaline in it? Sit down. Just stop embarrassing yourself.

  • http://gravatar.com/teachermrw teachermrw

    The truth of the matter is: Black people do not like themselves, and White people can be blamed to only a certain extent for that.

  • Child, Please

    Am I the only who wishes this had focused on another broader issue other than race, but rather girls and body image. I feel the focus is on this couple and their child because of their status. Unfortunately, this happens to young girls (and eventually teens and women when they grow to become them) all the time. I’m not saying because it happens to other young girls, it should happen to them, but I would like for this to recognized as to how this happens to a lot of youth.

  • leonard smalls

    Interesting comment and article; however, allow me to add that a correct orientation to this matter would entail us asking the following questions:

    i) Who currenlty benefits from African people the world over having a dispositive view of their nature features?

    ii) If African are not benefitting from said view, then what can the African do to combat said view?

    iii) Why does the African desire to be like the other groups?

    Lastly, it would be erroneous to conclude that ALL African features are beautiful in light of the fact that neither ALL asian nor ALL caucasian features are considered beautiful. Simply put, there are “fugly” people in ALL groups.

    My personal opinion is that only hyper-sensitive negroes care what other groups think about their features because it provides them with a sense of acceptance. Arguably, it is this “sence of acceptance” that is at the core of what is popularly terms “negro assimilationist fantasies” wherein such negro’s highest accomplishment total acceptance by alien groups.

    Carry on.

  • leonard smalls

    Interesting comment; however, allow me to add that some Africans, such as myself, were and are still considered extremely attractive not only by their fellow Africans, but in general. But I prefer to focus on being what the Africanas tell me.

  • Apple

    Oh well . It’s never going away . Self hate apart of being a minority and will never leave .

  • http://teachermrw.wordpress.com teachermrw

    BTW: Baby Blue Ivy is beautiful. :)

    As for the belief that the mindset will never go away: Black people hang on to some pretty volatile stuff. We’re also a rather narrow-minded group when it comes to perceptions and beliefs, which is often rooted in ignorance, misinformation, and just plain hatred of self and others. We need to do better.

  • Tiffany

    I agree with both your statements. This is trul disgusting to attack a 7 month old baby. And the fact that these people cannot see that this stems from self-hatred due to beauty standards set on us by outsiders is even more ridiculous.

  • http://teachermrw.wordpress.com teachermrw

    BTW: Blue Ivy is beautiful.

    I think our beliefs and perceptions as Black people in general, and as Black women in particular, can change, provided that we are willing to let go of our own ignorance and misinformed opinions.

    As for a larger conversation beyond race: I visit the Daily Mail UK website from time to time, and read the comments from readers re: celebs. The women are merciless when it comes to their views re: female celebs and their kids, to the point of being just plain hateful. Why is it that women are so mean and catty and nasty? Is there that much self-hate?

  • my_reply

    This is crazy. The child is cute. Those people are very sick. I know that there are black people who wish all of us looked like white women dipped in chocolate, but Jay-Z isn’t ugly because he has West African features. He is ugly because his features don’t come together in an attractive way. Full lips are great. Jay-Z’s lips just look funny. I see black girls all the time with wide noses that are beautiful. Rihanna has a wide nose and is beautiful not because she is light skinned.

    I thinks lot of black people think that there is no way their West African features could look attractive, so they think we only look good when our noses are thin, but it is important to look at the other side too. There was an article on this site in the past talking about how people think Jay-Z is ugly because he has black features and saying we should accept ourselves. I think Jay-Z is unattractive not because of his West African features but because they don’t look good altogether. There are white men and women with white features that are ugly. The same goes for black people. I think we can accept ourselves but at the same time realize that not everyone is beautiful. There is a tumblr of dark skinned black women that I like to check out. The girls have full lips, wide noses, and dark skin. They are very beautiful girls. Black people need to start looking at people with those features and not just the Beyonces and attacking when people come up short.

    This baby is adorable. People on the web are disgusting.

  • Fleur

    Like Ms. Willow Smith sings in “I Am Me,” “Your validation is just not that important to me.”

    When it comes to Jayz and Beyonce’s physical appearance, in the public space, [i.e. dark skin, big nose & lips, and light skin, blonde hair, makeup, sexy clothes] the validations of people, of various background, don’t seem that important to them. I’m sure they’ll rub some of that strength on their beautiful B.I.C.

  • http://gravatar.com/ebony82 ebony82

    Such individuals making derogatory comments about an innocent infant should be cursed to their graves. I’m sure that baby Blue is receiving nothing but love from her parents, family members and close family friends. I have to tell the truth on this but many so called “Black people” are LYING by saying they simply believe “Black is beautiful” . What they really need to do is just admit that they believe a CERTAIN TYPE of Black is beautiful, like “Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Maria Carey , Liya Kebede, black”.

  • Bump Mediocrity

    We have to realize that the Internet is the perfect hiding place for self-loathing loons and psychopathic bullies to project the worst of their feelings onto an image. A blurry image at that.

    There are a lot of unhappy, unfulfilled, self loathing people in this world who are willing to feed their emptiness by sinking in back teeth and all. Poor baby Blue Ivy can’t even tie her shoelaces yet.

    The negative comments about The Carters have gone on for damn near a decade so I really don’t expect anything different with Baby Blue and neither does Beyonce. I think the Knowles clan is pretty aware at the level of vitriol that lurks in peoples hearts. Deep down they get that the amount of success you experience depends on the amount of criticism you can take. Her family runs a tight ship and for the most part Baby Blue is protected by an army. And thank God for it.

    It all boils down to this: yes the attacks are sad as hell. But Beyonce has had a lifetime batting experience to swat the haters away; she will be alright. I wish I could say the same for the lurkers.

    The driving force behind it all is the intense envy and jealousy that this woman inspires. Beyonce is the rare black woman anti-statistic. She grew up with loving supportive black parents, in an upper middle class Houston suburb, and they nurtured her dreams. She’s wildly ambitious, talented, beautiful, humble and has the audacity to be married to a black man who is just as equally successful and driven as her.

    To boot she is that rare celebrity that keeps her private life simply that-private and it eats people up on the inside that they really can’t sink their talons in her.

    I’m not surprised that people are attacking a defenseless child at all. It comes with the territory of living an above average life.

  • Lady P

    Some people just can’t be happy for you. This is some crazy foolishness. I cannot give anymore thought to this one. Clearly, it is a glimpse into a person’s own level of misery and unhappiness to attack a baby. An obvious undertone directed to the envy of the parents. People are so quick to throw the word “haters” around. Now this is some true hating…gracious!!!

  • lola_z

    LMBO @ Michael Anthony..
    I personally understand where the author is coming from about self hatred, but only to a certain extent. I mean, I have been guilty of calling Jay “ugly” I must admit. But by no means is Blue ugly.. she’s adorable.
    But it was not so much a color complex or that he has big lips, nose, etc. I think it was more to do with his features not being proportionate. I have big lips and I adore them.. Idris Elba, Taye Diggs, Blair Underwood and the slew of attractive dark skin men out there do not have “western features”. And by no means is Adrian Brody w his disproportionate nose handsome..

    Jay is one of my brother’s fav rappers. I always teased him about Jay looking like the Camel on Camel Cigs. And saying how money does “help” a little – see “Hard Knock Life” video.

    But Blue Ivy is an adorable little chubby bubby!! *_*

  • Belle011

    So true ain’t that a damn shame.

  • Lady P

    Some people just can’t be happy for others. This is some crazy foolishness. I cannot give anymore thought to this one. Clearly, it is a glimpse into a person’s own level of misery and unhappiness to attack a baby. An obvious undertone directed to the envy of the parents. People are so quick to throw the word “haters” around. Now this is some true hating…gracious!!!

  • Indigorama

    good comment, but one thing i gotta say is i hate this current feeling of african features vs european features. why do we always think of african features as big lips and wide noses when that is the stereotype…there is way more genetic diversity in africa than anywhere else so there will also be more to our features than just that. so no, beyonce does not have european features(yes they are more acceptable to white audiences b/c they aren’t so ‘stereotypically black’ which shouldn’t be the case) as even if you put her features on a white person, most would probably assume she wasn’t (completely) white…

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com gfkag

    so are you saying it stems from the way people view the celebrity?

  • shadow

    “all i really noticed when i finally saw her was that juicy leg that i would like to squeeze!! she’s cute.”

    +1 on the leg!! Oh I wanted that leg, too, lol. She is so pretty!

  • Let her grow up

    She’s a baby…it’s sad really that people make harsh comments about what she may look like and blah blah …alot of attractive women look like thier Dad’s!

  • Lady P


    Yes. She is plump, perfect and juicy. A very cute baby girl…I love juicy babies. You just want to kiss them all day..

  • Child, Please

    No, I’m saying how celebrities are viewed have little to do with this girl being called everything in the book. Some would argue because her baby is black they’re receiving the backlash. Others may say it’s due to, as I stated above, a select group of immature people whose lives focus mostly around looks – what’s good versus what’s not and the like. Reaction to Blue Ivy as with many babies was “how cute;” her mom being who she is had nothing to do with that no different from her dad being who he is has nothing to do with people assuming she’s going to be some creature from the black lagoon. Their status means nothing in this case, since the looks are the focus and also, unfortunately, these sentiments are echoed by people to other non-celeb kids. The only way their status/celebrity comes into play is because they’re famous.

  • ChickenHead

    They need to leave Blue alone. She is adorable! Most of the time (9.5 times out of 10), people that are critical about the looks of others oftentimes look a hot mess themselves.

  • Joseline

    Ok, Jay Z is downright ugly. It’s not big lips and big/ flat nose. Rihanna has a distinctly African nose and everyone loves her face. Kerry Washington has huge lips and everyone finds her highly attractive. Jay z is ugly. Point blank. It makes sense to hope that the baby doesn’t grow ugly like her father especially when she has acess to her mom’s genetics. Check out Iman’s older daughter…. Exactly. Why waste such great genes? I bet people prayed that her baby with David Bowie didn’t come out looking like David Bowie.

  • GlowBelle


  • GlowBelle

    I swear some people cannot be happy for other people….I’m not a Beyonce fan at all, but I’m not going to sit here and act like her baby isn’t cute. She is a bundle of precious and I want to squeeze her little legs and arms!!

    But how insane it is to talk mess about a baby! A baby, a little baby who can’t even talk to defend itself…that is just sick. Plus little Blue is seven months, she may look like mommy come in a couple of years, heck she may look like her grandmothers! I know I looked a lot like my Dad when I was a child, but as I grew up, I’m lookin’ more like my Mom…it’s called genetics, let ‘em work!! Black people continue to be their own worst enemy with their ignorance and self-hate and it just disgusts me.

  • Gina

    I don’t care if people talk that way about adults, but kids? C’mon black folks. Every child is born not even thinking of that crap. This is what bothered me about the comments on Willow. At least wait until she is 18 to say nasty things to a kid.
    When Blue Ivy Carter grows up, the internet is going to turn her into either a very strong woman or totally backlash against her and destroy her. She is going to be under constant scrutiny her entire life because of our fascination with the ‘better’ side of black beauty.

    It’s like no matter what she will not win. Ugly or Pretty by both black and white standards. I really hope both Beyonce and Jay Z prepare her and give her support.

    And it always bothered me that the features people hate on Jay Z are classic ‘black’ features. Seriously, a lot of people say they are proud to be black but its always interesting discovering what they find to be ‘attractive’ and also sad.

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com Val

    I know ,right. I’m not a Bey fan at all but when I saw the pic of the baby I was like, cute baby. And that was it.

    But in truth I don’t think those people are being cruel to Blue Ivy, I think they are being cruel to themselves with their self-hatred.

  • way of life

    Lets all be real though, Jay-z is ugly even by African standards he is not cute……so yeah i hope that she does end up looking like Bey. Even when you have two good looking parents like demi moore and bruce willis you can still come up with questionable dare i say ugly children. Have you seen Rumer Willis ?????she got a Mr Potato Head Head like a mugggggg!!!! There kids are ugly and thats okay im sure they are beautiful on the inside.

  • http://gravatar.com/g2-5bad1203f6a970f65345273e8eff5cd2 jazzyphile

    Keeping the baby totally “blanketed” in public probably made things worse.

  • [email protected]

    So if I don’t think Blue Ivy is cute because she is she looks like her father I have some sort of deep seated self hatred? Gtfoh

  • Kiss

    So let me get this straight. India Arie is beautiful and attractive, yet Jay Z isn’t? Don’t they have the same features? …..Interesting

  • Really?

    YES. That’s exactly it. The point is is that if we find Jay Z unattractive because he as stereotypical Afrocentric features, and then we think his baby is not cute because she looks like him, what does that say about us? Why do we have issues with features that are common in the black community? There’s nothing wrong if you think she’s not a cute baby, but if you think it because she looks “Afrocentric,” then you need to cash in your reality check with a quickness.

    She is an adorable baby. Her father is not the most unattractive man. Hell, Jay-z looks better than that dwarf Kanye West with his square head and tight jaw that looks like it’s stuffed with cotton.

  • Natalie B.

    I think she’s an adorable baby. A lot of this vile criticism towards an infant is due to who the infant’s mother is, and is completely uncalled for.

    I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, but I do respect her business sense and how she has conducted her personal life. Let’s face it, a lot of folks don’t like this woman because of the exact reasons that I pointed out, but no matter the reason, going in on a helpless baby’s looks is uncalled for, and speaks volumes about those making the comments.

  • YB

    Umm…..no. If you comment on the baby’s kinky hair texture and broad west African nose as if those features are bad then you have some self hatred as well as mental issues for attacking a baby’s physical appearance.

    You can GTFOh tho.

  • Kam

    If you bemoaning the fact that she has nappy hair and big lips, then yes, or any feature that is not out of place on a Black human being, then yes.

  • Kam

    Essentially, because we just love swimming in denial.

  • Candy 1

    She’s a cute baby.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Poor Blue. First they were saying how she’s Illuminati, and now they’re bashing her looks? Wow. And these are ADULTS spewing this tripe. Grown folks attacking a baby.

    Then we wonder why the youngsters today are so hateful and sadistic towards others.

  • Tani

    All Africans are not the same; some have bird like features, others have Oriental features, and some have full features like Jay-Z. I don’t understand what’s all the hate on full lips, noses and kinky hair. Those haters surely have never been kissed by full lips or felt the tickle of kinky, textured hair on their skin, People are beautiful in a variety of ways. As far a shading Baby Blue, that’s just plain crazy. CRAZY! Judging by the social network posts, a lot of black folks in the US and abroad have truly been brainwashed into hating these very distinct and beautiful African features to the point that they are comfortable enough to voice their distain in public. Can they do that? Can they make negative racial comments about a subgroup in their own race? Isn’t that still considered racial discrimination? If they can go as far as to judge a baby on racial characteristics, how are they expressing their opinion in the work place when they interact with Black people that have full lips, full noses and kinky hair. Do they judge or discriminate then?
    I bet they do.

    If red roses were the only flowers on earth…

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks


  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Hmm I can see your point too because some people can honestly just not find Blue Ivy adorable without any hidden reasons personally I thought Violet (Christian Milian and the Dream’s daughter) wasn’t a cute baby at first because she looked to much like the Dream and he is just not attractive to me. Now I find the kid adorable..lol I think it depends on your reasoning for not finding the kid cute. If it is because you think so and so features are just plain ugly or less superior to another set of features in general than that is a problem but if the kid just doesn’t rank high on your cuteness meter than I don’t think you deserve to get bash for that.

  • Child, Please

    @Kiss India.Arie and Jay-Z look alike to you? Because they don’t to me.

  • [email protected]

    No I’m not, I just think she looks too much like her daddy and that is not a good thing lol. My husband is a dark dkinned West African man and our son looks just like him and I love it!! I also LOVE MY NAPPY HAIR, but I don’t think that baby is cute, sorry.

  • LadyBella

    What it says is that people can be major assholes. That’s an innocent baby who hasn’t done a thing to anyone. You might not like her parents or think her father is unattractive, but to make fun of a baby (who is absolutely adorable) is the lowest of low.

  • bluefacedangel

    Disgusting. Self hatred runs deep. It really is a form of mental illness…

  • JGirl

    why are people hating on a baby?!?! My mind is boggled. The in the grainy a$$ picture child looks adorable. Blue, Beyonce & Jay are not studying any of you mediocre folk who spew malice via the internet. It’s truly a shame Black is beautiful — all shades, all nose/lip sizes. People say some ignorant ish then get mad when a white person says it. Self hate is even worse than racism.

  • Flash

    For all the women dissing Jay z looks calling the man ugly, you lot would be first in line if a A list celebrity like jigga stepped to you, so stop the B.S!

    And for the guys rating jiggas looks, your sexuality has to be called into question….

  • Flash

    Not to be rude Michelle, but you or your baby probably don’t look any better than Jay z!

    You got no picture so you could look like bulldog chewing a wasp.

  • mary mary

    Thank you! I think people are more trying to insult jay-z/are tired of hearing about beyonce everyday. I think it is interesting that that negative commentators have been called out on the self-black loathing, when Jay Z himself has commented on his wife’s “less black” features calling her his “high yellow broad”, and beyonce has felt the need to put blackface on her during a magazine shoot with an African motif, which means she doesn’t think she is black enough? Whateves, they as a couple seem to be as negatively colorist as the author claims those who insult their daughter are.

  • juiz

    real talk

  • mary mary

    her parents share in that brainwashing. jay-z has celebrated his wife by calling her a high yellow broad, and beyonce has found the need to wear blackface in a photo shoot in the past.

  • Chris

    I’m at war with the entire concepts of “beauty standards” for ALL people and EVERY race! Stop and think: WHY do we get saturated with what’s “supposed” to be “the beauty standard” (which morphs every 10 years or so)? Simple: companies can’t sell you their crap unless YOU think you need it to be more attractive to others. They’ve pushed this to the point that children starve themselves, beg for plastic surgery, and entire generations don’t see what’s really in the mirror: instead, they see a distorted image, THEN put it under a microscope to find “flaws” to obsess over.

    TRUE beauty comes from within: being a happy, confident, good person who lets their light shine through the unique stained glass window that is their body. No matter what a person’s size, no matter how disproportional one feature is to another, true beauty can make *anyone* beautiful. And, there IS no one “type” of features that create physical beauty… but they don’t want us to realize all this, because if we did, we’d go for health not weight/size, and we’d stop buying all that crap.

    I don’t know anything really about their personalities, but going on looks alone, to me Jay Z is just as beautiful and attractive as Beyonce and Blue Ivy are. Each of them is unique, and beautiful. People need to stop being lemmings, stop being sheeple who let the media, ad companies, and corporations fake them into buying the B.S. and buying their products; and they especially need to stop hating on other people and saying cruel garbage that only shows how dumb you are to say it.

    For instance, to me Rush Limbaugh is UGLY—but it’s not that he’s a big guy with rolls, it’s because he ACTS ugly and lives off cruelty and spreading ignorance to make a buck. Now THAT is UGLY. He actively puts Darkness into the world.

    This white girl is TIRED of riding that merry-go-round. I got off it, and now I’m more beautiful than I’ve ever been in my life: I’m happy, I’m confident, and if someone doesn’t like how I look, it’s their loss. Took me 49 years to reject the brainwashing and get it into my gut as well as my head, that I’m beautiful—but now I know it, and I’m not ever letting go of it again.

    NEVER let them make you think you’re ugly—ANYONE can be beautiful from the inside out—and that stays with you FOREVER. I don’t mess with all the “crap” anymore; I focus on being healthy and happy no matter what my size or shape—and woot is it working! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.kijera Amanda Kijera

    I think it’s awful that people would attack a child at all, and YES so many Black people still suffer from internalized racism that it’s a damn shame. Personally I think Jay-Z is a fine ass man, fly in SO many ways. I hope Baby Blue becomes another Nina Simone who tells the world to kiss her big-nosed, black ass. This couple is awesome and talented and I speak the best of everything over their lives!

  • http://www.facebook.com/InthenameoftheRose Chris Allen

    People said Chelsea Clinton looked like a dog, when she was a kid in the White House. It’s cruel to jump on anyone for their looks alone—but jumping on a kid that way is even worse. This is a beautiful baby, with beautiful parents!

  • Natalya

    People really have nothing to do with their lives if they have the time to hate on a defenseless little (ADORABLE) baby. S to the flippin’ MH.

  • Michelle

    I once had a friend(ex-friend) who made the comment that she did not want her daughter to come out looking black as her husband. She wanted her to be light like her. That same little girl(who is ADORABLE) not only looks like her “dark” husband, but has all his features, SKIN COLOR and looks NOTHING like her mother. Beyonce is happy, and she married someone she truly loves.

  • http://gravatar.com/writerjudy Judy

    Little Ivy is still cute. God bless her.

  • http://Yahoo Louise Burwell

    I wish that they would leave Jay-Z alone. I think he is handsome. I don’t see anything ugly about him, the only think that I might disagree with is some of his songs. I think that all children are beautiful. The thing that Bey and Jay have to do is love and raise that child to have respect for herself and others.

  • Deborahsue

    not every African American feels that way, in fact there are many people from all races that love big lips, hips and dark skin and fuller features. I love my skin, my wide frame, my big lips that I would never get rid of. My big eyes, wide mouth big rear I am glad for the skin I am in.
    I love having nappy hair as whomever calls it. But it is not nappy it is like sheep wool.
    I am drop dead good looking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PMajiik Pat Taylor


  • http://gravatar.com/kandysansom kandysansom

    Great attitude and great encouragement–you said it so well–

  • kamille

    this comment pretty much sums it up

    carry on.

  • Quelinda

    just when you think it’s safe to be who you are. come on now, everywhere you turn, you know who, tryin
    g to get kinky hair, and fuller lips. Why, cuz we look good. for those of us who have not gotten the report, I’m praying for you. Blue is beautiful, and Jayz got it going on!!!!!!

  • http://facebook zelina

    Well said!!

  • charlotte agha

    No matter what you think about Beyonce or Jay-z, or what kind of features you like or dislike, we are talking about an innocent child here. Even if you think she is ugly, you should keep that nonsense to yourself. This convo is not even necessary.

  • diani

    Its not cool how people have dissed blue but a big nose and big lips are not cute on anyone of any race. Its just not cute period

  • TTT

    This child will change her appearance a thousand times before she attains adulthood. Right now, it looks like she will always be rich in love and finances, The only thing against her is that she will have to live on the planet with ignorance, jealousy and hatred. Hopefully, she will be well armed, with a true sense of self, to IGNORE the IGNORance !!

  • Marisa

    I dont care what the worlds opinions are of people their babies and young children should be OFF LIMITS. I been saying that one aspect of the internet is the growing number of internet thugs. Those who get behind them computers and pop off saying things they would never have the guts to say to anyone’s face. All those chumps that have dissed this baby wouldnt be so bold as to talk smack to Hov about his baby girl. Just goes to show that we are a society are going further down the toilet faster than I anticipated. Besides talk about Blue Ivy looks all you want but guess what her inheritance is enough to buy and sell everybody talking crap twice over

  • B

    So…..one should sit and pretend every baby is gorgeous, all kids are talented…or else be called a “self hater”? GTFO The kid is unattractive but SO WHAT!! Looks are not everything.

  • Jocelyn

    Joseline I’m ashamed that we have the same name :( Post a pic of yourself and prove that u aren’t ugly too lol. If all u care about is whether or not she grows up to look like her father, then let’s hope u never reproduce because your priorities are all screwed up. FYI I’ve seen many a beautiful woman grow up and look exactly like her not so beautiful father. Example: Steven and Liv Tyler…he is scary looking and she is gorgeous…and looks just like him.

  • Jocelyn

    That’s your opinion. Don’t speak like its fact.

  • britany

    100% agree

  • Leslye Miller

    SMH! @ the people who posted negative remarks about other people they appeared to be so darn jealous about. I think Jay-Z pass 100% for handsome, you know why? Because of his beautiful personality, gentleness, generosity, and gentleman unlike most men of all races and his beautiful baby girl will be as drop heaven gorgeous even when she becomes older. Mean people you suck at it. Get a life!!!!!

  • Coco

    Here Here!!!!

  • R2

    Ppl are just mean…plain and simple!!! Those tht criticise should spend more time looking at themselves than they do looking at others. Society on a whole has an addiction worse than any heroin addict with apperaence. And tht my fine feathered friends IS our demise!!!!!

  • Monique

    There are always going to be negative comments no matter who it is. There were far more positive comments than negative. Jay Z is not dark either. Jessica Simpson’s baby got far worse. All races have issues with looks from botox to implants, to hair weave that Plenty of White women get as well to dying their hair blonde. I’m not a fan of Jay Z and Beyonce, I think they’re both overrated. My big issue is focusing on Celebes personal lives. I just don’t care I don’t want to hear about your divorce wedding etc. Tell me about your film or new album. The fact that this topic came up over some negative comments over some pap pics is a part of the problem.

  • Bren

    If the baby did not look like JZ. The rumors wold have continued. About the baby was conceived.

  • Anon

    Well you got off of the “ride’ because you’re 49 and no one is checking for you anymore.

    And everyone isn’t going to be pretty. Everyone isn’t going to be smart. Folks need to stop lying to people because that doesn’t really help.
    At some point in time, you need to take what you have and work with that to best of your ability.

  • Precious926

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, speak the truth!!

  • Kittypetit

    all people (black white, fat skinny, handicapp or not) are beautiful. God makes no mistakes. It is so hurtful for people to say mean things about this woman’s baby. Imagine how that makes her fell, people?! No wonder she keeps the baby shielded I wouldn’t let the media or anyone shee my child because regardless if that child was born the spitting image of Beyonce(which I do see her features in Blue) the same ignorant types would have osmethign to say.
    Unfortunately there are ignornat and less evolved types who make such distasteful comments.

  • Sandra

    Yes! What Chris said ^^

  • Susan murray

    I am so sick and tired of the cruelty that has been allowed to permeate our civilization. A new life is a gift. when I saw the pic of this child all i could think of is how much I would love to hold her and play with her and kiss those chubby little legs. she is a precious child and her parents are wonderful people. those who feel they are free to make a negative comment about any other person,let alone a wee, innocent baby need to ask themselves” what the hell is wrong with me?” i can’t help but feel the irony that this beautiful, blessed little one would probably smile and laugh and act happy if she was to meet these shamful souls. that is because she IS beautiful, she IS untainted by miserable, cruel people. Cjidren are innocent until they become affected by the like of people like those who would dare to feel they have the right to criticize an innocent child.
    shame on them…Pitiful, pathetic fools

  • Lucyt

    AWESOME! It is the beauty inside of a person that truly makes someone beautiful period!

  • Lucyt


  • http://tHEROOT JANICE

    Wow, I am so shocked and a lil confused when did it become ok to talk about someone elses child like this, she is beautiful whether she looks like her dad or her mom stop hating on God’s blessing to them, remember the saying if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all ..Do any of you have kids and would you want someone talking about your child like this hell naw.. I pray that God blessing them with a house full of kids, and they all will look like Jay because Bey loves him sooo.. Get your life…..

  • msyellarose

    Screw ‘em all. That angel baby is absolutely gorgeous! Those with a complex about the features some of us inherited really need therapy and a life…their own.

  • therulingelder

    When you are constantly allowing the media access to your life, you have allowed millions of people into your house. You are now dealing with people who are not nice. Let’s also not forget, everybody does not love Beyonce & Jay-Z. That’s life!

  • http://www.msn.com McKinney Monalisa


  • Maria

    The baby is beautiful and Jay-Z is not ugly he is cute. Nuff said

  • http://gravatar.com/k330k k330k

    “Bulldog chewing a wasp”? Classic! I’m using that line.

  • Precious926

    AManda – I couldn’t agree with you more. I have always loved Jigga, way before he was with Beyonce. All women know, there is “fine” and then there is that unquantifiable “sexy” that some men have and TO ME (and Beyonce obviously) Jay has that sexy in spades. I would take him just like he is, tall, lanky and sexy as all get out. But everybody is different and that’s cool too. But folks should stop acting like its a universal fact that Jay-Z is ugly. Stick to speaking for yourselves!!

  • margie

    she is a BABY, wanted and loved…………you can bet her mother does not think her dad is ugly, ……….a man I remember years later is a man who was not attractive but I met by accident and started talking to him, he was a great period of my life. Too many will let a good partner pass them by just because it was not the most good looking. B is a smart and happy wife……..they are a happy family


    We really need to just stop this foolishness and nonsense. “Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder”. If and when we stop downing ourselves and begin to love and appreciate who we are, we are nothing. We will nevet be able to raise up the next generation to have a healthy view of themselves.

    How dare, adult, grown, demented individuals, speak ill of a baby. Lord help us!

  • Heltopia


  • http://twitter.com/sheriseology Sherise Alexis (@sheriseology)

    Beautifully stated! :)

  • Dalili

    **Standing Ovation Applause**

  • Arlene Rogers Wilhite

    gOOD POST!!!

  • NewLook

    Any black person that says a sad comment like that about a black child secretly hates themselves.

  • CarolinaSistah

    Every child is beautiful but must have his/her internal esteem stoked to believe. Blue Ivy is beautiful in and of herself and has no need to prove herself to anyone but herself.

    I wonder how her mother will instill her daughter’s believe in her ,inner beauty as Beyonce seems at times to identify with the ‘beauty’ of the European woman vs. the African woman.

  • http://TheRoot Lisa

    WTH! I know everyone has an opinion but damn, could you stop with the hating. That baby is a blessing from God so who are you to call her anything but beautiful.

  • Youwishyoucouldbeme

    Okay, I’m usually the first one to attack our crooked “standards of beauty,” but I have a different perspective than the article. When I first saw the first set of pics Jay-Z and Beyonce released on the internet of a 2 month old Blue Ivy, I thought “what a beautiful baby” and “how much she looks like her dad.” Even as an infant, she looked a lot like her dad, but she was still cute. And now, you can really see how much she looks like her dad, with splashes of Beyonce, but she’s still a gorgeous baby.

    With that being said, I do not, nor have I ever found Jay-Z physically attractive in the face. I do not think his face harmonizes well, and it’s not simply because he’s got a big nose or big lips, it’s because his face isn’t symmetrical and it doesn’t look nice. He looks a lot older and his face looks crooked. There are too many women and men with “African features,” like Naomi Campbell, Lauryn Hill, Vanessa Williams (even before her nose job), Mariah Carey, etc. that people call beautiful for it to be that simple. Even Beyonce’s nose and lips have an “ethnic” look to them, meaning to me, Beyonce has a Black nose and semi-full Black lips. She’s just light skinned. And another issue I have is that we all need to be reprogrammed about what our features actually are. A lot of so-called “enlightened” Black people are just as screwed up. The truth is, White Eurocentric standards told you that “African features” are big noses, wide noses, full lips and nappy hair. The reality is that every racial group has members with large noses, large lips and some type of coily textured hair, even those from Western Europe. Look at Greeks, look at Italians, Jews, Indians, Arabs, etc. The truth is, even in Africa, there are unmixed Africans with delicate features, so that argument is null and void. Also, there are people with so-called delicate features that are unattractive too, so that cleans that argument up too. Kristen Stewart from Twilight has a narrow nose and thin lips and she’s not a “dime” (no offense to her because I like her). I feel like some people always get so sensitive about this subject, but take a look at someone’s face. Not everyone, regardless of features is beautiful. Nor do certain features automatically make someone ugly. For example, i think Barbara Streisand looks way prettier with her big nose than she would with a super small nose. It wouldn’t look natural on her. So to me, the problem isn’t just calling someone unattractive, it’s assuming that it’s because they have a wide nose, etc. Some people look great with a wide nose, on others it overpowers their face. Just like some people look good with a delicate nose, for others, it doesn’t shape their face right. Contrary to popular belief, there are people who pay to have their lips plumped and their noses WIDENED, not just narrowed because they look better that way.

  • http://missdeeclothing.com MissDee

    bless you! as if they are some super humans. not me!

  • Ernestine

    The whole thing is so sad I agree with all the hating. Plus you are talking about this Man and womens child, a beautful black child. People you need to get you act together. If you can’t say anything nice about ther child don’t say nothing. You guys making the comments can’t have children because if so you would know it hurts when someone talks about your child. Come stop it, Just stop.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dia.green.3 Dia Green

    I would like to know if the people making rude comments have children and if so what the heck does their kids look like? People are so petty. Blue Ivy Carter is beautiful and so are her parents…That is all!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/naturalisme natural.is.me

    Well I must be missing the haterade memo….I see a beautiful baby with the cutest cheeks. And a happy to be nappy baby on top of that. What? ya’ll wan the baby perm her head too? Lawd Gawd

  • Rosie

    Thank you you have said it all have a bless day

  • http://iolastar.com iolastar

    When people throw negative comments towards a baby, you’re dealing with sick individuals. Beyonce is successful and her success is not thrown in anyone’s face. Her accomplishments, like so many public figures should be inspiring for the average sista to go out and get hers.

    Many of the people who make these negative comments, fall into the mean girl category. They sit back and criticize, complete bullies who need to just stop it, it’s so sad and pathetic.

  • Love..Me

    Cut on your television…start at channel 1….go to at least 50. We aren’t represented. Our beauty is not appreciated, it’s almost as if we don’t exist. This country has tried and succeeded at making descendants of Africans hate their images, so it isn’t surprising at all to hear black folk speak sooo harshly about the large lips and nostrils of other black folk. Until we admitt that yes, we are ashamed…yes, every image on televison tells us that true beauty is long flowing hair, slender nostrils and “exotic” lips…..we can never begin to heal…..or truly love our images the way God intended.

  • Rosie

    I bet if Jay-Z show them some money they want care how ugly he is all they will think about is his money. If you get to know him he want look ugly to you he just might be a nice person

  • http://clutch evelyn

    this is sad and it pissis me the hell off that humans can make statements like this. hell ive seen 2 gorgeous couples have not so nice lookin kids ! and what we call “ugly people have some nice lookin kids ! shes a beautiful lookin baby and yes she does look like her dad… so what! thats her dad right? who is she suppose to look like ? a painted image of what cyber critic internet america thinks she suppose to look like ? to hell with the sick sob’s that only have bad things to say !

  • The Realist

    Jay-Z’s music is filled with misogyny, the celebration of materialism, black male hyper masculinity with a penchant for violence, selling drugs and other deviant illegal activity that destroys black communities. Maybe this backlash is karma for the vitriol he and other gangsta raps spew into the world.

  • carla campbell

    Our community is hurting, we are unhappy, our focus is on materialistic pursuit, we spend disproportionately on hair, clothes, shoes and we do not have savings or credit. Our values are misplaced. I have noticed in 9 out 10 cases when a black person describes another black person to me they will mention the skin tone (shade) right down to the # hue. It never fails. It is how we measured ourselves against each other; a type of hierechy we have practiced since our days on the plantations.

    So is it a wonder that everyone wants to look like Beyonce. Or is her fault that they all project their unhappiness and misery onto her. And now her innocent child.

    I hope parents can change the dialogue and rewrite this script for the next generation. Otherwise our group will continue to be last in financial and academic achievements but first in poverty and health related pathologies.

    Bob Marley said we need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.

    Since we have not learned we are doomed to continue repeating the mistakes of the past.

  • Youwishyoucouldbeme

    And a celebration of women who don’t have the very features people are criticizing his daughter for having. His music constantly uplifts and celebrates the beauty of light skin and wavy haired and racially ambiguous women, even though it appears his daughter will not look that way. Not that she’s any less gorgeous for it. Maybe it will be eye-opening for him, the same way Snoop celebrated chocolate skin because of his daughter being dark skinned.

  • Shelle


  • Leave Blue Ivy Alone

    I am very hurt an offended that people would be so mean and insensitive towards a baby. she is adorable. all babies have broad baby noses and some of them have the chubby cheeks and cute baby lips regardless of what race they fall under… u would be surprised to c how much she changes by the time she gets to 1yr old… ppl act the fool like if they never seen a baby b4 and never experienced how much children change throughout their life times. GoSh some ppl mean spirited and evil! i am really disgusted that people would be so mean towards Blue Ivy. She is adorable and people need to mind their own business and leave beyonce jay z and their baby alone! at the end of the day Blue Ivy is a regular baby! shower blessings on the child nah! instead of hurtful comments! shux!

  • Leave Blue Ivy Alone

    and another thing… just now when allyuh c d child features start to change you would hear talk that she had plastic surgery… a baby eh… allyuh just ridiculous and extreme! geeze! i could hear the ridiculous comments all now! babies change so much throughout their life times and the way DNA works you get your features from your parents… who d heck allyuh want the child to look like? one of u! steups… if Beyonce and Jay Z weren’t celebrities the baby would be considered to be the sweetest baby ever! but because ppl like to hate they find all kinds of things to say about her… Blue Ivy I pray for you that you are a well grounded individual blessed with a happy spirit and that God guides and protects you from all the negativity that the world sometimes spews out! always remember Jesus was made to face trials, so who are we that we should be exempt! God bless Blue and her mom and dad! and God bless us all to love and accept all people for the beauty that are our differences! Amen!

  • sistersmmrbrze

    we need to be nicer 2 eachother. May GOD forgive us all ..

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  • Sharon

    Little Blue Ivy is perfect and beautiful exactly the way she is!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/blackjesuscom Black Jesuscom

    White people only represent 10% of the world’s
    population, yet all people of color including
    white’s themselves are victims of this distorted
    Caucasian standard of beauty of thin lips,
    pale white skin, blue eyes and blond straight hair.

    P.S. The more insecure advertisers can
    make all people feel about their looks,
    the more money they can get you to

  • Olga

    I am white and I really love the way African Americans look. I even sometimes wish to look like that. And I love all kinds of their faces, noses and lips. However I do not like Jay-Z’s looks at all – and it’s definitely not because he is African American, it’s because he’s obviously not the best-looking man alive. So I really don’t think people wanted to stress the fact his “black” features are ugly

  • Reign

    It’s so sad and hurtful that we’d be publicly talking about this man and woman’s baby like this. They have feelings. I can imagine if one of their friends or family members is reading this, how hurtful they must feel. I sure hope Jay-Z or Beyonce isn’t reading this, I’m sure they’re not. I don’t particularly like Jay or Beyonce, but I think it’s awful to speak so negatively about their baby girl. Have we lost our minds?

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  • Karen

    I haven’t seen any back-lash towards her daughter looks.

    Its like black women are just hoping for people to talk trash about her kid.

    I see right through this article, you guys are just looking for drama.

    Blue is a GORGEOUS baby and I haven’t heard anyone saying nothing but that.

  • lee nicholson III

    I am a fifty year old man…black and dutch,born in chicago,ill.it is amazing that still in this day and age our own people are fixated on what is considered beautiful…ie..light skin or dark?Are these imbeciles still stuck on the color thing?We are all ..and i mean “ALL” african by origin,so that lame conversation about being to dark or too light,being to fair skinned and not dark enough is dumbfounding to me..has anyone done their homework and studied the history of man?”ALL” creation of men/women originate in africa..ETHIOPIA to be exact.Why is it so important for some individuals to identify with this group or that when all these groups are one?I recall many times in my own life that darker complexion brothers would make comments (as i am sure some fools still do too this day)like “look at him he aint black…more zebra than anything” and from white’s”well he has blue eyes but he just looks black” i have delt with it on all sides and at first it was quite hurtful…now i just laugh at all of their ignorance…maybe..maybe one day everyone will wake up to the fact that it is not the hue or pigmentation of your skin…but who and what you are inside that truely matters the most…my name is lee oliver nicholson III…i am a black man, but a human first.

  • Numbers Game

    Whatever…I’m so tired of this topic I could just burp.

  • S.

    Who makes whole-article responses to obvious troll comments though?

  • Barbara

    It is White Europeans who set the standarrd that features must be such and such. After reading the supposedly enlightened comments from this post, it appears that they have adhered to that standard set by Europeans that such features must be such and such, without even realizing it

    It is so sad how brainwashed these Europeans have left the entire world, especially Black people who don’t even realize it.

    As far as the litle baby, she is such a CUTIE PIE! She does look like dadddy; and that’s not a bad thing at all.

    Beauty is not a FACT. It’s an Opinion. Forget what the Whites have taught you to believe as beautiful. Even educted Blacks fall for this ploy.

  • Barbara

    Follow the “blood” DNA to the Pygmies in Southern Africa–NOT Ethiopia. The Whites who promote the Ethiopia origin are full of bull trying to say that they came from that part of Afrrica. Still, they are fostering “racism” as they did when they tried, unsuccessfuly, to prove that the are the original people.

  • Barbara

    P.S. Beauty is not aa “fact,” it’s an “opinion.” Europeans have said that features should be such and such; and I notice from the comments here that some are judging based on these standard of the Europeans saying that propotions should be such and such. You are not even aware you are thus brainwashed!!!

    Why are you letting these European males tell you what criteria to use for beauty??? Think about it.

  • http://thegrio.com DivineMsV

    Folks! Beyonce had a black nose ‘before’ her nose job. Look it up!

  • LoopyLOO

    I don’t believe in this Karma jive and I dont believe in talking about babies- but jay-z did praise non-black features. now he has a daughter with black features- so now he is getting a first hand taste of what it feels like to be put down as a woman for your features.. it’s just like nas song daughters. men go around and dog women, but they are overprotective of their daughters b/c they dont want them dogging them. it’s just like being a white or light woman being praised f or being light or white but then your daughter is black with nappy hair and people talk about- then they see how it feels because the talk is directed to one of their own, and jay -z is ugly, just like sarah jessica parker is ugly

  • Kelli

    I think Blue Ivy is a very cute baby. I really don’t understand people making mean comments about a baby’s looks. She’s 6 months old, what is she supposed to look like? A Jet centerfold???? Clearly Beyonce found Jay-Z attractive and wasn’t concerned about having his child, so why does anyone else care?

  • Rachel

    This article is really sad. We have to stop thinking that black equals big lips and big nose. There is a variety of African tribes with different types of features. And let me tell you that all features, I mean ALL African features are beautiful. People have to get educated about what is really an African feature. My fiancé is from Rwanda and in that country, there is two tribes «Tutsi and Hutu”. The Tutsi tribe have small and fine features and the Hutu are more likely like the Bantu tribes which are referred as «the big nose and big lips”. Many African from West Africa also have these features so please people stop acting like ignorant and educate yourself and leave the Child alone.

  • Mocha

    Exactly! She’s shielding her child like any mother would. You know both Bey and Jay have heard all the negative crap about their daughter since she was born…how Bey really wasn’t pregnant, how Blue is the anti-christ because her parents are Illuminati members…it takes strong people to endure that degree of ignorance…for the record Jay Z is a very handsome man. I never did understand all the Jay Z’s ugly nonsense.

  • Youwishyoucouldbeme

    Thank you for saying this. As I wrote before, it kills me how when someone is called unattractive and they are black, it’s always about their so-called African features. Jay-Z is not the only man with full lips and a wide nose. Truth, Nas has full lips, so does J. Cole and many others throughout time and none of these men are considered ugly. Quite the opposite. Some of us just don’t find Jay Z attractive the same way some Black men clown Whoopi. Do Whoopi and Lauryn Hill look alike? Hell no, neither do Jay Z and J Cole look alike. One is handsome, the other is smart. Blue Ivy looks like her dad, but so far, she’s still a beautiful baby, which proves that unattractive people can make beautiful children and attractive people can make unattractive children. I see it all the time. I don’t believe in attacking children’s looks, and I usually don’t even go in on adults, but these articles make it seem like there are no unattractive people. Fortunately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so some women and men find Jay Z or Whoopi beautiful and that’s all that really matters.

  • debe

    It is a known fact that women are attracted to powerful men. In general, most women will expect their men to be mature and provide financial stability along with long-term security. Vise versa, most men would expect their women to be beautiful and grace. ~ blackwhiteplanet _℃om ~~~~~ is for thousands of upscale men and beautiful women, who understand that ambition, success, and glamour are key elements of attraction. It’s worth a try!

  • Danitra

    I don’t get it. B.I.C. is getting more and more adorable with each pic.


    “Even by african standards”….whatever that means.


    I already know you see nappy hair as something negative when nappy hair is basically just tight curls. Get educated.

  • Joan

    Are these people crazy? Blue Ivy is a beautiful baby!

  • Anansa

    She is adorable. It’s interesting how some Blacks still have major issues with hair texture yet others seem to be in awe. I cannot tell you how many people would ask to touch my daughter’s huge afro puffs. When I decided to let her go to the hair salon, the first thing the Black stylist wanted to do was put a kiddie perm in her hair…We left the salon and never went back.

  • javette mackey

    Its so sad that adults are picking on a child. If you don’t like her parents fine, but leave the baby alone. To me it is equal to bullying and ignorance. When I think of the Colorado mass murder, I realize how immature the conversation of the Afrocentric features of a 6/7 month old baby are….(A few months ago people were criticizing Willow Smith’s ears and hair style.) Then we preach on how wrong it is to bully – as we click yes to the movie Bully being shown in schools, well it starts at home.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mahogani Mahogani Dyan Webber

    And this is EXACTLY why Beyonce has shielded her child from the media. People just want a REASON to have something NEGATIVE to say!

    First, she wasn’t really pregnant and was faking it. \
    Then, she supposedly hired a surrogate because there’s NO WAY she would mess up her body!
    Then, her child allegedly involved in some illuminati bullshit.
    Then, she’s carrying around a fake baby because the legs don’t look “real enough”
    Then, she’s wrong for not putting her child in a carseat when she’s being stalked and harassed by paparazzi..
    Now, her child is all these hideous names because she is BLACK and has her father’s features?
    People are a hot ass mess. Beyonce can’t do ANYTHING right! It doesn’t matter what she does or says people are going to try to twist things and create drama where it doesn’t exist.
    I applaud Beyonce for keeping her head up and drowning this mess out because any other parent would be on people’s asses! I know I would!

  • Fuchsia


  • Fuchsia

    I’m just sorry the photo leaked. I was just fine with the pic they put out themselves, but this was an invasion of privacy. That’s why we need laws against paparazzi taking pics of children. The horrible things said about this baby on the internet will be here for ever. She is an infant and I don’t think her beauty should be up for discussion. Period. It’s as disrespectful as posting Whitney’s funeral pics in my opinion.

  • http://www.alvinmilton.com AGDM

    I am saddened by the reaction to a baby’s looks. I thought the kid was cute. People praying for a black baby to not have black features shows how sick some people really are. One step forward, two steps backward. Love yourselves people. Gosh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marlo.lacen Marlo

    Was Snoop celebrating chocolate skin when he had black women on leashes on WORLDWIDE t.v.? Ppl like the celebs they like, and will turn a blind eye to whatever they choose. God doesn’t punish parents by sending them ugly kids……please tell me your under 18. And this little chubby bubby is cute, and if any of you beating the J’s so ugly drum think its the first hes heard you’re crazy, he grew up in the PJs and I’m sure he’s heard it all. Despite all of that he’s found success (Illuminati nuts need not respond). The same confidence that put him in position to have us all wasting time debating his genetics vs our self hatred will see Blue through the Wonder Years. FYI – there are real issues out there that need debating you might want to check out NPR to find out if the government is gonna let oil companies FRACK and poison your water……that is all, you may resume with your evil ignorant commentary.

  • Nic

    Seriously, Zoe Saldana is another wide-nosed girl who is considered to be really attractive. I think a lot of people pretend that when they do find a black person to be attractive, it’s BECAUSE they don’t have black feature, and they tell themselves that the nose, lips, etc. that they like couldn’t possibly be a result of African ancestry.
    I also don’t find Beyonce to be particularly white looking, and think a lot of the mythologizing of her looks as if she is the most beautiful black woman and the rest of us are ugly hags is REALLY overdone. She does not look like a tan white woman and she doesn’t look unlike a lot of other black women.
    There are lots of black men and women who have wide noses and full lips who are gorgeous.
    Jay-Z isn’t a handsome man and I’m not inclined to defend his looks b/c I doubt he’d date a woman who had his features or was dark-skinned.
    But I would not comment on a baby like that…that is just mean. She’s just a baby.

  • http://www.thesupersistah.com the Super Sistah

    I’ve said this before. I’ll say it again. Little Blue Ivy has all her ten toes and all her ten fingers. She has no known diseases or developmental delays. Her eyes can see, her lips move and she’s loved by both her parents who seem happily married. She’s born into a dynasty and has more wealth than a million babies combined. That child is blessed. If her hair was a roll of steel wool and her features challenging enough to make the average person run for cover, she’d still be blessed and to all that love her, very beautiful.

    The Super Sistah

  • Ariahead

    That is beautiful. I wish that everyone that decided to comment on things had a heart like yours.

  • Keke

    I think her baby is cute. I don’t even really care for her music, but I don’t see why people would even think to say her baby isn’t beautiful. I mean, look at that sweet little pudgy face. She looks like any other Black baby I would see around the way. I think this is exposing a huge issue that needs to be addressed in the Black community, and frankly outside the Black community. We hate ourselves. We hate our hair, our skin, our features and everything else unless it fits the current standard of beauty. However, we hate ourselves because mainstream media has told us for years that we are ugly, we are not attractive, and that we should strive to not look so “African.” People hate seeing a dark skinned person in the media, and when newspapers want someone to look threatening they make them darker. So we are hated and thus, we hate ourselves. Until we have a really honest conversation about all this, this poor baby will grow up being constantly told she somehow missed the boat on beauty because she isn’t a lighter skinned straight haired version of Beyonce. *smh*

  • http://Uptownmagazine Deenice

    She is a beautiful baby and you ignorant people that think it’s ok to talk about that precious,innocent child have lost your dam minds,God don’t like ugly and he not to fond of pretty so keep it up!

  • Maria

    That’s racist bullshit, she’s supercute as are all babies no whatter what skin tone or whatever they are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/helese Itheopiah Chiamaka

    Bey is into long flowing weaves, so doesnt she promote the same self hatred? They say a child eill.pay for the sins of their fathers

  • http://www.facebook.com/helese Itheopiah Chiamaka

    Very true. There are no victims, no villians

  • slc

    Jay-Z is horrible looking and it has nothing to do with the fullness of his features. I’ve seen people with very full lips and broad noses that are absolutely stunning. Jay-Z is just ugly. Just like there are ugly white, brown and yellow people there can be ugly black people too.

    Now the baby is cute as a button. And I think with time she’ll get cuter and cuter.

  • TTT

    White people must be laughing their butts off saying, “Look at those people-when we planted the seeds of self-hatred we knew what we were doing,,,. they STILL hate each other and secretly worship and want to be us”!!! “They’re so ignorant, they’ll even denounce their own young”!

  • Kibian

    What a beautiful little girl. And I really admire how Jay Z and B did things the “right”way. I pray God continues to bless their little family.

  • francais

    the baby is gorgeous! I throw a side eye at B (ever so slightly) because Blu Ivy looks nothing like the pictures on her tumblr anymore (if it ever was her! i kid, kid.)

    but that said I also know that children change dramatically in physical appearance in their first 10 years of life and even more beyond that.

    to me she looks like mini beyonce, they have the same expression and everything in this photo.

  • Denandra Watkins

    Our African people have been rocked to sleep and until we wake up and reach back to wake up our brothers and sister…..we are really in trouble. We want to talk about how the baby looks but if our people would take a ounce of the energy we put into criticizing into finding out who we really are we would do more building of us instead of tearing us down. It is writen that this is all a plan to prevent, discourage, and even destroy African unity. If you look at any other race and no matter the differences they may have when it’s time to come together as a people everybody is on board. Look at the Black folks and we are scattered like roaches. We look at what is put in front of us and never scratch the surf of it to see how much it stinks. We are eating and feeding our children fllth and as long as we can keep them looking good then we have arrived. Wake up my African people!! I’m not saying that I don’t do some of the same things. I relax my hair and want the newest things that come out but I am waking up and realizing that all of these things are decoy’s to what matters. If we don’t unite soon we will be a part of a race war that is slowly but surely raising it’s ugly head. And if we don’t wake up we will lose. I need you to survive my black people. No matter what Blue Ivy looks like in another races eyes she is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! She is a beautiful African Queen and should be treated as such.


    I have been going through something lately and I don’t think that I am alone. Every time I read a crazy comment that is inexplicably cruel or not based in any type of reality I am disheartened. Attacking his is a cute little baby? We’ve all seen people that aren’t blessed in the looks department and JayZ, Beyonce and Blue are not in that group. More important you have a lovely, successful married black couple that are obviously in love and have started a nice family. What is there to hate on here?

    This is some tired old stuff being recycled. I’m a mixed girl born in 1970, I never met another mixed family until I was 15 years old. And I’ve heard it all from my being prettier, to my be being uglier because of my racial attributes, light skin, fine hair and African features. This is just some sick twisted stuff, heavy baggage we’ve been lugging around for a lot of years and we’re having our kids help drag it around now. It’s damned shame is what it is.

    I look around at the black kids today and I think, why are we burdening them with our old junk, shackling them when then don’t need ever know a shackle existed. I was in line at a restaurant the other day and little black was cutting up, he couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. He was threatened with a beat down by his grandmother and while I usually mind my business. I turned and said, he’s not bothering anybody, your boy is a little precocious because he’s very bright and curious about the world. You should have seen both of their faces light up. It’s like no one has anything positive to say any longer and when someone does say something affirming it’s a surprise. Look around and see these children who already have old eyes on them. They are already judging their looks, thinking about their skin tone and worrying about nonsense, that we as parents, aunties and uncles can control.

  • slaletulosba

    Black people will never change – color. . .that baby looks like a little angel to me. . .
    an absolute living doll. Shame on you ignorant people. . .I bet your IQ level is
    around 50. . .to do that to a baby and its parents. . .not to mention she is beautiful. . .
    I wonder what you look like when you take it all off (extensions, makeup, teeth) I’d love to
    be able to blast you verbally in person for your ignorance.

  • Miley

    I completely agree. People are getting more and more shallow as the years go by. It is absolutely absurd. The thing about the European characteristics is what really irks me because let’s face it.. they want our black characteristics. Who gets Botox? Who gets butt implants? Who roasts in the sun or goes to the tanning bed? Not us black women because we have what they lack/want. I’m over people’s shallow comments. For goodness sake, Blue is an infant that can’t even speak for herself. It’s obvious that people need to find a hobby instead of judging others as if they’re perfect. This world we live in is the worst.

    This may be slightly off topic, but I consider myself as brown while others consider me to be “light skinned”. And the way I hear black guys either say they can’t date a dark-skinned girl or how they can’t date a black girl at all is beyond me as well. It’s such a low blow to that man’s mother. We as a people cannot move forward about anything until we can accept one another for what each is. Things like this set us so far back compared to other races. WE have got to do better.

  • Joe Black

    Don’t worry blackies, black and blue ivy is schedule for her first hair straightening, skin pigmentation, nose job, and whatever else will make her look more white at 1 years old…. hahahahahaha… you nasties

  • susie

    successful couple. beautiful baby.

  • http://gravatar.com/justuswomen Just Us Women Productions, LLCa

    Internalized racism at work. The idea that one is inadequate based on the racist values placed on them by society based on their appearance.

  • kiki

    should have named her black ivy

  • S.

    Beyonce’s gene? Even if she was born with beyonce’s nose it still would have been wide since beyonce had a nose job.

  • natalie

    she is a little baby. She will grow to be as beautiful as her mom.

  • Trixie

    beyonce and jiggyzeee are racists – inside knowledge. btw the kid is really quite scary looking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RyanTee82 Ryan Thompson

    How about this: Jay-Z is ugly no matter what his paintjob is.

    [gasps from the audience, brief pause, then applause]

  • http://www.facebook.com/NeoNea Annie Hall

    People r so mean. I think the baby is beautiful. Jay z isn’t ugly. I think he is sexy. Him n Beyonce make a beautiful couple. U guys have a beautiful baby no matter what people say!

  • B Priebe

    Wow ! Some people can be rather harsh and insensitive .Black ,white, hispanic etc… Everyone is the fu$ken same . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Baby is cute !

  • rematti

    I would have sympathy for Jay-Z and his family getting backlash if he himself did not harbor self-hating views. Anyone remember his lyrics from the song december 4th?

    ‘My gear is in and I’m in the in crowd
    ‘And all the wavy light skinned girls is lovin’ me now
    ‘My self esteem went through the roof man I got my swag
    ‘Got a vocal from this girl when her man got bagged

    So yeah.

  • Pnnanna

    The child is unfortunate looking, but that’s not Jay-Z’s fault. It’s Beyonce’s fault for having sex with that man. Does she really find him attractive? What did Rihanna see in his ugly ass. It’s not his features that make him ugly. It’s his attitude.

  • Tony

    What about inheriting Beyonce’s weight problem?

  • Canda

    But on Jay Z those features ARE ugly. Can we jsut be real on this?

  • Pingback: Great expectations: Royal baby faces anticipation of excellence from birth | canada.com

  • misscandyapple

    All theses females be call jay z ugly but i bet they will sleep with him in exchange for his money at least he got money some fine men dont have.a dime ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://newgirlatlarge.blogspot.co.uk TheNewGirl

    You know, as I read the title of this article before I got to the content, I was hoping this whole discussion wasn’t going to dissolve into exposing a shameful display of self hating statements. Because, really, sometimes a duck is just a duck, and I don’t appreciate having my feminine right to critique the looks of men (for a damn change in this racist patriarchy) taken away because of the red flags going up over self hatred. Now, far be it from someone who’s studied cultural and critical theory like myself to deny that the aesthetic scale is tainted with cultural biases. Yes. But still, sometimes a duck is just a duck, and I reserve my right to proclaim Jay-Z ugly, no matter how much cash he has or who he is married to, or regardless of his race. Jay-Z is not cute. He’s not handsome. M’man is hard on the eyes.

    And it isn’t his nose or his lips or his eyes or his ears, or the shape of his head as separarte features OR the size of each of these that draw me to use the term ugly. I don’t care if his lips are big or not. I have no judgement on that front and no self hatred attached – in fact, I prefer large lips. The dude is *hurting*. So is Steve Buscemi, and he’s not even sort of black. So is Rupert Grint, that Cletus looking red haired kid from Harry Potter – man, I watched him grow up on the Potter films, ugly as hayyyl.

    Some people are just really hard on the eyes. That some black people get all into categorizing themselves and others aesthetically based upon white Western modern beauty standards is sort of a firmly established, much discussed issue; a no brainer at this sociopolitical juncture.

    The additional (and by no means small) question we might want to start asking ourselves is why is okay for Jay-Z, Steve Buscemi, and Rupert Grint to look the way they look and still be wildly successful in ways which reinforce their VISIBILITY, but have no female counterparts in the entertainment industry. Ugly women don’t generally get to enjoy the level of success that ugly men do. When we see ugly women in entertainment, their ugliness is used as a character feature; used as a symbol of being mean, tainted or broken. Conversely, we as a society get all happy when we see someone like Paul Giamatti as the star of a film because he supposedly looks like a ‘regular’ guy (code for not attractive) and usually he gets to star with women who are attractive, while looking like Elmer Fudd. But where is his female equivilant starring as the female lead and getting nominated for the Oscar? Where’s Jay-Z’s female equivilant in Hip Hop? Answer: there is no such woman, black or white. So on this front, being black, female, aesthetically marginalized, but also free of the tethers of self hatred, I reserve my right to take some power back in the form of critiquing Jay-Z’s unattractive looks. I will never talk about his child, however, because that’s really reprehensible, as all babies are precious, valuable, and beautiful because of the light of their innocent souls. The baby’s father, however, is another story entirely.

  • Glamoress

    Not all babies are born pretty. Some come out as ugly ducklings, but turn into swans later on. Some do not. It is what it is when it comes to Blue Ivy. She looks like Jay-Z spit her out. And, it has nothing to do with the size of her lips, jaws or nose. Plus, the fact that her momma refuses to comb her hair doesn’t help.

    I think what exacerbates the baby’s ridicule is her mother, Beyonce, is placed on a pedestal and sets the benchmark for beauty…But the irony is, she had the gall to tell women (bitches) to bow down, meanwhile her offspring falls short. Blue has some pretty big shoes to fill, but again it is too early write in stone her outcome.

  • Leslynn

    Even though some may be “hard on the eyes”, if we look only at that, then we are of the utmost a shallow person . The real beauty is on the inside, as there have been externally unattractive people whose inner beauty somehow made it not an issue. It reminds me of a Bible scripture that says when we see Jesus, that there should be no beauty that we should desire in him. In other words, don’t look at people for the shallow outer appearance, but rather for the inner qualities , then you can align that with the outer. As far as Beyonce not arranging Ivys’ hair like we think, that’s ok because I’m sure she “combs” her hair, she just lets it be free. So what, don’t be so judgemental ! Look at your own hair and do an introspection and see if u r internally as beautiful as u think u are externally.

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