Gabby Douglas has achieved what most people only dream of, winning a gold medal at the young age of 16. And all some people can focus on is her hair. Twitter comments came pouring in yesterday with criticism about her gelled-up ponytail, hair clips and frizzy edges. Here is a sampling via Jezebel:

“Gabby Douglas needs to tame the beady beads in the back of her hair.”

“on another note, Gabby Douglas gotta do something with this hair! these clips and that brown gel residue ain’t it.”

“lmfao Gabby Douglas shouldn’t be the standout in these commercials until she get her hair done.”

Really? Gabby represented our country at the Olympic games and won the highest honor in her sport, all before her 17th birthday, and we’re focusing on edges.

Is our culture really that superficial and mean? Gabby shouldn’t have to worry about edges that might frizz up as she competes on the world stage and brings home first place. Her priority isn’t the hair salon; it’s living out her dreams, which she has done successfully. How many of her hair critics can say that?

As a collective, we complain about the prevalence of superficial reality shows (i.e. “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”) and stars who are famous for no reason (like Kim Kardashian) yet when a woman who has worked tirelessly to pursue her passion hits our TV screens, folks fixate on her hair.

Since Gabby is a world champion competing at the Olympic games, a few hair clips, gel buildup and frizzy edges are a non-issue. What really needs fixing is our value system.

What are your thoughts on the Gabby Douglas hair slander, Clutchettes?

  • Perspective

    The main point from this article well taken, however,

    “As a collective, we complain about the prevalence of superficial reality shows (i.e. “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”) and stars who are famous for no reason (like Kim Kardashian) yet when a woman that has worked tirelessly to pursue her passion hits our TV screens, folks fixate on her hair.”

    Black women’s OVERT jealously of white women needs to stop, I mean damn.

    Kim K really? Shoot you could have said “New York from I Love NY” NOPE! but instead whenever there is a chance to attack a white woman that really only sistas keep relevant, sistas gotta go in.

    It really gets tiring.

    Can we ever just talk about US without making CONTRAST to what them white B’s is doing. Damn.

  • S.

    Hair is a big deal to a lot of people so I knew those comments were coming

    I say whatever!

    Sorry she hasn’t figured out how to care for her hair in just her short 16 years of life but I guess she’s just to busy winning gold medals stuff *shrugs*

    I’m more mad at the fact that the media has chosen Jordyn Wieber as the “star” of this years team despite the fact that Gabby Douglas has consistently out scored her AND all of Gabby’s scores, in all four events, has counted towards the US Gold win


  • teachermrw

    The über-ignorance of Black people…

  • LeLe

    Damn shame. Who cares about her hair. She own a GOLD medal folks! Go and try to do that

  • -A.

    The grammar in these people’s tweets is just as atrocious as the mindset they suffer from.

    Kudos to Gabby.

  • OSHH

    People are really sad and crazy, totally focused on the wrong things!

  • Diane

    We hate to see others of our kind doing to well, so we find whatever we can to make them seem equal to or lesser than us.

  • YB

    Self hating coons never hesitate to exercise their freedom of speech. Smh

    On a sidenote: Congrats to Gabby. She is amazing and has made her country and community proud.

  • nicoleisthenewblack

    the naysayers are probably the same idiots who refuse to work out or do physical activity in efforts to perserve a hairstyle. she is competing and winning, her first priority should be a lacefront wig, of course!!

  • Chocl8child

    Ok so…I raise my hand and say that I agree…Gabby is a GORGEOUS young lady and she is super talented. I BEEMED with pride when I saw her perform last night and bring the team to a Gold Medal. But…her hair is a mess. The bad weave is distracting. Why put a silky straight weave on hair that is kinky-curly? If she was a friend or family member, I would ask the same question. Get a weave that matches your hair texture…it’s not hard to do.

  • Chocl8child

    I agree wholeheartedly! This is becoming the Jordyn Wieber show! It’s annoying because if I recall, Gabby was the only one on the US team who competed in all 4 events!

  • Aunt G

    This is why we can’t get ahead as a people! She’s a 16-year old athelete, not a beautician! Haters can go get their hair done, but I bet they can’t do what Gabby did! Such nonsense!

  • Serwaah

    really? hair is the issue? do those critics know the amount of hard work it takes to get there?

  • YB

    If you feel inferior or jealous of white women then get help and work on improving your self esteem, but remember to speak for your self Hun.

    You don’t represent, nor speak on behalf of the 20 million black women in this country.

  • Alyson

    Ok, but don’t most gymnasts wear their hair almost exactly the same way Gabby does? So, if you’re gonna criticize her, you’d have to criticize ALL the gymnasts of the world. Smh

  • Tenneh Wilkins

    No matter what you do in life and how well you perform. There will always be people who would find something about you to criticize. So regardless of what others say, Just SHINE and be you. It’s unfortunate when people focus on the wrong things. Gab D has accomplished what many dream of. For some, that success brings envy. Haters will Hate. All I can say is GAB D IS MY HERO!!! Go On Gurrrl!!!

  • 726

    I think that explanation is used too often. I see it more as Black people are just overly critical of Black women’s/girls hair.

  • LemonNLime

    Everyone one of those comments had better come from a Olympian with numerous medals and Pantene ProV picture perfect hair 24/7. I swear the internet makes cowards bold. I bet none those naysayers either run half a mile with out having a heart attack. Gabby is amazing and beautiful and hope she knows it well enough to not be phased by these self-hating nobodies because that is exactly what they are…nobodies.

  • 726

    I am not surprised this came up. Like I said above – Black people are overly critical about Black women’s/girls hair.

  • YB

    “Gabby was the only one on the US team who competed in all 4 events!”

    Exactly. Gabby scored 33% of the points for the team, but they want to treat her like a mammy mule who does all the work but should be excluded from interviews and publications.

    And Jordyan’s losing self had the audacity to step in front of Gabby when they took pictures with their gold medals.Smh

  • SS

    I agree 100%. Her name should be “Out-Doing it Douglas”! I’m proud of her!

  • Erin

    The only thing I was concerned about was the fact that her mother and her sister’s hair is always LAID meanwhile Gabby’s hair was looking bad up until last night. Everybody is so proud of her, but still, her hair could’ve looked better, but I’m sure her hair was the last thing on her mind. She is a 16 year old. All in all her Olympic Gold Medal win was not and will not be overshadowed by her hair, but the fact that a lot of press/media machines are ignoring her talent and giving kudos to Jordan Wieber.

  • comeONson

    They are highlighting Jordyn because she in the reigning world champion of this sport and doesnt get a chance at the highest achievement in this sport because ridiculous ‘rules’ and a bad day essentially.

  • Heide

    I get what you’re saying but honestly her hair did look really bad. And I have to say it is an important factor because in these competitons how you look does factor in. All the other girls in the competition looked perfectly groomed and polished and Gabby well looked a mess with that hair. Natural or permed or whatever they should’ve done a better job w/her hair. It’s not about being white or any other color it’s just that it looked crazy and come one you’re on a national platform no way there weren’t going to be comments no way. It’s not about hair texture or any of that is just about presenting your best. And I’m just being honest when I turned on the TV and saw her the first thing I said was, “What’s wrong w/her hair?” And I do agree they keep trying to put Jordan Weiber out front when she didn’t even qualify for the All Arounds and Gabby has out scored her and performed in more events but hey it’s the media what do you expect. And on a side note the coverage of the Olympics this year totally sucks. I’m so tired of Bob Costas lame, condecending (may have spelled that wrong)ass. Sorry for the Kanye rant.

  • binks

    Bingo! If the best you can do is rib someone who is young, accomplished and winning over hair or other superficial appearance then that person is doing something right! I would love to see what these people look like I swear it seems like black women can’t win for losing with some people.

  • comeONson

    Thank you. There’s nothing wrong with commenting on someone’s hair. Unfortunately the same undone hair her teammates also had looks worse on her because she’s representing several aspects of america, not just black people.

  • Afrostyling

    That’s that nigger mentality.

  • GlowBelle

    Such self-hating and jealous black folks. Like someone said above, I bet a lot of those hating are the first to say they will never exercise in order to keep their hairstyles. Gabby is AMAZING, her and the rest of the team did their damn thing last night and now everyone is jealous and not looking at the bigger picture.

    We should be talking about her history making achievements and lauding her as someone to aspire to—not focusing on something so trivial like her hair.

  • YB

    Has it ever occurred to anyone commenting that Gabby’s hair couldn’t remain “Laaaiiiiiddddddd” because of all the exercise she was doing? Does it not connect in some minds that exercise=sweat. Sweat gets into hair. Sweat has water. Water leads to hair reverting to its natural texture.

    Like really ppl come on!

  • S.

    It shouldn’t matter anymore! The story is dead!

    We all boo-hooed and sympathized Wieber after the first hours of learning that she doesn’t get to compete in the AA but several days later and a Team Gold after, we SHOULD be moving on to the ladies who will actually be representing our country in the individual All-Around competition!

    The American media always does this with their beloved White all-American allstars who get “unfairly” beat by people who “we” deem as “lesser” (either due to color our country or both)

    The accomplishments of Aly Raisman and especially Gabby Douglas are being unfairly over-shadowed but the sob story of Wieber

    Im so over it! The girl isn’t dying, she can try again 4 years from now while she wipes her tears with her Gold medal


    I love Gabby, and I’m so proud of her accomplishments. I would be lying if I said I did not notice the clips in her hair, but I noticed the clips in each of the girls’ hair! She is a beautiful young lady and the clips should not take away from her shine. We have to teach ourselves the importance of uplifting one another and not trying to purposely bring each other down then slap a “LOL” on the end as if it is some sort of joke.

  • Annoyed

    Here Here!!!!

  • Natalya

    Now let’s see if any of the people making those comments have ever won a gold medal, hmm?

  • IJS

    Really? Hair? Maybe, just maybe, she was focused on winning gold instead of what her hair looked like. I bet these loving Jesus, hating his handiwork b!tches can’t push themselves off the sofa with one hand because of their 40% body fat while she’s twirling, flipping and flying in the air towards gold and hopefully some super lucrative endorsements. To her haters… go sit and spin.

  • edub

    S, exactly!
    Gabby is truly beautiful to watch. I never even paid attention to her hair. I was just awed by the sheer power and elegance of her performance. To be so great at such a young age is inspiring!

  • S.

    Her mother and sister are also, noticeably, heavier than she is. I have a pretty good inclination that they don’t sweat their hair out every day

  • Mimi

    Some people still haven’t learned priorities and some are just superficial… WTF was Gabby supposed to do show up with a boomqueesha weave down her back? Some people really need a reality check and just need to learn to zip it.

  • Natalie B.

    The shit black folks worry about.

    That young woman is in the Olympics, not a hair show. I am so proud of her. I hope that she keeps her focus and continues to be successful. She needs to let ninjas run their mouths while she runs her business.

  • Mimi

    Her hair looked fine to me… It looked like she just busted her ass to win a medal. And as a former gymnast, I will tell you this you hair is the last thing being judged. If you were just looking at her hair you are missing the point of the Olympics. Her hair was the LAST thing people were focusing on. If this was that ghettofied hair Olympics in ATL then fine comment about her hair, but it’s not just comment on her performance… smh

  • Tatanisha Love

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who was ticked at the way Gabby’s story has been lost in the focus on JW.
    As far a Gabby’s hair, what is that saying about small minds? Once these people train for years, make it through Olympic Trials and if they’re lucky, get a gold medal they might be able to make a comment. Until then…stfu!

  • Heide

    Totally agree 1000%! Not only that but I mean bottom line she didn’t make it but they’re treating the girl who did (Aly) like she ain’t did nothing. What’s up with that? Jordan had a chance just like everyone else and she blew it. It happens but come on don’t take away from the other girls accomplishments because of her failure.
    Don’t know what’s up w/this Reply box.

  • 726

    *Hear, Hear!

  • Muse

    It’s because Jordyn is the defending World Champion. That’s why she was a frontrunner to take the gold

  • AJ

    @Perspective: I have absolutely no idea how you got your opinion based on the author’s article. Jealousy? Whatvthe heck are you talking about? Kim K IS famous for absolutely nothing – so what? So is Chrissy Lampkin and every other reality star (and I use that term looselly) – Kin K is famous for absolutely nada. She’s had to work hard at nothing but running her big mouth 0- that’s all you need nowadays to make it on E!, Bravo, Style, VH1, etc. The author can give her opinion without idiotslike you accusing her of racist – please. She can give her opinion. Race has nothing to do with.

    And yes, GO GABBY GO! I was happy to see her perform and win no matter how her hair looked. Who cares about what stupid people have to say to her? Obviously she doesn’t. She’s a 15/16 year old with a Gold Olympic medal, not on the internet dissing people’s hairdo’s – nuff said!

  • AJ

    Ummmm..let’s see…Gabby is running laps and doing back flips all day – of course her hair isn’t laid! When you work out at the gym, its very rare for a ladies hair to be together- Gabby is working out 100 times more than all of us. So her hair can be however she wants it to be.

    Besides Clutch, quit with these smear articles on Black women – most everybody I know was cheering for her to win, and that was it! Not saying there aren’t some folks who make superficial comments, but even they still wanted to see her do well – they’re just too focused on appearance, even though they’re cheering for Gabby.

  • Kim

    As an older woman, I just can’t believe that people focused on this young woman’s hair. So what if it did not look the way you wanted it to look. She accomplished something yesterday that most people never ever will. It has truly become a sad state of affairs. Black women not understanding that it is what is in your head and not what is on your head that matters. Why oh why? SMDH.

  • Noelle

    I agree. I would’ve said the same thing to a friend without a gold medal who had hair like that. It doesn’t mean she isn’t liked. If appearances weren’t a part of the deal, then they wouldn’t wear sparkly leotards and make-up. She had on make-up didn’t she? Then why not fix her hair? Doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s amazing and I’m still rooting for her in the individual all-around.

  • Clutch

    Thanks AJ for your comment. We are not smearing any Black woman and definitely not a young woman. We were outraged at the comments. Thanks for your comment though ;)

  • Noelle

    I agree.

  • CurlySue

    I’m genuinely confused. What’s wrong with her hair? Gymnasts wear their hair slicked back because they can’t have that sh*t flying all over the place when they’re flinging their tiny, muscled bodies through the hair. What do people expect? A reenactment of the intro to Baywatch?

  • Noelle

    Ppl who criticize her hair don’t have to have a gold medal to be validated. Especially if having a gold medal isn’t along their goals for success. If they have a degree and are successful at what they do, they’re also successful in their own right aren’t they? If someone went to a big event for their own respective career path, they would be expected to atleast keep things neat and I would’ve just preferred her hair to be neat. She’s a champion and on the biggest stage and I’m in awe of her, but just as she wore make-up and the uniforms are used to bring about a certain look, hair is important too. The russians had glitter in theirs and everyone wore make-up or lipstick. Exercising isn’t an excuse because Dominique Dawes also worked out and no one made noise about her hair. It didn’t have to be overly done, just neat. In any event, it isn’t taking away from her gold medal. It’s the opinions of some and it’s not invalid.

  • Dee

    Wow@ some of these comments.

  • keitathejedi

    I think its crazy that we always have such unnecessary things to say about our own people. If half of the people with negative comments could even run without breathing hard, maybe then your opinion would be valid. I think it stems from self esteem and self hate issues. This is apparent from @perspective and her rant about Kim K and us being jealous of white women. Give me a break. Anyway, congrats to Gabby for reaching her dream and doing something that non of us can even fathom. That crab in a barrel theory bleeds through this comment section. Do better.

  • AJ

    Cool Clutch, but I definitely wasn’t saying you were smearing Gabby, but I feel like the article is smearing other Black women. Those few who had silly comments to say about Gaby’s hair. I’m asking that not all Black women be made out to be bad just because a few make ridiculous comments – plus I think those making the comments still want Gabby to win, but just are a bit shallow.

  • S.

    cosign @ AJ

    It was probably no more than several people on twitter and on ‘other’ online publications making those comments.

    I wish these online Black publications would be more tactful in choosing what content to comment on

    We don’t always need to know about the grievances of ignorant folk

  • SS25

    No of some black people. Stop with the grouping

  • Clutch

    Thanks S. But, we were not the first (and will not be the last). Actually the story was first on (not a Black pub/site) and some of readers informed us and were outraged about it and asked us to cover. We usually have precaution on posting these types of stories – but we also listen to our readership as well. Thanks for your comment as well.

    If you have any other comments directed to Clutch please email us @ [email protected].

  • ImJustSaying

    If anyone of the naysayers would shut up and think for a moment they would realize the following things

    1 Olympics started on the 27th, The athletes arrived at least a week in advance if not more so that’s the 23rd so if for arguments sake Gabby got a fresh perm on say the Saturday before she left that’s a whole week of hard sweat training she’s gone through meaning her edges will be frizzy.

    2 The Olympics have rules and regulations for Males and Females regarding hair. For women in most events it means pulled back and secured off the face. Because of this ALL woman use great amounts of gel to ensure no hair gets loose. she doesn’t have a choice in hairstyle nor does she have the time to grab a flat iron every morning and “get her edges” The obvious difference in texture between Gabby’s hair and the rest of the team means her hair will look different.

    3 She is a 17 YEAR OLD GOLD MEDAL GYMNAST! Even if she was rocking a matted nappy birds nest with sofa fuzz trapped in it she could still flip vault cartwheel circles around the rest of us.

    People need to get a grip and probably take their behinds to the gym.

  • SS25

    I definitely had to unfollow a few people on twitter for talking about gabby’s hair. Grown black women and men talking about a 16yr old girl, while she making history. The same folks that question the work ethic and mentally of our youth today. We talk constantly about unity and positive images of black girls/women and when the time come to show that unity, we trash a 16yr old Olympic Gold winner. WE NEED TO DO BETTER!!!!

  • nona

    LOL, only Black people. Her hair is probably 3x longer than the people making those comments ;)

  • L.A.S

    Ummm…its BEAMED first off(don’t criticize if you can’t take it yourself) and secondly, I’m a black woman myself and I find this nonsense about her hair absolutely ridiculous. Why do we always look for faults? Why can’t we give a compliment and keep it moving? Why must bring each other down? Damn, this ish is sad as hell and irks me to no end. She just won a gold medal for the love of god! Why must we focus on something as trivial as her hair? Damn these comments are hurting my core right now. Gabby Douglass deserves so much credit, as a matter of fact all those young ladies do for going before the world and bringing home a gold medal to the USA. I don’t think any of you or me for that matter have the guts or skills to do what they did. They need to be praised for their talents and contribution not be harped on about trivial things like hair and about why one person is getting more “shine” than another! Last I saw, there is no “I” in TEAM! BLACK WOMEN, LET’S GET IT TOGETHER!

  • L.A.S

    Get a life!

  • Marisa

    Nothing wrong with lil Gabby’s hair she does it for how she feels it goes with the sport she performs in, I’m sure Megan Hodges of the Volley Ball Team will catch hell next for rocking her fly natural hair. Also how many times are we going to have to suffer through the trials and tribulations of Jordan Wieber didnt make it to all around finals, and incessant camera shots of her mother. Enough already damn Jim McKay coined the term the the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat for a reason its part of the sport. I am really rooting for Gabby in that all around cuz lord knows if its anything short of Gold yall know we gotta hear the Jordan stans going about it should have been her chance and she would have won the gold. Just proves for blacks and black women in particular winning being a success just isnt enough without having us having to justify something about us. Two weeks ago the sports comments went in on Venus for her patriotic braids, then last week Ryan Lochte was barred from wearing grillz on the medal stand but, was allowed to pose for pictures with them. I saw mad comments on alot of black blogs about from most thinking since he’s cute (hell he is lol) that the officials was just hating,but other pointed out if this was Serena,Venus,Lebron,or Tyson Gaye wanting to rock grillz all hell would break loose and black and white would go in on them about being ratchet,ghetto etc etc. As I keep saying anything from actually having to focus on a positive black accomplishment for sistas.

  • Sila

    Its a shame. This young woman has achieved so many at such a tender age and we should be supporting her all the way. Most importantly, we need to start loving ourselves and accepting others for who they are. Moreover, she is an athlete. I can see if she was a singer or something.

  • http://yahoo Louis

    Stop hating on Gabby. She is a 16 year old at the Olympics, practicing and competing. It appears the style police would rather she got the gold medal for best hair. I get the feeling Gabby hue played a role in this useless conversation. I suspect color/hue played a role in the decision not to have a runoff race between JenebaTarmah and Allyson Felix. Lets see if some of the same haters comment on the hair of the black females in track and field. Congrats to Gabby and her family.

  • Drew-Shane

    I agree. The hair debate was last week. Let’s focus on her attention in the media. She’s rarely featured and received any type of caption. This is a much bigger issue we should debate. She’ll get the hair when she has the time.

  • Kam

    I don’t think that’s a weave. That’s her natural hair. She just hasn’t gotten a touch up. She probably has a very tight schedule and cannot take time out to go sit in a chair and have a relaxer. It’s probably been super busy for her ever since she made the team. Personally I see NOTHING wrong with her hair. I’d prefer it natural, but her hair was fine.

  • SDL

    “Is our culture really that superficial and mean?”

    The simple answer is yes. Crabs in a barrel will do any and everything possible to try to make sure another doesn’t get out (succeed) first. Gabby is only the second African-American female to medal in gymnastics but we’re worried about her hair??? That speaks volumes.

  • saphiara

    I will be honest, watching Gabby Douglas, I had some thoughts about her hair. But I remembered that her mother is a single mom with multiple children, who struggled to let her youngest daughter to reach the goal of competing, and winning, in the Olympics. Sometimes, I feel almost brainwashed by black culture about what a “bad” or “good” hairstyle looks like. In the end, I focused on how beautiful this girl’s lines were when she was flying through the air, and how strong and confident she was at such a young age. I congratulate this girl on reaching her dreams.

  • Deena

    I didn’t even know her hair was a problem to some people until I hit this webpage. Whats wrong with folk?…… KMT

  • Jae Bee

    “It’s not about being white or any other color it’s just that it looked crazy”

    What was so crazy about her hair do? It was pulled back into a simple ponytail and had clips in it to hold back the flyaways. It’s not like she was rockin something crazy a’ la Ron Spector or many of the “rachet” do’s you see in the hood.

    “It’s not about hair texture or any of that is just about presenting your best. And I’m just being honest when I turned on the TV and saw her the first thing I said was, “What’s wrong w/her hair?”

    I’m curious as to what you think it’s about then. As I stated previously, she wasn’t wearing an unusual hair do–most gymnasts wear their hair in some type of ponytail. So, if her hair was “not looking its best” I would assume that probably means something was off with the texture as the style was completely ok.

  • Tonton Michel

    What you fail to understand is that Kim K is the arch nemesis of black women on the net, to some all things begin and end with her. She got them shook.

  • nancy

    Really? Using a derogatory term for black people and then talking about self-hate? A little contradictory don’t you think?

  • ChickenHead

    Exactly! I didn’t know her hair was an issue either. I mean that is what happens when black women sweat.Common sense is just not common nowadays.

  • Pseudonym

    Nah, she’s just the epitome of someone who is famous for no logical reason. She took the title over from Paris Hilton some years back.

    If she were black, we’d feel the same way. The amount of stardom, money, and media coverage she receives is absolutely ridic. Enough with the race baiting and unnecessary attempts to turn this into a “black woman vs. non-black woman” issue.

  • Purple Rain

    So I watched the majority of Gabby’s performances, including at the Olympic Trials and the LAST thing I thought about was her hair! I personally think it looks just fine and I just cannot figure out what all the fuss is about. If her hair was so distracting it’s because that is what you chose to focus on instead of focusing on what really matters, like nailing her Amanars and sticking her landings. She has chosen to wear her hair straight which requires much maintenance which she obviously was too busy to worry about since she, I don’t know, was too busy clenching the highest athletic honor in the world….

  • SS25

    No only ignorant people

  • Rocks

    People are focusing on the outward things that clearly don’t matter. This girl is absolutely GORGEOUS and she is a RUNNER! Of course her edges will be a little curly! If those who criticized her WERE indeed athletes, they would understand that its hard to keep the edges straight. Almost POINTLESS to try if you RUNNING for GOLD.

    But it doesn’t matter, because she’s going to be endorsed by Nike, Adidas, whomever, and then she’ll wear her hair however way she likes making her bank. GO GABBY.

  • omfg

    this kinda stuff makes me wanna run away from black folk. sometimes, i do.

  • Jess

    i thought that the kid was cute, hair and all! Nice neat little ponytail, out of the way so that she could get work done. Congrats to her!!!

  • Tina

    What is the issue. Black hair is black hair. Frizzy coarse..thick.. unique..etc.. AND??? ? I.’VE GONE NATURAL & FEEL COMPLETELY LIBERATED. Lol at the simple minds. Congrats to the young lady for achieving something far greater than jealousy fonting : )….

  • Chocl8child

    Thanks for the spell-check..I was typing too fast! I think folks are making more of this than it needs to be…I am not concerned about the texture of her hair AT ALL. ( I’ve had a fade since 1993 and haven’t looked back). I was commenting on the fact that she put what looked like a bone-straight straight weave in kinky-curly hair. Why is that hate? I don’t get it. She should’ve taken a clue from Venus and threw some braids in and kept it moving.

  • Jess

    Well, I’m Black, stupid and could give a damn about Kim Kardashian. Dude, get a life and stop trying to flatter your own ego by thinking all Black women give a damn about Black men and their defense of raggedy white women. Nobody gives a damn.

  • YB

    Really, Nancy? Failing to see the context in which the term was used but wanting to judge someone’s comment, and not being able to understand it.


  • 726

    She’s not a runner.

  • Maxine Shaw Atty at law

    God this whole post bears repeating so here goes:
    Really? Hair? Maybe, just maybe, she was focused on winning gold instead of what her hair looked like. I bet these loving Jesus, hating his handiwork b!tches can’t push themselves off the sofa with one hand because of their 40% body fat while she’s twirling, flipping and flying in the air towards gold and hopefully some super lucrative endorsements. To her haters… go sit and spin.

  • Roger

    Jordyn got outperformed. Stated another way, she lost!! Why the media is making a big deal out of it instead of recognizing the talents of Gaby…who outscored Jordyn in every event they competed against each other last night is beyond me.

  • MeChonda Trent

    I’ve read through most of the comments made and it pleases me to find that some of us do not suffer from ignorance. I will not group all blacks together as I’m a black women and wouldn’t dare speak about the natural texture of another black women’s hair. What I will say is that there is a vast majority of black women and men who are plagued by the physical characteristics of our race. I’m even willing to bet it was a black person who made the initial comment as these aren’t things white people typically speak about on a public forums. My question to those who feel this young women should have been concerned about her hair at this time is “why are you looking to publicly criticize this amazing and talented young women?” More importantly, take time to better understand why you feel the way you do? Where is the pride in our race? Are we truly this impressionable? Have we allowed society to established the standard for beauty? Does beauty not exist in various forms? If you are parents, I pray that you do not pass along to your children your complete and utter ignorance…..

    M. Trent

  • chnyere

    ‘Is our culture really that superficial and mean?’
    Um, Yes!! they want her to relax the mess out of her hair until it is bone straight ( AKA she has no edges or barely any hair) smh

  • S.

    When people commented on her hair negatively, their comments were small enough to ignore.

    My FEAR was that somehow these comments gained weight and made it to the ears of Ms. Douglas herself.

    Now with several big-enough news publications giving weight to these negative comments it is virtually impossible for Gabby (or her sisters or her mother) to ignore this ignorance

    How embarrassing!

  • heavenleiblu


  • Xiantoni

    I actually see alot of GABBY on NBC coverage… I live in L.A so maybe that makes a difference in network not sure… I just love Gabby …. she is amazing !!! I think they focus on Jordyn because they are surprised she didn’t score high enough for the all around… she is the world champion … So i think that might be why… however in good news.. the next time magazine will have our sister GABBY on the cover by herself.. and trust me when you see the cover …. Her hair is the last thing you will notice… she is OUTSTANDING !!!! xoxoxoxo

  • Tammie

    ITA! So many ppl don’t have anything better to comment on. Her hair was jacked up… Really??? But she is like only the 2nd black female gymnast to make it to the Olympics and WINS A GOLD MEDAL for this country and all you can do is talk about her hair?? WTF!!!!

  • Tammie

    And I’m sure that they weren’t spending 10-15 hrs a day practicing routines and focusing on her eating right. You could almost see the silent resolve this young girl displayed in her interview on the Today Show and the way she spoke about the team backing her. When she spoke she was very eloquent and mindful of her team but when Jordan spoke she didn’t really even mention the outstanding performance of Gabby and the others who did way better than she. It shouldn’t always be about hair.

  • Tammie


  • Kuzotz (@Kuzotz)

    Kim K is Armenian not white.

  • msmartin

    “I’m more mad at the fact that the media has chosen Jordyn Wieber as the “star” of this years team despite the fact that Gabby Douglas has consistently out scored her AND all of Gabby’s scores, in all four events, has counted towards the US Gold win”

    BINGO!!! That’s what I want to talk about; it appears to have gone unnoticed. I have scoured the web looking for stories about her and her scores to no avail. I have clicked on a link that names Gabby only to find a story about Weiber and that’s the real tragedy.

    All that being said though her mother should have spit shined her including her hair. Appearance is everything like it or not.

  • msmartin

    Gabby’s scored more than any other athlete period in the team finals American and otherwise.

    Appearance is very important though someone should have seen to it that her hair was appropriate; i.e. braided, relaxed something. It doesn’t mean anything to me, but if it were my daughter we wouldn’t be having this conversation…just saying.

  • jerzgyrl

    She isn’t black,I can care less about Armenian wh*Res!!!

  • ALM

    Gabby doesn’t have time to worry about these hair comments. Why? Because she is too busy #WINNING!

  • msmartin

    A bad day, um, Gabby has consistently outscored her. The media can’t let go and grasp the real princess Gabby. The fact that she led the team to gold and outscored everyone overall should be the real story.

  • The Comment


    and neither do you…..HUN!

    There you go. Attacking someone for having a different opinion than you. You need to work on that….HUN!


  • Cntrl+Alt+Del

    Oh Lord!!!! R u serious….. there is not such thing as white. But for white folks to keep this economic engine running….they have to unify & say they white vs. Polish,Latvian,Russian, Germany……

  • The Comment


    I’m just playing w/u.

  • The Comment

    ok. I can buy that but this is what makes me wanna go RAMBO.

    I’ve seen plenty of smart, fat, dark-skin women who havn’t see a relaxer nor hot iron EVER yet work/own/travel in places where they do a back ground check on yo’ mama b4 they even get to looking into your past. Work with intimidating white people. Work with intimidating Chinese. Intimidating environments period. They interact with people that have more money than God.

    Their genius is their passport to the world but all the average black person can see is their nappy edges.

    Why is that?

  • my_reply

    Yes! Especially on publicly criticizing this young lady. Everybody else out there is clapping and feeling happy for their folks, and AA are worried about hair. No. Actually they’re upset that she doesn’t look like Halle Berry. I think a lot of dysfunctional black people get upset when someone is out there representing us that doesn’t look like Halle Berry. It’s like the Chinese getting a cuter girl to lip sync and placing the actual singer behind a curtain. I think a lot of dysfunctional black people are upset when black women have physical features that are found on black women lol.

  • Jamila


    “Actually the story was first on (not a Black pub/site)…”

    The story was first published on, a black female run site. Jezebel linked to it in their article.

  • Rae

    Yep. It’s sad really

  • who run the world?…GOD

    +1 The entire time the commentators were commenting about what Jordyn “coulda, woulda, shoulda done,” instead of focusing on the present! I was even more appalled that after Aly won and was being interviewed, Jordyn was standing directly insight of the camera balling and taking the girls moment from her!

  • Ange B

    Agreed! For some reason it all comes back to our hair and how its looking! She’s an athlete sweating and all and yet we still ask…..

  • apple

    she black and doing sweaty activity all the time (i’m sure she probably exercises,trains,practice daily which probably tons of sweating) , of course her hair wouldn’t be up to par. its not her fault that her other race team mates don’t have that problem because they have straighter longer hair that they can wash everyday

  • isolde3

    Good Lord, a mountain is being made out of a molehill by people who don’t even follow the sport in non-Olympic years. Gabby is not the only gymnast who has gotten called out because of hair, but of course, the minute a few black women are doing the calling, a special post on Jezebel and this site has to be created.

    In the gym blog community, we criticize hair, leos, toes, feet, glitter, rhinestones, and all manner of foolishness, all the time. This slop knot hair trend, that the US girls have been rocking as of late, dates back to 2009 when Beijing Olympian Bridget Sloan wore her hair that way at the Visa National Championships. Bridget won the national and world AA titles that year and sparked a trend, and lots of people, including myself had something to say about it. I thought Sloan looked atrocious! Now, on the one hand, logic dictates that as long as the hair style adheres to the code of points (i.e. off of the face, out of the eyes), that I shouldn’t care because their hair shouldn’t matter, but on the other hand, the reason why I was so pressed about it was because Sloan was on national television, reppin’ this small sport that I love (that rarely ever gets to be on national television), looking like she just fell out of bed. What kind of message is that sending?

    Gabby didn’t look any worse than those other girls with the same hairstyle, so part of me is surprised that she was singled out. Anyone who saw Nastia Liukin at the Olympic trials can attest that the slop knot style just looks bad, period. What I don’t like about this post or the Jez post is that now, after plastering these Gabby hair posts all over these sites, especially a site like Jez that gets the type of traffic it does, more people that wouldn’t have been paying attention to Gabby’s hair are going to be paying attention to Gabby’s hair. Ever hear the saying, “once you see it, you can’t unsee it?” So thanks y’all, mission accomplished!

  • Nadell

    Of course the community is going to pinpoint her hair because that is what we are consumed with and has been embedded in our minds from the age of 3. HAIR, HAIR, & more HAIR! If it isn’t laying smoothly on the edges or way down beyond our shoulders then we have a problem and yes, we will ridicule.
    Forget that Gabby is so successful at such a young age and is an inspiration to so many young girls. Forget that she’s now a gold medalist and was the top performer on team USA to win the gold and let’s be immature and discuss her hair!
    The hair isn’t acceptable unless we sew some extensions or put a lace wig. And if we aren’t mixed with that fine hair, then please be ready to expect the mockery.
    So very sad….
    And to discuss the fact that more attention is on Wieber than Douglas is expected. Same with Dawn Harper & Lolo Jones. One comes in 2nd to the other but manages to be the headliner. We all know the deal….



  • GirlSixx

    This can’t be LIfe??!!!! Really People?!! REAllY. What ya’ll expect her to do rock a lacefront??!! the girl was competing in a strenous sport that entails all types of coordination and moves for a Damn GOLD MEDAL the last thing Gabby or anybody should be worried about was whether her ponytail was up to par. DAMN!!!

    This is truly sad.

  • GirlSixx


  • Travelin Light or just “Trav”

    Should I feel alone here?
    I sat there watching these ATHLETES performing what is sooo great and graceful and, when Gabby was doing “floor”, it blew my mind that she could do those flips and land on her feet then IMMEDIATELY bounce up, spread her feet and come back down in the same spot.
    I actually hollered “YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!”
    when she did that.

    I work out and had always been an athlete so, I can appreciate what she and the other athletes go through tp get to the VERY TOP of their skill.
    Oh BTW, I’m a guy and wasn’t watching their hair or the T&A.

    Some peeps need a life.

  • pinkslehuit

    I am proud of her for her achievement, BUT I did notice her hair looked rough. That makes me a self-loathing, hating, can’t do anything with myself angry black woman? Maaaaaaaaan listen…

    Can I NOT simultaneously be proud of her and not like her hairstyle? My opinion doesn’t take away from her victory, nor does the fact that I don’t have a gold medal devalue my opinion. Where is my lemonade?

  • Chocl8child

    I am so in agreement with this.

  • Brandee

    I agree wholeheartedly. The other day when I was watching the gymnastics section with my friends, one commented that it couldn’t be her real hair because the hair was too thick and long and the other comment that she needed to do something and that the gel was looking rough. At first, I merely shook my head and ignore but eventually fell victim to the superficiality when I defended Gabby to my one friend saying, “No, I think that’s her real hair”. I shouldn’t feel like I have to defend this girl’s hairstyle to anyone! I should be rooting her on and feeling proud to see a black girl up there killing it and showing what she is made of!

  • Valentina


  • Candi83

    These comment about Gabby’s hair is ridiculous!! She’s putting her blood, sweat and tears into her routines and killing it!! I respect any athlete that works their ass off for 4 years to make it to the Olympics. Why are these losers nitpicking about the edges of her hair frizzing up? Let’s see these people that are criticizing Gabby, win a gold medal at the Olympics.

  • No-No-No

    that is why we don’t succeed- we care about how hair looks, she is running,flipping and jumping, we put too much empasis on superficial things: who cares if her hair is did, the same people running their mouth- when was the last time you went to london, maybe if they spent that 100+ hair do money on a education and learn to stop being ignorant – things will be better

  • soulfullyreal

    in addition to the obvious ignorance of it all, how about the fact that she is literally jumping around and sweating all day??? I don’t care how much time and/ or money you spend on yor hair, if you flippin through the air, a few loose strands are gonna come undone. People are such insensitive idiots.

  • Lovejoy1249

    I knew this was going to be a topic. My sisters and I were watching her compete and had the same discussion. This gifted young lady just achieved something so great. She will be in history books, however, the only things people will remember her for is her hair and thats the tragic downfall of our culture. #Sadness&Despair

  • Jen

    The “white race” was coined only to keep those of color from having priveliges such as ownership of property, and to unite the “whites” across economic lines so that the poorer class of all colors would not unite against those who needed to keep hold of the power. It was certainly a plan that worked.

  • Purple Rain

    THIS! I feel so bad that she and her family are going to have to read some of this garbage….

  • Jen

    LOL @ “boomqueesha weave down her back.”

  • AJ

    YESSSS!!!!!!!! Gabbyjust won the Gold in the All Around Finals!!

  • Aleu Moana (@AleutheMermaid)

    The sad part is it’s most likely fellow black people criticizing her (the term beady beads gave it away lol). This is the most petty thing I’ve ever heard of. Some black people complain that they aren’t represented in certain sports, then when they do have a great representative, bitter blacks have to criticize. Everybody just take a chill pill and let this amazing girl bask in her GOLD. /thread

  • The Comment

    OK!!!!! I’m telling you. They breeding faster than roaches. It is a civil war between black folks and niggas and the niggas are winning.

  • isola

    She is a superb athlete dedicated to her sport. Forgive her for not obsessing about her hair. Who hasn’t had a bad hair day?

  • The Comment


    can/will you interview these people and ask them when they are going to joint a cult and commit mass suicide.

    Thanks very much

  • Yulez

    Well, now she has TWO Gold medals. So everyone can have a seat.

  • The Comment


    what is wrong with the word coon? just asking

  • motrenaissance

    Give that 16 year old young lady a round of applause. I am humbled to have her representing herself & her family well…

    Now, please, i hope her parents keep her away from poisonous feminist ideologies

  • BlackLotus (@yaUpendo)

    This young woman has achieved such greatness.
    She has worked hard.
    She is dedicated, disciplined, and has a great personality.
    She is articulate, She is a great role model for all young women in this world.

    The person who even has the time or inclination to criticize, disrespect, overreact, and ridicule because of something so trivial as hair…has the problem, the issue, and apparently a mindset that looks at life, ‘small’.

    How could you be so vile and mean with your comments? How? I will tell you, because this is how you are with yourself. We reflect who we are internally..our dissatisfaction, or lack of worth, and the moment we believe we ‘see’ this in someone else…we jump on it, giving our pathetic souls a bit of short lived comfort.

    We are to be women, grown women. But unfortunately too many ‘grown’ women are still wounded girls who need attention and validation, even if it means being envious, and hating on someone who stands in their own light.

    Gabby is 16…..Let us reflect on what she has done, not her hair…she is beautiful regardless. And maybe if you saw the same essence of beauty within yourself, you would find NO time to be so disgusting, talking about someone’s child. Shame on you all.

    Another reason why even on the Internet, folks are like crabs in a bucket…..grow up!


  • Tacha

    Newsflash. Kim Kardashian is not white.

  • Chi

    it really doesnt matter! I dont’ remember Dominique Dawes having flawless hair. She’s an athelete! She’s has the gold and that is all that matters…

  • Gale

    I can’t believe this young girl just won gold for this country and you have people talking about her hair. She is a young African american, and instead of being proud of her, and taking pride that she is from this country, you have simple minded people talking about her hair. If any one of you can do what she has done, do it. If not shut the fuck up, you racist mother fucker. It never fails a black person does something good for this country and all you can say is something negative about them.
    Typical AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JC

    I cannot stand hating A*% People just give credit where its due. Who care about Gabby’s hair, this is not a hair competition, this is the Olympics something that you haters couldn’t get in if you where throwing rocks. I just can imagine who are the ones that wrote these stupid comments about some hair, but guess what watch these endorsements, they ain’t worry about no hair, this girl out there sweating her butt off trying to make your “country” look good and look at the feedback she gets from “idiots” like you, like they say let your haters be your motivator and I am pretty sure you haters has motivated her a LOT. THANKS haters she still have that gold and for the all around too, how about that haters…

  • Bea K.

    Truth be told, I could really care less what anyone has to say about this young lady, and what she accomplished for “this nation”. She went out and did what many wish they could, and I for one am very proud of her.

    She’s already been through an awful lot already, not it seems has to worry about (which I hope she won’t) “her own people” be critical about her “hair”, rather than praying for and wishing her the best.

    This is really sad y’all, you need to get over yourselves, and move on to better things than this. Kudos to her and her team. I wish them ALL the BEST that God has in store for their lives. Please give her a break why don’t you??

  • rizamjones

    Armenians are white. Armenian is not a race. It a nationality.

  • rizamjones

    Armenians are white. Armenian is not a race. It’s a nationality. People from Armenia are Armenians.

  • Sarah

    I don’t understand why people are talking about Gabby’s hair. Who cares about her hair! The girl is like 16 years old and was focusing on her gymnastics.

  • Kizzee29

    What is inappropriate about her hair? She’s competing for goodness sake! What a sorry, shallow group of people we are.

  • For Real?!?

    Right!!!! Are we really that shallow?Her hair???? I can’t believe we could be that mean.She’s someone’s child who just represented the U.S. and won gold! Her actions spoke for every black child that dared to dream and win. I’m totally embarrassed if that’s all we have to say about her. Somebody needs a life…better yet go to school and open the areas of your brain that is obviously dead!!!

  • Jae Bee

    This whole discussion is just sad and embarrassing! As usual, the mainstream media has picked up on it, and instead of choosing to highlight Gabby’s gold medal success, they’d rather highlight the ignorant comments people have made about this young lady’s hair. SMDH…When I google “Gabby Douglas” predictive typing gives me “Gabby Douglas Hair” as the first result. “Gabby Douglas wins gold” is the fourth result. To quote the title of this article, “Really?”.

    Just another example of AA’s allowing mainstream media/America to make us look foolish and superficial. If we didn’t spend so much time talkin about somebody’s dayum hair, maybe they’d spend more time highlighting the success of this accomplished young woman rather than discussing the failure of her “community” to focus on something so trivial.

  • TAE

    Sometimes I get sick to death of the mess that’s associated with being black. And I don’t mean that in a ohh, woe is it’s so hard being black sort of way but more in a damn, so this is how we do way. it’s deeper than that child’s hair and everyone who wants to play this off like it ain’t is in denial. Of all the criticisms that could be thrown her way the main point of contention is her hair. Wow. Really? Yahoo even ran this story and in it they featured one tweet that said “I know every black woman who looked at Gaby’s hair said why? just why?” Notice this tweeter was sure to be specific about what type of woman would have that reaction. Yahoo also made sure to include that most of the negative comments about Gabby’s hair are coming from other african americans. Hmmm. Whether they did the research to solidify that statement as a fact is another matter but the fact remains the statement was even made. The fact remains this story, this debate even exists and is actually being covered by other media sources thus perpetuating characterizations of us as shallow and ignorant. Our issues run so deep that we don’t even know where they begin or end.

  • damidwif

    very good, noelle. everyone is hyper-aware because the focus is on gabby’s skin color, thus comments from other women of color are suspect, the “negative” ones are blasted and other sistas feel they have to overcompensate and stand out from “the collective”. reality is, whatever color she was, people would have talked about her hair given the way it was presented. maybe it could have been framed better ie “i wish gabby would have taken more care to bring out her facial beauty and compliment her physique with an equally splendid hairdo.”

  • damidwif

    “I’m even willing to bet it was a black person who made the initial comment as these aren’t things white people typically speak about on a public forums. ”

    Please don’t make assumptions about what white people do.

  • damidwif

    yes, isolde! there you are tellin it

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