Dutch film Only Decent People

After nearly a year of debate, the film adaptation of Robert Vuijsje’s controversial novel Alleen Maar Nette Mensen (Only Decent People) is gearing up to his theaters in the Netherlands next month.

The book follows a well-off Jewish college student who realizes he has “craving for black beauties with huge boobs and bum.” The young man decides to ditch his girlfriend and find the curvaceous black woman of his dreams.

Some in the Netherlands’ black community called the novel racist because they felt it negatively portrayed black women as hyper-sexual, while others argued that the on-screen depictions were accurate for some women so they weren’t actually offensive.

The blog AfroEurope adds more context:

In a column Anousha Nzume wrote about some of the offensive passages in the novel. “Main character David believes there are two types of ‘negro’ women. The Sherida chain; black as coal, wears at least size 46. Cup size 95 F. Not taller then 1.65. At least one of her tiny garments has leopard print. She does it with every man. Breezer desirable but not essential. Available in the “negro women disco”. 

Then there is the “bounty” (black from the outside, white from the inside), highly educated with dreadlocks. Only does it with white men, in the absence of negroes of a certain level. She is boring, unsociable and mainly dressed in batik. You can find her at a slavery debate.”

To add some Dutch context. The name Sherida refers to a popular Surinamese name, but it refers to a name of ‘working class’ black Surinamese women. The sentence “Breezer desirable but not essential”, refers to the light alcoholic drink Breezer and to the Dutch word “Breezer slut”, meaning a girl who sleeps with a man for a Breezer. The ‘black’ setting of the book and the film is the Bijlmer, which is considered a poor black neighbourhood in the district Amsterdam South-East.

In light of the conversations sparked throughout Amsterdam following the release of the novel, the film version is sure to ruffle some feathers..

Shadow and Act shares the official synopsis:

ONLY DECENT PEOPLE is a Dutch comedy based on the controversial bestseller by Robert Vuijsje. Starring Geza Weisz, Imanuelle Grives, Annet Malherbe & Jeroen Krabbe. David Samuels is from an intellectual Jewish family from the posh Amsterdam Old South, where he is often mistaken as Moroccan because of his dark hair. David is a remarkable man on a mission: to find a ghetto fabulous queen with great tits and thick buttocks. His parents and friends declare him mad, but David continues unabated. His search leads him to the Bijlmer, where, after some wild adventures he is left disappointed. Will David ever find his ideal woman – a large, dark sex goddess with booty and brains?

While I watched the trailer, I couldn’t help but wonder if our culture–which often exports the worst images of black folks around the globe–is partially to blame for films such as these.

Though gross stereotyping and racism may be at play here, I can’t ignore the hyper-sexualized and extremely ignorant images coming out of rap music and reality TV that are beamed around the world at lightening speed, while more positive (and dare I say, “normal”) images of black women barely get noticed.

And while some may discount the potency of such images, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met from other countries who thought the majority of African Americans were either trying to get put on as a rapper, deeply ensconced in street life, or working on their third baby daddy. It’s extremely troubling.

Whether this film will further the conversation on race and racism in the Netherlands remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Europe has a contentious relationship with black women.

From the Dutch magazine calling Rihanna the “Ultimate N*ggsBitch” to the Spanish glossy superimposing First Lady Michelle Obama’s head on the body of a half-naked slave, Europe’s view of black women has a long way to go.


  • ChillyRoad

    Suriname is in South America but in the very north of the continent. Very close to the Caribbean islands. Those women in the trailer looked like Jamaican dance hall queens. Don’t blame American rap music for this. Besides, as an educated secular Jew, Im sure the character in the film should be able to filter whats shown on MTV. Why underestimate people and blame a third party for their racism? The image of the hypersexualized black women predates American rap music.

  • African Mami

    It’s so trashy. Do they even believe what they are selling?!

  • Ange B

    Europe has hypersexualized Black women from time. Rap music had nothing to do with it…umm slavery , colonization. The images need updating I agree with that comment with regard to Black women and Europe’s view. I also think this film is offensive in conception….searching for a big booty/breasted Black woman who will sex him up and be smart… on top of that he hasn’t found it or at least that what it seems since the character is described as “disappointed”. *Eye Roll here* I can’t help but think of the movie Norbit. Another offensive depiction. I wonder when it will stop..this obsession with the Black women and our bodies.

  • Ms. Information

    Venus Hottentot.

  • Cee Cee

    Pretty much! This movie looks a hot offensive mess!

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val

    The first description is of a “Jezebel” and the second of a “Mammy”. These stereotypes of Black women have been around for a couple of centuries. So I don’t think rap is responsible for this film’s racism. But, I do think that rap uses the same stereotypes and definitely keeps them alive. With that said, you can see these stereotypes in mainstream American media on a daily basis. Hell Tyler Perry has made a fortune using these stereotypes.

  • kc

    This is despicable, but when the most popular song on “urban” radio screams “all I want for my birthday is a big booty ho,” why would we expect anything different? I agree with the author. While I certainly won’t take the blame off European whites, there is something to be said about the effects of the negative black presence in popular culture.

    Would we be upset if a black man made these comments? I surely would. Black women are being degraded on all fronts. This disgusting film speaks to the essentializing of black women both inside and outside the black community.

  • apple

    A typical stereotypical image of the black woman, like the white man sees her….i’m not surprised..this is dutch people

  • df

    You can bet black women in the Netherlands barely see women who look like them in the media and then when there is something, they see this. It’s really, really, really sad.

  • LaNubiana

    I died a little inside @ “there are two types of niggro women”

  • Yb

    Hot fucking mess.

  • BOSS

    Well, somehow they’ll find a way to blame black men for this one like they always do.

  • Ed

    Being Dutch and having grown up in Amsterdam where this movie is set, I can tell you that a sub-culture has emerged in the Bijlmer area, which the white middle class know nothing about. This movie just gives them part reality, part fantasy of what life can be like there. Is the Dutch society racist? Yes, and it is getting worse.

  • Anthony

    We need to remember that the first “shipment” of black workers delivered to Virginia in 1619 came in a Dutch ship. Between Suriname, the Dutch Antilles, and South Africa, the Dutch do not need America for racist notions about the objectification of Black Women.

    I am looking forward to a subtitled version of this movie. I really want to get a clear idea of what is going on in terms of dialogue.

  • http://gravatar.com/prxtence Salmon

    A mess… the movie title says it all.. only decent people, hm.

  • paul


    “Don’t blame American rap music for this. Besides, as an educated secular Jew, Im sure the character in the film should be able to filter whats shown on MTV. Why underestimate people and blame a third party for their racism? The image of the hypersexualized black women predates American rap music.”

    sheer brilliance

  • ruggie

    This movie looks like trash. BTW we do have our version of this kind of flick with “Bringing Down the House” starring Queen Latifah & Steve Martin and they portray her as wild and sexual but a-sexual in his eyes…worse? There is a French film for anyone who may be interested called “Romuald et Juliette” (American title “Mama, There’s a Man in Your Bed”) about a white exec who falls in love w/the black cleaning lady in his office building. A comedy but less over the top and very well directed.

  • Jackie

    Seriously people! Do you all not understand the context of this movie and how the both the writer and producer are mocking the stereotypes!!!! As a half Surinam/half Dutch women born and raised in Holland I have seen from up close how ignorant people can be and how stupid the prejudices can be. This movies enlarges them and shows just how ridiculous people can be and think and it makes people think that the differences might not be as big as presumed.

    With a humorous twist the movie lays out the issues that lie beneath why people don’t understand each other and that if we all just try to get a long, have respect and be open to each others opinions, beliefs and culture the world would be a better place.

  • Damon

    I am a white British Jew, I lived in the Bijlmer for 6 years, I met a Suriname woman who has creole and Chinese roots, we now have a daughter. This film hits all steriotypes of Jewish people, Surinamese people, and living in the Bijlmer. It is not racist at all, it is spot-on, very funny, and I think does justice to a very tongue in cheek look at what happens when “only decent people” are exposed to the sub-culture of the Bijlmer. The ending says it all – no matter where you come from, all people ultimately can be truelly decent (not just snooty “decent”) and can get along once the ice is broken. A terrific film.

  • Jan-Erik

    So will European and European American men be disappointed or not to find black females being “painfully ordinary”?

  • Jan-Erik

    We should also remember that until 1680′s there was any so called “white race” in American colonies, that huge majority of slaves (or as they called them then “chattel bond-labor”) were actually Europeans. First bond labor in Jamaica and in Barbados was European, not African. The whole invention of “white race” was made to separate poor working class people of Europeans and Africans, to make European poor as buffer between rich European elite and Africans.

    It’s a hell kind of trick and explain well enough all these racial fantasies and prejudices even in year 2013.

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