As far back as my memory will take me, I remember when see-through anything was against everything we stood for. Seeing a young girl in a sheer top was unheard of, taboo and quickly gave you the title of “fast”.

Now the look has become popular on the runways and re-entered wardrobes — including models and recording artists like Ashanti and Jessica White.

Recently, Laura Govan wore a sheer dress on the Jackie Christie runway.

While I know it’s a popular and edgy look, is it possible that the sheer trend takes sex appeal too far? What happened to the art of mystery?

And while it isn’t putting your underwear completely on display (it is sort of covered), it all just seems like an extremely loud way to get attention when you step out.

Maybe I’m being a bit prude, tell me what you think? Would you rock sheer everything? Do you think the trend is overdone?

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  • K

    in defense of the photo above i read somewhere that Jackies clothing line has a little bit of everything in that this piece is part of her Lingerie collection, i find this totally acceptable as a lingerie piece and as an earlier commenter said acceptable on the runway and IMO in the bedroom where it was meant to be worn. as far as the outside word i actually find sheer tops acceptable , sheer bottom no but a sheer top as long as a bra is worn i see nothing wrong with it

  • apple

    she looks good here! i think it would be good for something high fashion but at a basic club indeeed, men too thirsty for that to be all out ..but i love the dress indeed

  • I love that so many people are so worried about what men think/say/etc. I’m sorry, but if my boyfriend/husband tried to tell me NOT to wear a sheer dress because he was worried about other men looking… Oh, man. I’d wear that dress EVERY DAMN DAY.

    • Anon26

      *snaps* NO man (or anyone else, for that matter) is going to tell me what to wear.

  • omfg

    not a fan of SHEER. but i don’t mind slightly sheer/opaque.

  • Rosey

    This would be cute with a bra. I’ve seen see-through tops on bigger women. I think thats not cute at all.