Nude nails are a chic way to update your look this season. Nude nails are close to your skin complexion with a beige undertone making it look more polished than bare nails. Nude nails are a great addition to this season’s bright trend and color-blocking trend.

But like nude shoes and makeup, one shade does not fit all.  Finding the right nude for your skin tone can be an arduous task. What’s a brown girl to do when she wants to get in on the latest nail trend? The answer is a bit of searching.

Choose the nude nail polish closest to your skin tone.

-If your complexion favors Rihanna’s, try Deborah Lippmann Naked or OPI At First Sight. If it favors Vanessa Williams’, try Essie Milky Way.

-If your skin tone is closer to Nia Long’s, try OPI San Tan-tonio. If it’s closer to Kelly Rowland’s, try Ginger + Liz Brown Sugar.

-If your skin tone resembles Alex Wek’s, then you should paint your nails with Revlon Hot For Chocolate. If it more resembles Viola Davis’, try Butter London Lacquer in Tramp Stamp.

Now that you have your perfect nude shade, here are a few steps from celebrity manicurist Dawn Sterling to perfect your manicure:

1. Moisturize your cuticles!

“It’s all about the moisturize. The less cuticle damage, the less work and clean up you have to do.” Dawn recommends Carol’s Daughter Jojoba and Lemon Cuticle Oil or Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil that can be found at the drugstore.

2. File your nails lightly.

3. Use alcohol to dehydrate your nails.

4. Apply a basecoat then apply color of your choice followed by a topcoat.

Dawn likes Duri Rejuvicoat or a basecoat and Seche Vite for a topcoat.

Would you rock nude nails?

-Channing Hargrove

  • Bosslady

    I agree with DasaniFRESH, I’m closer to Kelly Rowland’s complexion, but the shades you recommended for Viola Davis and Alex Wek are too dark to give the nude effect. People closer to their complexion should likewise use the ones you recommended for Kelly Rowland and Nia Long.

  • Melissa

    Hello Ladies,

    Try Deborah Lippmann, “no more drama”. My complexion is ebony like Alex and this color compliments all skin tones in my opinion. You can also google the color and find dupes since DL nail polishes are pricey.

    OPI’s Innstruck Bronze is pretty, similar to the color listed for Nia Long. We can wear any of these colors though.

  • apple

    i knew some low self esteem person ws going to come complain about the chocolate color

  • apple

    i have claw nails and i was considering painting my nails nude (i’m rihanna color)..def gona do it tomorrow now

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