Is Hollywood Exes in danger of being canceled?

It may not be the most uplifting show around, but unlike its other Wives counterparts, VH1’s Hollywood Exes lacks the drama, bad behavior, and fights associated with other shows.  It also apparently lacks the ratings.

According to a tweet by cast mate and R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, if fans want to see a second season of the show, they’ll need to tune in.

Although many viewers have been clamoring for more positive on-screen depictions, Hollywood Exes’ struggles may signal to producers that folks just aren’t ready to go drama-free. But something else could also be at work.

I’ve never watched an entire episode of Hollywood Exes, the concept doesn’t interest me, but instead of trying to sell yet another reality show where women are behaving badly, TV producers should focus on crafting an interesting show with characters (or people) that not on have depth, but are relatable in some way.

The success Scandal proves that well-written dramas featuring black women can be popular, but showrunners have to stop trying to be cheap and maximize profits with trashy shows and start producing content people will actually appreciate.

Do you watch ‘Hollywood Exes’? What do you think of the show?

  • Dottie 7

    Thumbs up!

  • Cat

    This is the first and only “reality show” I have ever watched and I have to admit it was easy to get hooked. Will I cry if it doesn’t return? No. But, will I watch it if it returns? You bet! Too many questions unanswered in the last episode..

  • Monica

    I watched EVERY episode! I absolutely love this show! It is definitely without all the drama & the litte drama there was on the show, was quickly resolved and they moved on. This show is how it should be. Without having women use so much profanity every second or dressing all provocative every show. The world is use to drama & likes it. I disagree with other shows which do this but love Hollywood exes! We need another season!

  • http://n/a JC

    This was my all-time fav show. Loved all the women and the absence of chronic alcohol abuse that you find on RHOOC/BH. I think the show may have been blown out of the water when Jessica was exposed as having had an abortion after horrible scenes of her demanding her friends not eat anything with eyes. For me… that was shocking. So shocking, I have to assume it took a far heavier toll on the network than revealed to the public. I say…. eliminate Jessica. She’s done. And add someone new (and not necessarily white – and I am white) for balance sake. Love all the rest of the women. I do hope they come back and just do fun things and have lovely interesting conversations, instead of all out drunken brawls. Best of luck to HE’s!

  • Darlene

    I think the show has just enough drama. I am sick of the cursing and violence of some of the other shows. The beauty, clothing, hair styles and day to day struggles of having once had it all is extremely insiteful and encouraging. Bring it back !!!!

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