An Unholy Alliance: Black Folks and Chick-fil-A

by Kirsten West Savali

The saga that is Chick-fil-A and Christianity vs. the LGBT community and its supporters might be remembered as one of the most complex snapshots of modern society.

It’s a conflagration of hypocrisy, extremism and greed. We have corporate America and its influence on political agendas. We have the narrow scope of religion and its place in civil rights. Perhaps most hilariously and what will be addressed here, are the Christian, black people – emphasis on black – rushing to eat fried chicken to show how righteously they stand against homosexuality and the persecution of poor, misunderstood Dan Cathy.

When Mary J. Blige sang her heart out about “crispy chicken,” some black people rushed to call it “coonery.” Yesterday, some of those same people sprinted to get fried chicken from Chick-fil-A and were proud of it. In fact, Facebook was adorned with black folks loving that “chikin,” all to support a man who has no problem employing and serving the LGBT community, as long as he can take their dollars to financially support conservative politicians who view them as second-class citizens.

Even more interesting, and this is where things get real, black support for the Democratic Party, specifically President Barack Obama, has never dropped below 85%. But to gain some heavenly cool points, many of these same people flocked to fatten the pockets of an organization that funnels funds to Republican candidates.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

For some reason that I have yet to discern, it makes some black evangelicals feel better to pretend that this is a matter of free speech, a call-to-arms to protect Christian values, when it’s really nothing more than a study in financial and political gullibility, and religious elitism – or even more simply, cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

According to, the fast food company donated nearly $2 million in 2009 to conservative groups that have anti-gay agendas.

IRS 990 forms show that WinShape, the restaurant chain’s charitable foundation which was founded by Chick-Fil-A’s chairman S. Truett Cathy in 1994, gave to the following groups in 2009:

• Marriage & Family Legacy Fund: $994,199
• Fellowship Of Christian Athletes: $480,000
• National Christian Foundation: $240,000
• Focus On The Family: $12,500
• Eagle Forum: $5,000
• Exodus International: $1,000
• Family Research Council: $1,000

Some of these organizations, including but not limited to Eagle Forum and Family Research Council, support GOP candidates, and also hold the belief that supporters of universal healthcare side with Satan.

Would you like Polynesian sauce with that?

It is true that there are many Blue-Dog Democrats whose evangelical ideology do not align with their official Party platform, instead mimicking all things conservative unless it pertains to economic equality — or as their fellow GOP’ers prefer to call it: handouts for welfare queens and thugs. In that case, though I’m sure the cognitive dissonance is deafening, please by all means stand by your beliefs – and pray that the proceeds from that large Arnold Palmer don’t go to the campaign coffers of an anti-Obamacare conservative. If the racial group most likely to suffer from hypertension, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, actually feel that it makes sense to change their Facebook profiles pictures to encourage black people to go “eat more [fried] chikin,” all in some misguided attempt to prove they’re up with G-O-D and down with homosexuality, then I have become convinced that the Twilight Zone in fact does exist and sanity is a subjective term.

And then there is the slight matter of “with liberty and justice for all,” that we Americans like to say with hands over hearts — unless all are different from us.

At a press conference in Washington D.C., Rev. William Owens of the Coalition of African American Pastors said, “Some people are saying that because of the position that Chick-fil-A is taking, they don’t want them in their cities. It is a disgrace. It is the same thing that happened when I was marching for civil rights, when they didn’t want a black to come into their restaurant.”

So now, apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to equate the Civil Rights Movement to the LGBT movement. I’ve always thought so, but the opposition to the equivalency has been extremely loud. But since the good Reverend wants to run with it, let’s shall we?

There was a time, when based on religious interpretation, black people were not allowed to marry — not among ourselves and most certainly not to white people. According to crafty, self-serving interpretations of the Bible, black people carried the Mark of Cain, and as such, should remain slaves. As time progressed, we still, by United States standards, carried the mark of slaves and by legislation and society were treated as such. The Civil Rights Movement was to protest blatant discrimination that had both societal and political implications. It was to show the world that we would no longer be tolerant of intolerance, but demand civil liberties that were ours by mere virtue of our existence.

That is all the LGBT community is doing.

When religious doctrine influences business practices in a way that is discriminatory to a certain faction of society, that is a direct violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This Act prohibits discrimination based on religious minority status; and yes, aggressively — through a business entity — funding politicians who believe that homosexuality is against Christian God’s plans is discrimination. This battle is not rooted in religion at all, rather steeped in the necessity of pure civil equality and separation of church and state.  I know some of us like to think we hold the patent on suffering, but the LGBT community is no more pushing a “Gay Agenda” than we were pushing a “Black Agenda.”

I support Chick-fil-A’s — and Dan Cathy’s –right to free speech, completely and in its entirety. But every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and what I cannot and will not support is bigotry in the form of legislation. Especially from a regional fried-chicken peddling company whose ideas simply mirror the Bible Belt area in which it predominantly resides.

If you are a black evangelical who ran out yesterday to support Chick-fil-A, you were not alone. Rep. Allen West, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin all applaud your efforts. I’m quite sure they all appreciate the funds you donated that will potentially empower their colleagues’ push for more initiatives that could have a detrimental impact on the black community at-large. If that was your goal, congratulations.

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Swarming to Chick-fil-A to spend money on unhealthy food that will not be re-invested in the black community — all to show support for anti-gay statements — makes about as much sense as sending Skittles to Sanford Police Department to show support for Trayvon Martin. Of course, I would never call anyone stupid; I’m merely saying think before you “eat more chikin.”

  • Chania

    I don’t understand what point you are trying to make here…. if Chick-fil-a decides to support Christaian values by giving money to groups because that’s what they believe in, surely they should be allowed to?

  • onegirl

    Excellent article.
    The battle I have in my mind is that Cathy spoke out against the LGBT community, but for his “Christian” values (aside from loving everyone). For those that eat at Chick-Fil-A, we know that he is a religious type because their chains are closed on Sundays so people can attend church. That is a given. However, there is nothing wrong with him speaking out, obviously, but the problem is that we have no idea (unless we do our own research, which is preposterous!) how other CEOs of companies feel and as a company donate their money and what their viewpoint is on gay and lesbian rights. Should I spend several hours researching all companies so I know where to eat and shop? No..I go where I like to go.

    So, while I believe he can have his own opinion, it doesn’t make sense for the Black community to rush out and go buy his chicken because of it. To summarize, you make a great point, and it really is a conflict of interest for everyone to all of a sudden be so PRO Chick-Fil-A.

    I do like their food, although I’ll take a breather from eating there for a while because I don’t want people thinking I’m crusading against homosexuality.

  • Sasha

    All the parallels you listed crossed my mind when it comes to this Chic-Fil-A situation however I don’t understand how its bigotry. A little insight here? Anywho, although I’m not all gung-ho about gay marraige, I will not go out and protest/ vote against gay marraige legislation the same way I will not protest/ vote for gay marraige. Religiously my beliefs tell me one thing however whether they are able to get married or not doesn’t positively or negatively effect my daily life so to me its a non-issue.

  • I’m thinking about it

    So basically, we should stop eating at Chick-Fil-A because they don’t support gay marriage? Well, what about all of the homosexuals that work there? Should we boycott to put them out of a job just because of the views of one man?

    You mention that Chick-Fil-A has donated over $2 million to conservative groups. But how about the tens of millions they give to their employees who work there? Some of which are homosexuals or have homosexual family members.

    I guess the grand master plan is to put Chick-Fil-A out of business, which wouldn’t matter much to Dan Cathy since he can easily rely on his financial portfolio to assist him in opening another business. Instead, we’ll just send all of his employees to the unemployment line and wish them the best.

  • ImThinkingAboutIt

    So basically, we should stop eating at Chick-Fil-A because they don’t support gay marriage? Well, what about all of the homosexuals that work there? Should we boycott to put them out of a job just because of the views of one man?

    You mention that Chick-Fil-A has donated over $2 million to conservative groups. But how about the tens of millions they give to their employees who work there? Some of which are homosexuals or have homosexual family members.

    I guess the grand master plan is to put Chick-Fil-A out of business, which wouldn’t matter much to Dan Cathy since he can easily rely on his financial portfolio to assist him in opening another business. Instead, we’ll just send all of his employees to the unemployment line and wish them the best.

  • tallulah belle

    Chick Fil A is gross and their food is poison. Fast food fried chicken from all of these restaurant chains that black folk frequent is disgusting. It fosters fibrocystic breasts, uterine fibroids, high fat lipid content in the blood, skin discolorations, high blood pressure, fatigue, mood disorders (swings), water rentention, kidney failure, weight gain, polycystic ovaries, blood stagnation and liver function complications. The fact that black people are holding up bags of that crap to show solidarity with this poison-slinging food chain is the equivalent of supporting a legal drug dealer. And, it is a nod to our community’s obesity epidemic. Just admit it ladies and gentleman; you all are addicted to Chick Fil A, like a heroin addict is addicted to smack. Church ladies, take off your wigs and see what Chick Fil A is doing to your scalp/skin health and look down at your edema swollen ankles and into your own cataract ravaged eyes. What will it take for you to put the fried chicken pipe down?

  • Sasha

    well damn LOL

  • ChickenHead

    Poor attempt at a shaming tactic. If you are so concerned about where black people are spending their money, how about you call out how black people are throwing money away to the “hair care” industry and churches. Far far far more money to cry about right there!

    Bringing up the MJB commercial was a weak argument and shows how emotionally charged this article was written.

    Furthermore, I wish some black people would stop acting like being a Democrat is in the best interest of black people. NONE of these parties have our best interest in heart.

  • Whoa

    lol, my thoughts exactly

  • OSHH

    I don’t think it’s complex at all. Some people actually try to live by the WORD and unfortunately are labeled homophobes antiquated and everything else. Although I do not eat @ Chic Fil A often and have not rushed out to purchase anything Chic Fil A this week, the CEO has a right to his beliefs. I don’t see hate anywhere in what he said or what he believes.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables…….

  • Ms. Information

    Comparing Mary J Blige Singing about chicken and Christians supporting Chick Fil A is a very weak argument………as a Christian AND a vegetarian by the way…I have a right to not believe in gay marriage, no one will make me feel guilty about my beliefs…I don’t believe in gay bashing, gay discrimination in the workplace or anything else BUT I have a conscious and clear right to believe what I beleive…stop trying to make it seem like if you don’t agree you hate….

  • who run the world?…GOD

    I am a dedicated follower of Christ but looking at that picture I thought of the black and white photos of white Christian families smiling and posing at the pick-a-nigg** picnics. Although I know that the Gay Rights Movement isn’t as violent and vicious as the as the Civil Rights Movement, the parallels between both demographics using their energy to promote twisted “Christian values” reminds me of the lynch mob coming for the gays is quite sickening! The picture above and protesting is a great example of how not to bring people to Christ and spread his word!

  • African Mami

    Yes,Ms. Info!!! You do have a right!! I was actually looking forward to your sentiments. I’m PRO homosexuality, marriage the whole nine yards, and can’t for the life of me understand why folks think that it is A-OKAY to shove their belief system down the throat of another, through some form of “guilting”. Whatev!!

    In other news, say warrrrrrr you is a vegetarian?! I admire grass eaters and water drinkers, for that is the imagery I get. Can you just tell me like what you eat for dinner?! I really do want to go vegetarian, have even started eating lots of grasses with blue cheese spread-YYYYYYYUMM!!

  • Nicole

    It really bothers me how these days people can’t have a opinion.

    Everyone doesn’t have to support gay marriage! And if they chose not to they shouldnt be criticized.

  • Ms. Information

    Good Morning Beautiful……….Yep for almost a year now….I have a lot of recipes like curried eggplant, black bean “meatloaf”….I do the veggie meat every once in a while…smoothies…Trader Joe’s and Kroger’s natural section helps me with the transition…salads of course, but not everyday..and I use agave nectar to sweeten anything I need sweetened a little more….

  • @ifeedemlead

    “Often black people, especially non-gay folk, become enraged when they hear a white person who is gay suggest homosexuality is synonymous with the suffering people experience as a consequence of racial exploitation and oppression. The need to make gay experience and black experience of oppression synonymous seems to be one that surfaces much more in the minds of white people. Too often it is a way of minimizing or diminishing the particular problems people of color face in a white supremacist society, especially the problems ones encounter because they do not have white skin. Many of us have been in discussions where a non-white person – a black person – struggles to explain to white folks that while we can acknowledge that gay people of all colors are harassed and suffer exploitation and domination, we also recognize that there is a significant difference that arises because of the visibility of dark skin. Often homophobic attacks on gay people of all occur in situations where knowledge of sexual preference is established – outside of gay bars, for example. While it in no way lessens the severity of such suffering for gay people, or the fear that it causes, it does mean that in a given situation the apparatus of protection and survival may be simply not identifying as gay.

    In contrast, most people of color have no choice. No one can hide, change or mask dark skin color. White people, gay and straight, could show greater understanding of the impact of racial oppression on people of color by not attempting to make these oppressions synonymous, but rather by showing the ways they are linked and yet differ. Concurrently, the attempt by white people to make synonymous experience of homophobic aggression with racial oppression deflects attention away from the particular dual dilemma that non-white gay people face, as individuals who confront both racism and homophobia.”

    bell hooks, Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black

    Black Women supporting White privilege & Male privilege, is so puzzling. You accept & support(literally financing his agenda) all of his beliefs, not just what he thinks about gay marriage.

  • Yulez

    Thank you!

  • BeautifulBlackMind

    Opinions are like belly-buttons, everyone has them.
    Because you feel as though Blacks shouldn’t support chic-fil-a (which really does not compare to the civil rights, I don’t care what you say. Gays aren’t being kicked out of the restaurant nor is there consistent reports of them being mistreated) then they can do so.
    The people we buy gas from however burn gays in public, something that is blatant discrimination. I don’t hear any of you protesting that purchase.

  • Yulez

    Have we conducted good fact checking?

    The Chik-fli-a counter protest/Appreciation Day was NOT organized by Chik-fil-a, and it’s purpose was to stand up for the RIGHT to have an OPINION. At no point was anyone denying members of the LGBT community the right to eat chicken, or pimp chicken. Why don’t you research everyone establishment that you patronize and determine if their values 100% align with yours (You’ll be spinning your own fabric and growing your own corn).

    There was nothing in the Bible stating that Black people couldn’t marry. That was man’s decision. BUT the Bible is clear about homosexuality. And if people want live their life by their beliefs, LET them. This is America, not a communist nation. We have religious freedom. Chik-fil-a is not a government entity. It can hold any opinion that it wants as a private company. Get over it! This alliance is pretty holy.

    You’ve bought into the fallacy that black = liberal, and it doesn’t.

  • CurlySue

    Everyone is certainly entitled to have an opinion. No one is refuting that. But when you use money earned from the backs of your employees and the patronage of your customers, some of whom are gay, to finance organziations whose goal it is to make sure gay people can never marry, that is no longer an opinion. That is an agenda. It is an agenda that I cannot and will not support. To actively try to thwart the efforts of people trying to gain equal rights is wrong, to me. And it always will be. Their chicken isn’t all that anyway.

  • Sasha

    Exactly! It really makes me sick how if you voice an opinion that is not that of what’s popular or the majority, you are called a hater, bigot, homophobe, ignorant, self-righteous, the list goes on. There is definitely an agenda being pushed here and the shaming tactics used by some people is very upsetting.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables…..

  • The Antifash

    Lol! Yes Gawd.

  • ChickenHead

    Lack of self control contributes mostly to the things you ranted about and not one’s choice to eat fried chicken. Lol! Over indulgence, gluttony, greed etc are the BEHAVIORS that are causing these problems.

  • The Antifash

    I don’t eat chicken but I am a supporter of the LGBT community (I love the kids). Although I do not agree with this man’s opinion, I will support his right to free speech. This whole thing is very dangerous…

  • UPH

    I know this article is toying with black people’s undying love affair with chicken and religion… But, I live 15 minutes from the original Chick-fil-A and witnessed the overwhelming support of this organization from white people. This is more or a conflict between the “beliefs” of Christianity and the “rights” of the LGBT community. I think it is wrong to perceive that this is a black issue.

  • Reality&Truth

    An important point which I think is being overlooked is that the organization Chik-fil-A donates to doesn’t just ‘support Christian values’. In Uganda (in Africa) they have helped fund and sponsor bill that make homosexuality a death penalty eligible crime (recently revised after protests) and that make anyone who doesn’t report a known gay person to the government, also a criminal. The group, Focus on the Family, is designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. (The SPLC is a non profit founded in 1971 during the civil rights movement to track hate groups).

    So no, it’s not as some would have you believe that poor Chik fil A is being discriminated against for not supporting gay marriage. Many people are boycotting them because they fund a hate group. I stopped eating there long ago because they give millions to conservatives and in support of causes that I see as damaging to the black community.

  • MsLady

    The bigotry comes in when the company donates millions of dollars to the above mentioned foundations, which can have significant political persuasion thus creating the potential for the government to create hate-based discriminatory policies, based on religion in a country where church and state are supposed to be separate.

  • Really?

    You’re exactly right. This writer is trying, and I mean TRYING to make this something that it’s not. This is about the right to free speech. As you said the conflict is the ” “beliefs” of Christianity and the “rights” of the LGBT community.” Tying in black stereotypes and politics is off base here.

    Hey Clutch, please get a thumbs up, thumbs down feature.

    Thumbs down for this article.

  • Really?


  • teachermrw
  • jamesfrmphilly

    do NOT spend your money with people who HATE you…..

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i sometimes wonder how ‘Christians’ can become so full of hate……

  • Ms. Information

    The same way atheists, Muslims, Buddists, Agnostics and any one else can be…

  • Jaz

    Right, smh.

  • Jenn

    “when you use money earned from the backs of your employees and the patronage of your customers, some of whom are gay, to finance organziations whose goal it is to make sure gay people can never marry, that is no longer an opinion. That is an agenda.”

    Excellent point and now you’ve got me thinking twice about Chick-Fil-A. However, what do we know about the organizations that the company supports? If a Christian organization decides to support and encourage traditional marriage, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re engaging in behavior that actively seeks to oppress gay marriage.

    I’m a Christian. On a personal level, I do not support gay marriage. However, I’m not going to actively protest it, as it doesn’t make one difference in my everyday life. My philosophy is live & let live. But, if I decide you give my money or volunteer my time to an organization that supports traditional marriage, that doesn’t mean I’m actively seeking to oppress gay marriage. However, if that organization was staging protests and rallies declaring the evils of homosexuality, I would not support it.

  • Lady P

    Hands-down …this is a thought-provoking article. think before you “eat more chikin.”…..Actually your article has me reflecting on my actions. Cathy’s support of the biblical definition of marriage, between a man and a woman of course wasn’t a surprise. Closed on Sundays as we are all aware if you are familiar with the Chick-fil-A food chain; it’s Bible Belt Christian values. This is only an elementary fact of why I didn’t stop supporting Chick-fil-A (yes, I had to get some waffle fries). The foremost reason is its endless dedication to retain their partnership with our community schools. From our PTO board, MOMs non-profit group, scholastic programs to athletic programs, Chick-fil-A makes significant amount of donations that make a difference. On the other hand, I am a supporter of the LGBT community because I equate their struggle with that of our historical civil liberties. Now I can’t help but to entertain some other thoughts: How would Chick-fil -A have treated African-Americans during the civil rights era- – I think they are headquartered in GA. Next, what is their partnership/support rankin g with schools primarily located within black communities?

    I never thought about Chick-fil-A within this area prior to. However, it does make sense. Thinking back to the community in which our area Chick-fil-A serves; according to 2008 the Board of Elections statistics, it did predominantly consist of GOP supporters. Was the willingness to serve our students exists because of our area? I didn’t attend to stop supporting Chick-fil-A because of their community support and great service. I must admit I am thinking twice of EXACTLY where my funds are being contributed towards. It’s great to know funds are distributed back into my residential neighborhood. However, it doesn’t settle well with me to know if there is a lack of support for other communities. Not only that, if being supporters of the GOP/anti-Obama…why would money go to more challenged socio-economic neighborhoods? Hmm…it does appear as if I’ve assisted to uphold the one area that possibly could fight against the specific area in which I have great endeavors to see strive. Some things to think about for sure..:).

    Appreciate your thoughts!!!

  • Shauna

    Wow…the comments on this article make me sad. I guess when people have an “opinion” that happens to be racist we should be cool with that? Or if Chik-fil-a was donating to the KKK it would be cool because of “Freedom of Speech”? Remember, the Bible has passages that were used to support slavery, too, but I don’t think anyone here would be cool with throwing on some shackles…

  • Lady P

    @ Reality&Truth


  • Peter Stuyvesant

    I am a bit confused. Can someone explain how making a statement about a specific piece of public policy is hate speech or bigoted? Agree or disagree with Mr. Cathy he did not say anything hateful. He stated that he supports the traditional Biblical view of marriage, as do half of Americans. Does that make everyone that believes in traditional marriage a bigot or hate monger? If you are going to be for freedom for all, it has to include people that you disagree with.

    Also, if you want to examine companies….have you looked into Marriott? It seems that the anger at Chick-fil-A is because they had the gall to tell the truth about what they believe. As opposed to Marriott that does everything possible to make you not notice that they are a company founded by Mormons. Do you think the Marriott family has given up on their Mormon beliefs? No, they just don’t talk about them to keep you checking in. Have you stopped supporting Papa John’s whose founder threw a huge fund raiser for Mitt Romney in his home. If you are going to make a political statement with each purchase or non-purchse you are going to be left with only going to locally owned establishments and interviewing the proprietor to his or her beliefs. Every company donates money to both sides. It is called politics in America.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i expect better from Christians…

  • Felicity Rhode


  • islandgirl550

    What gets me is the picking and choosing of which parts of the bible to follow. Doesn’t Chik-Fil-A sell pork? Isn’t that something the bible says not to eat?

  • Ms. Information

    Many people aren’t Christians that claim to be though..I can say that I am a millionaire, even believe that I am, but that doesn’t make it true.

  • TJH

    There’s a difference between not supporting gay-marriage, or not supporting the LGBT community in general, and using the money made from your business (or any kind of money) to support organizations that ADVOCATE FOR THE KILLING OF HOMOSEXUALS. That is the difference. Who cares if Cathy doesn’t support homosexuals? Not I. Who cares if he has deep-rooted religious beliefs and voices those beliefs? Not I. Who cares is a droves of people, black, white, green or purple, want to eat Chick-fil-A? The food is really good. But under no circumstances should people just blindly start supporting a company without knowing the real root of why another group of people are outraged. Most of the people (on both sides of this issue) don’t know who made the comments, don’t know what he said, and don’t know the full implication of the his actions against the LGBT community. If you think supporting a person or a company that supports the killing of any group of people then there’s a problem with your belief system.

  • mortal

    By the same token of ‘freedom of speech/mind/whatever’ that the people pictured have the right to proclaim against a section of society, surely the writer of this article is entitled to proclaim against them doing so. No?

    I always find it baffling that people use the ‘freedom of speech’ argument against some that has chosen to use their ‘freedom of speech’.

  • Berrygirl


  • Ms. Information


  • ME

    Couldn’t agree more. Have you read the Paleo-Diet? It addresses many of these health issues. Another point that people don’t seem to realize is that this man is a bigot. And the organizations that he contributes to are ultra right wing ones that are actively working to undermine not only the rights of gay people but of blacks and poor people in general

  • df

    Yeah, the definition of hate has really been stretched out these past couple of years hasn’t it.

  • Joy

    No offense Ms. but your millionaire analogy is no contest when it comes to someone saying, and thinking they are a christian. First of all you can say ur a millionaire all you want….but if a person doesn’t have a million dollars…then they are NOT a millionaire. Where as a christian can be a christian and think many different things.

  • df

    this is true, 90% of the people i saw in pictures were white. I have a chick-fil-a 5 minutes away from my house and the few times I go there or go inside, it’s mostly white people there and I live in a fairly diverse suburb.

  • df

    the word hate has been so conveniently redefined today…very interesting.

  • Joy

    The Chickfila man has the right to his opinion just like me, and everyone else. For example I think the bible/god thing is a whole bunch of shigady….but that’s my opinion. I’m sure some people agree, and some people don’t. And I’m sure some people will get upset bc of my opinion. But to each his own (opinion that is)

  • Kam

    Well know you know how white racists feel.

  • Kam

    There have been many calls for less dependence on foreign oil because of the brutality that we support by buying from them. This has been an issue for a long time.

  • Kam

    ^ The only person that gets it.

  • Joy

    While I believe in traditional marriage,i.e., between a man and woman my opinion on that is based on the fact that neither two men, nor two woman can create/produce a child (and none of us would be here if it wasn’t for the male/female union). That being said….I think LONG TERM gay partners should have the rights of every other citizen when it comes to benefits such as insurance, social security, taxes, and say so in what should be done if their partner is in the hospital, or on their death bed, etc.. I’m not gay so it’s not going to effect me one way, or the other. When people hear the word gay they automatically think about the sex act; when what gay people want is equal rights to benefits; they’re not asking for anyone’s approval of their sex lives.

  • mike

    Tallulh belle, You ROCK!

  • kd

    in light of the article last week that sometimes article content is dumbed down for the black reader, i really apprieciate the depth of this article. and, judging by the posts, so do the other readers.
    i don’t agree with many of the parallel’s that the article made between the black community and the lgbt community. the idea that any one group of people is monolythic is not cool. all republicans are not Christians. all democrats do not agree with abortion. all of the lgbt community aren’t pro gay marriage. my point. black peoples reason’s for agreeing or disagreeing with gay marriage vary. this article portrays black folk as the same. not cool.

  • Val

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    Many of the comments on this thread are a perfect example of this quote in action. It’s so amazing to me how quickly some Black people will align themselves with people who do not have their best interests at heart in order to stand against the LGBT community.

  • Chika

    I would just like to repost a comment made by a reader on the VerySmartBrothas blog:

    “I don’t live within 3 states of a Chick Fil-A *falls down and bursts into tears* In a way that’s a good thing because I’d be 150 lbs heavier. The only thing that separates the Cathy family (owner of Chick Fil-A) from other business owners is that he openly states his beliefs.

    Target got busted for supporting a gay marriage on the sly, and the owner of URBAN OUTFITTERS (yes, pink skinny jeans for men Urban Outfitters) supported Rick Santorum. And the owner of American Apparel is just a perv. And then there’s Nike and sweatshops…

    Basically, unless you’re shopping on Etsy and farming your own food, your money is going somewhere you don’t like”

  • Heltopia

    + 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carmen

    God will always take care of his own..If this man stands by his beliefs and what the word of GOD says, he will always prosper. The media tried to defeat this man and criminalize him because he is not jumping on the politially-correct band-wagon, his feet are rooted, he will not waiver. I love that. He had a record breaking sales day. Look at God. No weapon…

  • Joy

    Carmen if god takes care of his own why are so many christians unemployed?!? And why have so many christians lost their omes to foreclosure?!? I don’t know….I’m just asking, and curious as to what your answer will be

  • Joy

    For the reord I already know what the answer is

  • Ms. Information

    @ Joy Mocking is not a good look…it is akin to sarcasm which people use when they have weak arguments…

  • cherish

    Thank you, Yulez. I stopped believing in the lie that blacks had to be liberals. It’s only forty years that the Democrats decided to stop being racists and being for blacks. Republicans started the NAACP and had more black senates during the Reconstruction era. It was a shift of lifestyles that blacks stupidly want to be Democratic. I am an independent conservative, on the libertarian spectrum. I may not agree with people’s lifestyles, but I do support gay rights. People can’t deny them of their unalienable rights. Our privileges are something we acquire after birth. Marriage is a privilege due to gender, and not everyone does so. I am not sweating about it that much because the states decide on that matter, it’s over done, and I am not straining my neck over your love life. I never considered myself a liberal in the first place. I like chik-fil-a, target, and wal-mart because they have stuff I like. If the liberals want to play dirty, get on Target and Forever 21 for their beliefs as well. I thought they were tolerant.

  • Sanura Rose

    very true!

  • Ms. Terious


    Please ask yourself why does traditional marriage need an organization to support it? This idea that somehow gays being allowed to marry is screwing with heterosexual’s right to marry is preposterous. It’s the same fear white people had when the slaves were freed—”they’re going to be freed and then turn us into slaves and we can’t have that.” To support an organization that supports traditional marriage is indeed an act of oppressing gray marriage because what you’re saying is that traditional marriage needs defending in the face of gay marriage, which is simply not the case. GAY MARRIAGE IS NOT A THREAT TO HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE. These groups like the ones Cathy supports are organizations of bigotry. Point. Blank. Period. It is no different than supporting a white supremacist group. *shrugs*

  • Sanura Rose

    Such food laws were for the Jews not Gentiles (however some Christians do decide to abstain from consuming certain animals)

  • Sanura Rose

    lol i love this comment

  • ?


  • Ms. Terious

    Joy, while your questions definitely have a mocking undertone (because we already know what the answers are), I see your point quite clearly. The biggest group of underclassmen in the world are the first to say “God takes care of his own.” If that were actually true then a great case can be made for Black people not being “God’s own”. The level of ignorance among Black people when it comes to religion is just sad. Black people can be so conservative and into “The Word” EXCEPT when it comes to sh*t that actually affects them. Conservative about everything except cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, morbid obesity, the prison-industrial complex, having children out of wedlock in record numbers, sub-par public school systems that don’t educate their children, depression, post traumatic stress from slavery/decades of institutionalized racism, and a host of other things way more detrimental to black life than gay marriage. Black people need to stop fronting and acting like they’re about that holy life. The cherry picking is epic! What are we doing? Looking for some cause to champion in which we feel we look like the better option in the eyes of people who would have us back on a plantation picking cotton in 5 minutes flat?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    those ‘groups’ kill homosexuals……..

  • Carmen

    Read your bible..If everyone was doing great on their own all the time, there would be no need for God. there is never a testimony without a test. I don’t believe in same sex marriage and I never will. That is not the same as saying I hate them or dislike them, because I don’t. I just don’t agree with it. A person could live holy and be the most poor person in town, they are rich in spirit, so they are rich in Christ, they will inherit the kingdom of heaven. When I say God takes care of his people I do not mean that in a one dimensional way, what I mean is when you have enemies on all sides, God can make them your foot stools. In this case, mayors and such were trying to block Chick-filas from entering ther cities, God can intervene into someone elses plan and you can benefit from it, hence the record breaking sales. You could be diagnosed with an illness and the doctors are saying you won’t make it, but God will take care of you and heal you. That is what I meant. everything is not always about the money. God Bless.

  • Joy

    Ms I;ll say this and then leave it alone. Your response to my “why” question is weak because you don’t have a viable/realistic answer.

  • CL

    My opinion is this article is run of the mill post modern, intolerant, secular humanist, propaganda. If what this society has always universally considered to be deviant sexual behavior is now perfectly normal and equal to Marriage(as it has always been known as, one man and one woman) then you need to be logically consistent. Any sexual behavior should also be perfectly normal. That means if I feel I was born with a desire to be Bi-sexual, I should have the right to express both of my desires and marry a male and a female. Or if I feel I have the desire to have sex with dead bodies I should be able to and have a state recognized marriage with the dead body. Or is homosexuality inherently superior to other forms of sexual behavior? If so why isn’t that also discrimination(As if humans can even think without discriminating between different things).

    If the Bible is no longer tolerated in the Western world then that’s most likely a sure sign its on the verge of collapse. These Anti-Christians with all these progressive relativistic world views(fancy words for hating the God of the Bible and rebellion against Him) are going to cause this nation to reap what it is sowing with the complacent permission of confessing social Christians.

    And as for the ad hominem attack of calling any argument that doesn’t conform to yours “hate”, it’s the lazy woman/man’s way of dismissing a point without having to address it. Also it displays your hate and intolerance and the fact so-called social liberal’s, progressives yada yada yada are projecting their own ideas on to others. You want to dictate to every one else what to think and believe, but you do not want to own your actions. You would rather accuse others of doing exactly what you are attempting to do as a tactic and ploy. I am sure the weak minded compromising one’s fall for all that but some of us will refuse no matter what you say or do.

    Yours Truly
    C.L Edwards: Bible student & Christian apologist

  • ruggie

    Black folks can have 70 percent of children born outside of marriage and still claim to be in support of traditional marriage because they eat at Chick-Fil-A.

  • GlowBelle

    “Basically, unless you’re shopping on Etsy and farming your own food, your money is going somewhere you don’t like”

    EXACTLY my thought!

    I remember this local couple (they were Black just to clarify) wanted to banish things in their home that said “Made In China/Indonesia, etc.” due to their disdain for sweatshops in foreign countries….well, guess what? You’d be sitting naked in a ditch if you did that because most of everything you own in your home and the clothes on your back was made elsewhere and not out of the greatest situation.

    Boycotting is a tricky thing, and yeah it looks amazing when we see the MLK version of it, but you have to be logical about it. So I see what was said here, and yeah It sucks esp. since I support the LGBT community and eat at Chik-Fil-A—it’s tricky spot to be in—but that is sadly how this society works. Someone has to “die” in order for someone to “live”, so to speak.

  • 726

    I don’t normally type comments like this, but LOL.

  • 726

    Ms. Terious and Joy

    My sentiments exactly.

  • Joy

    Ms. Terious: Thanks. You stated my BiGGER point(s) precisely.

  • 726


  • CL

    ” So, while I believe he can have his own opinion, it doesn’t make sense for the Black community to rush out and go buy his chicken because of it. To summarize, you make a great point, and it really is a conflict of interest for everyone to all of a sudden be so PRO Chick-Fil-A.”

    What a ignorant and racist comment, are you implying black people can have no allegiances outside of their blackness? And some how supporting a man who espouses a Biblical worldview is a violation of some unwritten black code of proper thinking and conduct?

    You don’t seem to think it a violation of your blackness to hold and express your secular post modernist worldview, so why would it be a violation of my blackness to hold to and express my Biblical worldview? Doesn’t seem logical to me, the first rule of logic is the law of non-contradiction.

    I am a individual with a critical rational mind I don’t need to check in with with the popular black opinion is to decide how I should think, feel or act. And thank you, but i do not need to be told what to think by you (clearly superior) none-religious types.

  • Ms. Terious

    Why are people still not getting it? No one cares what you think of them personally. Gay people want the right to marry, not your personal approval, so saying “I don’t hate or dislike gay people just because I don’t agree with gay marriage” is asinine.This has nothing to do with whether you or Don Cathy likes/dislikes gay people. The issue is POLICY and the people who have the power to influence that. Please get a clue! And furthermore, this:

    “Black folks can have 70 percent of children born outside of marriage and still claim to be in support of traditional marriage because they eat at Chick-Fil-A.” -Ruggie

  • CL

    And you apply this logic across the board even to liberal leaning organizations? Or is it just “bigotry” for some?

  • Natalie B.

    Dan Cathy has a right to voice his “traditional” beliefs, and I have a right not to patronize his business ever again because of them.


    It just kills me though how “we” will stand with the Bible on “traditional” marriage, but we won’t address the out of wedlock birthrate with the same passion and steadfastness, or that as a community we aren’t getting married. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they certainly don’t lie. Everything from teen pregnancy to incarceration and even lower IQ scores are linked to out of wedlock births, yet you hear nothing from “the church”. Why is that? Personally, I’m tired of so called Christians jumping on the “I believe what the Word says” bandwagon as long it’s not their sin being called out.

  • lola_z

    People are opening a can of snakes that cannot be closed. I don’t understand all this uproar.. People have a right to express themselves.. lawd a mercy!!
    I am not Gay, but if that is someone’s lifestyle choice (because this is what it is – a lifestyle choice), then so be it..
    A friend of mine once argued that homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. Yes, true, but so has polygamy and marrying young woman as soon as they see their first blood (today that’s called a pedophile)…

    He’s against gay marriage and some people are saying this is the same as being black WTH?! This really vexes me!!!!
    I was born black.. I can eat, jump, run, reproduce, walk, talk, shit, sleep.. same as the other man! God made me this way, so to discriminate, tie me in chains, take me from my land and tell me that my religious beliefs are beneath yours because of the color of my skin, texture of my hair is ludicrous..

    HOWEVER, if your preference as a woman is another woman, 2 women, 2 guys, one guy, celibate.. whatever! Then so be it.
    This whole politically correct agenda that America has going is very dangerous.. then why can’t one man marry 3 women and get the same benefits? Why is it against the law to get married again when your already married? Someone can also argue that they should have the same rights! Your preference is another man, someone else’s preference is 2 men. They should reap the same benefits too then right?
    I don’t have a problem w someone’s life style choice.. Let them do as they please.. But don’t try and bully someone into having the same beliefs as you!! This is really RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Camillle Michelle

    Woo! Had to sign up for this site to let Kirsten know that this piece is brilliant! I’m proud that there are fellow black people who champion gay rights :D !!

  • MJJohanna

    Pork and other hoofed animals were banned in Old Testament times to preserve the nation of Israel. Have you ever done a science project on pork? I did. The way maggots and such manifest in the meat is disturbing which attributes the diet of a pig being that it will eat anything and versus other animals who only eat vegetation or only eat other animals. This was then eliminated under the new Covenant with the coming of Jesus. Hope this helps with your question :)

  • Ms. Terious

    Consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. A corpse cannot consent, neither can a dog. That’s why those things are not legal. Get it? This issue is you people think you have a monopoly on normal. That kind of warped thinking is the issue. Not progressive God haters. Being married to more than one ADULT is a right that has been and should be allowed, as it is and has been in many countries around the world and as it was in your precious Bible. Do you really want me to run down a list of Biblical men who had more than one wife? With all due respect, it sounds like you have some more studying to do, Bible Student.

  • MJJohanna

    How lovely and well put sister in Christ! Love this!

  • Ravi

    “When religious doctrine influences business practices in a way that is discriminatory to a certain faction of society, that is a direct violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This Act prohibits discrimination based on religious minority status; and yes, aggressively — through a business entity — funding politicians who believe that homosexuality is against Christian God’s plans is discrimination.”

    This isn’t a CRA situation. companies are pretty free to support groups and lobbies that advance the causes of discrimination. They might have issues if they were engaging in discriminatory practices such as not hiring or serving people of a specific religion, but contributing to groups isn’t a violation. They could be contributing to the KKK and the CRA wouldn’t apply.

  • CL

    What don’t you get that most people in America do not want marriage redefined, nor do they want any regrading it policy changed? Saying its about policy doesn’t change that, nor is calling it a right when its not a right, people who engage in various other sexual behaviors don’t have a right to marry each, because marriage in this society(along with the rest of the world) has already been defined and established.

    Further more why aren’t homosexuals and their supporters fighting for the marriage rights of child molesters, bi-sexuals, necrophiliacs, and polygamist ? ?

  • 726

    You’re not homosexual or bisexual, so how can you say that those who are are choosing that ‘lifestyle’?

    If lesbian and gay folks choose to be gay and lesbian, then you must have chosen to be straight, am I right?

  • Erin

    Last I checked, Black people weren’t the only ones lining up at Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday. EVERYBODY loves that place and if you didn’t know that they were a Conservative Christian company that supports traditional family values, you must have never gone inside one of their businesses, and must not have noticed that they aren’t open on Sunday either. Obviously they, just like the Christian church, aren’t going to be in support of gay marriage. They have some of the nicest fast food employees I’ve ever met and their managers are nice too. No need to put them out of business and innocent people out of a job because of the opinion of one man who, if you actually read the article, never said anything negative about gay people, he just believes in the “traditional” family which doesn’t only exclude homosexual couples being wed. SMH. Everybody isn’t going to agree with what others believe. I could only see that this is a huge problem if he openly said that his company doesn’t hire or serve gay people at all. That would be a bigger issue to me, but that isn’t the case. But carry on being upset, I’ll eat my spicy chicken, waffle fries, and lemonade, and carry on with my day like most other people, and NOT just Black people either.

  • CurlySue

    @Ms. Terious – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Gay people don’t give a sh*t if you like them, love them, hate them, whatever. Just don’t actively try to thwart their attempts to earn equal rights. No one has the right to deny another of equal rights, regardless of personal opinion.

  • CL

    And you know all of “we” and you personally know how all Christians think and behavior in order to make this general statement? Sound like intolerance to me.

    Yes everyone is hateful and intolerant except secular humanist so says secular humanist and if you disagree well its because you are hateful and intolerant …how convenient.

  • Erin


  • Ms. Terious

    Hear ye, hear ye: If you were born black then you have the right to be ignorant, misinformed, prejudiced, and closed-minded. If you are gay that is your preference and because this is how you “prefer” to live your life, you deserve to be discriminated against and deserve no access to the same rights that folks born with melanin fought and died for… FOH with this mess!

  • MsLady

    I don’t understand why this is so hard for some of you to understand. This is not about beliefs, it’s about people KNOWINGLY contributing money to fund organizations that deny people their rights as human beings, and in other instances, support policies that advocate for the murder of humans because of their sexual orientation. Hate hidden under the guise of man-made religion. Most religious folks are straight up hypocrites. I don’t see all these Christians lining up at homeless shelters or food banks, you know, something Jesus actually discussed and told people to do. For some reason, it’s so much easier to hate in the name of God than to love. And Black folk jump on the hate bandwagon, because oppressed people are always trying to win favor with oppressors. “See Massa! We hates dem gays just like you! Please gib us our freedom nah and let us into de White hebun!” Ugh.

    Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, no matter how ignorant, distorted and unfounded they are. But when you walk into the Dwarf House to get your chicken, waffle fries and super sweet lemonade, you are directly contributing to the oppression of other human beings, because some old white king told you that his God said to do so. And that’s not very Christian-like at all….or maybe it is.

  • Salmon

    Okay people… this whole I have an opinion, you have opinion and they have an opinion and we all have an opinion thing is so NAIVE. It’s not that simple, and opinions aren’t mutually exclusive entities forged in a vacuum. They’re interrelated and are contructed by and simultaneously reproduce a larger social structure. In other words… when you are complacent with or make homophobic/heterosexist remarks, you bolster a culture that is homophobic. I’d be less irritated if homophobes took responsibility of their homophobia and stop telling self-embellishing stories of there contrived martyrdom (“wahhhh, why do my thoughts, opinions, morals make me homophobic.. wahhh”. Well, because the length of your toe nails has no relation to the maintenance of a homophobic society but your thoughts do.

    Shit, if your homophobic, keep it simple. Just say, “I hate dykes and fags; They are less than me. When they form relationships, they don’t deserve to be recognized as healthy relationships, especially in the form of marriage.”

    No one’s protesting infertile hetero couples, funding anti-single parent foundations, and the bible has been used to justify slavery and abuse against women.. so perhaps let’s let all that faulty reasoning go… why waste your time spewing out shit you only half-mean anyway.

    If you hate gays and lesbians, and support organizations that do, and support the larger social structure that reduces gays and lesbians to second class citizens, well damn it… just say it.

    Shit, you don’t get to make the lives of LGBT people hell, and think that you’re not guilty of something discriminatory and hateful. You don’t get to do that…. you don’t get to walk away as if it’s JUST AN OPINION. It’s not. It’s reinforcing the notion that there is something inherently wrong with being gay and lesbian, and if you believe that, then the least you can do is take responsibility for the fact that its hateful and hurtful.

  • Salmon

    And if your Black and gay, keep it to yourself because I’ve only heard and repeat responses for white gays.. LMAO

  • CurlySue

    Hearing people compare same-sex marriage to necrophilia and pedophilia just reveals naught but ignorance. If you can’t distinguish between two consenting adults marrying and someone raping children and dead bodies, then you shouldn’t be allowed to engage in thoughtful debate. Hyperbole is something every debate team learns is useless. It just shows your opponent that you’re too weak to form logical and well-thought out points.

  • CL

    Man boy lovers say they didn’t choose their lifestyle also…so should we now refine marriage to accommodate their sexual behavior ? If not why not?

  • CL

    Oh you don’t like that comparison? Ok adult bisexual’s are “born” with a desire for men and woman so should marriage be refine marriage so they can marry both sexes at once?

  • RJ

    So, let me get this straight – no pun intended. Only heterosexual Christians are allowed to protest and/or disagree with anything. When gay people do it, they are being bullies. I never saw it like that. I always saw it as heterosexual bigots, condemning, vilifying, beating, attacking, and shaming gay people for being born on a consistent basis. I see Christian organizations calling for the boycott of Ellen DeGeneres’s show, Glee, JCPenny and General Mills because these Christians claimed that they promoted gay rights/homosexuality.

    But, the minute that gay people say, “Hey, we are being mistreated” or “Hey, I would like to have the same rights as my heterosexual brothers and sisters” or “Hey, I have a right to not support your business if your business does not support my values”, they are portrayed as being a bunch of evil, meanies who hate free speech and American freedom.

    Hypocrisy disgusts me. If “Christians” who oppose gay marriage can express their opinions, then gay people have the right to express theirs. They have the right to not open up their wallets & buy a chicken sandwich. And they have the right to encourage their friends to do the same.

    These outraged Christians come off as being paternalistic towards gay people – gay people shouldn’t have an opinion. Gay people are human beings too. Goodness.

    I wonder how many of these people actually know and love anyone who is gay?”

    Black people have the HIGHEST rate of abortion, out-of-wedlock births, lowest high school graduation rates, highest crime rate and highest unemployment rate. And this is what we get riled up about. Sorry, I have never seen this many black people motivated about anything in my entire life. It is a damn shame.

  • lola_z

    @726 ( not sure where this will end up posting)- to answer your question, yes!. And there are things in my adult straight life that I may choose to do behind closed doors w my significant other that some straight people might not consider “right or normal” either..
    And that’s fine.
    I just don’t like this whole idea of “you have to be pro homosexuality and if you’re not, you’re the devil” stance that people are taking.

  • CurlySue

    @CL – What does polygamy have to do with this? No one is asking for polygamy. The rules of marriage won’t change. It will still be two consenting adults. What does the gender of the adults matter? How does it honestly affect you or anyone else? Why do you care what two adults do? I swear, people speak of the effects of gay marriage like the Gay Gestapo are going to break into their house and force everyone to have gay sex. If you’re so concerned about the sanctity of marriage, then take all this fervor and fight adultery or domestic violence or any other number of ills that kill marriages every day. Why do you care if Bill and Steve want to have a marriage ceremony and gain the rights therein?

  • Chika

    If it concerns consenting adults, then sure. But hey, obviously you don’t agree and I’m guessing nobody’s gonna change your mind today so keep on living and loving.

  • CurlySue

    Also, I know other people are having this same issue but it’s VERY frustrating when you comment on someone’s post and it shows up somewhere else. What is the deal here?

  • Chika

    *sigh* I’m about to head off to college and I truly think that no matter what your beliefs are, gay marriage will be possible in all 50 states in my life time. I say this all the time when it comes to so called “moral” issues and I’ll say it again: If it doesn’t affect my money or my safety, then frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  • RJ

    @CL…actually. WHO CARES IF THEY DO? The Bible and the Quran support polygamy, so what would your opposition be? I don’t care who an adult marries as long as it isn’t a minor or a close relative (and to be honest, I don’t care about the close relative, either- if two crazy as relatives want to get married, I don’t give a hoot. It may be disgusting, but it’s none of MY BUSINESS).

    And you know what, if two women marry each other or two men marry each other, what does that have to do WITH YOU? How is your life impacted?

    Why is it that homophobic Christians have the right to impose THEIR VALUES on everyone else. As long as something or someone isn’t hurting American citizens financially and/or physically, why the heck do you care? As far as I know, if two dudes live together and share their lives together, nothing happens. Babies don’t die, the world doesn’t stop turning, animals will still roam the earth. Ask Canada. Ask the other countries in the world that have gay marriage. NOTHING HAPPENS. Jesus.

  • CL

    Your post is highly intolerant you know.

    ” deny people their rights as human beings ”

    Homosexuals have a right to marriage? Says whom? Based on what?

    ” and in other instances, support policies that advocate for the murder of humans because of their sexual orientation”

    And the evidence of this is …..?

    “Hate hidden under the guise of man-made religion”

    So evil but some how hate under man made secular ideology is perfectly acceptable.

    “Most religious folks are straight up hypocrites.” Wow that’s not hateful or intolerant lol

    “I don’t see all these Christians lining up at homeless shelters or food banks,”

    Yes what you see or don’t see is the source of absolute truth, and all those Christian organizations feeding and clothing the homeless are a figment of my imagination.I am sure you are lining up to feed them because you couldn’t possibly be a hypocrite.

    ” you know, something Jesus actually discussed and told people to do. ”

    Jesus said a lot of things

    ” And Black folk jump on the hate bandwagon, because oppressed people are always trying to win favor with oppressors. ”
    And such a superior person such as yourself can read peoples minds to know what their motivations are.

    ” “See Massa! We hates dem gays just like you! Please gib us our freedom nah and let us into de White hebun!” Ugh.”

    Not just intolerant but racist

    And after all that hate and intolerance you have the never to say ” Everyone is entitled to their beliefs”

  • RJ

    And what’s so funny about all of this, is that the protestors on Wednesday were so outraged that gay people had the audacity to protest Chick-Fil-A. My question is: Where are all of these gay protestors? Gay folks for the most part have not been making a fuss about this. That’s what’s so interesting. Today’s kiss in wasn’t even that successful because most gay people don’t care. It is heterosexuals homophobes that have their panties in a bunch.

  • Ms. Terious

    I’ve already given you a “consenting adults” response and I’m not even going to further entertain this nonsense of homosexuality and pedophilia being one in the same. Shame on you. Go read your Bible and count how many wives Abraham had. You, sir/madame, are a lost cause.

  • Chika

    Natalie B. never said anything about everyone being “hateful and intolerant”. You are entitled to your opinion but it’s no fun having a debate when some folks blow other people’s comments out of proportion.

  • Grant

    Let me get this straight, we are going to put our monetary support behind the same thinking that tried to keep us from voting? Remember Cathy is a Mormon, they are a great supporter of equality, right? Also, why does a certain segment of society feel as though their family values trump somebody else’s? I am Christian, but choosing how someone else participates in romance is not in our purview. Our laws are not meant to be imposed on everyone else. How are we going to legislate unobtrusive sin? We need to worry about our own sins and not worry about others. Why have we chosen to rank this one so high? What about divorce? Premarital sex? Lying? The real reason is this: White Christian Males, who have had all the power in this country from the beginning of time, find male on male sex so fascinating? That’s what it comes down to, Gay marriage to these people is sex, is your marriage sex all the time? This is just a fetish for the right wing and a tool to corral voters for Republicans, I for one will not buy anymore of their products, I don’t support oppression, here or abroad(within my power).

  • Bk_betty

    How is being anti-LGBT logical? Doesn’t Christianity teach non-judgement and loving thy neighbor? Yet you selectively ignore those teachings because you believe you are superior to gay people. No one is trying to tell you how to think. But it’s very suspicious when you hide hate behind Christian teachings. True faith is about acceptance, love and justice. Cathy and other people with so-called “traditional” values are twisting the Scripture to fit their predjudices. Obviously Black people have different opinions, but it is especially hypocritical of us to rally around Chick-fil-A given the health issues many Black people are suffering from when Family Research Council and other conservative groups are working to lessen access to quality healthcare. It is especially hypocritical when the Bible was used to justify slavery, Jim Crow and anti-black violence. It is especially hypocritical when these same groups are working to roll back all the gains of Civil Rights. You REALLY want to be on the same side as these hate-mongers?

  • Chika


  • CL

    And who made the decision that “consenting adults” are the only consideration that mattered?

    ” Consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.”

    Really? So logically to you if another consenting adult wants to allow me to kill them and I consent that should be legal?

    Also you where selective in your reply bisexual’s are consenting adults, and there are many other sexual practices outside of heterosexuality that consenting adults can engage in also

    “This issue is you people think you have a monopoly on normal. ”

    No math has a monopoly on normal, Homosexuals make up 2% of the population that would make it abnormal.

    ” Being married to more than one ADULT is a right that has been and should be allowed, ”

    Maybe you should go to a nation that gives this supposed RIGHT and not force such idea on others.

    ” Do you really want me to run down a list of Biblical men who had more than one wife? With all due respect, it sounds like you have some more studying to do, Bible Student. ”

    Who told you the argument was merely centered on the Bible? I am well aware of how many men had polygamous marriages no need.

  • Bk_betty

    Excellent article!! Very lucid & on-point. Agree 100%

  • Bk_betty


  • Bk_betty

    Thank you, girl. This is truth.

  • Melinda

    As a Christian I believe God was pleased with his people for standing up for what we belive in! I dont think its fair that gay people can voice their opinion loud and proud but Christians have to sit back and shut up so we dont offend anyone? thats not right and its not why God has us here we are to spread the gospel all over the Earth. Its not about judgement or hate its about standing on God’s word and principles! What Mr. Cathy did was bold and it was amazing.

  • Natalie B

    I never stated that I knew all Christians personally, my comment was addressed to those who subscribe to the Westboro Baptist Church-brand of Christianity; the kind that alienates anyone and everyone that doesn’t think and believe and everyone that doesn’t think and believe as they do. Your response gave me a lot to think about, however, it would have been much more helpful to me if you had attempted to answer the question that I asked; why won’t the church, especially the Black church, vigorously address social ills such as out of wedlock births, the HIV crisis in our community and education disparity in the manner in which they manner in which they attack equal rights for those with alternative lifestyles? As a liberal, progressive Christian who is a Black woman, I can not rationalize how Black congregations continue to rally around this issue, yet do not utilizing their organizing skills and passion to address issues that are impacting us on a greater level than this.

    Please provide some insight.

  • boppnation

    Many people think that most or all People of color are so emotionally wired that they can be persuaded on emotions and not Logic . Set aside your moral values just for a second . . . .

    On the subject Gay rights of today’s time being equated to racial discrimination of slavery to the present day

    I think that all people should be treated fairly, but my issue is discrimination based on the the color of skin verses discrimination based on a sexual preference . I get the fact that people may differ from my moral views. But the though that a person is not a human being because of their skin color is not the same as the thought of a persons sexual preference. Sexual preference is a choice . . . skin tone and nationality is not

    Sexual preference is something that can be practiced in the privacy of a person’s life . Racial discrimination is based on the site of a person

    Sexual preference is a moral issue. . . Racial make up is a genetic make up issue. . . let us be aware of the difference between the 2 and not be moved by a emotional laden move to combine the 2

  • Sick

    PREACH KIRSTEN PREACH GIRL!!!!!!!!! I could not have said it any better. It is great to see intellectuals articulate. Ha! Go ahead girl!!!!!!!

  • ellily

    Totall agrree! I live in the UK and the BNP(Far right racist paty) often use ‘Christian’ ideology to promote hate against homosexuals and ethnic minorities. As a Christian this makes me sad that the true Word of Christ is often misused.

  • Sick

    bopnation, sexual preference is NOT a choice. Gay people did not choose to be gay. They are born that way. You should actually have serious dialogue with a gay person and actually listen to what they tell you. Until you homophobes actually talk to gay people you will never understand. It is not a preference. It is like being born black, you were born that way. You can’t really change it, unless you have Michael Jackson money. Ha Ha!

  • Nic

    Well, it’s pretty simple then. The next time someone does something that promotes discrimination against black people, all of these people who claim that Chik-fil-a can do what it wants need to shut the hell up.

    Would you all be protesting if Chik-fil-a was writing big checks to the Klan or the Aryan Nation?

    Don’t just stand up when an issue affects black people or there will be no one to help when an issue affects you.

  • Ravi

    If people actually had the right to marry whomever they pleased, then polygamy would also have to be in. At issue is governments ability to give preference to certain types of couplings. If they don’t have that ability, then they won’t be able to stop any type of relationships, including poly-amorous, from getting government preference.

  • Apple

    Is that why blacks (who are majority christian) are suffering? K

  • Apple

    Yeah right dream on . If that were so more people would believe. Well I guess you have to suffer in this life to be good in the next huh? Cause most religious people are suffering while wrong doers have it easy

  • Apple

    Who cares? Eat the chicken ,don’t eat the chicken. No will die if you do or not

  • bk chick

    Wow! K. West Savali this article helps me realize 3 things:

    1. You are Brliliant!

    2. My decision to discontinue practicing organized religion was the right one

    3. I can now tell me “anti-white devil” friend that I was right. She always argued that white people must be inherently evil because there is too much historical proof to say otherwise. I told her “evil” is a characteristic that all people have in them and the potential to display, as long as you give them the right incentive. Judging by the comment section I knew I was right. This issue has some phenomenal parallels to the white people who hate being criticized for being racist (I know, I know people hate that racism-homophobia comparison). I wouldn’t even be mad if people were trying to argue the definition of marriage in terms of religion and whether people have the right to do that even though its not a man and women. To me, the divorce rates and the sheer number of people engaging in pre-marital sex amongst us straight people has already devalued the “sanctity” of marriage. The most ironic part is that people. black or white, are loyal to a damn chicken company! That basically makes you fat and die early! And don’t give me no shit about “personal responsibility” either because obviously America as a whole cannot handle the “option” of having fast food. If you ask me,cooperate capitalism is the true winner in this debate. Blegh. As a straight black girl I am glad I can say I have the morality enough to discern evil from “faith” in this situation. I would get into the whole “you can’t boycott everything!” argument but that’ll be a whole dissertation lol.

  • libpatriot

    WOW, there are so many who just do not understand, who are not smart enough to read through the lines. If its okay to discriminate against gay people, guess what, masterminds? It will be okay to discriminate against us. It’s has always been this easy. The folks/Christians who hate gays, also hate YOU!!!

    Just the other day, we saw in the news that a black man and woman couple were denied a wedding at their church. If these good people were gay, this would NOT have happened. Why, O Why can we not see what is as clear as glass?

  • Oswald T. Copperpot

    Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc. And no its not about money its about equality. And don’t forget, Gentiles, that an opinion on an opinion is also an opinion. And don’t forget that people speaking out in disfavor of Chic-fil-a is also politics. They are donating to the AFA and other anti-gay groups that lobby against ANY favorable legislation for the LGBT community all over the world. And those of us that are promoting chic-fil-a’s demise is also a free action. And we will continue to criticize you, I (personally) relish in it. Your god is dead, and maybe chic-fil-a will be dead soon too :P And you not believing in marriage-equality means you dont believe in equality, which means you are not deserving of the title ‘citizen’. Oh and that was a criticizing opinion on your opinions. Hail Satan. I post this reply to all of you on this thread, not just church-lady above here.

  • kaya

    You are label nothing until you do something.

  • Ravi

    The black church has been the driving force behind most of the positive social movements that have impacted black people since the first black church was founded. While I haven’t seen every black church, I’ve seen quite a few, and I have yet to come across one that doesn’t vigorously address social ills. Being against same-sex marriage is not mutually exclusive with addressing social ills that impact black people. They can do both.

  • metta

    I think that photo will become historically significant as learning about our history. It shows that even people that have historically been harmed by society sometimes also harm others for similar reasoning. Here are a few photos on segregation:

  • RJ

    I’m sorry Ravi, but I have not seen this much mobilization and attention paid to HIV/AIDS, abortion, out-of-wedlock births etc. etc. in the black community and the black church. If you can find me a picture with a bunch of black people in church holding up a bunch of HIV/AIDS test kits, then we can talk.

  • student

    Yes! This! I honestly dont believe many companies actively crusade for gay rights even if they include gay people in the advertising, they just want to get that market.

  • CurlySue

    I’m cool with polygamy. But it just annoys me that any time gay marriage is brought up, people start ranting about bestiality, pedophilia, and polygamy.

  • Grant

    Gays in Uganda would disagree.

  • student

    I’m still trying to figure out why this is new and hot all of a sudden, Chik-fil-a corporate leadership has been donating to family research council for years, and gay rights activists have been grumbling about it for years. This is why I’ve grown to hate the run up to presidential elections.

  • kc

    Negroes these days care more about chicken than equal rights. Are we in the Twilight Zone? Don’t use “Christian values” to justify your hate. Dr. King must be rolling around in his grave.

  • aDawn


  • jamesfrmphilly

    “people are loyal to a damn chicken company!”

    ain’t that strange?

  • Grant


  • victoria

    Lately, many gay right supporters have stated that ” True faith is about acceptance, love and justice.” My faith in Christ doesnt have anything to do with acceptance. Can you point out in the bible where it states my faith is about acceptance? My cousin who I love dearly murdered someone. I still love him but I dont accept his actions. My step brother is gay. I love him although I dont accept his gay lifestyle. Im black and married to a white man. There are those who love me, respect me and my husband, but they dont agree with me marrying outside of my race. People have different views and opinions. If I called everyone who disagreed with me hateful or injust I will probably eliminate half of my loved ones.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “capitalism is the true winner in this debate”


  • victoria

    So when someone has a view, opinion, or belief that is different from your view they are misinformed, close minded, etc. It’s called a different point of view not ignorance.

  • jsajsa

    And man wrote the bible as well, and the the bible also states that it ok to have slaves, so should we agree with that to?

  • victoria

    According to your last statement this article should have never been written. She shouldve wrote about the issues concerning the black community. Not about Chi Fil A, homosexuality, free speech, etc.

  • jsajsa

    What about slavery that was in the new testament?

  • victoria

    Im not trying to be nasty with this comment, but what have you done to support gays in Uganda and other countries?

  • bk_betty


    you realize, of course, that if we were living in a different era, your marriage would be illegal and you would not enjoy over 2,000 federal legal rights as a spouse (in addition to hundreds of rights in your state, depending on whether it regarded your marriage as valid). this would be justified because people would perceive your marriage as “unnatural”, and refer to is as an “interracial lifestyle”. although others may not choose an interracial relationship for themselves today, it is highly unlikely that discriminating against you would be sanctioned by law or public opinion. if a business owner spoke out strongly in favor of “same-race marriage” because it was “traditional”, there would be no question that the business would be boycotted and widely vilified. it is virtually unimaginable that a prominent media figure would call for an “Appreciation Day” for that business.

    Instead, the majority of people recognize that you and your husband are human beings and deserving of decent treatment in law and in all aspects of public life. If people you do not know oppose interracial marriage, they keep their feelings to themselves and go on about their lives. No one has to go out and marry someone of a different race, just because you chose to. This is what I mean by acceptance. A basic recognition of your humanity, in law and in other aspects of life. This is what is meant by these teachings:

    Matthew 22:39 …And the second [is] like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

    Leviticus 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD

    Luke 10:27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

    Romans 13:9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if [there be] any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

    Galatians 5:14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, [even] in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

    James 2:8 If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well

  • TAE

    I have a feeling the rest of this decade is going to be lovely, just lovely. There’s so much love, understanding, and compassion in the air it’s ridiculous. Oh and let’s not forget our excellent grasp of basic human rights and equality. Go America! Fuck Yea!

  • jsajsa

    It’s soc funny how people like to bring up having children out of wedlock, but never bring up up the people who have sex bfore marriage, how many women are virgins when they get married?

  • Chika

    @ CL

    “This issue is you people think you have a monopoly on normal. ”

    No math has a monopoly on normal, Homosexuals make up 2% of the population that would make it abnormal.

    Black people make up roughly 13% of the American population. Would that make black folks “abnormal” since we’re not the majority.

    “Who told you the argument was merely centered on the Bible? I am well aware of how many men had polygamous marriages no need.”

    Then what are some non-Biblical reasons why you oppose gay marriage?

  • Chika

    I totally agree. However, the issue arises when that difference of opinion infringes on the rights of other. For example, my mom is an old-school Christian. While she will always believe that being homosexual is fundamentally wrong, an opinion she is 100% entitled to, she also believes that 2 consenting adults who love each other should be able to get married.

  • TAE

  • Grant

    Donate money to International LGBT-non discrimination causes. Write petitions to the UN, not buy from these people, Boycott Pat Robertson(ya know, the one that blamed the Haitian earthquake on Devil worship). I try to do something, this is just another thing to do(or not do I reckon).

  • BrownBombshell

    Well said! My sentiments exactly. Thank you for this statement.

  • RJ

    @Victoria…No one is saying that these issues shouldn’t be addressed. But, we are pointing out the DISPROPORTIONATE amount of attention that is paid to this issue. Black people are incredibly passionate about this topic. Put an article on a website about men cross dressing or gay marriage and see how many comments you get. Write an article about education in the innercity and see how many comments it gets. It’s remarkable how much we care about what two consenting adults do in their bedrooms and aren’t worried about the crap going on in our own households. Our priorities are out of order.

  • Anon

    Slavery in biblical times was not the same slavery that existed in the New World. There are a few passages in the New Testament that remind Christian enslaved persons that they are to submit to authorities (Col 3:22-25) because it is as if showing obedience to God. Also, masters were not encouraged to treat their slaves like animals and if one were a Christian slave owner, he or she was disgracing God by treating their slaves badly. The bottom line of the passages relating to slavery are about a person making the most of their situation. If someone is born dirt poor without a cent to their name, they can still honor God while being a poor person. I just wanted to clear that up because there have been many times where I have been attacked about my faith because some people thought they knew what the New Testament said about slavery. Regarding the issue of homosexuality and Chick-fil-a, it’s 100 percent wrong that they are funding an organization that kills gays. Jesus wouldn’t be down with that either. Those who believe that to be a worthy cause have totally misunderstood the message of Jesus and all that he stood for. It’s true that the Bible speaks against same-gender sex, but the MOST important message of the Bible is unconditional love. There are many Christians (or I should say people who call themselves Christians) who do not understand this impossibly simple notion. And it’s not love to “turn” the gays straight, it’s love because that’s what Jesus taught. It’s not my job as a Christian to tell other people what to do with themselves and their beliefs, I can only control the energy I put into the world and I hope people will respect my beliefs the same way.

  • choklitgirlwonder

    “Homosexuals have a right to marriage? Says whom? Based on what?”

    Maybe based on the fact that they’re human beings and furthermore, AMERICAN CITIZENS who work and PAY TAXES?

    Let me ask you this: HOW would homosexuals being allowed to marry REALLY hurt you and your life? I’m not talking about your feelings, beliefs, or your religion. I’m talking about how would it hurt you PERSONALLY?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “So the owner says he believes in traditional marriage. BIG F***ING DEAL!”

    he gives money to groups that facilitate the killing of homosexuals. to me that is a big deal.

  • Em

    do you choose who you love? Or does it pick you?

  • Nicole

    @Kam I am a firm believer in EVERYONE being able to express their opinion as long as their not physically harming anyone.

    If the KKK wants to hold a annual meeting. FINE!
    If the Black Panthers want to hold a gathering. FINE!
    If Muslims want to have a rally. FINE!

    I dont care! Express your views! Just don’t criticize people who don’t agree with them.

  • Nicole

    Opps… I accidentally hit report instead of reply.

    I was just going to reply and say that I agree with the original poster 100%

  • Fuchsia

    LOL love this comment!

  • DAVE

    This article mos definitely started a big debate. Thats why I love clutch magazine and the people who write the articles. It spurs debate which is great. Speaking on the matter I myself do not support LGBT community. However I do not believe they should mistreated either as if they aren’t human. Although Yahweh did condemn homosexuality, his son Yahshua (Jesus to you folks) taught that unconditional love is something that should be practiced, because when put into action, it does clear a lot of hate up. However I can understand the chic fil a owners stance. He’s a guy of traditonal values and homosexuality isn’t one of them. I noticed he didn’t say anything derisve to the LGBT community like people online may say, so I think its unfair that the LGBT community should try to derisively defame him and his restaurant chain. In fact it seems to me their being bullies. Whenever someone says they don’t support homosexuality they’re easily blacklisted and shunned it seems, which is strange seeing as how the whole gay movement is about freedom, which include freedom of speech. So yeah I think the LGBT community are kind of being hypocrites on this particular issue.

    Now concerning black people supporting chic fil a. Well we have to realize not all black people are the same. We, like other humans, lol, have a wide variety of views. Some are for peace and some are for violence. Some are for love, and some are for hate. Some of us are democrats and some of us are republicans. Some black people are pro gay and some anti gay. Thats how it is. Me personally I could care less about what they support because one thing most so called black people fail to realize is that we have to focus on our own problems as a people before we do this. I notice we are always trying to support this and that but what about the rampaging psychopathic thugs that run rampant in our community shooting our children up? Hmmm? Very quiet on those issues. What I’m trying to say is just stop focusing on the problems of this european country and lets stabalze our own communities. I say that because honestly this whole LGBT movement is for white America. It really is. And no matter how many of you coons support that nonsense or are gay yourselves one thing is for certain. Your still just a nigger. Thats how America and even the so called liberal gay rights movement still look at you. Think about it. Nigguh.

  • Mr Jay

    They make a good a@@ sammich and I’m eating them.

  • SierraT

    What’s coonery is blindly following someone like president Obama because he is a “black” president. He looks black on the outside, but raised by whites. The fact that black Christians supported chik fil a shows that were tired of a minority of people in the country setting the values for everyone else. It has nothing to do with putting money in republicans pockets even though that’s the bigger picture. We’re tired of being called bigots for believing and following the word of the one true God. Check your facts about the president and see what he’s really done for black people before you write this silly article. We as a people need to start thinking for ourselves instead of following the masses. Do your research! I’m a proud black, Christian who will always stand with the word of God.

  • Fuchsia

    The Bible is a mirror of our spiritual image. If you are a hateful person you will undoubtedly be able to find scripture to support your beliefs. Same goes for being a loving person, accepting person, fair, humble etc.

    If we are going to base laws and spend money on another person’s spiritual image let it be their acts of kindness.

    The owner of Chik Fil A is entitled to his opinion even if it comes from an infantile spiritual worldview, but as far as I’m concerned, anyone who rushes out to support someone’s freedom of speech when it comes from a place grossly short of loving their neighbor only shows their own spiritual warts and maginifies their spiritual acne.

    No one is wrong in this situation, but all have room to grow.

  • #TeamChickfilA

    This is the best debate I’ve yet to see on Clutch!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “The Bible is a mirror of our spiritual image. If you are a hateful person you will undoubtedly be able to find scripture to support your beliefs. Same goes for being a loving person, accepting person, fair, humble etc.”

    in that case, the bible is useless…..

  • mortal

    @RJ YES…said it perfectly.

  • mortal


  • Paul

    So they’ve found another diversion “issue” to divide and conquer the masses.

    Why is the gay marriage non-issue given an amount coverage far disproportionate to it’s relevenence and impact on most people?

    That was rhetorical because we know why, like everything else, including the London Olympics (which as a Londoner is boring the hell outta me) the gay marriage “issue” is a distraction concocted to divert us way from the real concerns that should be uppermost in our minds.

    Like the vast inequalities between and the haves and have nots, corporate destruction of the environment and the eco system. America’s wars of Empire, the ever encroaching Police State.

    Who the hell does gay marraige impact other than gays who wants to marry?

    Let em get married and let’s move on to the far more important issues that affect the overwhelming majority of working people.

  • KickRocks

    LOL! Don’t say that. According to some of these people, your eyes will turn green, you’ll lose your hair and your nose will fall off if you eat those sammiches!

  • KickRocks

    Yep! I don’t understand why some people try to make us all one and the same. Like you said, this is stupid.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    bread and circuses? distraction works big time.
    i’m in the US and i see what you see.

  • victoria


    None of the quotes from the bible you mentioned pertain to ACCEPTANCE. Yes, love is key. I can and do love others while at the same time not accepting their choices, their ways, and their beliefs. Regarding my interracial marriage, the bible doesnt disapprove of that.

  • ohyeaohyea

    Eat the chicken or don’t; just please shut up about it. It’s REALLY not that deep.

  • ohyeaohyea

    I couldn’t agree more…and people are falling for this everyday. They use these non stories to distract people from real issues-and of course it always works. Gay marriage, immigration, etc. aren’t universal issues that need the most attention-job creation, war withdrawal and education (b/c it’s severely lagging) should be our biggest concerns, now.

  • MsDiannaT

    People need to stop eating Chick-fil-a, not because of their anti-gay views, but because it is slowly killing them. Fried chicken, waffle fries and Polynesian sauce (as delicious as it may be) is not a healthy addition to your diet.

    I’m Christian, but not a practicing one, and I don’t understand how you can be opposed to something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. I disagree with having kids, but I don’t care to stop people from having them. I don’t like large dogs, but I will not speak out against owning them.

    My point is, you can have your opinion but please don’t try to impose it onto someone else. That is what Chick-fil-a is trying to do with their money and people have a right to not want to support that. Maybe instead of buying Chick-fil-a people should go support their local farmer’s market and eat some vegetables.

  • Lauren

    Waiting for the day when we decide to stand up for “Traditional Christian values” and decide the fornication, greed and gluttony bring the wrath of God on our nation and deserve legislative intervention…funny how Christians choose which sins are greater than others, when God judges us all the same…

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “eat some vegetables”


  • Sandy

    Chick fil a also serves salads,fruit, and grilled chicken sandwiches. When I went I had the grilled chicken because I am watching my salt and fat intake. So your line about black folks rushing to eat fried chicken has been discredited.

  • That Girl

    It’s Not About the Chicken!

    Like it or not, America was founded on a Judeo-Christian value system that allowed us to become the most prosperous nation in the world in a very short time. Being a human government – it was not and still is not perfect. Over the years we’ve fought wars and made amendments on issues such as slavery and women’s rights as our national conscious was provoked to move our laws closer to reflecting God’s values. This was possible because overall Americans found common agreement that God’s moral law as outlined in the bible was right – whether we individually lived by it or not.

    Many people today don’t agree that God’s moral law should have any bearing on our nation’s laws and how people live their lives today. If that’s the case, why not overthrow all of the laws that find their roots in the Judeo-Christian God’s moral law? If we don’t want to agree with God that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman – why should we jail the Colorado mass murderer? Thou shall not murder came from God’s moral law also? Why punish Bernie Madoff – thou shall not steal came from God’s moral law? If God is wrong about marriage, then what’s our grounds for saying He’s right about forbidding incest, human trafficking, pedophilia?

    If you judge by what media reports, most Americans want to pick & choose values and laws based on their feelings, emotions, and whims – all of which have already proven that they cannot be trusted to be the basis of any lasting civilization. I say ‘if you judge by the media’ because I’m of the opinion that the media – which is a for-profit entity – reports what will get them dollars. As evidenced by the crowds at Chick-Fil-A, I believe the majority of the country still agrees with God’s moral laws. It’s just that this majority is not interesting enough to make the news much.

    How did we get to the place in America – the land of the free – where freedom of opinions and speech that are backed by commonly agreed censured? Any why is this censure only directed at Christian folks? What about Muslims, Hindus, B’hai, and even Wiccans who believe there is “magic” in priest (male) vs. priestess (female) sexual relations. Why is all the hostility directed toward the Christian community?

    I agree with God that heterosexual relations are normal, desirable, and admirable – but the God of the bible never gives me the right to treat or respond to anyone who has another belief with anything less than love, care, and concern. The rub is that for a large majority of the LGT community “Love = Agreement” and they consider anything short of agreement as hate which is their choice.

    Bullying is a major buzzword that gets people’s attention today. Without a doubt it’s wrong for anyone to verbally or physical abuse another person because they think they can get away with it. With that said, how is it okay for the LGT community to use the media to attempt to bully an entire nation into agreeing with their point of view?

  • Dave

    Wow! You have managed to drag racism into an event that had absolutely NOTHING to do with what color someone’s skin is. Shame on you…… are a racist dog, kin to other great racists like Gov George Wallace, and the bus driver that told Rosa Parks to move to the back of the bus where she belonged.

  • Dave Lopes

    Yes but that same bible approves of SLAVERY. I guess there would be nothing wrong in bringing that back.

    The point is what the bible says are for believers to follow. Not for government to make policies.

    Your bible tells you not to marry someone of the same gender, then don’t marry someone of the same gender.

    You cannot however impose that view on others.

  • chanela17

    thank you!!! i had read that some people were going to chik fil a not to support them NOT wanting gay marriage but to support FREEDOM OF SPEECH. it’s ridiculous how the same people who want tolerance and acceptance refuse to be tolerant of those who don’t have the same views as them.

    everybody doesn’t have to love what you do!!! you don’t see dominatrix folks protesting and trying to fight people just because other people don’t want their ass beat while having sex!! DAMN!

  • Dave Lopes

    So because blacks cannot hide their color, then their struggle is more worthy.

    In that case blacks could take precautions not to enter white areas or maybe the old segregation laws would help.

    The point is Gays should not have to hide their identity.

  • chanela17

    THIS RIGHT HERE!!!! why not protest every other company that ACTUALLY discriminates against people? oh wait i forgot, they haven’t had the balls to give their opinion like chik fil a did. anybody with a different opinion = burning at the stake!

  • chanela17

    yes yes yes!

  • Dave Lopes

    And that is why christianity is so easily embraced by slaves. It promises a better life in the afterlife.

    Don’t worry about being a slave, just sing and praise and be happy.

    No wonder the white masters made sure the slaves were well versed in the good book.

  • Bk_betty

    I don’t know how you define acceptance, but each of those verses deals with recognizing the humanity in others, and not appointing yourself the judge of someone else’s life. They all pertain to equality, which is what this controversy is about. treat people equally, no more, no less. You can feel however you want to feel about it, but your feelings should not translate into legal harms. Many people use/d the Bible to defend slavery, segregation and outlawing interracial marriage. The “fundamentalist” organizations also use the Bible to take food out of babies’ mouths and deny basic human support in the form of healthcare and welfare. Thier anti-gay agenda is just one part of a scary and worldview.

  • bighamp

    You miss the poing when thinking about his politics.
    The issue here is that Obama and Democracts take it for granted that African American will support anything they do, including support for same sex marriage. For “we” African American opponents of same sex marraige this has nothing to do with “free speech” or even supporting their pastors. It is about our faithfulness in supporting the basic prinicples of our faith, the sanctity of marriage. We believe that this is a fundamental and one of the most important basis of our Faith and won’t tolerate anybody messing with it. The democrats are discussing placing support for same sex mariage on their platform for this election! If they do milliions of faithful African Americans will not vote foor democrats and Obama will loose! I have discussed this with a number of african americans at my church and other churches. We will not support a party with this on their platform. Again, this is not a matter of free speech! If the author of this article would simply sit down and discuss this with the faithful, he would find this out. If he would discuss this with liberal but faithful whites he would find this out. If he would discuss this will Bill and Hillary Clinton he would find that out. The major oganization of African American pastors oppose same sex marriage, as well as the majority of the NAACP. Obama and Bidden are out of touch with much of their support which include liberals whites. They are setting themselve up for failiure.

    Goobye and good riddance with Obama and the democrats if you persist with this issue. I have been voting for democrats for 50 years, but I will not vote if you persist in this. I may or may not vote republican, but I won’t vote for you if you try to push this agenda. It tells me that you are spiritually corrupt, and not able to be guided by a fundamental truth of God, so no telling where you might go!

  • writing me

    You’re kidding, right? Gay people are kicked out restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc, almost as a matter of routine in some parts of the US.

    There is nothing more dangerous than willful, obstinate ignorance, indeed.

  • Betty L Pettus

    In my opinion, and I do have the right to have one, the basis of this article is ridiculous. I participated in the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, not because of anything related to gay rights or same-sex marriage, but because the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United State guarantees Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Truett Cathy founded Chick-fil-A over 52 years ago on the Christian principles he believed in and the company has followed those principles every since. When my daughter wanted to get her first after school job, Chick-fil-A was the only business I would allow her to work for and it was because of those Christian principles. That was over 23 years ago. But now, since some who do not support Christianity have discovered this, this company is being unjustly crucified in the media. I have and will continue to support any organization that displays true Christian values and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it, Black or otherwise. What really upsets are the people that decide that they speak for all Black people. To me, their mindset is no different from the mindset of the people who supported slavery and who denied Blacks equal rights. The people who fought and died in order for me to have equal rights did so in order for me to be able to make my own choice. But so many “Black” leaders and “Activists” of today will criticize anyone who does not think and agree with their point of view. That is not freedom, that is communism. I have just as much right to support the founders of Chick-fil-A and any organization who supports Christian values, Republican or Democrat as those who might support companies who are anti-Christian, support special gay rights and same-sex marriages. And another news flash-all Black people do not have to support the Democratic, liberal agenda. That is their right no to do so as well. It does not make them less Black. They are exercising their freedom of choice and that is what our forefathers died to give us all.

  • Mirily

    How about this: your religious belief does not matter in this instance.

    What this debate is about is the RIGHT to marry whomever one wants. Not the RITE of marriage that is recognized within one’s religion. Whether or not churches want to recognize a marriage as valid is their business; whether or not one consenting adult can legally be deemed married to another consenting adult is another issue. And unfortunately for you — this nation has staked a claim time and time again that it will separate issues of state from issue of church. Legally and constitutionally speaking, there is no reason for same sex marriage to be illegal. The thing with the law is that it has to be fair and equal on all sides of the equation; even the one you don’t personally agree with.

    And isn’t any sex outside of marriage also considered “deviant”? So children born out of wedlock shouldn’t enjoy any type of government benefit right? Like food stamps, medicaid or public education?

  • Zelda

    Whats your point?….this isn’t about black people loving “fried chicken”…first of all they are chicken patties(totally different)….secondly this isn’t about politics. This is about gay marriage being wrong. No matter how much people try to make it right IT WILL ALWAYS BE WRONG(being “gay” period is wrong). Call me a bigot an asshole ….whatever I’ll take all that with some Chic-fil-a fries. Dan Cathy stood up for what is right. Whether or not people are voting for Barack Obama or on a republicans side doesn’t matter. The gay issue is bigger than a damn political party……picture Barack Obama’s daughters marrying women….u think he wants his daughters to be gay?….no…He disagrees with gay marriage. He only said he agreed because of pressure put on him. Everyone just needs to chill because honestly the gays will get what they want. 20 years(even way less) from now gays will be able to marry & you’ll probably even be able to marry your dog….or a tree if you want. lets just get it over with. I disagree with it ….but no one can stop it. Believe me it WILL happen… everyone can stop debating…Go ahead get married…you already have sex together & live together & adopt kids together so what difference will getting married make??? technically if your having sex with a person & u love them & are living with them…your married…so whatever. Lets all just do whatever we want to do now.

  • ohyeaohyea

    I see the misinformation police is out in full effect on this issue & they’re trying to persuade Black people to abandon their Christian beliefs. That’s really the only thing we have that can’t be taken outright in this country-our beliefs. That’s the only hope that Blacks, and really any person, has.

  • Ravi

    those are all areas that clearly show governments ability to show preference to certain types of relationships. If governments ability to do so is called into question, I don’t see how those issues can’t come up. What annoys me is people’s dismissing of any discussion of those things without even addressing the argument.

  • Ravi

    I’m afraid you not having seen it doesn’t really tell us much. Considering the number of black churches out there, that you personally haven’t witnessed isn’t really relevant. If you could actually substantiate your claims of inactivity by the black church with any sort of evidence that they are not doing these things, then we can talk. Outside of that you are just making accusations about something you seem not to have done your homework on. Maybe a google search or reading up on the history of the black church would help.

  • RJ

    Im beginning to think that Christians are paranoid, delusional, self-righteous, hypocritical, misguided fools. If Dan Cathy has the right to contribute millions of dollars to organizations designed to undermine or circumscribe the rights of gay people, then gay people have the right to not patronize his business.

    And all this complaining about gay peopke being bullies. Who is being bullied?

    When is the last time you heard of straight kids killing themselves for being straight? When are straight kids kicked out of their homes for being straight? When are straight people fired or denied housing for being straight? When was the last time a straight person was murdered for being straight? In which country is heterosexuality punishable by death or a term in prison? In which country is it illegal for straight people to marry the person that they love? In which country are gay people starting organizations to prevent straight people from doing anything? And to think, two people of the same gender loving each other HURTS NO ONE. Y’all are a bunch of sexuality Nazis.

    Who is bullying who?

  • RJ

    FYI, you are a bigot. And Obama supported gay marriage way back in 1996. He only became against gay marriage when he entered the larger political arena for political expedience.

  • RJ


  • RJ

    This was for one of David Lopes many awesome posts.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “America was founded on a Judeo-Christian value system that allowed us to become the most prosperous nation in the world in a very short time”

    america became prosperous by genocide and slavery……

  • Isidro

    I find it somewhat hilarious that gays are presently trying to pass themselves off as passengers on the same victim boat as blacks. The irony being, of course, that “being Gay” is practically a whites-only club. Just look around at any pro-gay event: it’s nothing but geeky-looking white people.

    This is not because the “gay community” is “racist”. Far from it. It is merely that only white people are bleeding heart enough to care about “marriage equality”.

    I think the “no black people at gay parades” paradigm runs parallel to the “no girls at Star Trek conventions” situation. Snarky liberals and antiracist/sexists will try to claim that it is caused by “AN INSIDIOUS ATMOSPHERE OF WHATEVERISM”, but everyone else knows that it is because some groups simply have no interest in hanging around with a bunch of faggy dweebs with roleplaying fantasies.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    do your good christian beliefs involve killing gay people or supporting organizations that do kill?

  • selma

    Be careful what you support, you never know where it will lead.

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out

  • LiveLaughLOVE

    @ Sick…
    I hope boppnation was referring to the fact that a gay person can “choose” to keep their sexual preference to THEMSELVES. They don’t need to broadcast and parade around telling everyone they are gay. If they are born that way…so be it, I’m not the Creator and I don’t know; but why must the entire world know their sexual preference? They can CHOOSE to keep it to themselves. It’s hypocritical to me that a gay person might say “I don’t care what society thinks about me being gay…I have rights!” but then on the other hand they have to go SCREAM from the mountain tops that society must accept that they are gay!?! In my opinion, this entire situation is confusing and it divides a nation. We all know who the author of confusion is…

  • LiveLaughLOVE

    @ Dave Lopes
    SLAVERY HAS NEVER LEFT! There are still to this very day slaves walking the earth. There are modern day slaves (mostly in countries like the USA and Europe) and there are “biblical” slaves (living in mostly third world countries).
    Also how can you say that the government cannot make policies based on the bible when the USA was supposedly founded on the basis of Christian values? If a politician goes to a church, temple etc to worship whomever…how can you expect them to not want to incorporate their beliefs into their political realm?

  • LiveLaughLOVE

    White areas? What??? They dragged US here in the belly of the boat! Blacks weren’t born here! Then when they “freed” Blacks, they didn’t want to deal with them living in “their” neighborhoods. For every action, there’s and equal and opposite reaction…
    You cannot have your cake and eat it too…

  • LiveLaughLOVE

    Again…slaves have been around since the beginning of time and they are STILL AROUND. Do some research…

  • LiveLaughLOVE

    @Anon +1
    Your comment is spot on! Very. Well. Said.

  • Egypt

    Bingo! Totally agree with lilpatriot! If it’s OK to discriminate against gay people, chances are they feel the same way about us. Also, it’s interesting to see the double standards on chicken…what plays in some situations doesn’t in others. We don’t want the white man to see us eating it (or even associating us with it) and yet I still get the stank face when I mention I don’t like fried chicken….It’s a Black thing.. but not a Black thing.. I don’t get it…

  • That Girl

    Genocide and slavery were going on long before there was an US of America – that’s not what made us unique among other nations. . .

  • Isidro

    In Soviet Russia, Jews round YOU up.

  • Grant

    America became the most prosperous nation by not having been bombed in World War 2 and being the only existing manufacturing power for half a century after ww2. Let’s work within the confines of reality please.

  • Grant

    Alright people, here are the rules: If you do not actually grasp the fact that the First Amendment does not protect you from the public repercussion of your “beliefs” you must remove any sentence using “First Amendment Rights” from your lexicon. You have no idea of what you are speaking. Free speech is a two way street. Community College backwater Republicans should really read some books.

  • JE

    “An Unholy Alliance” – I wonder if that is what God and Jesus Christ are thinking in Heaven? I don’t think they view it as unholy at all. It’s not bigotry at all. The President of Chick-Fil-A was just standing on the Word of God from the Bible when he spoke out. It’s amazing how in 2012, that if you want to keep marriage between a man and a woman then you are viewed as homophobic or hate filled. If the writer of this article had truly read the Bible completely Old Testament & New Testament, in context, then she would understand why Christians and supposed Black Church folk feel the way they do about marriage & not criticize them for supporting Chick-Fil-A. I encourage the writer of this article to read The Gospel of John, the book of Romans, and the Book of Corinthians in the Bible, then she will understand. This has nothing to do with hatred or greed or bigotry, but holding on to the teachings of Jesus Christ. In the end, when everyone has to stand before Jesus Christ, everyone will see the truth, but then it will be too late. Lord, have mercy on your people today & soften our hearts to choose you over our desires, before it’s too late. Change us Lord & Deliver us Lord today. I really don’t see the correlation between blacks struggle during the Civil Rights Movement and the struggle for gay rights today because countless blacks were lynched, sprayed with water hoses, unlawfully jailed, brutalized, and killed during The Civil Rights era. I mean, to speak of the number of lynchings of blacks alone, there is no comparison.

  • Rhonda Thissen

    @Live Laugh Love and others here who are talking about sexual “preference” (instead of orientation, which it really is) and why “they” can’t just “keep it to themselves” – how would you feel if people expected you to keep your heterosexuality – the thing that defines you as an individual – to yourself? Think, now – this means never being able to talk about your spouse or your family, because to do so would mean disclosing your significant other’s gender. Or, worse yet, having to lie about it and say, for example, that you have a wife or girlfriend when you actually have a husband or boyfriend. Did you consciously choose to be heterosexual, or did you just realize at some point, maybe when puberty kicked in, that you just ARE? Sexual orientation is NOT about sex – it’s about who one is as a person. We as a society have chosen to make this issue about the sex act and not about the fact that being gay means you love someone of the same gender. Sex is part of love, but it’s not the only thing about love that’s important.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    soviet russia has not existed for many years……

  • jamesfrmphilly

    homosexuals are being killed by groups that chick fil a supports.
    would jesus kill the gay?

  • Ms. Information

    @ That Girl..I completely agree with you and will not be bullied into believing something that I do not…

  • jamesfrmphilly

    reality? reality? we don’t need no stinkin reality!

  • Ms. Information

    No, Jesus would NOT kill gays, but he wouldn’t agree with gay marraige either…and just for thought, gays are not the ONLY ones being killed in other countries, women, men and BABIES are being slaughtered also.

  • 726

    How many men are virgins before they get married?

  • RJ

    @Miss Information and JE….Good for you and good for Jesus. But, what the heck does that have to do with our laws??? And if God and Jesus and Mary and Joseph are so irritated by gay marriage why doesn’t God just stop them from being born gay. Because who in their right mind would choose to be gay in this society and in this political climate? Why doesn’t God just make sure everyone is straight so he won’t be so freaking bothered by them? And if God hates homosexuality so much, I am sure God also hates premarital sex, all of these out-of-wedlock births in the black community, all the crimes we commit and all the abortions we commit. Why don’t we rally around those issues as much as we rally around this one?

    Why aren’t we standing behind laws to make cohabitating before marriage illegal? Why don’t we make out-of-wedlock births illegal? Why don’t we make premarital sex illegal? If we are going to be a Biblical nation. Let’s go for it. Let’s start stoning kids to death for speaking back to their parents. Lets stone adulterers to death. Lets go all the way! Why is it people are more concerned about the “sins” of others and not their own sin? How about we start legislating your love life?

    Your religion should HAVE NO IMPACT on the laws of this country. Nor should they influence anyone else’s life but your own. Stop shoving YOUR RELIGION down everyone’s throat.

    Worry about your salvation and stop worrying about everyone else’s. If there is a heaven, make sure you aren’t busy legislating someone else’s life and end up not making it in. I think people will be very surprised at who gets into heaven if one actually exists.

  • http://Clutchmagonline Cath

    Exodus 21:16 (new living translation)–”Kidnappers must be put to death, whether they are caught in possession of their victims or have already sold them as slaves.”. During the US slave trade Africans were kidnapped from their homeland and sold into slavery. The Bible never condoned this form of slavery. According to the Old Testament, If one nation were at war with another then the prisoners of war could be enslaved for a time or you could sell yourself into slavery for a time to pay your debts. The Old Testament was clear that this was a short term slavery, seven years, during which these sevants were to be well treated, then released after 7 years.
    Please don’t blame all Christians because some misquote and misapply the Bible to benefit themselves. And understand that while it advocates loving others (and haven’t we all experienced loving someone without agreeing with some aspect of their behavior?), that same book definitely outlines that marriage is between a man and a woman. You cannot reasonably expect sincere Christians to be okay with same sex marriage. That same Bible is what tells us that we cannot harm those who don’t agree with our perspective; try advocating for gay marriage in a Muslim state and see how far you get. So this Bible of ours causes us to be tolerant to a point but it won’t let us agree with gay marriage.

  • Pseudonym

    @jsajsa: What are the consequences of not being a virgin when you are married (sans pregnancies) vs the consequences of having children when you are not married (especially within the dynamics of the black American community)? Crime and poverty. THAT’S the issue.

  • jamesfrmphilly


  • Joy

    RJ: WOW!! Deep!! Thanks you

  • Joy

    JE: Did you read RJ’s August 5 2:13pm comment?!? They made some great points. In other words stop worrying about every else’s salvation, and be concerned about your own

  • Joy

    Zelda: Please read RJ’s August 5th 2:13 pm comments. God makes everyone right?!!

  • Joy

    James: Ditto….I agree totally!!

  • Joy

    RJ: And while god is at it why doesn’t he stop creating imperfect people such as people born with deformities (missing fingers, or arms, two heads, downs syndrown babies, etc. In my opinion the whole god thing is a fantasy, and a bunch of shigady.

  • Pema

    I’m not religious but I thought we had freedom of religion in this country. It seems to me that the left is quick to defend Muslims but they ‘go hard’ against Christians (which is kind of hypocritical considering Islam’s stance against homosexuals). Cathy did not say he would not serve homosexuals. He did not say he would not hire homosexuals (although I doubt if anyone from the LGBT community really wants to work for Chick-a-fil). He said he didn’t believe in gay marriage. How does this break any laws? And for all those saying Cathy has donated to groups that kill homosexuals where is the documentation for that claim? If that were true, in today’s climate, I would think there would be an expose in the New York Times at the least.

    Comparing the Civil Rights struggle of the 60s to the marriage equality struggle is ridiculous. Gays are not denied the right to vote, they do not have to use seperate facilites, they are not lynched in masse, as a whole they are not economically suppressed (in many white male couples are at the top of the income scale), and participants are not sprayed with fire hoses at the Gay Pride parade. I just cannot see the parallels.

    As for Chick-a-fil, I’ve never had it (there’s only one in NYC) and am not a fan of store bought fried chicken anyway.

    The below article makes a stronger case for true discrimnation:

  • MemphisKatieJ

    Okay so, You are willing to allow Republicans to win the white house? I assume that your values more closely align with democratic ideals…. but you are saying that youwill use your vote to support Republicans if the homosexuality debate is forced upon you as a democratic voter? Is this correct. I need for you to consider what other rights, liberties, basic American freedoms are at stake if you endorse a republican candidate only on the basis of gay marriage. Public education is at stake as well as basic healthcare, increasing taxes, and so forth. Are you willing to see radical changes that would disproportionately and negatively impact the poorest Americans all on the matter of your personal feelings about some one else’s sexuality?!

  • Meg

    *face palm* Good Lord, please give me patience to deal with people who either refuse to read or are incapable of reading comprehension.

    The point is, simpleton, that black people supporting this foolishness are voting against their own self interest using their dollars and by promoting a business who supports the very organizations that believe “we” not just the gays are undeserving and a bunch of freeloaders.

  • Ms. Information

    @ RJ, read closely..I was answering Jame’s question…but there is no need to argue with people that don’t acknowledge that there is a God..a supreme being that gives people free will to do whatever they want…I don’t think that homosexuality is a “worse” sin than anything that you named though…but in my opinion it is not of God. I have the right to think this.

  • LiveLaughLOVE

    I’m sorry Rhonda, but my sexual preference does not make who I am. It is a part of me, yes…but it does not signify WHO I am. I mean, I have a few OCD issues too…but they do not define who I am!
    Also, I stated that I don’t know whether sexual orientation is God given or not. I’m not the Creator! I think discussing personal situations like the one you describe, should be talked about amongst people you know, love and trust. I don’t tell strangers about my love life. I talk to those within my circle! No disrespect but your point makes no sense to me…I’m sorry.

  • Seriously?

    This whole thing is so very pitiful.
    The whole point is, people have the right to support whatever they want.
    Got a problem with it?
    Support against them and fight it.
    “OH well its NOT that EASY.”
    Didn’t say it was but its better then complaining and arguing and sounding like children who don’t even know how to share.
    Spending your time by tying to convince and or trying to make someone look stupid teh.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    @ Ms. Information:

    In other words- “I can’t answer your questions cos I don’t have a rational answer to back up my irrational bs.”

  • Ms. Information

    @ cupcakes…no, I am just not going to get into a lengthy debate about existentialism on this site…God exists for me and millions of others and that is what matters to me….I have a right to an opinion and a way to live my OWN don’t quote me little one.

  • elle


  • onegirl

    Did you read the article? I believe the author stated that Black people were rushing to buy Chick-Fil-A after Cathy’s statement for traditional marriage. BUT..if you look deeper into Chick-Fil-A, they have an agenda to hurt those same people that are supporting him/his views.

    What did I say that was racist? I don’t see it. Nor do I see where I told you what to do. What you did notice is that I am clearly superior. Tell your friends.

  • onegirl

    @Meg Nice succinct statement. This is what I was going for in mine.

  • RJ

    @MissInformation…none of what I discussed speaks to the existence of God. Christians (who interpret the Bible rigidly) cannot answer any of the questions I posed because this whole debate is irrational and nonsensical.

    What I discussed was hypocrisy. And none of you can deny that you are all a bunch of hypocrites.

    For example, I really want to know if you are married and if not, do you have premarital sex? Because if you do, your husband when you do get married has the right to stone you to death based on the Bible.

    “But if this charge is true, that the girl was not found a virgin, then they shall bring out the girl to the doorway of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death because she has committed an act of folly in Israel, by playing the harlot in her father’s house; thus you shall purge the evil from among you,” (Deut. 22:13-21).

    As I said, LET’S GO ALL THE WAY. None of you idiots would be in support of that crap. None of you. But, you guys love to judge and malign gay people. It’s sickening.

  • RJ

    Ravi, here’s my point: If black churches invested as much effort as they do in preventing gay marriage as they did in preventing crime, abortion, educational inequities and the host of other problems we have as a community, we would be in a better place. When black churches across the nation organize a Health Appreciation Day, or an Education Appreciation Day, and thousands of black people across the country show up, then you’ll have a point. I haven’t seen it, not because I haven’t looked for it, but because it ISN”T HAPPENING.

  • Youwishyoucouldbeme

    I really struggle with how to deal with this situation. Personally, I am for equal rights for gays and would vote for them, etc. However, I think it’s becoming ridiculous that we feel like people can’t legitimately believe God doesn’t want gays together and that everyone has to support gay marriage. I don’t think that’s fair. What makes this country great is that we have diverse opinions and can vote for those that support our agendas. I don’t think that everyone who doesn’t believe in gay marriage hates gay people, especially those that really believe the bible is against it. While I don’t think it was wise for this man to come out and state his view, I also don’t think it’s criminal. Why are celebs and business owners that support gay marriage allowed to publicly say so without flack, but those that don’t aren’t allowed to? And I think we get so caught up in the semantics that we forget what is really important. What is really important to me is that gays aren’t discriminated against, aren’t prevented from getting jobs, aren’t stopped from being promoted, etc because of their sexual orientation. Who cares if someone doesn’t believe you should be married. Eventually this will be decided by the courts and it will be federal law, either that gays are allowed to get married or that they aren’t.

  • Ms. Information

    @ RJ, If you want to start quoting scriptures here you go…and notice that it is not just homosexuality..have a great day.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

  • RJ

    @Miss Information… I’m sorry, I missed this earlier…You stated, and I quote, “I have the right to live my OWN life” …………………………………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….good one…….. I wish you would let gay people live their own lives too and marry whoever the heck they want to marry. I do believe that you are thinking woman, but so many people in this country have your mindset and it just boggles the mind. You want something that you aren’t willing to grant to someone else. It’s just disturbing how you can perform this kind of intellectual and moral gymnastics. It must be tiring.

  • RJ

    @Miss Information,

    Great. Wonderful scriptures. But do you all rail against alcoholics and the people who perform “sexually immoral acts” like adultery and premarital sex? NO!!! And that’s my issue. You have the right to read the Bible and interpret the Bible in anyway that you choose. But, when you all get together and start going after every one of the sins and abominations that are listed in the Bible in the same way that you rail against homosexuality and gay marriage, then you will have my ear. Until then, you are a hypocrite. Point. Blank. Plain and Simple.

  • who run the world?…GOD

    @Anon I’ll have to disagree that the institution of slavery differs from biblical slavery. Have you ever heard or read about the Egyptians/Hebrews?

  • Once again…

    So many more important issue’s in this world and yet we still have most of are attention at this subject. I have gay friends I am fine with what they do with who they do it with. Just because my friend kissed another man isn’t going to change my rent or my cost in gas tomorrow.

  • Ms. Information

    @ can type, rant and rave, fuss, snap your fingers whatever you need to do…I will never agree with you and you will never agree with me…I for one am completely fine with that..if there is a vote, I will vote against it…you will vote for it…the cock will still crow and the sun will rise in the morning…and with that I am done with this conversation.

  • Ms. Terious

    @Chika these people don’t get it. You can’t even buy them a clue. When any one of them can prove that they live by the bible (IN WORD and IN DEED) in their everyday lives, then I might entertain the ignorance for another 5 minutes. Until then, they’re nothing more than MISINFORMED, CLOSED MINDED hypocrites. Weak… and even weaker to blame God for their ways. Smh.

  • Ashley

    Everyone keeps asking why heterosexuals would even care about gay marriage rights being passed. Let me tell you all a story. Before I left for university, I never thought twice about homosexuality or gay marriage. It wasn’t until I went to college, an arts school, in the middle of a city, that I saw the homosexual lifestyle up close. I became friends with many gay men. Many who now after four years are no longer gay. Through this four years, I saw the turmoil, heartache, envy, hate, and depression from these black gay man, I never could put my finger on what caused this unhappiness in most of them. Until I had an honest conversation with one young gay man who was HIV+ I will not go into details as to what he told me, but I will say that his story and the other stories I heard from gay man, were eerily similar. Stories of molestation, abandonment, confusion, being called too feminine which led to questioning their sexuality, which then led to older gay man “taking them in” and showing them the ropes. I write all this to say that I personally believe, from the research and testimony that I have gathered, that homosexuality is not the way to go. And I encourage others to look deeper into homosexuality, talk to your gay peers, older gay men, come to your own conclusions. But do your research first.

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    as horrible as your grammar and spelling is, I seriously doubt you were ever at a “university” Your credibility is void.

  • Ashley

    And I have learned that when people are emotional, they tend to use insults to help validate their opinion. Nothing I stated above was based in hate or anger, simply MY observation and MY research. Maybe it struck a chord with you because you have experienced this…

  • Ravi

    I’ve never seen Antarctica before, but I’d be a fool to conclude that the reason I haven’t seen it is because it doesn’t exist. A quick google search would show you what individual churches do and have always done for the black community in preventing crime, abortion, educational inequities, and all problems we have as a community. Your not having seen something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Maybe if you looked a little bit better then you would see it.

    What massive, concerted effort has the black church organized across the nation against same-sex marriage? was their a national anti-same-sex marriage day? since when is simply having a day for an issue suffice as doing something about the problem?

    I was raised in AME and SDA churches that do real work at fixing the problems you mention above (not organizing an appreciation day). Clearly it is happening or I wouldn’t have experienced it. Given my personal experiences with the black church going back to the early 80s, you don’t have a point. Go do some actual research, learn about the history of the black church, and maybe you will have point.

  • Courtney**

    Wait what? Freedom of speech means the freedom for someone to express their opinion, AND MY FREEDOM TO CRITICIZE THAT OPINION! How in the holy hell does the latter part of that continue to evade people? It is the only logical conclusion. Freedom of speech DOES NOT MEAN FREEDOM FROM CONSEQUENCES OR CRITICISM OF THAT SPEECH. It is too simple:

    Person A expresses their freedom of speech by saying that they believe gay people shouldn’t marry.

    Person B expresses their freedom of speech by calling Person A a bigot.

    But according to the logic of multiple people in this post, Person A should have the freedom to say whatever they want, while Person B should NOT criticize Person A’s opinion, even though they are also demonstrating their freedom of speech.

    Yeah, you get back to me when that actually makes sense to you.

  • Courtney**

    Ravi, there’s a key difference between gay marriage and allowing people to marry animals and children. As has been stated (either here or on another related article on this site – and in any case, it is common sense either way), children cannot consent to marriage and neither can animals. And the government has ALREADY redefined marriage (as it exists in American society, because the history of marriage across time and cultures has NOT always been “one man, one woman”) so that interracial couples can marry. Last I checked, the world didn’t end then. If people feel that the definition of marriage should be the biblical definition of marriage, then 1) divorce needs to be outlawed as well, and 2) we would need change our entire form of government to become a theocracy and not a democracy. Because only then can laws be explicitly based on religious justification and not individual rights and freedoms as derived from natural law. This is why such red herring slippery slope arguments that throw bestiality and pedophilia into the mix do not deserve any time being addressed.

    I have no argument against polygamy either and think it is a valid comparison, albeit one that really doesn’t prove anything because just like gay marriage, polygamous marriages do not harm anyone and only consenting adults are involved. Really, the only thing that “weakens” marriage is divorce, but funny how I never see any protests to outlaw that.

  • Courtney**

    Don’t like the horrible conditions Africans labor through for rocks? Then don’t buy blood diamonds!

    Don’t like child prostitution? Then don’t have sex with children!

    Don’t like animal abuse? Then don’t abuse animals!

    Yeah, see how that logic can work on oh, say, ANYTHING? See how “doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you” actually is a relevant and needed moral guide?

  • Chuck Jones

    Person above uses the straw man argument calling those who oppose “homosexual marriage” (sic) hypocrites because they don’t “rail against” other sexual sins such as adultery. Well, if there were organized groups of adulterers who publicly denounced someone criticizing their behavior and threatening to boycott that person’s business, I believe you would see a turnout to support Christian values and to oppose adultery in the same manner as people turned out to support Chick-Fil-A. To act as if those who support the biblical standard of heterosexuality (established by none other than Almighty God) DON’T criticize adultery, divorce, premarital sex, etc. is false…at least it is for those who truly try to live by the Scriptures. Of course, any time anyone speaks out against sin, he/she is immediately criticized as being “judgmental” (even though believers are COMMANDED to judge with a righteous judgment and without hypocrisy.

  • Chuck Jones

    For those who say that homosexuals are ‘born that way’, I expect them to support me in my efforts to change laws prohibiting people who love each other from marrying. I have always loved my three sisters and we want to be married. It’s so distressing to see all of the incestophobes & polyphobes opposing us even though we were “born this way”…and we have just as much scientific evidence to prove it as homosexuals have to prove that their sexual desires are genetic. Thank goodness for all of the sane, caring people on this board who will support our quest for marriage equality and will help to defeat all of this religious bigotry. Thank you, liberal, nonjudgmental friends!

  • Chuck Jones

    Interesting straw man argument calling people ‘hypocrites’ if they oppose “homosexual marriage” (sic) but doesn’t ‘rail against’ other sexual sins such as adultery, extramarital sex, etc. This absurd argument attempts to divert attention from the current topic but doesn’t acknowledge the difference: there are no militant advocacy organizations of adulterers, etc. who are protesting the religious views of business owners and threatening boycotts. If there were, there obviously would be a large outcry from those who support the biblical standard of sexual relationships (established by Almighty God) and a large public showing of support for the persecuted business owner. To pretend that true Christians…those who attempt to actually live by the scriptures…DON’T care about or speak out against sexual sins of ALL varieties is to present a lie as the truth. And true Christians know who is the Father of Lies.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    I don’t see how the belief in one’s God somehow correlates with supporting practices that discriminate and oppress other people…

    We talk about the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, etc…but some of you so-called “American Christians” on this site are basically cut from the same cloth…and a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Ms. Information

    @Ashley yep!

  • Chika

    look…nobody said anything about incest. We are talking about gay marriage here. Plus, last I check, although there is a tiny possibility I could be wrong, people haven’t been marching in the street to try to make incest legal so your argument is a non-issue. Don’t get it twisted.

  • Ashley Ford

    Thank you! How can people be this dense?

  • ohyeaohyea

    You guys do realize this is a NON-ISSUE used to obscure real issues like war, poverty and education reform? Okay, cause you were acting like you didn’t know that.

  • Menace to Society

    What I’ve concluded is that the only arguments against gay marriage are that 1) it’s icky. 2) My religion doesn’t like it. 3) I don’t like it. Well, you know what? That’s a low standard. Not liking someone or something or something being against your religion is not enough reason for it to be illegal. And who cares what anyone thinks. The supreme court will decide this issue in the next couple of years. And pretty soon, it will be the law of the land. And guess what will happen, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Keep fighting this tooth and nail. You will not win.

  • Jac

    Yes, people can make a snap judgement of your race pretty accurately based on your physical appearance, and no, none of us gets to choose our race. Sexual preference is NOT a choice, the act of having sex is a behavior we can choose to have or not.

    The author said she supports Chick-fil-a and Dan Cathy’s right to free speech. Her point is that there are political factors to consider for all the people that went rushing out to show their anti-gay support. Most black people vote as democrats but a lot of the money that this company donates goes out to support republican agendas which don’t generally do much for black communities.

    And in sarcasm I have to add: I just love how so many black people will jump on the chance to show how Christian they are when it comes to attacking homosexuality, but with so many other issues in the community negatively affecting black people – silence.

  • Carlton Jordan (@CarltonJordan)

    Exactly! Knowing good and well they all have gay family members, friends, and the like that are effected by this. Christianity has been our worse enemy.

  • Pingback: Blacks supporting Chick-fil-A: Is eating chicken as an expression of religious faith taking things too far? | theGrio

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    Your god isn’t real.

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    Well, kinda just separates the black people that are smart (Liberal) with the ones that are holding on to the past (Conservative)…. You guys still believe a book of fairy tales…. And are adults. Ma’sa effed ya’ll all up in the heads.

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    Exactly, sir.

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    The mindset of a typical Christian.. Kind of sad. No matter how true FACTS are, the Christian in you won’t “bully” you into believing whats real… LULZ

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    You are a bigot. You deserve a 1000 facepalms for your willful ignorance. Please don’t procreate.

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    That was great. Clearly Miss Miss-Informed is mad… You started making good points and she ran…. Typical.

  • Ms. Information

    @Boss…no I’m still here–lol….two snaps in z formation

  • Pingback: Blacks supporting Chick-fil-A: Is eating chicken as an expression of religious faith taking things too far?

  • Brandy Brown

    All I got to say is that anybody who is against gay marriage and gay people are not true Christians. I realized for a long time that what I learned in church was not what Jesus was trying to teach us in the Bible. Along with gays are bad, we were taught “If you want to be blessed, pay your tithes in your offerings” If gay marriage or sex was such a huge diss to God why didn’t Jesus address. No Jesus came back to fix his church, a problem that we still have today. Also people always cite Leviticus. Leviticus is Old Testament, Just like we don’t stone and kill girls who have fornicated we don’t persecute gays. We are not orthodox Jewish so the same people spewing homophobic hate are the same people frying fish every Sunday. And once again God gave Moses his law, doesn’t say anything about gays but talks about coveting and adulterers. The main theme of the Bible is love and respect HIm, love and respect others, and then love and respect yourself. By supporting Chik-Fil-A you are doing none of that.

  • linda

    We as a society have chosen to make this issue about the sex act and not about the fact that being gay means you love someone of the same gender. I am on ( == BlackWhitePlanet– c 0 /m.СòM ==), met many good guys and beauties, they also want to find true love. Now I have found my l’ove , so I recommend it to you, I hope everyone can find their best l’ove.Goodluck.==((βlαckwhitеPlanet.СòM)—-==ON’T care about or speak out against sexual sins of ALL varieties is to present a lie as the truth. And true Christians know who is the Father of Lies.

  • Ravi

    unfortunately, when it comes to matters of the law the relevant sense isn’t so common. I’m thinking you didn’t really understand what I was writing, because your response doesn’t seem to match up to what I was saying. I will try to rephrase.

    In reference to governments ability to decide to give tax benefits and other governmental preferences to certain types of preferences, polygamy (which is what the exchange was originally about) shows that government does indeed have that power. If government does not have the ability to show preference to certain types of relationships then any type of relationship would be able to receive the exact same type of government benefits. On that level of generality, there are no relevant differences in terms of types of relationships. The ability to consent (some children do have the ability to consent) is not relevant when it comes to the discussion on this level of generality. The consent issue would simply be a compelling reason as to why you would not want to bestow benefit on that type of relationship. It would do nothing to the fact that certain types of relationships are shown preference.

    I never addressed the redefinition of marriage or the biblical definition of marriage, Mentioning them is wasted rhetoric that doesn’t apply to the debate. Your theocracy/democracy point also has nothing to do with the discussion and is factually inaccurate. Laws have been made in this “democracy” (really a republic) based on religion since it’s beginning. I’m not going to get into a lengthy explanation here, but google blue laws.

    Until you can come up with an actual argument as to why bestiality and pedophilia can’t be brought up in such a debate when they are apparently relevant, then they will continue to deserve to be addressed. Cognitive dissonance is the real reason that people don’t address such debates. All that is a digression though. My statements were regarding polygamy. Polygamy is usually consenting, but it is not given government preference. As you said, you have no arguments for that, so i’m not sure why you bothered to say anything at all. Polygamy is what we were talking about. Divorce isn’t relevant in a discussion of bestowing governmental benefits on certain types of relationships. “weakening marriage” wasn’t even brought up.

  • apple

    not eating the chicken wont save them, they will die anyway because hate doesn’t need money to hate

  • jamesfrmphilly

    divide and conquer is still a very effective strategy.

  • Coy

    lol> Well said.

  • ms_teacher

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has every right to exercise their freedom. Chick-fil-a is owned by people who are anti-gay and they bradcast their dislike for homosexuals in the way they felt fit. Can’t fault them for that. I’ve seen many gay parades before, expressing their beliefs, and no one is condemning them.

  • Dana

    As a gay person of color people like you make me sick. I would have liked to think that hypocrisy like this is based on religion, but you clearly seem to just be a secular bigot. I’m so tired of hearing that the experience of straight black people is the only suffering and oppression that counts. Interestingly, I’ve seen the “I’m not homophobic b/c there are black gay people” argument too many times. Get this: YES, YOU ARE, PERIOD. Amazing how you trot us out to pretend you aren’t homophobic, but treat us like shit the rest of the time. Ironic, considering most of you seem to think we’ve “betrayed our blackness by going gay”. I’ve been treated better by white and black GLBT people then I ever have by black straight people, and I don’t consider the black straight community my community. What have you ever done for me other than make my life hell? What was it Wanda Sykes said: “What’s worse, being black or gay? Being gay, you don’t get kicked out of the house for being black”. Anyone who denies that race has been a huge factor in discrimination and this country’s past with race is horrendous is a moron. However, the struggles of other groups matter to. You can be privileged in one area and oppressed in another. Now on to your drivel.

    So, he’s allowed to state his opinion? Sure he is! And if his opinion ad been that he doesn’t think POC are human-would you respect his right to his opinion there too?

    “Comparing the Civil Rights struggle of the 60s to the marriage equality struggle is ridiculous”. Of course! Because race is the only thing people have ever been oppressed for, and only the group you’re a member of oppression means anything. Let me guess, the Holocaust is overrated to right?

    “Gays are not denied the right to vote, they do not have to use separate facilities, they are not lynched in masse, as a whole they are not economically suppressed (in many white male couples are at the top of the income scale), and participants are not sprayed with fire hoses at the Gay Pride parade”. No, we are just denied the right to marry (a right you take for granted), kicked out by many of our families (often as teenagers forced to be homeless on the street), kicked out of restaurants (you yourself posted that one, and it happens in a lot more places, mostly in the bible belt), tied to fences and beaten to death, beaten up and killed (especially transgender women, and I hate to say it, but in this area, usually by black gangs), bullied as kids who commit suicide, sent to “reeducation camps” by wonderful “Christan parents”, have the highest rate of suicide in the country, have our bars raided by cops in the red states, get raped in lockup if you are a woman or transgender…I could go on for a while but I doubt it matters anyway, b/c no matter what, it only counts if it happens to straight black people like yourself. And all of that is just in this country-in places like the Middle East, we are literally tortured. Of course, there are white gay men doing well economically, there are also black gay men doing well, along with hispanic, asian, etc,especially in diverse areas. There’s plenty of straight couples of all races doing well too, like the pastors of all the black churches that actively get involved in getting states to make laws that bar same-sex marriage (amazing how a discriminated group gets some power and uses it to discriminate against others).

    The Uganda thing you want “evidence” for? Perhaps if you used your keyboard and google, you would have found this:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&biw=1092&bih=480

    “I just cannot see the parallels”. Of course not, b/c then you might realize you won’t always be at the top of the “oppression olympics” people like you like to play, and you might actually have to admit your hetero privildge. Lessened somewhat by being black, of course-but you still have a lot more of it than I do-and guess what, when it comes to heteroprivildge, more than most white gay people too. So glad we have sages like you to tell us what “true discrimination” is!

  • Dana

    I don’t understand what point you are trying to make here…. if the KKK decides to support racist cultural values and organizations by giving money to groups because that’s what they believe in, surely they should be allowed to?

    somehow I think your answer would be no

  • Dana

    Yes, how dare groups other than you want rights. It’s okay to discriminate when you’re the one doing it.

  • Dana

    “can’t for the life of me understand why folks think that it is A-OKAY to shove their belief system down the throat of another, through some form of “guilting””

    You mean the way the Nation Of Islam does? Or the way they and others label one a “race traitor” if he/she is anything other than a straight black Christian?

  • Dana

    And you’d feel the same way if was a racist opinion, would you?

  • Dana

    “all of the lgbt community aren’t pro gay marriage”-ummm, yeah, we are

  • Dana

    There’s plenty of scientific evidence to support glbt people are born, but to see it you’d have to know how to read.

  • Dana

    There are black GLBT folks on here honey. And guess what-white GLBT people have a voice too. They don’t get disqualified only b/c they are white. You can have privilege in one area and not another. Melanin isn’t the only cause of discrimination, just like being in a group that was discriminated against unfortunately doesn’t keep you from doing the same to others.

  • Dana

    your media comment, white supremacists said (and still do say) the same thing about the civil rights movement. You must be so proud.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    this is not about an opinion. this is about the support of groups who go around the world promoting the killing of homosexuals.
    you are not entitled to kill people who are different than yourself.

  • Jojo

    What would the parallel criticism be for the Marriage Equality Appreciation day? The author’s own double standard is clear if we try to make sense of a counter protest on Starbucks, Amazon, and other pro-gay companies. No Christians are crying are having “bible sit ins” at their entrances, accosting customers before they walk into their stores, or hollering over how wrong and intolerant it is. Some people actually have multiple identities- as in- being a Black Christian. Sorry, but your comments are a narrow truncated reality that not everybody is choosing to buy into- no pun intended.

  • Richard (Willy Dutch) Norman

    Agreed whole heartedly. The only ones concerned with Gay marriage are the insurance companies…

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking the point isn’t to denounce Chick-fil-a’s decision to support those groups, but for African American’s to put some thought into supporting Chick-fil-A. They have every right to give their money to whoever they want… so do we.

  • truthtold

    thank you!

  • truthtold

    This entire Chik fil A brouhaha is ANOTHER publicity stunt. People are using this incident to draw attention to the LGBT cause and draw emotions into a situation that to me has been completely overblown. I get the politics of it… I’m just not biting!

    If I recall correctly, he said “I support marriage as defined in the bible”. I AGREEEEEEE. That doesn’t say that I hate gays, that doesn’t say that you dont have a right to eat wherever you want to, that doesn’t say that I want to kill you. It means he supports marriage as defined in the bible!! He’s entitled to feel that way. He didn’t say anything discrimating or degrading or hateful!!

    I personally believe that your sexual orientatoin is YOUR business. Whether its a choice or by birth etc. etc. is just a waste of my energy to wrestle with. It is what it is and its been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. I honestly dont think any different of homosexuals. Although I am equally as perturbed by their public displays of affection as when others who do it … I digress. However, marriage as we know it (at least in the United States) is a CHRISTIAN institution!!! If you dont like it – use all this energy to create an institution, by gays, for gays that represents everything gays want it to!!! Maybe even create something better!! There’s definitely room for improvement. Why try to highjack this Christian institution and redefine it for your own personal satisfaction! This is not about intolerance but – I dont think its very intolerant of gays to disregard the practice of marriage as it currently stands!!! Why re-invent this 1000 year old wheel when you can make a nice new flaming pink one!! lol

    It only creates oppisition when you try to ram things down other people throats!

  • Pema

    As a grown adult people like you make me sick J. People who are obviously lacking in reading comprehension and jump to attack those with a different point of view. I had to reread your post a few times because your rude tone automatically put me on the defensive.

    So here’s my reply:

    I don’t hate anyone and I’m not scared of gay people (isn’t that what homophobe means). What exactly is there to be scared of? Amazing how you jump to that conclusion because I say I don’t equate gay rights with Civil Rights.

    First off I said there was no evidence of Chick-a-fil donating to groups killing gays not that these groups did not exist. Your link did not disprove anything I said. The Times did a write-up of the Ugandan group a while ago. And in case you’re wondering I do not support their “cause”.

    Nope there is no parallel between Civil Rights and the Right to Marry Movement. Why would you even bring up the Holocaust? How do you make the logical jump that I think the Holocaust is overrated when I stated that I did not see parallels between gay rights and Civil Rights due to the fact that people were not being attacked en masse (Gay Rights is definitely a Civil Rights issue in Uganda). Millions of people died during the Holocaust (absolutely no parallel to gay rights in the US).

    Families kicking kids out is f_cked up but again not a Civil Rights issue. Sounds more like the personal issues of a f_cked up family (in case you’re wondering I would not put either of my daughters out for being gay).

    Getting kicked out of bars – US Civil Rights issues.

    Tortured in the Middle East – what does that have to do with Civil Rights issues in the US? That is the point of this article and my post, correct? For the record I do not like radical Islamists I think they are disgusting brutes.

    Gays/transgenders are beat-up by black gangs? Black males of any sexual orientation are more likely to be killed by a black male than a non-black one. In case you haven’t noticed our people have a huge problem when it comes to killing one another (and in my opinion that’s not our only problem but let’s leave that for another rant). Is this only a gay issue or is it a ghetto black male violence issue of preying on those perceived as weak (the dude that doesn’t hang on the streets, women, older people, gays)? Only gay women and men get raped in “lock-up”? Really? By the way I thought transgenders did not want to be referred to as gay. Is that the case?

    I will give you one thing though, I do have more privilege than a gay person of color. Unfortunately that’s perceived as a double whammy today. And that perception can’t be legislated away only time will change it. But a white gay male? I’m not buying it. Maybe I’m biased because I live in NYC and went to school in the village.

    Since you think I’m so sage :) here’s a piece of advice if you’re trying to bring someone over to your point of view emotional rants and veiled insults (because they disagree with you) are probably not the way to go.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “when you try to ram things down other people throats!”

    sounds homo to me…….

  • Pema

    My above post was to Dana 8/29/2012.

    Oh and one more thing I wouldn’t give a crap if he said people of color were sub-human (that’s probably what he thinks anyway). Been there done that. I realized a long time ago that you can’t make people with those opinions like you. There are too many real issues out here today for me to get upset at someone’s opinion.

  • truthtold

    lol.. no pun intended :)

  • Amber

    Looks like you’re confusing acceptance with approval. Accept that a higher power is in control and move on.

  • Amber

    No, the grand plan is to stand for something they believe in. BTW, do you have the statistics on the number of gay employees that work there? I’m pretty sure there are far more gays that DON’T work there than do, and if those people don’t want to support an organization that supports causes that directly effect them in a negative way, then that’s their business, just as it is yours to speak up against something you don’t agree with. How is that a hard concept to grasp? People need to live and let live.

  • Amber

    It’s called the Lesser of Two Evils.

  • Amber

    Let’s follow you around and see how perfectly you live by the WORD. Everyone sins in some way or another, so picking and choosing to press legislation that suits your opinions does not do Christianity any favors.

  • Amber

    Thank you!

  • Grace Acosta

    So, Jesus cures maggots? Sorry, I think I’ll just keep kosher, thanks.

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