Quiz: Are You Your Sister’s Keeper?

by Stacia L. Brown

In an increasingly self-centered society, it’s become rare to find a friend who’s willing to look out for you the way she looks out for herself. If you’ve got the kid of sister circle that will pick you up from the airport at 6am, feed you when you’re having a “ramen week,” or make sure you don’t spend the first night after a bad breakup alone, you’re way ahead of the game–and if you are that friend… well, let’s just say you deserve a parade.

Are you a no-sister-left-behind kind of friend? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Your girl is unexpectedly facing eviction. What do you do?

A. Everything you can do! Help her pack, help her move, look for new apartments, and/or let her move in with you for however long she needs to.
B. Ask if she needs anything and try to accommodate her requests, if they’re not too much for you to handle.
C. I tell her I’ll pray for her and maybe give her a small loan to help her get back on her feet.

2. It’s your anniversary. Your significant other has a great evening planned. An hour before he arrives, your close friend calls sobbing, saying she needs you. You can tell whatever she needs will take longer than the hour you have. What do you do.

A. Reschedule with your boyfriend. You’ve been with him long enough for him to know that you’re a “I’ll drop it all for y’all, if my homies call” kind of friend.
B. Explain that you can only talk for a few minutes. Listen while she explains her crisis, then think of a solution that doesn’t involve you changing your plans.
C. Tell her that any night other than tonight, you’d be right there with her, but unfortunately you’re unavailable right now.

3. You’ve been saving a large sum of money toward your future. It’s taken a few years, but you’re very close to your goal. Your bestie hasn’t asked, but you know she needs $1,500 to repair her broken-down car. Loaning her the money will set you back by two or three months. What do you do?

A. Give her the money. And, because she’s too proud/embarrassed to ask me for a loan, make it look like it came from an anonymous source.
B. Offer her half of what she needs. Tell her it’s all you can spare.
C. Help her problem-solve. Can she take public transportation to work and on errands? Can she make weekly installments toward the total cost? Give her a ride from time to time, if you’re headed in that direction.

4. You’re all set to take off on that two-week Mediterranean getaway you’ve been looking forward for a year. But two days before you leave, your close friend’s mom is suddenly hospitalized. The prognosis isn’t good, and your friend isn’t taking things well at all. She’s an only child and none of her relatives live nearby. What do you do?

A. See if the trip can be rescheduled or refunded. If so, do that. If not, make sure that you’ll have some way of staying in near-daily contact with your friend (preferably via Skype).
B. Clear my schedule for the next two days and sit with her at the hospital, then tell her, with apologies, that I’ll visit again in two weeks.
C. Tell her I’m so sorry and I’ll be thinking of her while I’m away.

5. You and your good friend have your eye on the same guy. You agree to wait until he makes a move on either of you. Whichever he chooses gets the date; the other backs off. He chooses your friend, not you. What do you do?

A. Talk her up to him, whisper congratulations to her, and keep your word by backing off.
B. Back off unless he also asks you out. Then, ask if she’s comfortable with you going out with him, too–since it seems like they’re still pretty casual.
C. Unless they’re getting serious, there’s no harm in flirting. If it leads to anything more, go on a date without mentioning it to her. Maybe he needs to reevaluate his initial preference.

  • Patience

    I could only answer one question. The rest of the scenarios likely wouldn’t happen in my life, and the answers given are ones I would never chose if the situations did happen.

  • Mademoiselle

    b, b, c, a, a… I’ve been slowly gravitating towards the “every woman can fend for herself” party. It sucks to be your sister’s keeper, but not be kept by your sister in return. So no more putting my life on pause to take care of someone other adult’s issues. That’s what her family is for, so unless you’re my actual sister (and I don’t have any), don’t count on me to be your lifeline because I know from experience it won’t necessarily be reciprocated.

  • Reecie

    I’m a mix between A and B. I think thats a good place to be

  • African Mami

    I am my sister’s keeper, NO DOUBT!

  • http://itsoftenbeensaid.wordpress.com Sasha

    For my blood sisters, A’s all the way but since this was geared towards girlfriends I got mostly B’s.

  • http://crystalmeth-odology.blogspot.com/ Crystal

    I’m mostly C’s and the C describes me to a tee! Crazy!

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