Over the weekend Iyanla Vanzant debuted her new show, Iyanla Fix My Lifeon OWN, and boy was it a doozy.

Although Vanzant had been working with basketball star Evelyn Lozada before she filed charges against her husband, former NFL player Chad Johnson, for domestic violence, due to the questions surrounding the incident, the timing of the premiere couldn’t be more perfect.

During the two-part show, we watched as Lozada struggled work through some of her issues from childhood, her baggage from past relationships, her infamous spats with her Baskbetball Wives costars, and her troubled relationship with Johnson. At the end of the first episode, Lozada seemed to be having a breakthrough and even apologized to her children (which included Johnson’s children) for how she carried herself on TV. But it was the explosive second episode that had folks talking.

In the follow-up to Lozada’s initial appearance, Vanzant aimed to get to the crux of Evelyn’s relationship issues with men, and in one poignant scene, she admitted her deepest fears and exactly why her marriage to Johnson ended so quickly.

While I watched the show, I couldn’t help but walk away with a few key points:

Daddy issues can last a lifetime: Many of Evelyn’s issues with men, and her husband Chad, seemed to stem from her non-existent relationship with her father. While the phrase “Daddy Issues” has become a clichéd catch-all for women behaving badly, our relationship with our parents can seriously affect the rest of our lives in both positive and negative ways.

Listen to your instincts: During the interview, Evelyn mentioned that she knew her relationship with Chad wasn’t ideal, but she swallowed her doubts anyway because she wanted to be loved (and married). Too often women get caught up in negative situations because we don’t listen to our intuition, and Evelyn’s very public, very messy ordeal is yet another reminder to follow our first minds. 

Iyanla Vanzant is an AMAZNG counselor: She’s not one of Oprah’s trusted spiritual guru’s for nothing. During the interview Ms. Vanzant READ Evelyn and helped her see how some of her patterns contributed to her current predicament. Through pointed questions, genuine concern, and insightful wisdom, Ms. Vanzant’s ability to help people see their pathologies and choose different paths for themselves is truly amazing.

Did you watch Evelyn Lozada’s interview with Iyanla Vanzant? What did you think? 

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  • Yb

    I didn’t watch the interview with Evelyn (I think all my sympathy has depleted) but I am interested in watching Iyanla’s show. Seems really inspirational.

  • I tell you what I learned, you can stretch the hell out of 15 minutes of fame, and there is a career in being a jump off.

    • justanotheropinion

      @Tonton Michel – The truth is very often the saddest reality there is.

      Look, we all got issues – every damn one of us. I am certainly no exception. Stop blaming your parents for what you got, didn’t get, wish you had, deserved, etc. Man up. Been a long time since any of us were children and you should have enough sense and concern for your mental & physical well being that you decide to fix your damn self. Your parents actions or inactions may have started the car (the 2mi mark), but you’ve been driving it for a while now (mile 100+). Admit you’ve been on the wrong road and change things FOR YOURSELF.

      I realize she has bills to pay, but if your ish is really in shambles (like her’s seems to be), time to take a break from the ‘fame game’ and get some help to become a better person for yourself first, and then your kid(s). She admitted there were signs before. She saw it and elected to ignore it. Iyanla called her out and said the only reason she cried “foul” this time is because she got hit in the face for all to see and that you can no longer hide from that. Sad it came to this. Lucky it wasn’t worse. Seems even more shameless that she is willing to sacrifice any dignity she may harbor inside for a buck.

      Evelyn needs to do herself a favor and “go quietly into the good night”. If she comes out healed on the other end and still needs to make a buck (although I really hope not), Reality TV will still be around (sadly).

      Ladies, we owe it to ourselves. As Iyanla said – it’s your Majesty.

  • Heide

    Amen and Amen!!

  • Heide

    Sorry my Amens was to Tonton Michel’s comment.

  • Ms. Information

    One thing I learned…men who legally change their name to Ochocinco probably need a psych evaluation and probably won’t make the best husbands.