Azealia Banks is cementing her place as an “It Girl” in the fashion and beauty realm at lightning speed. In fact, some feel the rapper is now more well-known for her fashion and beauty cred than her music. In the past year, she attended the 2012 MET Gala, appeared in the campaign for T by Alexander Wang and as previously reported, is slated to perform at Fashion’s Night Out at MAC Cosmetics Soho.

Banks’ performance will coincide with the launch of her lipstick with the beauty company, according to Glamazons Blog:

The “Van Vogue” rapper, who also appears in a campaign for Alexander Wang, is fronting the lipstick, “Yung Rapunxel,” which MAC describes as “a deep plum, cream Lipstick with an amplified, semi-matte finish.”

Much like Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday” lipstick, Azealia’s product will be limited-edition, available at MAC stores in the US only from September 6, 2012 through September 20, 2012 and online at a day early on September 5th.

What do you think of Azealia Banks’ MAC Cosmetics lipstick? Is it true that she’s more popular for her fashion “It Girl” status than her music? Does it matter?


  • The Antifash

    Love it! Love her!

  • edub

    I’d never heard of her until recently. Went to YouTube to listen to her music. Awful, just plain awful.

    That being said, I do LOVE the lipstick color and thinks it looks lovely on her. So, in summation, it’s a wash.

  • Yb

    I will most definitely buy. This must be the only time a celebrity has swayed me to buy a product they endorse. Love her that much.

  • African Mami

    She should learn to shut up and concentrate on developing and crafting her art, whatever it is. She irrrrrks the hell out of me!

  • Nubian Princess

    This color matches perfectly with the dress I’m wearing to my 10yr high school reunion! I’ll be purchasing it!

  • Beverly Johnson

    I will DEFINITELY buy this one…I think it’s good for her to be the fashion “IT” girl…

  • raah

    An it girl because she has a nasty mouth and dresses raggedy on occasion? Puh-lease NEXT

  • Gigi Young

    Went to listen to her music and…I don’t see any difference between her and the much-maligned Nicki Minaj.

  • shadow

    +1 @ raah

    Didn’t she just have a damn condom up to her mouth not too long ago? The standards are getting lower and lower across the board, smh…

  • Cindy

    Love her music! So fresh. And of course she is definitely beautiful. Love to see more dark skinned sisters representing and being characterized as fashion it girls.

  • minna k.

    I think its a good color, and it looks great on her.

  • JN

    I kinda like the way she looks, I just wish I could relate to her music.

  • Linda

    I like the Lip color And I Love her Music came across her music on you tube it is fresh and her lyrics are strong. I think it good that she is in the fashion world who ever said you can not be both a good Music artist and an It girl

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  • mecca f

    Me too! I have never been swayed by any of my favorite celebs to buy anything but Azealia makes me want it! And it’s also a plus that i’ve been looking for a lippy in this shade.

  • Geechee Goddess (@JumpJunkieJoe)

    I purchased her lipstick and got in the mail the other day. It’s a great color, especially for us darker girls. I think depending on who you ask she is well known for either her music or her fashion. I fell for her music first. It’s something about Azealia Banks that captures her audience. Really looking forward to her future success.

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