Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion

On Monday, the folks over at VH1 aired part one of the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, reunion. And in between the ratchetness and the wrap-up of the season’s drama, one thing stood out to me: K. Michelle’s preoccupation with Karlie Redd’s age.

Almost as soon as the two women sat on the stage, K. Michelle began throwing daggers at Karlie, taunting her about her looks and calling on Karlie to reveal her age to the crowd, as if it was any of our business.

At one point in the show, K. Michelle said her rival “marched with Martin Luther King back in 1968” and was one of those “old ass Harriet Tubman bitches,” to which the audience roundly applauded.

Now…I don’t know about you, but using Mother Moses as a diss to another black woman is both disrespectful to her legacy and just plain dumb (Denene Millner does a better job breaking down why).

Whether Karlie Redd is pushing 40 or not, it is her business. And if K. Michelle makes it to that milestone she will understand just how silly and childish her 26-year-old self sounded.

Almost from the time we are born, the media tells women that aging is bad. We’re sold anti-wrinkle creams in our teen years, taught that being young, fresh, and beautiful is the ideal, and have seen how older women are often times minimized and pushed to the side because they look “old.” While many women have refused to buy into these cultural cues, others, like K. Michelle, use them as jabs to cut down other women.

It’s clear that the two women do not like each other, and instead of simply getting to the root of why, K. Michelle decided to attack Karlie on the things women are always attacked on: appearance and age.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not K. Michelle’s obsession with age will change as she gets older, or if she’ll be lining up at the nearest plastic surgeon to stop the inevitable march of time.

  • mommaused2say

    I think she has already begun the march to the plastic surgeon so it is safe to say that that will probably be her path. K. Michelle had nothing else on Karlie except to call her old and yes…it was very childish but almost the whole cast is stunted in some way so we shouldn’t be shocked.

  • Merci

    Age becomes more than a number when grown women are acting like a bunch of wild teens on the 2 train. When you base your career on being sexy rather than talent age becomes very important.

  • Jaslene

    She 26 that’s an old looking 26. Karlie look better than her. I wish these young’uns (I am a young’un) would get with the program that who cares about age.

  • gmarie

    I definitely thought she was older than 26. She has 40 year old woman issues

  • Hehe

    First, K Michelle isn’t 26. She won Miss FAMU at 18 in 2000. Although Karlie Redd comes off shady, K Michelle is beyond immature. She combative and juvenile. The reason why Karlie Redd doesn’t want to tell her age is because as an artist she knows that no one is checking for a 40 year old woman unless you’re already establish.A man can break unto the scene at any age. It’s sad that this double standard exist.

  • The Comment

    Out of stupidity. If Karlie is 100. K. Michelle looks a 100 too. These young chicks (who subscribe to this kind of ignorance) have no clue that it is one thing to be young— entirely another to be 50, in good health, can move, have vitality….vibrant..know what you want with enough experience to judge wisely out living and not on assumption. Not make the same mistake 3 times. Live long enough and been thru enough hell and not be bitter, angry, upset. Content with life. Content with the decisions u made in life and if not have the strength to correct what you don’t like. Strong enough to withstand hell and not get burnt.

  • OtherNews

    I hate to say this, but its a great diss. She is basically saying your ugly and its written all over your face.

  • Kenzy

    i dont think K Michelle is “obsessed” with age. I personally didnt find anything outside of normally ratchetness wrong with as EVERYBODY who watches or is on the show has speculated about Karlies age. This is evidenced from twitter, from the viewer questions that night and that cartoon parody that was floating around the internet a few weeks ago. K Michelle was simply harping on something everybody else is already speculating about. The only egregious thing i found was Rasheedas completely condescending statement of K Michelle being nappy as another article on clutch discussed earlier this week

  • Patience

    Whoa! K.Michelle and I are the same age! I thought she was at least in her 30s.

  • Erin

    I think K. Michelle uses that diss because she knows Karlie (who obviously is an older woman) is vehemently against admitting her real age, so its easy to go in on that. Mimi, who is obviously an older woman than the rest of the girls never really gets dissed as bad as Karlie. Regardless, all of them are some nice looking women in my opinion. There age really doesn’t matter lookwise, most of their attitudes are terrible. They need to fix that.

  • ohpuhleezee

    I thought most of the “insults” being thrown were ridiculous.
    -”You’re old”….if they’re lucky, everyone of them will be old one day.
    -”You have nappy hair”…..They should all take out their weaves, take off their wigs, and cut out their relaxed hair. Then maybe they’ll be reminded that they all have nappy hair, and it’s not a bad thing.
    -”You need to fix those bags”…..Wipe off the make up, take off the lashes, revert back to the mouths they had before they made a trip to the cosmetic dentist. Everybody has physical flaws, some we’re born with, some we earn, some come to us by accident.

    I just don’t get how people are so quick to point out someone else’s flaws, especially when they’ve spent so much time and money to hide their own flaws.

  • Starla

    I despise the worship society places on youth. Life is for the living and everybody has value.

  • binks

    Agreed…I don’t think she is so much obsessed with it as using it as a target since Karlie is trying to use things against her…i.e. how her teeth use to look, the abuse thing, etc. and Karlie is sensitive about her age it is written all over her face and the way she dodges the question regarding her age so this wasn’t something K. Michelle started. I don’t know why people are zeroing on what K. Michelle is doing yes she is ignorant but she isn’t alone in her ignorance so if you want to call someone out you might as well line them all UP.

  • Chillyroad

    Well whatever age she is, she looks good. The fact that she can pass for someone a lot younger says a lot about how good she really looks.

  • onegirl

    I don’t watch this show, nor do I know who is who, but in the picture shown, they both look the same age to me. Neither one looks like she’s in her 20s, nor in her 40s. They look like they’re in their upper 30s. Which one is Karlie?

  • dred scott

    40 y/o is badder than the 26 y/o so it really doesn’t matter either way

  • YaYA

    Yea I was about to say that as well, I’m from Memphis,TN and I know for a FACT that K. Michelle is NOT 26, I believe she is around 30-31, she’s just lying about her age as well because like hehe said aint no one checking for a chick past her 20′s trying to get into the industry

  • Kacey

    Thank You! You saved me from having to write it. I did not know that K. Michelle is only 26. I thought she was at least 5 years older. She is not youthful at all. Her hard life is really showing. Where’s the “glow”?

  • D’OR

    Karlie is on the right hand side

  • Mina

    Yeah I thought she was older than 26 too. She’s just putting her own insecurities onto Karlie because she know she won’t look as good as Karlie the older she gets. I think Karlie is in her late 30′s though but she still looks great for her age. But I seriously thought K.Michelle was 32

  • Jess

    i dont watch the show, so i don’t know which woman in the picture is k. michelle or which is kARLIE redd.

    All I know is that they both look about the same age, so that’s bad news for whichever one is 26, and good news for the 40 year old.

  • Echi

    Maybe all that makeup and other accoutrements have made K Michelle to look older? Anyway, I think both are pretty. I think Karlie does a disservice to herself when she claims to be younger.

  • Reesie Jay

    Why is no one talking about the elephant in the room: K Michelle is fat as hell!!! She has no room to criticize! Literally, no room. LOL! And, while I don’t condone domestic violence, this girl is extremely combative with Karlie (…and, I’m certain, many other women she feels that she can bully), but she was no match for when that dude was whompin nat a$$!!! Karma is a beotch!

  • PinkPantiesandLeopardLipstick

    Sorry… I just don’t think its that serious. They don’t like each other…. when you’re in the mist of “dissing” someone you don’t like, you go for the obvious and what’ll get a few laughs… mission accomplished.

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