Though it’s been 103 years since Condé Nast was formed, the company only recently named the first-ever black editor-in-chief to one of its 18 publications. Keija Minor, who has the top position at Brides Magazine, is the first African-American to hold the title.

Minor was previously the Editor-in-Chief at Uptown Magazine. Her move to head up a mainstream magazine is a great landmark in an industry that is still very much plagued by racial division.

It is also a sign of hope and progress to the many black writers and editors, who feel there’s no place for them outside of niche publications.

Minor, who previously was the Executive Editor at Brides, is opening the door for what many hope to be a bigger commitment to diversity behind-the-scenes at mainstream magazines.

What do you think of Minor’s groundbreaking achievement, Clutchettes and Gents? Is it a sign of more progress to come in the publishing industry?



  1. Wonderful news :)

  2. Good news to hear, hopefully this will lead to more appointments in an otherwise dwindling medium.

  3. Exactly! This is great news big ups to her and other sistahs doing their thing.

  4. Yayy represent! She is paving the way for others down the road

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