Yesterday I couldn’t scroll through my Facebook newsfeed without seeing former high school basketball star Tony Farmer’s name pop up.

Farmer collapsed in court yesterday after hearing that he’d spend the next three years in prison after pleading guilty to robbery, assault, kidnapping and intimidation of the victim stemming from the April attack of his ex-girlfriend. Famer’s attorneys were hoping the 18-year-old standout would get probation, but the judge took Famer to task for his horrendous actions, noting that any opportunities he lost were at his own hands.

I agree. But judging by the multiple Facebook statuses wondering why the system was trying to ruin the life of yet another promising black man you would have thought Farmer was wrongfully convicted. Only…he wasn’t.

Farmer was caught on tape punching, kicking, and dragging his ex-girlfriend (a black teen) out of her apartment complex by her hair. If that wasn’t enough, after she sought an order of protection against him, he continued to send her threatening messages that he might do her more harm.

Hero? Methinks not.

While folks questioned whether or not the judge ruined Farmer’s career, I wondered what happened to our values.

Too often athletes and entertainers—of all hues—are given slaps on the wrist for behaviors the rest of us would surely spend some time in jail thinking about. And wondering how Farmer’s prison sentence will affect his future basketball career is not only shortsighted, but also telling.

Farmer’s family, teachers, coaches, and even the victim asked the judge to go easy on him, claiming that he was a good guy who just made a mistake. And while he might have been a decent young man who let his anger get the better of him, those are the breaks. If you punch, kick, and drag someone out by the hair instead of having a conversation with them, then you might as well prepare yourself for a few summers behind bars.

Although Farmer’s reaction to his prison sentence was difficult to watch, seeing him assault his ex-girlfriend was even worse. I hope he uses this time to rethink his decisions and commit to being a better man. But I have no sympathy for men who brutally attack black women, even if they are one of the top basketball prospects in the nation.

  • Kacey

    I read about this yesterday and I did not feel one iota of sympathy for this monster-in-training. He could’ve/would’ve killed that girl, and that would have only been the beginning. I am so tired of hearing stories about young black women getting beaten senseless/set on fire/killed by these psychopaths in our communities that are protected and excused and treated like some type of endangered species.

  • Fasho

    Wow he really beat that young lady. He needs to go to jail. He harmed his future not the judge. Stop giving these atheletes a pass. He’s prolly not even worried about school he’s only sad about not being able to play basketball.

  • Barbara

    “What happened to our values…” INDEED, you are so right.

  • sandrasanders

    Seeing this video of him assaulting her and her reaction before he even touch her tells me this was not the first time he has done this. Thank god for the cameras, everyone is talking down on the victim because of his basketball statics. And for him to make threats while on bond shows me he has not addressed the problem or situation he has got himself into and the Judge was very lenient towards his case……Jer29:11

  • Val

    This is the Genarlow Wilson case all over again. Everyone was so busy trying to look out for Genarlow Wilson that they forgot about the teen girl that he was convicted of raping.

    I just hope that this time people realize that this guy is a criminal and deserves to be behind bars. And the girl that is his victim is the one that needs help.

  • Nae

    THis is a very sad situation…PERIOD…

  • Le

    Wow! How can we have sympathy for such a person…hoping he only gets probation..& some ppl believe he was wrongfully convicted ? Are we serious?! He can surely kiss his basketball career goodbye..because as the saying goes “do the crime ,you do the time”!

  • Cee Cee

    It is a tragedy in all ways. This young man made a horrible decision, the video was heartbreaking. The sentence was fair (if not too lenient). I hope that both the young lady and Farmer get the help they need. They are young and both can still have productive successful lives…but they cannot do it alone they need a supportive and nurturing community and family.

  • Yb

    This male is pathetic. Beats and drags his girlfriend, kicks her in the head, and then has the audacity to act surprise and collapse when he receives jail time. Wow. Lemme rob a bank and act brand new when I get thrown in jail.

    It’s very telling of the black “community” that we rally behind the dangerous violent male instead of the woman who is a victim. SMH

  • Brain

    wtf are you talking about? Wilson didn’t rape anyone.

  • CeeCee

    I agree he does not deserve any sympathy, but a lot of people have not seen the video of him beating his girlfriend down. I read a lot of comments on blogs and news sites where people said they did not even believe he did it. I wish they would post the surveillance video on more websites for people to see.

  • gmarie

    yep! the way she flinched and attempted to run it’s pretty clear she was afraid of him, and he’d been abusive in the past.

  • Val

    No, the question is; wtf are you talking about? You cannot argue against facts with opinion. Here are the facts;

    He was convicted and served two years for raping a 15 year old girl. Those are the facts.

  • edub

    Awesome article, Brittni! All I have to say is…COSIGN!!

  • edub

    That video was disturbing. I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. That first punch was so hard that it knocked her on her back…AND HE DID NOT STOP. And he had the audacity to do it in a public area. This is savagery in it’s purest form.

  • chanela17

    it’s only 3 years tho!!

  • Patience

    The BC needs to get it together and women and girls need to learn that the men/boys who they defend would NOT do the same for them.

  • binks

    Bingo! We truly value and celebrate the wrong things in this world. Big whoop he can shoot a basketball it doesn’t take a rocket science to do it, we seriously need to stop coddling these individuals who chose to do these actions and must face consequences.

  • Denise

    Oh Wow…this must have been what my mom felt like when my dad would beat the hell out of her for no reason. I am sad for the both of them but he was wrong. Do you all think the judgement would have been different it were a make judge? I do…unless he has a daughter.

  • Denise

    I meant do you think the verdict would have been different if the judge had been a man. I do…especially if he has daughters. Sorry…long day.

  • ladivee

    THANK YOU!!!! I could not understand why this was being shared on facebook…alot of people felt that this boy was being railroaded…I think the Judge was right in sentencing him to prison. I hope he learns his lesson.!

  • The Comment

    “Come to think of it, no wonder he thought is was okay to manhandle her like that.”

    Good point. That is why the judge said that she needs help too. Matter fact the whole family needs help. Up there begging for leniency. Like they poor as hell and eating out of dumpsters and basketball is his only hope.

  • Hmm……

    The black community is always sticking up for people like him. It’s disgusting, R. Kelly, Mike Tyson, Michael Vick, Genarlow Wilson, Chris Brown. They don’t care about victims or justice. All they care about is keeping another brother from going to jail. There are consequences for bad behavior. Deal with it. These are ways the BC fails at self-policing. Failure of self-policing is one of the reasons why many bad neighborhoods are full of thieves, rapists, and drug dealers. Some folks don’t want to turn these criminals in because they think the men are good guys deep down.

  • Isis

    No sympathy at all. he deserves what he got

  • Coatl (@coatlflo)

    as a community we need to understand the angle of restitution. putting someone behind bars, in a culture that breeds violence and treats inmates violently is definitely NOT the answer. we are not innately violent people. we have to unlearn all these messages and images that sanction violent acts by some and not by others. violence is violence. p.s. i could care less about his professional fallbacks.

  • JoannaH

    Sad situation – even sadder to see the victim crying and begging for the judge to NOT sentence him to jail time because “he needs help.” Sure he needs help, but what he did is a crime. Jail is his punishment. He needs a consequence for making a terrible decision.

    Seriously this video needs to be shown to high school age kids. It doesn’t matter how mad you are, you don’t have the right to put your hands on anyone. Ever. One bad situation can cost you your dreams (and that goes for the Farmer and his girlfriend).

    I’m glad he’s not going to the NBA. A temper like this matched with a lot of money, groupies, and an inflated ego could have cost someone their LIFE at his hands.

  • The Comment

    Alright. Now I saw homeboy beat up a woman. What do you see? Please highlight in the video footage (like @ 1:08 where his foot is about to kick her in the head) where you see a serious need of restitution?

  • Ms. Information

    I don’t get the overwhelming surprise by the assailant…did he really think that his basketball skills would keep him out of jail? When keeping it real goes wrong…

  • Oshun Imhotep

    Phone too small…meant to say THUMBS UP!!! Black Male plus sports figure equals instant dismissal of savage behavior.

  • YeahRight2011

    Her parents are still married and she is the youngest of 6 children. He beat her up because she broke up with him for hitting her in the first place. Doesn’t hurt to shaddup sometimes.

  • apple

    val are you from new orleans? your eyes look familar

  • Really?

    You know what he was getting at with this comment. He is saying that there are black women to blame for him acting like an idiot.

    It’s the girl’s fault.
    It’s his mother’s fault for their being no father.
    It’s the girl’s mother’s fault.

    From reading his comment, you can see that he thinks that there is a black woman somewhere that is actually responsible for this boy’s actions.

  • ChillyRoad

    So this isn’t an issue of right and wrong but an issue between men and women in the community? Why must you use these tragedies to plug your ideologies?

  • ChillyRoad


    Can I also mention that the black community is primarily comprised of black women and children. Nothing stopping the majority of this community standing up for victims. You don’t need the help of black men or white feminist since these two groups are inherently valueless to your life as a black woman. As a matter of fact, you should use the strategies of older white feminist to stand up for female victim of crime in the black community.

  • Salmon

    Sympathy? Aren’t there basketball courts in the prison yards? He can go live his dreams in there. I’m sorry, but HE DERAILED HIS OWN FUTURE. And he had some type of nerve to act like a damsel in distress. Really, Hollywood, did you just faint?

    I will agree that he does need help. This man has a lot of anger that he needs to unpackage and deal with. No sympathy, no self control, and no awareness of the damage he’s caused… he could have killed that girl…

  • Really?

    And I used “their” instead of “there.” Don’t you hate when you mix those things up?

  • YB

    Queen of New castle? Is that you?

  • rvaesq

    Great read until the very last sentence. I have no sympathy for men that attack women of any race or nationality. Simple

  • packing

    I agree after watching the video he should have gotten more time. I have four daughters and 5 granddaughters and God only knows what I would do if a person like this shell of a man attacked them the way he did this young lady. It is time for people to stop defending wrong and stand up for what is right and this is clearly wrong. Let’s see what a tough guy he is when he the doors are locked and he’s sharing space with hardened criminials .

  • Shelly

    He didn’t rape anyone. He was videotaped having “consensual” oral sex with a 15 yr old girl and he was 17. There was no force or rape in that case. Just videotape and drunk kids on new years eve.

  • Val


    Then explain why he went to jail for two years.

  • Val


    Nope, I’m not from New Orleans. I wish I was. I love the culture there.

  • Kai

    I am not surprised that he gagged the way he did. Because he was in future basket ball star mode, he just KNEW he was going to get probation. But when he heard that judge read a sentence of three years, he got an electric shock. His brain focused on nothing but fear and shock. I noticed when she read the second verdict, his knees buckled a little. He kept asking his lawyer about the years in dis-belief. Once it actually sank in, he fainted. It was too much for him. He imagines how all those years would be, because he was just in jail when he was initially arrested, he knows how it was for that short period and when he realized he would have to go through that for years, his body shut down.

  • Really?

    Nope. He and his 4 homeboys “ran a train” on a barely conscious girl who was obviously too out of her mind from drugs or alcohol to consent to anything. After they finished with her, they dumped her on the bathroom floor like trash. I guess that’s just good ole consensual fun to you. It’s disgusting misogyny to me. There was a video of it that they showed in court. I guess people can tell the difference between 5 people taking advantage of a girl too inebriated to consent and good ole fun. He deserved everything he got. The BC turned around and rewarded him with a scholarship. They tried to make him another victim of the white justice system. It’s sickening how the BC sticks up for these sick men when they deserve jail.

    That’s why I say they fail at self-policing. If we had our own country, it would probably turn into Rwanda during their civil war. What kind of country could we have when he have so many black people making excuses for a child molesters, rapists, wife beaters, drug dealers, and murderers. Look these people are scum. You should be happy that they get put in jail so that they don’t rape your daughters or recruit your son into their gang. It’s amazing the excuses people come up with boys like him.

    What about the victims? Oh that’s right. People don’t care about black girls because they’re just called fast. I bet people hated the victims for putting another brother in jail. Why do you all get upset that Nancy Grace doesn’t put little missing black girls on her show? Y’all don’t care about black girls. Why do you think white people should?

  • Fustrated with our men

    This is one time i have to admit justice was served up well cooked…I as a black man am so tired of seeing these young punks with no morals or values. They think that the world owes them breaks they don’t deserve!!! I am 47 years old and my parents told me dont put your hands on no one not even your dog! or you will reap what you sow! I am so glad my folks whipped my butt in to shape and got me for the world these fools out here scare the hell out me . If the judge is reading these blogs…Lady Don’t you loose not a nights sleep about handing down that 3 piece dinner to him…. he deserved that and more… GOd i wish i was on the bench he would have gotte more for being stupid…he knew better,,,,i now damn well someone in his life has told him about how to treat woman…this is what you get more not listen..Brothers you better listen and shape up!!! Our values have gone to the wrongs place… he can sit and run from bubba for three years…Oh he might be able to sit for a while!

  • pov

    Yeah what he did was twisted. But as ugly as it is, as far as I know she didn’t suffer any serious damage. Given that, 3 years seems too much. I’d say a year, a hefty fine. counseling and another year of community service.

  • YeahRight2011

    You’re right.

  • Salmon

    Well, damn, what needs to happen in order for you to take this DV incident seriously? ..have her dragged out into the parking lot to be run over by an SUV? SMDH.

  • Jess

    surprisingly, i actually agree with pov. i don’t see how this guy should get 3 – 5 years when more violent, debased criminals get less (like pedophiles, etc). i think that this young man mst definitely deserved to convicted of assault (i’m still trying to understandthe kidnapping charge – where did that come from? did i miss something?) but 3 years in prison will not only NOT rehabilitate him, but will make him much worse, angrier and possibly more violent. the young lady is too nice, and wants the best for this guy, and is innocent enough to believe that a more lenient sentence will cause the youn man to seek counseling on his own, and ultimately change.

    unfortunately, i don’t believe that could happen without lehal intervention – i think the young man needs to be court ordered into 6 months minimum security jail, 1 year required anger management classes and mental therapy, and rehab, with 1 year of court ordered community service with women’s help groups and public lecturing across his city on the wrongs of domestic abuse and his role in the wrong – all should berequired with the threat of 3 years jail time if not completed.

    In this case, jail is not the answer, but rehab, therapy and community service under strict supervision – we keep throwing people into jail only to have them come out more violent and angry when they went in.

    this whole case makes me sad because they are both so young – youth is for enjoying life and youthful freedom, not being so caught up in romantic relationships that you let them drive you crazy.

  • df

    LOL…people are acting like he had a full ride to John Hopkins School of Medicine or something….even if he did, HE RUINED HIS OWN LIFE already. The system just delivered some type of consequence/punishment for his actions which is the least his victim could ask for. He deserved even more time but whatever. Hopefully while he’s in prison he can grow up and reflect and focus on the terrible things he did and ask God for forgiveness because he is our ultimate judge.

  • echidiime

    I would like to know what kind of self-respecting father would allow her daughter – after that kind of beating – to go back and beg for leniency on behalf of this anti-social fellow.
    That was a horrible, horrible beating that was meted out by a depraved young man. The way she ran immediately she saw him and then cowered and tried to protect her head as he continue to intimidate and pummel her was reminiscent of Ike Turner. Where did her learn this type of behavior from? The video was chilling.
    I wonder what would have happened had this not been caught on tape.


    I have no sympathy for the.. The fucked up part is Rihanna looked like she got the shit beat outta her and Chris brown was at the next award show dancing….

  • Tea

    If it was a White would he have got the same sentencing……..? I think not it happens everyday with almost every basketball not just blacks. It only seems what is brought to light is when the black is put in front of the lights. The girl that took the beaten even said that she did not want him to go to jail. NOw how will he provide for his family that is upon him. Think future not present that mans life is ruined over a domestic volience charge. Charlie Sheen is a alcoholic, pothead, powder sniffer and he still is placed on tv and still making millions. WHen its on the opposite foot like CHris Brown and Rhianna then it gets aired world wide and people set up campaigns. smh (shaking my head) or when black people say nigga the White man wants us to stop saying a word which was giving by the White man aamd they use it against us.

  • minna k.

    I hear you about a violent prison system but, No! He deserves jail and a hard lesson. Dare i say even that i feel that he deserves to have to contend with grown ass men his OWN SIZE, that may be a little more likely to show him who is really the boss and the b****.

    Obviously, the people around him have been coddling, and supporting the violent behavior that he had shown in this video. No one in in circle seemed to care about his ex girlfriend in that manner, not even the ex girlfriend (which is the saddest part) and who knows what other kinds of casual aggression he has gotten away with.

    I know i’m being hyperbolic when i say this , but IMO,( and personal experience) the male athletic/academia culture breeds these kinds of monsters. He is their cash cow. Their claim to wealth and status. Their investment. The second coming of Le’Braun.

    Probation and a lighter sentence would have taught him that he was invincible, and may even get away with murder in the future. A lighter sentence would show the public just how value-less the young woman was in the larger scope.

  • MimiLuvs

    The last time I’ve check, Chris Brown did not rot away in a jail cell, after his assault against Rihanna. In fact, thanks to constant support of his fans, other industry people and the sick fame that the incident has given him, Chris is not going to be standing on a soup-kitchen any time soon.
    Second point that I wanted to say: Just because this young woman had wanted her ex-boyfriend’s sentence to be light, does not mean she wanted him to get off “Scott free”. Plus, you have to consider if the victim was told by other people to help Farmer receive a lighter sentence.
    And in regards to Charlie Sheen, he is doing more harm to himself and will soon reap what he sows. The only people who are “supporting” his behavior are the same people who are proverbially salivating while waiting to see Charlie fall.

  • MimiLuvs

    P.S. If Farmer’s family is in need of financial help, the last thing they should’ve done was put all of that stress, on a teenaged boy’s shoulders. As well as, try to live off of hopes & dreams that was too far off from happening.

  • Lady P

    I have no sympathy for this one. He seems to have gotten caught up in the “I’m untouchable” syndrome. Being a star athlete, having teacher’s support after during wrong, and committing “obvious” misconducts [beat downs & social media threats]. He collapsed in court because he thought he would receive yet another hall pass. This star athlete’s behavior would have continued or became worse because the more fame he would have received, the more “untouchable” he would have deemed himself to be. If prison doesn’t humble him, then I’m not sure what will. I commend the judge for his decision on this particular case.

  • Salmon

    Personally, I don’t see how community service will assuage violent behavior. How does picking up trash (which is what convicts are assigned) on the side of the rode improve interpersonal skills?

    And I’m sorry but past failures of the court i.e. lenient sentencing for past violent crimes should not be left unaddressed and repeated; reduced sentencing? please. three years for this young man is not enough in my opinion. Hopefully this case sets some sort of legal precedent so physically and sexually violent offenders won’t get off so easily.

    I’m all about transformative justice (anti-DV services, working with the perp) & all… chances are he grew up in a violent household and that why he acts the way he does… but currently those services are still being developed and are not available unless you are in the San Francisco/Bay Area and maybe a select few cities. With that said jail time is the most feasible option.

  • Really?

    @SMH – and that is exactly what I mean about you laying the blame for him acting like an idiot on a woman. That’s so stupid. Sure you call him stupid, but you are still laying the blame for his actions mostly on his mother for not raising a good person. No. These idiots know what is against the law. You excuse makers are sickening like these men don’t know you can’t beat people up, selling drugs is illegal, murder is illegal, or rape. Like their mothers told them that stuff was okay or something. These idiots know the law. They know right from wrong. You are sitting here trying to absolve criminals because mommy didn’t do right. The majority of black men were raised by single mothers. Somehow many of them have enough freaking sense to not go around beating up women or doing all the stupid stuff that these idiots do. No. I hold people accountable. You want to sit here and fuss about how BW need to stop having babies oow, and I agree. But you making excuses for people who know right from wrong and choose wrong is disgusting. Well you only make excuses for BM. You say BW should have kept their legs closed. Did you blame that white man’s mother after he shot up that theatre in Colorado? No. You didn’t. You people are so annoying. To you Everything wrong with black communities is because of black women. These men are destroying their own neighborhoods not because mommy didn’t raise them right but because they willingly chose a life of crime.

    Wah wah – I chose to be a criminal because mommy don’t raise me right.

    Wah wah – I chose to be a thug because I saw all the pretty women chasing after the thugs.

    Wah wah – I cheated because another woman threw herself at me.

    Wah wah – I am not my own person and can’t make decisions. I know the law but break it anyway.

    That’s so pathetic. You all get on the web and whine about how BW are horrible leaders and mothers because the community was so much better off when men were leading, but you all show no leadership capabilities. Even many of the so called good ones are making excuses. It’s always someone else’s fault. The white man or the black woman.

  • my0micro0world

    This story is indeed tragic in many ways, which most everyone has covered. As a white 45 year old man, I find another tragedy in this: I have known (worked with) some wonderfully kind and gentle black college athletes who do NOT deserve to be looked as as, ‘ Black Male plus sports figure equals instant dismissal of savage behavior” stereotype. They are funny, kind, smart, of course VERY fit, and deserve to be treated like a REAL sports hero should be treated. They did all the right things and then some, but because of this stereotype (and the brutal behavior it embodies) they will be tagged by bigots (black and white!) as such stereotype. That is not fair, but this bully’s behavior perpetuates the acceptability factor by the public. He just SICKENS! me!!!!

  • http://yahoo sandrasanders

    It does sound like it is about the money from the basketball,instead of the free education and setting an example to other youths. Where is the morals and humanity for others today it is all about $$$$$ not respect towards human beings….I just hope he gets rehabilitated and learned from his decision,maybe his purpose is to be an advocate for domestic violence with other athlete in the sports industry.With all that being said my prayers go out to Tony Farmer and Andrea Lane……

  • ChillyRoad

    Deflection, is that you? Say what you want but as black women we have a lot to learn and we are positioned to take the reigns of the black community but if its more productive to come on Clutch and bang our keyboards, we will be saying the same things 30 years from now. Maybe from Mars though.

  • The Comment

    On a side note. I love the slow mo of soon to be Mr. New Booty Queen fall down. His lips quivering like a 3-yr-old who missed the ice cream truck. The two deputies looked @ him like. “Man! Get yo p*nk azz up. You know you had no business hitting that girl. Get up!”

  • ChillyRoad


    Are you suggesting black men of high status should get the same white-wash as white men who commit the same crimes against women?

    Charlie Sheen does have a long history of violence againts the women who have crossed his path. Ben Rothenburder, a quarterback for the Steelers beat three rapes allegations against him.

    Whats the point, men of status are given a pass in society. In fact people of high status are given a pass in our society. Its the world we live in but after having seen that video of Tony Farmer, he deserves every year he gets.

  • fred saxon

    just another monkey

  • misscharmaine

    Whenever you take a person from one place or even room to another without their permission, it’s kidnapping. That’s why so many people are convicted of kidnapping along with rape when they drag a victim behind a building or even from one room to another. I can’t wait to see how he feels when they do to him in prison what they did to her. They should have put him under the jail.

  • Anonymous

    “… I have no sympathy for men who brutally attack black women”. So is it okay to brutally attack women that aren’t black?

  • MimiLuvs

    Farmer is lucky to have been hit with some jail time. He could’ve been murdered, in retaliation.

  • Stephon

    Most of you are missing the true argument here. No one is justifying what he did as being okay, and certainly no one is justifying him on behalf of him being a good basketball player. What he did was wrong, period. The big issue here is the punishment he’s serving is steep for a person who has NEVER had any priors. We don’t care about him playing basketball, we care about him being wrongly charged because he’s a basketball player. The judge made an example out of him. Did y’all know she’s up for re-election here soon? Everyone truly knows he made a mistake that should have cost him probation, counseling, anger management, suspension for his team, etc, but no felonies and jail time.
    If y’all can reply to this and tell me that if Tony Farmer was a regular kid, that he would have gotten 3 years in jail, then that just means you’re not being realistic at all.
    We all have values, this is way bigger than basketball, this made national news because of his status, the judge did a wonderful job.

  • J Rich

    It is Sad that iin 2012 We look at Race in the Court cases instead of facts..
    Yes the Judge was a White Woman, THE VICTIM is a Beautiful Black Teenage Woman, that deserved to be treated with respect, The Basketball Player should have respected that she wanted to break up, He hit her before her friends all say, He and his Family and Coaches should have gotten him “help” anger management then,
    He is LUCKY he did not hurt her permanently a blow to the head can do much damage.
    He is lucky he has so much support..
    It would be nice to see him remorceful, INSTEAD he called the victim after a COURT order was in place and said he should have hurt her worse…

    MY Husband would have had alot to say to a Court if his Black Daughter was violently kicked, hit, punched by this Ball Player, AND he loves Basketball…
    We would not support our Black Son hitting a Woman of any race, asian, Black, White, Mexican .
    She wanted to break up not see him anymore, LOVE does not mean hurting her to control her… I hope he learns this lesson now.

  • Really?

    I change my screen name sometimes maybe because I’m a fatherless overly sensitive buffoon that breeds bastard children. You forgot to call me fat or ugly.

    Anyway anyone who reads your comments can see your line of thinking. Here is an 18 year old who knows right from wrong beating up on a woman and you’re saying his mommy didn’t raise him right. Yea because the average single black mother is raising her son to think it’s okay to beat women or that he will get away with it. Being fatherless makes you think that it’s okay to break the law. There are lots of people who simply aren’t that stupid. You are definitely saying it was because he wasn’t raised right and BW are to blame. I am saying that too many BM have more common sense than him. Why is it that you are saying his idiocy is showing the problem with single mothers? Are the BM out there not beating women or dealing drugs rare unicorns and double rainbows? Are they showing the success of single moherhood lol? No. There are plenty of black men who seem to know you don’t beat people. They aren’t dealing drugs or gangbanging. For some reason not having a father didn’t make them think it was okay to break the law. So I think when a small minority of BM decide to beat women it’s is more because of their stupidity and personal savagery.

    You don’t see how my reply before was connected to your comment where you blame BW for spawning degenerates? You said BW are to be largely blamed because these men are raised by single mothers. I said men who act like idiots know better. They know there are consequences for bad behavior. What are they in elementary school?

    Single mother households are not ideal and should be stopped. I agree with you. You know I can do that easily since I have not birthed any degenerate bastard children, but that is not really the reason these kids are so bad. These kids are definitely not getting the best raising possible. Their mothers coddle them and don’t make them perform well in school so that they can go to college. That might lead to a life of being blue collar and working class but not crime. The reason these boys act this way is because they are influenced by bad black men in their neighborhoods and in the media. He probably thought his girlfriend was just another b***h and hoe. And you know b****hes ain’t sh*t but h**s and tricks as Dr. Dre says. Basically we have a culture that glorifies misogyny and crime. Now you might say that it proves your case about fathers being necessary. Sure. Fathers are necessary but this is happening where I am from and two parent households with black people are not uncommon. We basically have bad culture nowadays that influences our people but especially black boys in a negative manner.

  • Child, Please

    Interesting. I think what this conversation highlights is how people define rape. In Georgia, rape only covered vaginal sex. By law, oral and anal sex (the latter of which i believe is still illegal) weren’t thought of when the law was written. Since he was found to have had oral sex with the girl, they charged him with statutory rape since she was under the legal age of consent. Since it was oral, most people more than likely don’t view it as “real sex” (I think clutch had a story on that recently). Which brings up the other side and confusion. To someone who deals with rape cases or has studied it and has basic knowledge of it, it’s rape regardless because the girl -whether or not she was of legal age to consent – was under the influence. I do remember talk of the 17-year-old girls, but I can’t remember whether or not they were the same girls who were involved in the act, but were actually 15 or whether or not the jury just didn’t see that particular aspect of the case because it was dropped. I also have to add part of the reason the case was controversial was because of the underlying racial undertone of a black male raping a white female, in which the jury and others felt he would receive a harsher than normal punishment. I also have to point out the interesting thing is much of what was reported then isn’t on the website (AJC) anymore. So, unfortunately we really truly won’t know what happened to the 17-year-old girls that were mentioned.

  • Salmon

    No one missed the “true argument here”; we’ve all challengied the history of dismissing DV as not a big deal (esp athletes, celebs, etc). Kids who cut school get community service; adult men he beat their girlfriends get sentenced three years. end of story

    &If he was a “regular kid” he wouldn’t be beating his ex-girlfriend like he’s going for the Olympic gold in tae kwon do. Still no sympathy for this young man & the sentencing was just fine if not too lenient.

    And the only people “that knows he should have gotten off on probation” are the one’s aren’t at heightened risk for sexual or physical assault.

  • Salmon

    Furthermore, you suggested suspension from the team as a punishment for DV? Being dismissed from the team is WAY too lenient, but you suggest SUSPENSION.

    Absolutely ridiculous. And you know what, the judge made an example of him, because he made a fool of himself. His status? I’m a big time basketball fan, and he was never on my radar. I mean top 100 is cute and everything, but he would have never be drafted by a championship contending team. So stop with all of that. He’s not Shabazz Muhammad or Nerlens Noel and ZERO so please stop depicting him as some kind of bball prodigy; he isn’t really a big deal.

  • James

    “But I have no sympathy for men who brutally attack black women,…” Does this mean it is okay with you if they attack women from other racial and ethnic groups?

  • thequietvoice

    if it’s consensual, why are you putting it in quotes?

  • thequietvoice

    that’s what I’m saying. His life isn’t over. He’ll leave when he’s like 21. He still has time to get his act together and go to college, make something of himself. He needs to grow the hell up.

  • CurlyBunnie

    Can’t see the video on my iPad. :( I wonder if the ex-girlfriend was coerced into pleading for a lighter sentence for him out of fear from the usual neighborhood thugs. Are they going to blame her for his going to jail? I hope it was her fear of retaliation instead of her stupidity.

  • Afia

    What I find interesting is how folks NEED to see video tape. I believe innocent until proven guilty. But I can’t help but notice how black women are shamed and derided when they turn to the law. It becomes a time to bash black women when a black man is in handcuffs due to his own misdeeds.

    There won’t always be a video available. Black women get beaten behind closed doors everyday. We need to accept that violence against black women is a real issue. Every black woman isn’t out to “bring a good black man down”.

  • edub

    All it takes is a kick or punch to the wrong part of the head and she would have been DONE–as in dead or brain dead. Deliberate blows to the head, in my opinion is attempted murder. He’s lucky that things went well, in that she was not seriously injured in the attack.

  • MimiLuvs

    I was thinking the same thing too. I wondered if anybody (“anybody” could range from people from the neighborhood to her fellow classmates) try to convince the victim/parents/relatives that she needed to testify on his behalf. Cause, if Val is correct about her father is an active parent, I cannot wrap my head around as to why her father would allow his daughter to speak on her ex-boyfriend/attacker’s behalf. But then again, maybe her father was adamantly against it.

  • jcross

    Right, him falling on the floor was so dramatic. ‘Damsel in distress’- *dead* XD

  • Tasha

    The video was rather funny. My first thought: Bitchassness Personified. His shock is a clear indication of how out of touch he was with his actual crime. I don’t think he EVER considered what SHE was going through.


  • lito

    He got off easy. 3 year sentence = parole by next fall. Hope the girl has left town by then.

  • Holla

    This was not his first offense nor his first arrest:

    Those arrests would have happened during the spring semester of his junior year (he would begin his senior year this autumn). Did the school not know, take notice, and/or give a damn?!?

  • stacyaustralia

    I had a similar conversation on Facebook (but not about this particular case). I feel people ALWAYS blame the victim!!! No matter the situation, people always find a way to blame the victim who is usually a woman. It is so so sad. People tend to say ‘Well, what did she do wrong? Maybe she shouldn’t have said…did….” Even in this situation I’ve read comments above that blamed her for not wanting him to get in trouble. She has the right to feel that way. Just because you’re mistreated and/or abused your love for someone will not disappear overnight. Instead of people thinking about how this could affect this young girl, people are pulling out their picket signs to oppose his sentencing. As someone else stated, he only has 3 years. He’ll be 21 when he gets out, he can learn from his mistakes and use it as a way to make a positive influence on other young men.
    As a woman (regardless of ethnicity) we could get the s**t beat out of us by our boyfriend and people (including your own family) will look at you and question you and what you did. We could get raped, and people would still look at us and question the things we said, things we did, what we was wearing. Please don’t let the perpetrator be someone you know (boyfriend, husband, person you’re dating) you’re automatically guilty of doing something wrong if people are even WILLING TO ACCEPT THAT YOU WERE RAPE AND/OR ABUSED. You may have a better chance of justice if you get attacked by someone you don’t know in the back alley.

  • Mildred Lewis (@TheMil10)

    Thanks for this. Of course arrests are not convictions but this certainly paints a different picture.

  • Mildred Lewis (@TheMil10)

    His girlfriend’s remarks sound alarmingly like Rihanna’s comments about Chris Brown. If we don’t start training our young women and men about sexuality, relationships and violence our community is doomed.

  • EssDot323

    I hope the ex-girlfriend gets help. She’s got Stockholm/Battered Wife Syndrome.

  • jay_dub1

    I don’t know many from the “black community” who would support this stupid negro after seeing what he did to his girlfriend. I agree that, perhaps more of those voicing their support, should have the chance to see the video of what he did first…that way they’d know for sure the reason behind his conviction. I think more of those black people who had previously supported the dude would agree that he deserved the punishment(maybe,in fact, more time). Every black person i know laughed at his punk ass for collapsing at the reading of the verdict. I’m a black man and there’s no way i could have ever supported his actions against that girl. I can’t think of any black male friends who would support his ass either…to hell with his basketball career. All the black folks i know agreed with the judge.

  • http://savuar pete

    sex before marriage messes up a mans mind. this girl probably let him go when she graduated HS. then this messed up his mind and turned him into a stalker, it happens all of the time at different levels. he just got caught cause of the hidden camera. its as much her fault as it is his. A bad combo of premarital sex, stress of the future, and rejection

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