5 Male Style Pet Peeves


I don’t need men to compete with me in the fashion department, but there’s nothing sexier than a clean-cut gentlemen. Someone who is confident enough to take pride in what he wears and who dresses with a sense of dignity and class. And when it comes to hygiene, he listens to what his Mama told him: grooms his hair, cuts his nails and brushes his teeth.

While we celebrate those men who are always impeccably-dressed, there’s that crop of guys who drop the ball when it comes to style.

Here are five pet peeves they have that we want to disappear once and for all.

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  • http://gravatar.com/rastaman1967 Rastaman

    If this author thinks razor bumps are a style choice then they are terribly ill informed.

  • Lady P

    As a teenager, I didn’t like any of the above mentions. I love a well-groomed man and especially in a well-tailored suit.

  • Houston

    Male Pet Peeves.

    1. No personal style and wearing everything that’s the latest trend.
    2. Weaves
    3. Fake nails
    4. Too much makeup
    5. Tacky BIG plastic jewelry/earrings
    6. Bad Skin!!!

  • omfg

    there are creams for this. a lot of men do not take care of their skin though and just walk around with those bumps on their faces.

  • omfg

    all of the above

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