Barbie has gone through many iterations over the years. She’s been a doctor, lawyer, natural-haired black woman, an astronaut, but through all of her changes she’s remained a woman…until now.

According to reports, Mattel has partnered with upstart design dup The Blonds to release a collector’s edition drag queen doll.

Dubbed, The Blonds Blond Diamond doll, the item will sell for $125 and hit the ‘net in time for Christmas.

While I can’t see how Drag Queen Barbie looks especially different than her other versions–she still has the make up, big hair, and signature curves—this item is sure to spark debates on both sides of the issue. Some will see this as yet another foray into the LGBT dark side, while others will love Barbie’s glammed up look.

What do you think? Are you feeling ‘Drag Queen Barbie’? 

  • Patience

    Women can’t have anything of their own.

  • The Comment

    Man I tell you. These Corporations act like they are starving for money. There has been a niche market for fetish Barbies for 10 years now. And people pay a lot of money to see a spiked-thonged Ken in his Doc Martins spanking his polo wearing blond boy toy. The drag edition is cheap. All they did was give the he/she some falsies and piled on the dark make-up which is an insult to women who wear black eye shadow.

  • The Comment

    Girlll you ain’t neva’ lied!!!!!!! They taking over modeling jobs, beauty pageants…..we are just breeders…like them chicks in Sudi Arabia.

  • shadow

    Oh how we have stepped away from what a doll used to be for…a little girl to play with!!! OMG!! and $125.00, too, WTF!

  • t judith johnson

    I thought drag queens were men. Why not release a drag queen Ken! This is just ridiculous. We are taking this “politically correct society” to a whole new level. Women are not drag queens.

  • Patience

    Right. I thought drag queens were men too, which is why this doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Andrea

    Women can be drag queens. They are called faux queens. But that above pictures looks no different than any other Barbie I’ve seen. So I guess Barbies been in drag all along.

  • Aaliyah A.

    Shouldn’t they have dressed up Ken? Drag queens are men wearing women’s clothing! This barbie is just another ploy for people to spend money.

  • Naomi A. Conner

    It look like a regular doll to me . . . yet I know many parents out here will be outraged if they saw that in the store .

  • Simone L

    these are COLLECTOR EDITIONS. Just like the moms who were in an uproar when Barbie was tatted up. Anyone dumb enough to spend $125 for a doll and give it to a child deserves to see it bald, naked and in the tub.

  • JC

    $125? Get her a bike instead.

  • Mademoiselle

    LMAO! That gave me a very vivid flashback to my childhood. Although my “Barbies” came from the dollar store. :)

  • NTG

    What??? I cant!

  • Mina

    Um are the Barbie’s going to have tugged in penises? Because I don’t get how a Barbie can be a drag queen when it’s not aesthetically male. Or is it just going to be a trans-woman Barbie with pecs and no genitalia? Or a regular Barbie labeled a Drag queen with drag makeup on. Because that’s just a regular Barbie.

  • mikey kun

    um I don’t really see the point of this. They could have just made a Rupaul barbie doll.

  • twotwists

    Actually $125 is standard price for adult collector barbie doll. This doll is not intended for a child to play. And from what I can tell the doll is still Barbie not a drag queen barbie doll but only designed by The Blonds.

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