Trend To Try or Watch Fly By: The Afro Wig

by Clutch

In Chris Rock’s much talked about documentary “Good Hair,” there’s a scene where he tries to sell textured fake hair to a beauty supply store and is told no one wants to purchase it. But curly and kinky afro wigs and weaves are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as of late.

As women swear off relaxers for health and style reasons, and rock their ‘fros, the hairstyle itself is becoming popular among women with varying textures. In fact, women are experimenting with curly weaves and wigs with no plans to ditch their relaxer and go natural.

The curly afro wig/weave looks beautiful on some women and it offers a non-committal way to embrace the textured look. But do you love it, Clutchettes?

Is this a trend you would try, or watch fly by?

  • Toya

    I need to know where I can get one in ny please. A salon quoted me a price of $900, I would prefer to pay much less lol.

  • J.S.

    I would recommend purchasing the Jeri Curl style extensions from Tony Lugo’s in Midtown then going to a trusted beautician and have him/her install them using the sew-in method. It will be much more cost-effective than $900.

  • C

    I have my own, homegrown afro, but if I didn’t a wig might be in order. Before I stopped straightening my hair with flat irons, I would only get weave/half wigs that matched my texture, which was afro-ish.

  • tmsmole

    Just search “kinky curly weave” on YouTube and you’ll find tons of options people have already reviewed there.

  • Alex Marsh-adams

    Lady if I can purchase a lace front afro wig in London England, trust me you will be able to obtain many in New York . That is me with one 2011, most people find it intimidating I wander why ?

  • edub

    Afro wigs? The wigs pictured are “Mixed Chicks” wigs.

    I don’t know, would these women feel comfortable in their skin with the afro that grows out of their own heads?

    I still get a self-hatish vibe from this.

  • Mademoiselle

    I have natural hair & in the winter I like to wear wigs that resemble my own, so I opt for the afro wigs–the afro-ier, the better, but they’re always short afro wigs. I’ve actually been scouting a few new ones lately. If I can’t find afro wigs, then I opt for curly like in the pics. Every once in a while I’ll go for straight to try out the styles I never took advantage of when I used to have a perm.

  • LeLe

    I want one so badly.

  • chanela17

    i don’t know about self hate vibes, but you’re right those aren’t “afro”textures. lol

  • KitKat

    Where in the world besides teevee, are people believing that being mixed race denotes a kind of hair texture?

  • Lana Minor

    Or…you could just grow a real Afro? I have an Afro, and I only knew this was a thing because people have started asking me if my hair is real. I cut all my relaxed hair off because people would stick their hands in it to feel for a weave (it was always long and silky), then I had an afro people would ask to touch. Now I feel I’m back at square one!

  • annie

    stop feeling yourself. it is not that deep. it’s your hair. if you want other people out of your hair and business, do the same for others. if you want an afro wig, by all means, rock it. it’s your head and you can do whatever you want with it.

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