Recently, President Obama sat down for an interview with Black Enterprise. During the conversation, the president was asked about the criticism from some Black folks who assert he hasn’t done enough for African Americans.

While the President has often shied away from speaking specifically on race, he has said that his policies would help all Americans, including blacks. But in the Black Enterprise interview he took it a step further.

Peep the excerpt:

How do you respond to criticism that your administration hasn’t done enough to support black businesses?

My general view has been consistent throughout, which is that I want all businesses to succeed. I want all Americans to have opportunity. I’m not the president of black America. I’m the president of the United States of America, but the programs that we have put in place have been directed at those folks who are least able to get financing through conventional means, who have been in the past locked out of opportunities that were available to everybody. So, I’ll put my track record up against anybody in terms of us putting in place broad-based programs that ultimately had a huge benefit for African American businesses.

The resurrected financial services industry hasn’t stepped up in terms of providing adequate capital to small- and minority-owned businesses.

There is no doubt that American taxpayers stepped in and pulled the banking industry out of the fire. It was controversial. It was messy. Ultimately it was the right thing to do for the economy. But it is true that once banks got back on their feet they haven’t been as aggressive in lending to small and medium-sized businesses as we would like. And I’ve had conversations with the major banks about this issue. What they will say is that some of the additional regulations have impeded some of their capacity to lend. We don’t see major evidence of that.

President Obama has had to walk a tight rope. As the first African American president folks on the left and the right have been watching to see if he gives preferential treatment to minority groups, but he’s consistently tried to frame his policies to affect all Americans.

But is it enough?

Do black folks want President Obama to be the president of black America or of all America?

Speak on it! 

*Photo via Luke Sharrett/The New York Times

  • teachermrw

    No, brcause he is the President of the UnitedStaes, which is everyone, and not just Black folks. What I do want, on the other handm is for POTUS to have more backbone,and enforce the rule of law. That helps al of us, regardless of race.

  • OSHH

    Like he hears out and addresses other minorities and their issues, very vocal with certain groups issues, my question is why hasn’t he done the same for black issues, as the POTUS should.
    I’m not a fan of this president or part of the flock simply because this man is half Kenyon.

  • befree

    No one has Asked him to be a black president and he knows it. His response was out of order. Folks have attempted to treat him like other Presidents, but some won’t allow folks to.

    Some Black people have done a great deal in terms of trying to get issues on the table and for the past 3 1/2 years I have watched EVERYONE shout people down with this silly notion that Black people are asking for handouts and special treatment. Now that it is a few months before the election folks want to ask people to vote. A closed mouth don’t get fed and for 3 1/2 year many in THIS community have done really good job silencing his critics and those who tried to lobby for attention for the black community.
    Let’s not play the games, Obama went his entire first term not having to lift one finger to his black consistency. It was Obama who refuse to meet with the CBC for two years.

    His most VOCAL supporters scolded, maligned, belittled any Black person who would at least try to challenge him on any issue.
    So now it’s “election time”. Again many want the Obama 2012 signs on our front lawns, our vote and our MOUTH CLOSED for the next four years. Besides the FACT that black people vote Democratic, all this whooping and hollering and slandering black folks is so unnecessary.

    This overzealous protection for an ELECTED official has done damage a lot of damage.
    Simply asking a question about black issues gets a rebuke from some folks.
    Guess what.. when ALL this is said and done Obama and his family will be eating good just like the Clintons and the Bushes.. Some of us are more worried about the rest of us..
    No one asked for MORE attention, but got damn we don’t deserve any less.

    Regardless what folks say, they DON’T want us to treat him like we treat any other President because if we did there would be no way we would ignore him not meeting with the CBC for two years or his dismissive remarks about black unemployment. Actually Obama has enjoyed no push back from the black community at ALL.

    He’s using the exact same playbook as Clinton, Bush I &II, Reagan, Kennedy ( Bobby and John). There is this long history of Presidential Candidates and Presidents slamming black folks around campaign time to court white votes. I don’t see how that’s more acceptable because he’s black.

    Folks will lose it when Mitt says black people want “free stuff”, but consign Obama saying “Take off your bedroom slippers” and stop eating chicken in the political arena. Neither is right and both should be called out for it.

  • Blue

    We voted him in as the President of The Untied States of America. Which means he holds a responsibility to this entire country, not one race. If we want something done in our neighborhoods, why don’t we work for it & do it for ourselves?

  • edub

    You have restored my faith in humanity and have said what I have been thinking in a fashion far better than I ever could…so thank you!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i don’t have to say anything because you have said it all

  • jamesfrmphilly

    if we need to do it for ourselves why do we need to vote for him?

  • edub

    But he had NO problem playing those patronizing “we got yo back” ads on black radio stations because…we are supposed to have his back while he does not have ours? This was incredibly disrespectful. Obama just did the equivalent of throwing some chitlins and pot liquor out the back door of the white house.

  • Apple

    Blacks will be at the bottom no matter who’s the president , they just be a little higher at the bottom with certain ones

  • OSHH

    THANK YOU BEFREE for articulating the fine points, bottomline alot of black folks are worse off than they were four years ago, working and educated black folk, yet people expect them remain silent when basically the black community by and large has been ignored by this administration. Obama is a wealthy politician that caters to the wealthy.

  • Joy

    James then don’t vote for him…vote for Romney. I for one will be voting for Obama. Not because he’s black……but bc I think he has our best concerns at heart. I don’t agree with Romney’s general philsopy on anything….so I sure as h won’t be voting for Mitt. Especially bc of his position on woman’s issues.

  • Nila

    So what exactly is Obama supposed to do for black people? There is only so much that can be done for a community that is unwilling to take responsibility for their faults and prefers to point fingers. He can’t finish high school for you, or force you to take the initiative to go to college. America is the only country I know of that rewards their citizens for their hardwork and intelligence. And yet majority of blacks refuse to take advantage of this. You have nobody to blame but yourselves. It’s time to WAKE UP.

  • Joy

    edub: “chitlins and pot liquor?!? What’s that comment about. It’s simple….if you don’t agree with his stance, and with what he’s done then don’t vote for him come November. And see how far that will get you

  • jsajsa

    I definitely agree, he has no problem with addressing gay marriage or immigration! obviously he is not the president of black America but America which
    Includes us as well, so there was no need for him to state that a second time. Lets not kid ourselves, there has been presidents for white America for decades! Therefore black people have been left behind and need to catch up! We need for the President to help with that process, no handouts but bills passed, a new school curriculum that motivates more black people, with history from Africa as well, etc, etc. how about letting afew Haitians in, just like the Cubans who once are on dry land are able to stay in America. So no we don’t need for you to be the black president but we do need you to help start the process of us moving forward, Just help not do everything, because we have to help ourselves as well.

  • Joy

    OSHH: So please tell us in EXACT DETAILS exactly what you want President Obama to do for black folks. Guarantee each and every one of us a job, a new home, a new car? No president can guarantee this for everyone; nor does any president (I don’t care who it is) have complete control of the economy. And for the record LOTS of black people are doing quite well. So are, and some aren’t….it’s called life

  • Joy

    Nila: It’s because some people just don’t get it. Not all (but some) people have the sense of entitlement. Why (some) people think President Obama owes them something special is beyond me. He’s had to walk a fine line (and intelligent people know why)

  • Joy

    What I want to know is have people been questioning their LOCAL elected politicians as to what they’ve done? Because that’s where jobs, and the thrust of the economy begins. Also from what I’ve seen the CBC, NAACP and other so called black groups really haven’t done anything for the community of late. Yet (some) people think that President Obama was supposed to come in and suddenly save everything. How ridiculous!! And one more thing….did people demand special things for Clinton when he was in office for (2) terms??!!

  • Joy

    OSHH: Sounds as though you have a personal beef with the President as opposed to a real beef with his politics. Otherwise was it necessary to refer to him being half Kenyon. Lots of insecure people in the world

  • jamesfrmphilly

    are you a black person?

  • befree

    What do we want him to do? First knock off the condescending racially tinged rhetoric.. “What is he supposed to do for Black people”? No, the question is what is “How is he responding to his largest and most loyal constituency?”. Yes, folks black people are a constituency.. besides telling us to stop watching the Real Housewives @ in his Urban League Speech in July…

    Well let me give you an example and WHY Black Enterprise asked him about supporting black businesses”

    Bill don’t means a damn think if it doesn’t get to OUR communities.
    For example black businesses received a disproportionately small number of federal stimulus contracts. Why? What could the Obama Administration have done? They could have been more inclusive and closely track who receives government-financed work as they promised. This is critical in putting black folks back to work in their communities. Well-meaning federal programs and funding that never makes it to the our communities is not an accomplishment. You can’t point to “shovel ready jobs” if we never get a damn shovel.

    If the help ain’t reaching us, you can run off Bill, after Bill and it won’t make a damn bit of difference and we end up being label as lazy and looking for handouts. There was a racial disparity in the disbursement of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and the fruits of the stimulus bill did not reach groups who were suffering the most in the worst recession in decades.

  • befree

    Part 2 of my comment…

    Part of the Recovery Act attached the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (1987 Act) program. DBE programs aim is to make sure disadvantaged contractors have a fair opportunity to compete in the public works bidding process. Under DBC the national goal is at least 10 percent of federal highway and transit funds go to persons who qualify as disadvantaged small business operators. All black businesses were asking was it be ENFORCED. Enforcing the law is the primary job of the executive branch, right? All the Administration did was make a suggestion (in a letter) and not enforce. What about withholding the stimulus money if DBE was not being enforced? The language in the stimulus bill stated it was supposed to go to disadvantaged communities hit hardest by the recession. That’s us.
    You can’t just mandate that money goes into disadvantaged communities and not follow up. This is a perfect example of people touting an empty accomplishment without actually seeing if it actually made it to our communities. These were REAL jobs that should have been putting black folks to work. When a black reporter asked him about Black unemployment and his response was “a rising tide lifts all boats” disgusted me. If the tide doesn’t come in, nothing is going to rise. Like I said, pass any bill you want, but if it’s NOT making to us…. It’s WORTHLESS. How is it unreasonable to ask an Administration to enforce a federal Act? It’s not.
    Also part of Recovery Act money requires stimulus recipients to submit detailed data every 3 months about the progress of their projects and the number of jobs funded and their top salaries. It’s obvious who was getting their fair share and who DID NOT from the data.

    Honestly, doesn’t matter now because the money gone and so was an opportunity to put some black folks BACK to work

  • Echidiime

    As a card carrying, Starbucks drinking, NPR listening, ACA-supporting, composting and recycling New England liberal, you better believe my vote is solidly for Obama.
    I don’t do Republicans and/or Independents – sorry Mittens (…and Cornel West)

  • Gigi Young

    Ha! Why else did 98% of black voters turn out for Obama back in ’08, if not for the hope that he would lead us into the “Promised Land” mentioned by MLK? Obama stood on the backs of the Civil Rights leaders (who, incidentally, have been playing black America since the 70s), he did his code switching thing when speaking to black people to curry their vote, he’s profited from the pussyfooting media’s “OMG, anti-Barack=anti-black” rhetoric, he’s made friends with the proper names in hip-hop culture, name-dropped all sorts of stuff to seem “down”, etc etc….yet, any mention by black folks that they should reap the benefits of their time, grassroots efforts, money, and so on–just like the wealthy gays, Jews, Liberal elite, Hollywood Democrats, and immigrants–other black folks start spouting stuff that sounds exactly like Republican claims that black folks want a handout. So what is it? Either you voted for Obama because as a black man who claims solidarity with black America, you assumed he would hold the black American agenda close to his heart, OR you voted for him because you agreed with his politics, sans his ethnic background.

  • http://Har Neemah

    Obama is not black! He is biracial. Black America is still waiting for their first president.

  • Kacey

    No, I don’t expect him to be the president of Black America, but I also don’t expect him to simply take the black vote for granted and continuously scold and rebuke black people. He takes a certain patronizing tone with blacks that has bothered me for a very long time.

    Like many, I’m just not as enthused about this election as I was about the last. I’m not a Mitt Romney supporter but…I just might not bother to vote. It doesn’t seem to matter either way.

  • Who’s That Girl

    Thank you for speaking the truth. I do not worship Obama either. We need to care more about our community than Obama’s career. Obama is the president of all groups in America because he’s supposed to work for all of us. I refuse to endorse his silly statement. Backing that statement will silence our community and give politicians the green light to dismiss our community.

    I have already seen some of the damage that occurs from Obama using that statement. Everyday people started using that comment anytime an issue affecting the Black community was mention. These same people would also mention that the president needs to work for all Americans, which includes other groups and excludes us.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “please tell us in EXACT DETAILS exactly what you want President Obama to do for black folks?”

    show us some respect…….

  • Lauren

    I don’t expect him to be the President of Black America, but I do expect him to address our issues. He’s done stuff for the gay community and Latino community. He finally decided to something when he got a slight push back when he created that African American education initiative. I hope it actually does something and not just throwing money at a problem.

    At the end of day though, it’s our fault that it took the President this long to wake up. We don’t organize and put any pressure on politicians and we blindly vote Democrat. Before we expect anybody to do anything for our community, we have to do for ourselves. You know why the Civil Rights Act passed in 1965? Because we organized and fought for our rights and pushed the pressure on the government to make a change. What do we do now? We worry about what Lil Wayne, 2Chainz, and em are doing and when the new J’s are coming out. Until we as a community organize and get our priorities straight, we’ll always get left behind.

  • Who’s That Girl

    Thank you for speaking the truth. Obama is the president of all groups in America because he’s supposed to work for all of us. I refuse to endorse his silly statement. Backing that statement will silence our community and give politicians the green light to dismiss our community. We need a president that values all Americans.

    I have already seen some of the damage that occurs from Obama using that statement. Everyday people started using that comment anytime an issue affecting the Black community was mention. These same people would also mention that the president needs to work for all Americans, which includes other groups and excludes us.

  • befree

    According to the National Newspaper Publishers Association also known as the Black Press of America, President Obama is avoiding Black media outlets. This past June, the NNPA held its annual convention in Atlanta. One discussion panel, “Get Out the Vote,” became a venue of criticism over how this president and his administration deal with black owned media outlets. The Chicago Crusader, a member paper of the NNPA reports that, “African-American newspaper publishers expressed very strong displeasure over what they deemed the failure of the President Obama’s Administration to accommodate the needs of the Black Press.”

    The Crusader goes on to highlight the discussion as it unfolded. “The president has never spoken to us. He’s spoken to the Latino community…

    >>>>>This is the first president since Franklin Roosevelt that has not invited the Black Press to the White House (for an interview).” –Robert W. Bogle, Publisher of the Philadelphia Tribune and former NNPA President <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    “I have made several requests that we be allowed to have an interview. All 200 of us cannot get an interview with the president, that’s unreasonable…But for a national organization such as NNPA to not be allowed to interview the president, that’s unacceptable.” –Dorothy Leavell, former NNPA President

    But, it isn’t only President Obama that is avoiding the Black Press. The Crusader also reports that other African-American media outlets have experienced difficulties when it comes to getting interviews with the first lady. “Heart & Soul magazine, a health and fitness magazine for women of color, offered to place Michelle Obama on the cover but they, too, were denied an interview…”

  • ImJustSaying

    How many black people vote in the small elections? the ones for alderman? or Congressman for one? you know how you get ANY president to even think about doing “for you”? Vote in a support system that will encourage change in government. You cannot deny that Obama has the most unsupported system in place of Repubs Teabaggers and lackluster dems who are not trying to pass any bills to help anyone. Obama is the (somewhat) new head of a business that would rather let the Company (read:country) go down in flames than do something to make the boss look good. I went to the last election early thinking there would be a line or a wait. I was in and out in about 5 minutes and one other person was there voting all the volunteers looked bored and said they averaged maybe 5 people an hour. You have a problem with the way things are going for black people take the old white men out of congress and vote in some more black congressmen and women and Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Haitian, Jamaican …whatever too! You voted for Obama sat back and said “Ya’ll chill out he got it” then forgot that you have to do your part and your part is just as ongoing as his.

  • edub

    That’s exactly what I plan to do. As for your “see how far that will get you”, I bet you’d be one of those slaves who told on other slaves if you knew they were trying to learn how to read of saving up to buy their freedom.

    I’m not an emotional negro. I vote for my best interests. A president who can be the president of everybody else except black people does NOT deserve my vote. Point. Blank. Period.

  • aletha

    This is GREAT! Nila for President!!!

  • lol

    “I’m not a fan of this president or part of the flock simply because this man is half Kenyon”

    wow, is this the love of Christ on display?

  • lol


  • jamesfrmphilly

    “take the old white men out of congress”

    sounds good. how do you propose doing that?
    do you believe that black people are now a majority?
    are you aware of the amount of corporate money that supports the ‘old white men’? so tell me how black people are to change the composition of congress.

  • edub

    I actually don’t remember the majority of people sitting on their hands waiting for Obama to hand deliver them a check but I remember CLEARLY when people wanted to call Obama to task for his lack of inaction in dealing with things that BEFREE mentioned, people such as Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, were shouted down into silence. Many people who had the interests of black people on the agenda were sacrificed to make Obama look good. So, no, I don’t buy this argument.

    However, black people have played their final hand. Politically speaking we have spent our last tokens of influence and have given free license for all politicians going forward to keep the black agenda on the back burner. You know that SH*T is real when illegal citizens get more attention that you.

  • Val

    Very well said and I agree with you, Befree. President Obama has made the political calculation that Black Americans will support him no matter what. Hopefully Black Americans will understand that we got nothing for our votes for him in 2008, meanwhile other groups have been rewarded for their votes. Hopefully we won’t fall for the old okidoke this time around.

  • Regine

    BRAVO!! At the end of the day, President Obama is a politician like the rest of them and he will do and say anything to get re-elected.

  • Tracy

    And this is what scares me the most.

  • Mademoiselle

    Therein lies the crux of this year’s election. Romney alone isn’t a sure thing (much like McCain wasn’t), but the idea of an Obama administration motivated a lot of the “spectating” constituents to vote for “Hope” back in ’08. It’s 2012. Black people already know what it feels like to learn their hopes were pinned to a helium balloon–that hope flutters away in the wind to land somewhere no one cares to go looking for it. Obama just may realize that when he IS that bag of fleeting air, black people just might not come looking for his behind. If he believes he can win an election in a good ol’ boys club without keeping the motivation alive for the people who gave him a boost over the fence, then more power to him. I venture to say, though, without them, Obama is no more a sure thing than Romney, and that’s just on politics alone. When it comes to strategy and counting the chips that are stacked for and against you, he just might be fooling himself on how guaranteed his success may be after he alienates his constituents back into a “spectating” position.

  • Egypt

    Long gone are the days of MLK. We seriously need to start addressing our own issues instead of waiting for so called leaders to save the day. Because it’s not gonna happen. People went into the 2008 election with unrealistic expectations and now they’re baffled as to what happened. Some even going as far to say they would rather not vote for the Pres because clearly he’s not down with Black people…Really? Like Romney has our best interest at heart. The man can barely even stand close to one of us….

  • Mademoiselle

    Indeed , indeed, to your last statement about illegal residents. I believe the Obama administration has done less to give all legal citizens equal access to rights and benefits, than he has to give the Hispanic community a leg up in securing a new era of high-positioned politics. I expect to see a Hspanic ‘Dem candidate in the ’16 election to divide the presumed Hispanic allegiance to ‘Pubs, and if successful, the news will be replete with bill after bill directed at equitable treatment for the growing Hispanic population.

    This is not to say I have any qualms with the Hispanic community. I just believe Obama’s pandering has been a nod to them more than anyone else–after all, they’re on their way to becoming the majority in a few decades, right? Get their vote, and who would even need the black vote? The kicker is when the tide rises, they do much more to ensure as many of *them as possible are riding it.

    Being a *black politician doesn’t make him any different than being *a politician. At the end of the day, what he wants is to secure a job for the next four years (it’s a recession out there, people). If black people don’t have the clout to secure that for him, why would we expect him to spend a whole lot of time trying to see what they can do for him? Obama may just be the proof that *no one cares about black people. You’ll know when someone starts caring about black people when businesses start placing value on candidates who speak a language unique to black people. Until then, make sure you’re taking Spanish classes, familiarize yourselves with the history of Spanish colonization, and acquire a taste of latin food/music/culture because they currently hold the future of this nation in their hands.

  • ImJustSaying

    I’m out here making sure that everyone of my friends is registered to vote and giving rides to people to make sure they actually cast one. My small move in the right direction can make a difference if other people of all colors are stepping with me. As for black people being a majority not numbers wise but if all so called Minorities came together (black, Asian Hispanic Indian) white people would realize we are the Majority. If we stop waiting on White acceptance we could have corporate money to support us too. (and i bet you or someone else reading made a negative wtf face at that comment) We have to stop waiting on someone else to come up with the plan to save us all. Or maybe when someone DOES have a plan we support it by actually helping put it in motion.

    And one thing I know for damn sure is that Rommney/Ryan doesn’t have a plan for me to succeed in life.

  • ImJustSaying

    Here is a site to help give a clearer view of the candidate, I’m sure there’s a newer one out there but this is one of the ones I was using,

  • Who’s That Girl

    Thanks for sharing this information. The efforts Obama makes to avoid being around the Black community is sad. He is so afraid of the racist Republicans. I wish our country had more than two political parties to run for president (that can win). I would love to have more options for president. I want more than symbolism (the first Black president); I want a president that cares about all groups equally. Right now, I cannot support Obama. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils.

  • Rae

    So you’d rather the vote to go toward Mitt Romney…lol. Let’s see if he has our best interest in mind…..NOT!

  • edub

    We, as black people, need to send a message, not continue to support this nonsense. Obama does not deserve our vote.

  • edub

    Madamoiselle, you raise some excellent points and thanks for correcting my “illegal citizens” –oxymoronic, for sure!

    Yes, one thing hispanics have done is come to the US with a mission! They have communities, own property, and own businesses. They have established power and this can be seen in them having enough influence to demand that we give due justice to illegal residents.

    We have become irrelevant. Having our “first black president” has solidified that. As BEFREE mentioned earlier, after all of this is over, the Obama’s will still be fed. Their children will go on to some of the best schools in the world and will never have to experience a life that many in the black community will face. I am NOT excusing the bad decisions that black people make to put them in bad situations, but I am saying that we are sacrificing our long term successes for this short term gratification. We get a black couple in the white house and can, for a few years, project all of our insecurities and short comings on them. We can live vicariously through Michelle and Barack and pretend that we are only a phone call away from that kind of greatness. The only thing is that it is all fleeting and like we ALWAYS do, we build our nests on fleeting things.

    It’s really sad, actually. The only steaks on the grill we have are the guilt trips we can place on white folks but any helping hand we get from this point on will be patronizing. We shouted down our most vocal supporters for a squeaky clean Obama image. We gave him permission to not be the president of black people, we allowed him to put others in line before us and in the end, we get NOTHING.

    Oh well, at least we get our Obama commemorative plates.

  • Joy

    befree: Thank you for your INTELLIGENT reponse as to exactly what you want the President to do. You made some valid points about the Recovery Act

  • Joy

    edub”\: For the record….even if Obama never became President he was going to be well fed, and his daughters would attend the best schools. And I ain’t mad at him. Some people are going to be very successful, and some people are not (no matter who’s president)

  • Joy

    Egypt: I’m with you on why are (some) people waiting on the president to save them. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….why aren’t people questioning what their local elected officials are doing for their community (just like they are questioning Obama). Local grass roots politicians are the ones that are supposed to make sure their communities are operating at the upmost when it comes to jobs, infrastructure, community access to certain things, etc. Where’s the outcry for that? Sounds like most local politicians are getting a free ride

  • jamesfrmphilly

    local politicians have no chance against multi national corporations. hell, most national governments cannot control multinationals. only the power of the POTUS has a chance. black people voted obama in, why can’t we get some respect?

  • Joy

    James: Respect?!? Not all (but a lot of) black people don’t respect each other. So why should we expect other people to respect us? We don’t support each other’s businesses, and our young people are killing each other every day, in every large city in the country. So who’s fault is that….Obama’s? I think not. As a whole, as a people we are always making excuses, and blaming shortcomings on someone else. And no disrespect to you; but I don’t agree that local politicians can’t do anything to help the people in their communities. When I say local politicians I’m referring to city, and state elected officials. They are the ones that are supposed to lobby.

  • Joy

    edub: The problem I have with Tavis and West is that there have always been poor, and disenfranchised people, and always will be. Unfortunately that’s just a fact of life. Not everyone will be at the top of their game. Tavis and West waited until Obama got in office to get on their soap boxes, and scream to the world. Where were they when Bill Clinton was in office for (8) years? They went on every talk/news show including O’Reilly, and Hannity and I’m sure both O’Reilly, and Hannity were laughing at them under their breaths (because neither has the black community’s interest at heart). I’m not saying President Obama is perfect; but where was the outrage when other administrations were in office?!?

  • Leena

    I wonder if the problem is federal vs states rights at this point. Maybe something needs to be placed that dictates how states distribute things received federally.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “as a people we are always making excuses, and blaming shortcomings on someone else”

    your posts are full of self hate and spite.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i don’t know hoe old you are but there has been outrage at all administrations who have dis respected black people. maybe you were not around to know of it.

    if there were not so many black people hating on one another maybe we could get back to the strength we had in the sixties.

    you seem to do nothing but hate on other black people.

  • edub

    Joy, Tavis, especially, has been on the grind waaaay before Obama was in office.He feared (and rightfully so) that we would not hold Obama accountable. His motto was that just because one of “our own” was in office does not mean any fight has been won.

  • lol

    no they are full of truth.

    they are full of self-love and with it the recognizance that change comes and starts from within, within our communities and within ourselves.

  • lol

    fight against whom?

    we all know whose side Tavis is on.

    his own.

  • Paul


    More distraction.

    Could you ask people a more meaningless question?

    “Do black folks want President Obama to be the president of black America or of all America?”

    The question should be

    What do BLACK AMERICANS need to do to get what want it wants from from ANY so called President?

    If other “SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS” like oh say – the Business Community is able to get the likes Obama to do their bidding then you need to take a leaf.

    You need to become a counterforce whose power surpasses the power of money.

    Such counterforce were created in the social justice movements of the 60s and 70s and before that in the Labour Movement of the Great Depression era.

    The corporaions who funded Obama’s campaign, paid for his services in dollars, you want the man to work for YOU for a vote –

    for free.

    Not gonna happen.

    So, since you haven’t got the money to BUY the presidents services – you have to come wid suttin that’s MORE compelling than a dollar..

    Tip: a vote aint it.

    I refer you to how they got Rooseelt Kenedy and Johson to do suttin for dem.

  • OSHH

    To joy or whomever you are. My first and second comments were not about a personal beef, perhaps you have a personal beef with certain poster’s comments. If you can read and comprehend you should have clearly understood my points, as others have and did. Good day!

  • hmmmmm

    Thank you.

  • Kay

    You can be black AND biracial…Why is this hard to understand…smh…
    Halle Berry – biracial, clearly black.
    Rashida Jones – biracial, does not look black.

  • design

    Obama was chosen by the establishment, to further their interest,

    If we need a black president we will have to get one elected on his own agenda. Obama was never independent, he played the Washington game.

  • Isis

    No!!! He’s biracial not black. can’t expect him to be something he’s not

  • Sick

    No, he is NOT the President of just Black America, he is The President of all of America and that is how it should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Blackplanet Kenneth

    Not much on politics.Now what I do notice is white people always criticing Obama but not looking at how previous presidents done messed up lied about this and that then expect an point fingers at my brother.Only good thing that came out of presidentcy was the freeing of blacksfolk.

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