Like many folks who came of age in the 90s, I was an Aaliyah fan and was saddened by her unexpected death over a decade ago. While many artists have tried to fill her shoes and occupy the delicate space between hip-hop and R&B, few have been able to deliver. Because of this, most of us have continued listening to her music, and have often wondered, what if.

What if she was still with us today? What if she made another album? What if we could still catch a glimpse of her lipstick tomboy swagger?

Apparently, Drake has been wondering the same thing and he’s become obsessed with Aaliyah. I don’t quite get it, but he’s rapped about her often, has Aaliyah-inspired tattoos, and now, he’s producing an album full of Aaliyah tracks.

My first reaction was to wonder why. Why after all these years are we trying to reinvent Aaliyah’s voice when it lives on in her incredibly dope body of work? And why is Drake even involved?

In my mind, if anybody was going to shepherd a new Aalyah album into the world it would be her closest collaborators, Missy and Timbaland (he agrees), not a Johnny-come-lately like Drake.

But here we are with a new Aaliyah song that sounds…like a typical Drake song. Sparse, watered down, and not full of energy like Aaliyah’s signature bangers.

And frankly, I’m not really feeling it. Apparently, her brother isn’t either. Yesterday Rashad Haughton took to his Facebook page to announce that there is “no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family,” which is curious since Drake is releasing the album, and I assume, had to get permission from someone to use her voice.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this one will play out, but if I had my way we’d let Aaliyah’s work speak for itself and leave it alone.

What do you think of the song? Should Drake be in charge of an Aaliyah project or should Missy and Timbaland be involved?


  • Ad-lib Traveller

    You’re right. I don’t like Drake as it is. I certainly don’t like him using Aaliyah’s vocals on track that would have been much ‘fiercer’ had she created it. I couldn’t even listen to the whole track!

  • 726

    I like Aaliyah’s vocals on this track, but otherwise, the song is terrible.

  • Jessica

    I’m not really feeling it…it’s somewhat mediocre – not anything Aaliyah would’ve released.

  • edub

    I actually really like this song. It reminds me of night life in Dubai.

  • Jac

    I don’t like it and don’t see the point of trying to create the vocals of someone that’s passed on. No matter what, it’s not really Aaliyah.

  • JN

    Drake and his creepy a**….

  • shadow

    I don’t think there should be a project unless her family initiates it regardless if it’s Drake, Missy or Timbaland. I know it’s been a while since she passed, but they still lost a daughter & sister, we nor anyone else knows how they are still dealing with the tragedy. I’d be hot to death if I heard my child’s voice in some song I nor she had a say so in and she’s not even here to speak on it.

  • apple

    drake takes creepy to a new level. now he has her singing to him , its all full circle.. he got her voice, probably her hologram,peach ciroc and a tube of lotion

  • freebee33

    I like the song…but I feel like it is very Drake, basically it is alright but will be old after a few weeks. Aaliyah’s previous work is timeless..

  • nikki-t

    i agree, hows does he even know she would want to do a song with him?

  • Srenda

    RIP Aaliyah…please don’t turn in your grave over this. This song is so lazy. She carries the whole song and then he graces us with his corny assed rap style about…?!?! Stop it Drake…please. Don’t do this. Stick to getting Aaliyah tatoos and carrying her picture in your wallet fulla your millions.

  • saradoubleu

    I don`t know about night life in Dubai (maybe someday) but I really enjoy this song too. It`s smooth and it`s nice to hear Aaliyah`s voice again

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Something is definitely a little off about the song, maybe the fact that it even sounds like something drake would create himself. Its not the worst I’ve heard but its not a great song either.

  • yearle

    I think the track is fine. Sounds like a song that should playing on the radio. I am, however, creeped out by his constant references to her. And a tattoo? Really? Did he even know her? Idolization is always dangerous.

  • Duke

    LOL! That was so cold I caught a chill even though it’s 100+ degrees outside.

  • ohyeaohyea

    You had me flatlined on this, lol.

  • chanela17


  • Anon

    What an imposition he is? How dare he!

  • Aaliyah’s homegirl

    her lyrics are hot but the beat, heeeeellllll no!! and she wouldn’t be on a track with swearing like that com on now ugh, i can’t stand Drake’s Milhouse looking ayus

  • mymymy!

    he is idolizing her and with no regard or respect for her family and might i add permission?…This is a bit satanic to me, I mean like someone previously said no parent wants to hear that esp when their child is not alive to consent and they didn’t consent either, (but somebody had too) (fishy) i tell ya, but anyway it’s a place for ppl who idolize and worship anything other than God almighty…#hell

  • apple

    here you go with the god thing.. n*gga is just creepy please

  • Blasè

    at least he didn’t do that terrible whiny thing he does on songs that some call singing… didn’t know he had a thing for Aaliyah. that definitely makes this very creepy.

    in terms of quality if feels very unfinished. i’ve always found albums after death in bad taste. i never buy them or give the songs any attention.

  • Cee Cee

    I think it sounds okay. I love Aaliyah, she always seemed like a super sweet young woman, not that she was an amazing vocalist but she was an amazing performer!

  • LMO85

    LOLOLOLOL @Milhouse. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHLOLOLOLOL But agree with most of these comments. Drake needs to stop. It ain’t right, he is not and will never be at her level-so he is forcing the issue. It just ain’t right. The Haughtons need to be behind anything regarding Aaliyah anyway…

  • LMO85

    Check out her real work, not just the radio play–her vocals were always on point–melodic and mellifluous they way they rode the beat and lyrics of the song.

  • JN

    LMBO. Drake is really that creepy dude up the block who will never have a shot at you because his come-ons….just…cross all sorts of boundaries. Her remains are getting goosebumps about this right now.

  • LMO85

    @JN–YES he is that dude. UGH.

  • Fashion Territory

    I wanted to say thanks to you for this great read!!But I think the track is OK. Sounds like a song that should playing on the radio….I agree yearle’s idea.

  • binks

    LMAO! But I agree, something is seriously wrong here don’t get me wrong I still rock with Aaliyah she is still my fave but Drake is plain creepy because he is doing the MOST compared to the artists/people who knew her, worked with her and loved her due to their relationship. Drake needs to have a seat and I agree he should have asked the family permission (something is fishy how he got the okay), and I wholeheartedly agree that Timberland and Missy should be all over this NOT Drake.

  • Crystal J.

    I respect Drake on making the song. However, it’s no different from when artists use snippets of other songs in their songs. I see it as his tribute to Aaliyah. Music is art. He’s producing his own form of art with his own flavor. Simply like an artist drawing Aaliyah a thousand of times because they admire her beauty. On the other hand, if he is producing this album it shouldn’t be in her name. It should be from his perspective. Then again it is from his perspective. He created it from his point of view.

  • Jaznea Brumfield

    The beat is very catchy but this is nothing Aalyiah would come out with it defiantly a Drake song I wish it had a 90′s touch to it

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