If you’re like me and have been away from your computer all afternoon, then you just found out that 16-year-old Gabby Douglas just made history.

Known as “The Flying Squirrel,” Douglas out-performed the top gymnasts in the world to take him the gold medal in the gymnastics all-around competition, making her the first African American woman to do so.

Douglas dominated the competition, and before her closest competitor, Russia’s Victoria Komova even finished her floor routine, everyone in the area knew Douglas was the winner.

Douglas, who has consistently turned in show-stopping performances this week, said that her gold medals haven’t sunk in yet.

“I wanted to seize the moment,” Douglas said. “It hasn’t sunk in yet. Team finals hasn’t sunk in yet. But it will.”

With her history-making performance, Douglas is sure to be the talk of the games now, securing her place along side legendary gymnasts like Mary Lou Retton, Carly Patterson, and Nastia Liukin.

Way to go Gabby!

*Photo via Josh Haner/The New York Times

  • Dalili

    AWWW, yay Gabby!! I’m thrilled for her!! So well deserved!!

  • http://rocksattiffanys.blogspot.com/ Rocks

    YOU GO GIRL! Go Gabby!!! =DDD

  • omfg

    i shed a few tears. i grew up watching gymnastics and briefly took it up when i was a kid.

    i’m so incredibly proud of this young woman.

    there is video posted on youtube (team usa channel) where she talked a bit about proving wrong people who didn’t think a black person could do gymnastics.

    i’m glad she is an identifiable black girl – brown skin, lips, nose, hair.

    i’m glad she doesn’t run away from being black.

    i’m glad she understands the history making moment she was in and thrived on the pressure.

    she’s awesome.

    i’ll be buying my wheaties box and time magazine, neither of which i’ve ever purchased. lol.

  • omfg

    also, there are other black gymnasts who paved the way, namely diane durham who actually trained with bela karolyi years ago. had she not been badly injured, she may have been at the ’84 olympics with mary lou retton.

  • Purple Rain

    And Dominique Dawes who also achieved team Gold at the 1996 Olympic Games

  • Barbara

    Way to go Gabby! So proud of you!

  • omfg

    dianne durham often goes unrecognized though. no disrespect to dominique – people act as though there was no one before dominique.

    dianne won the u.s. championship in the ’80s. she was the trailblazer.

    have you heard of dianne durham? if you haven’t, this is why i mention her. she doesn’t get any credit.

  • my_reply

    So exciting! I’m proud of Gabby. What a historic moment! Like the NBC anchor said, hopefully this will inspire other African American girls to follow in her footsteps. It would have been nice if Aly had gotten bronze. Mustafina seems mean lol, but she earned it.

  • my_reply

    Did anyone see that Animal Practice commercial after the gymnastics coverage? Really?

  • opinionatedgal

    I watched the whole performance, she was fabulous!!!!! Congratulations to Gabby Douglas, I’m so proud of her. I wish this article had more comments than the other one posted on this site (which appears to be the lead article.) I don’t think that other article should have been posted; it takes important attention away from the main story, a fabulous and talented young black woman just won gold.

  • Erica

    yep, saw that. I was like, huh???

  • omfg

    ikr? this is far more important (and positive) than chick fil …whatever…

    article should be moved and made lead story.

  • simplyme

    I have no problem saying I look up to this young girl despite the fact that I’m almost a decade older. I did gymnastics as a kid and quit when we had to move… but I never picked it up again. So I was kind of living vicariously through her this Olympics. I honestly think if more Black girls got involved with the sport we’d dominate. Aside from that she is just an inspiration all around.

    I also saw the video clip where they interview her mother and show her growing up etc where her mother says something like “I raised an Olympian..wow..” Made me cry like a baby and inspired the future mother in me. I was sure clutch would have something about that on the site….hmm

  • simplyme

    I agree100% I refused to even click on that article. For a site that is supposedly about the empowerment of Black women it doesn’t show sometimes.

    A young Black American girl was basically just named the best gymnast in the world….most mainstream sites I follow are celebrating this girls amazing victory for the USA, but of course on Clutch it will be about her hair. When a Black woman won miss universe..there was barely anything on this site about it. Kind of suspect. The truth is there was no backlash over her hair just a few ignorant black twitter folks and Clutch (per usual) basically provided a platform to spread that ignorance (like a fan blowing manure). Its a non-story created to get reactions.

    Congrats to Gabby!! I cried like she was my little sister.

  • The Taker

    She was/is absolutely amazing. I was about to start crying but then I almost choked on my salad, lol. But yeah, congrats lil sis.

  • Kristin

    I loved Dianne Durham! My family got tickets to a men’s gymnastics competition where Dianne and another Karolyi gymnast were going to demonstrate the women’s appartuses between rotations. I got her autograph and it was one of the thrills of my young life. I got autographs from Mary Lou Retton and the male gymnasts in second copy of the program. I don’t know if I still have that one but I know I still have the program with just Dianne’s signature. She is still one of my all-time favorite gymnasts. I do remember her getting some coverage in the Black press at the time; pictures in Jet and a multi-page article in Ebony.

    I think the reason that she isn’t better known outside of the gymnastics fan community is that she never got a chance to shine on the really big stage. Dianne won nationals in 1983 and qualified for the world championship team. Bela Karolyi got mad at USA Gymnastics and withheld both Dianne and Mary Lou from worlds, saying they were too injured to compete. It came out later that they weren’t that injured, Karolyi was just playing games because he was mad he wasn’t named the head coach of the world championship team. USA Gymnastics either didn’t give in to his extortion or they didn’t realize that he was trying to make them do what he wanted. In 1984 Dianne actually was too injured to compete on all the events at the Olympic trials but was scratched from the entire competition when she failed to touch an aparatus even though she wasn’t going to compete on it. She didn’t know the rule and Bela was in another rotation with Mary Lou. Today the Olympic team selection process is so different that she probably would have made the team. I know she was still training as of 1985 but I don’t remember if she kept competing much longer after that.

  • Kristin

    I am so proud of Gabby, I’ve been rooting for her for a long time. On a gymnastics message board I belong to many people had been saying that she didn’t have the mental strength to deal with the pressure of high level competitions. I thought she had been growing in mental toughness over the past year. I resisted saying “I told you so” after she won the OGM.

  • http://beautyinbaltimore.blogspot.com BeautyinBaltimore

    Love this. Gabby is such a postive role model for young African-American women. Much better than the women on VH1 and Nikki Menage. I love that Gabby’s mom and siblings were there to cheer her on.

  • http://beautyinbaltimore.blogspot.com BeautyinBaltimore

    OMFG,thanks for mentioning Diane Durham. I was too young to see her in action but I saw a doc on the 84 olympics and I think Diane Durham was mentioned.

    Don’t sleep on Betty Okino. She got a bronze metal with Domonique Dawes on the 92 Olympic team.

  • http://beautyinbaltimore.blogspot.com BeautyinBaltimore

    It’s funny how this story did not get a quarter of the comments as the article about Gabby’s hair.

    Some people love misery!

  • http://gravatar.com/alm247 ALM


  • Chicago Joseph

    Dianne Durham is living in Chicago now, the local ABC station here did a story on her after Gabby won. It would be nice to see Ebony do the same story. Dianne was a pioneer and helped set the stage for not only Gabby but Dominique Dawes and others.

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