Men With Donks: Are You Into It?

by Clutch

I’ll never forget when my ex-boyfriend met my friends for the first time. I asked them if they thought he was a good match for me in terms of personality. But all they wanted to talk about what his donk. “He has a nice butt, girl.”

Umm, really? Do women even look at men’s butts like that?

I had never noticed his butt before, but made sure to steal a glance the next time I saw him. It did fill out his khaki pants, and also sat pretty high. He never let me touch his butt (wasn’t his thing) but I did quietly grow an affinity for it.

My favorite type of butt on a man looks something like DMX’s in Belly. Tight and muscular with just enough fat to grab.

But there are women who prefer a big ole booty on a man, to rival that of Serena Williams or Jennifer Lopez.

Take Tyson Gay, for example. The Olympian athlete’s butt is so round, firm and pronounced, you could sit a cup of water on it and he might not even notice. He has the kind of junk in the trunk that men have loved on women for years. As it turns out, some women like big butts on men too.

Women have varying opinions on men with donks. There are some who are disgusted by it, and others who find large glutes sexy on a man.

What is your opinion, Clutchettes? Do you like big donks on men?

  • LaNubiana

    Sorry but I can’t date a guy that’s curvaceous than I. Blimey!

  • African Mami

    His got a serious donk a donk!! It looks like the making of an African pot, in the lower half. Good LAWWWWD!!

    No, I don’t. However, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. I’d be low key jealous doe!

  • Charle

    As long as it’s not bigger than mine. The same way I wouldn’t date a larger dude with more impressive boobs than my damn-near-flat chested-ness, I wouldn’t date a guy with a larger booty than mine–and I’m a skinny chick, so that’s an easy feat to accomplish. I guess I have an inferiority complex. :P

  • Charle

    You could play the bongos on a booty like that, though! lol

  • African Mami

    Ummm, yeah!! You know what doe, I think if I dated him, I’d ask him to carry me on that donk.

  • Starla

    I can’t date men with boobs or booty. Those are feminine traits in my book. May as well date a sista if I’m gonna date a man with a big ole booty.

  • binks

    Damn I thought his butt was photoshopped… but yeah I am not really into looking at men’s butts as long as it is nice and in shape I have no complaints it just can’t be either extremes of Hank Hill from King of the Hill “noassatall” syndrome or rivaling J Lo or Serena.

  • Charle

    LOL for real! I wonder if he knows how to twerk on the down low.

  • mommaused2say

    Mine does and I love it! I also love to watch track and field and football just to watch them walk! lol

  • African Mami

    he DOES! You can’t have an African pot and not know how to twerk/lingala/makossa-you name it.

    -I mean after sports, that would be a great area to consider going into “Twerk Bidnizz”!

  • c0c0puffz

    He looks like a centaur carrying all that booty. Can’t be with a man with big hips, ass and boobs. I would feel like a lesbian.

  • C

    Big booties on men are fine to me. I’ve never been into them that much, but it is definitely nice if they have a defined, toned butt. His looks extra round in that picture. I don’t think it normally looks that big, does it?

  • Rgves

    His butt is not that big. That pic was photoshopped.

  • Muse
  • Chika


  • LeLe

    thank you. smh..

  • Patience

    That picture looks photoshopped, but yes, I like a nice butt on an ATHLETIC man.

  • nona

    That pic is…real? Like, no photoshop? He has enough buttocks for us both, lol!

  • ?!?

    That guy from the Old Spice commercials has a donk.

  • Nic

    That pic is photoshopped but the black male track stars have the most perfect man butts in the world.
    A man shouldn’t be built like a lady but I cannot deal with people who look like their butts were surgically removed either (really common white guys)…

  • Miss-shell

    That’s obviously photoshopped. But I wouldn’t mind dating a man with a little junk in his trunk… As it fits his body type.

  • Lady Ngo

    I like a man with a nice behind…but not one that is big round and perky/fluffy like in that pic lol.

  • chanela17

    hell no! just like how i don’t like men with long hair, it’s too feminine for me!idk guys with big butts and huge lips just scream gay to me!

  • chanela17

    removed! LMAO

  • hpymrzsimmons

    My hubby has a nice behind and I love it. Doesn’t hurt to have something to hold on to. I take advantage. ;-)

  • GlowBelle

    I keep thinking about that ‘Girlfriends’ episode where Joan dated that guy with the big hips….just no, lol!

    There is a BIG difference between a ‘nicely rounded and defined tush’ and a booty you can put a saddle on. I prefer the former, the latter…no can do. I don’t like boobies, wide hips, and big ol’ butts on men, sorry that’s just not my style.

  • JN

    It is not a photoshopped photo. That is his glute in a contracted position (meaning that leg was extended backward). Two seconds later and you would see his glute in an extended position.

  • shadow

    Love a nice backside!! My hubby has a nice one, too. He’s still holdin’ tight @ 44!!

  • Jen
  • NTG

    “Pull ova dat a** too fat (woot woot), pull ova dat a** too fat…”

  • LuvLife289

    I had a guy with a booty, and a nice body too. He was my ‘juicy booty’ :-)

  • NTG

    It still looks the same lol. Just a different angle.

  • anon

    omg, that donk looks scary…

  • Erin

    If it’s fit and muscular, YES! #HeyBoo at Tyson Gay.

  • mamareese

    Aw lawd this is photoshopped….whew I was all kinds of devastated!!!

  • OSHH


  • Simone L

    My husband has a nice ass. I just…I just want to bite that ass…nom nom nom.

    Wait. What was the question? I’m sorry.

  • Geechee Goddess (@JumpJunkieJoe)

    A fat ass on a man is so disgusting. What can I as a woman do with his big buffalo butt? It’s one thing to have a nice fit butt on a guy, but for his to rival Jennifer Lopez is just unusual and suspect. I can’t imagine a heterosexual man being comfortable with a butt that big. Who is he advertising for reall?

  • Blue

    No!! I don’t want a guy who’s booty is just as shapely as mine. Besides guys don’t like it when you mess with their @$$…at least the straight ones don’t like it.

  • heavenleiblu

    I like a little something to hold onto during sexy time. I can’t do man hips and moobs, though.

  • Echi

    Wow….now I want to know what his workout routine is.

  • Gigi Young

    Are you serious? If he was born with it, what control does he have over the size of his butt? Just like women!

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