Her name was Shania Gray.

Gray, a 16-year-old high school junior, never expected her life would come to a tragic end, but it did, all because she had the courage to speak out.

According to Mesquite, Tx. police, the teen met her demise at the hands of Franklin B. Davis, the 30-year-old man she had accused of raping her. He was scheduled to go to trail on four counts of sexual assault of a child next month, but took matters into his own hands, shooting Gray twice before stepping on her neck until she stopped breathing.

Davis met Gray when she was babysitting his two children. And after she declined several times to watch his children again, Gray confessed to her grandmother that Davis had raped her.

Davis claims he never assaulted the teen, and only wanted to talk to Shania last Thursday when he used social media to lure her away from school and kill her.

The Associated Press reports:

The man insisted in a jailhouse interview Monday that he only wanted to talk to the teen and prove his innocence but said he was overcome by “demons” once they were face-to-face.

Franklin B. Davis, 30, of the Dallas suburb of Irving, was charged with capital murder Sunday in the death of Shania Gray. Gray was last seen alive Thursday afternoon at Hebron High School in nearby Carrollton. Her body was found Saturday in a secluded area near the Trinity River.

Carrollton police say Davis confessed to arranging a meeting with Gray under false pretenses, driving her to a trail near the river and shooting her twice with a .38-caliber pistol. According to an arrest affidavit, Gray fell into the river and called Davis by his nickname: “Why, Wish?” 

Davis told police he then stepped on her neck until she stopped breathing, the affidavit said.

Carrollton police spokesman Jon Stovall said in an email that police believe Davis killed Gray because she was about to testify against him.

Gray confessed to shooting Shania, telling police, he was “fighting demons,” and felt like “a different person was in me.” He has been charged with capital murder and is being held on $2 million bail.

Shania Gray’ tragic murder is heartbreaking for her friends and family who remember Gray as a girl who loved to give hugs and talk about her future.

Shelby Holland, Gray’s junior varsity basketball coach at Horn High School, told a local Dallas news outlet, “We want to spend our time talking about the hugs she was constantly giving out, the wonderful life she held for us while she was here. To see the kind of kid she was and that untapped potential for the kind of woman she would become – it’s just sad to sit here and think, `We’ll never know what kind of great young woman she’d become.’”

  • Patience

    No accountability. So, not only is this guy a rapist, but a murderer.

  • Anthony

    That is heartbreaking. Anybody decent person, and especially parents, should be sick to hear about Shania Gray’s death.

  • Yb

    I’m completely speechless. My prayers and condolences to hear family.

    This subhuman need to hung or given the chair. Life in prison being wined and dined on taxpayer money is too kind of a punishment.

  • Yb

    *her family

  • Starla

    My heart goes out to her loved ones.

  • OSHH

    God rest her soul.

  • Starla

    Being born with a vagina is both a blessing and a curse. I am sure if Clutch was to do an unscientific survery of all the female commenters who have been touched, fondled, or raped the findings would be shocking.

    Nobody deserved what she got, but at least she is no longer feeling the pain. Her poor family may never recover from this tragedy. I feel it to the core of my being.

  • tonisha

    God it physically hurts to hear something like that happening to her. First shes raped and then by the same man murdered. Rest her soul

  • nona

    And of course we won’t hear about this on CNN or Nancy Grace, because black girls lives mean nothing. RIP, beautiful.

  • gmarie

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she were not his first assault victim. so tired of hearing about women and young girls being preyed on and assaulted. It just makes you feel helpless like..how can we protect them? Prayers out to her family.

  • Lala

    We need to watch and care for our little sisters. Black girls childhood is almost a fallacy, 60% of black girls, by the age of 18 have been sexually assaulted. 60%! 3 out of 5. Understand this is not a small problem and when they are brave enough to speak out Listen. Please LISTEN.

  • Nikster

    You know it cost more money to give someone the death penalty than it is to incarcerate them for life. I say lock behind bars, w/o parole, until he gets to the grave.




  • LaNubiana

    In my opinion this monster killed this precious girl twice. This is not a human being, this is a monster! He didn’t give her a chance to live so why give him a chance to live? He didn’t giver her a chance to be heard, so why give him his chance to be heard? Monsters like these only deserve to have their male parts mutilated and stoned to death. Then maybe the next monster will think twice about committing such heinous crimes.

    Rest in peace sweet child, rest in peace!

  • love

    wow..so sad…im wondering why she would even want to meet with him again after having to deal with his craziness

  • Lady P

    This is so heartbreaking. Story after story very seldom ending with good news. . We have to protect our daughters, be mindful of their environment, situations, and people. How many stories will it take for us to realize these types of men are monsters in waiting? They will brutalize our daughters. Gosh, my heart goes out to this family.

  • Chika

    “we have to protect our daughters”

    I agree. We also have to teach our sons to do better.

  • omfg

    exactly nikster. a lot of people don’t realize this.

  • omfg

    well, if it means anything, i read about this on huffington post yesterday.

  • We’reallBRAVE

    Let us remember how BRAVE Ms. Gray was to come forward and accuse the abuser. It takes a lot of courage and strength to report a rape. Reporting it can be just has horrible as the rape because you have to remember and relive every detail and then retell it to a complete stranger.
    I know because I just reported my rape on Monday.

    Rest in Peace Shania Gray.

  • LaNubiana

    Wrong skin, eye, hair color. Even for BET which is now owned by Viacom.

  • Lace

    Uh hello he pretended to be someone else.

  • http://I'mfromthatarea.Heluredherbycreatingafakefacebookpageclaimingtobea16yearoldboyinhersocialcircle,thathadacrushonher.Hemetheratherschool,putherinhiscar,drovehertothepark&killedher.Thisstoryis Randomchick

    I’m from that area. He lured her by creating a fake facebook page claiming to be a 16 year old boy in her social circle, that had a crush on her. He met her at her school, put her in his car, drove her to the park & killed her. This story is haunting.

  • LaNubiana

    I’m sorry you went through that. You are a brave soul for reporting it and talking about it! Your outspoken words will encourage others to talk as well. May you be protected by the almighty!!

  • ChillyRoad

    Please don’t implicate all of our sons into this. Most of our sons are living a normal life not raping anyone and then murdering them. Do not use this girl’s murder to push your agenda against “our sons.”

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Wow what a tragic story, may this brave beautiful young lady rest in peace. I hope this monster get whatever is coming to him.

  • lol

    put him in the same cell as Big Bubba so that he will know what it feels like to have someone force themself on you (him)

  • ChillyRoad

    For his crime he will probably get the death penalty.

  • lol

    you never fail.

  • EL

    So sorry to hear about what happened to you. I was sexually abused as a child so I know how hard it is to report or reveal it to someone. It’s such a shame what this young girl experienced to and her life is now gone all because she spoke up. It’s an absolute disgrace.

    My thoughts are with you and Shania’s family


  • LaNubiana

    I hope so!

  • lol

    Clutch deleted part of my comment but i put a link in there of a story that came out this week about 4 middle school black boys who broke into a house on 3 different days and gangraped 2 girls (sisters). it was reported that during the trial the boys would sometimes smile. they didn’t seem to be taking it seriously, which made the judge say “life is not a videogame ” …

  • Chika

    I have no agenda except to promote a safer environment for ALL youth. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment.

  • ChillyRoad


    “you never fail.”

    ….at spotting bull crap? I agree. We don’t need to demonise our sons to protect our daughters. Sorry I don’t subscribe to your culture.

  • victoria

    What is wrong with talking ”our sons” about no means no? Parents should use this situation and others to talk to not only their daughters, but theirs son about rape…boys being raped and boys knowing to take no for an answer.

  • ChillyRoad


    Your comment says otherwise. Shoulndt we be protecting all of our youth? How many black boys will be murdered by the time I finish posting this comment? It isn’t black girl vs black boy. Its Mammals vs. reptiles. If this man didn’t rape and murder this girl but shot a black boy to death would you be saying… We need to protect our sons? Of course not.

    Anyway, back to the topic.

  • ChillyRoad


    I believe killing someone who will be testifying in a criminal case is a federally punishable and may even carry the death penalty. This is in Texas after all. Texans are a bit crazy but I appreciate their no-nonsense sense of justice.

  • Brice

    The second to the last paragraph calls Shania Gray, “Shania Davis”. Shaniya Davis was a 5 year old girl who was raped and murdered in 2009.

  • lol


    you said

    “If this man didn’t rape and murder this girl but shot a black boy to death would you be saying… We need to protect our sons?”

    no , we would still be saying ‘we need to teach our sons better’ because most of these boys being murdered by someone very close to their own age, ie another young boy. take a look at the article on this very site about lil jojo.

  • gmarie

    Unrelated side note*** I actually did see a story recently, last week on Nancy Grace about a missing black teen in Texas (Gabbiee Swainson) She was abducted from her bedroom. I suppose you all can google her story but she is still missing last I heard

  • Anthony

    He was only a “son” in the biological sense. That pervert is an old grown man! He was totally responsible for his evil deed.

  • Patience

    Lol. This site be effing up.

  • http://gravatar.com/honeybfly1980 Isis

    Very sad :(

  • Lady P

    Hmm…these are some interesting comments. I personally don’t believe any Clutch supporter would not desire to support and protect ALL our youth. By reading most of your comments, it seems as if the majority of us here are traditional or either non-traditionally “passionate” educated people. Real quickly, I merely was hoping we would turn this sad tragedy [with different names and faces] into a “preventable discussion”.

    Someone mentioned Shaniya Davis because of her, my heart bleeds everyday for these young ladies which doesn’t discount our young men.

    To state: “We have to protect our daughters, be mindful of their environment, situations, and people” was stated as a cognitive response to this article. We do have to PROTECT our daughters… In other words, (think) before you allow your daughters to be around every man. If you have a daughter, don’t be as trustworthy. Perform a background check on the family she is babysitting for, don’t let any and everybody in your house, don’t do sleepovers as examples. . I’m not speaking to anyone in particular, but to any parent or guardian that can save your daughter.

    My desire is to NOT to see, read or hear about another child being molested, raped, or experiencing domestic violence just as much as it is not to hear of another child being killed. . I know we are on the same page here. I just wanted to clarify that information. As we ALL are learning and sharing different/ better ways to raise our boys; let’s discover ways in which to prevent these young ladies from being brutalized. We can do both at that same time.

  • ?!?

    ^^^So expected.

  • ?!?

    Mainstream sites report this stuff sometimes. Folks on black sites would complain that the mainstream media only shows news like this to make us look bad.

  • Lady P

    Exactly. He did kill her twice.

  • ?!?

    You’re such a predictable idiot that it’s funny. It’s extra funny because you think you’re so intelligent and rational lol. It takes you no time to jump to childish insults and name calling.

  • D.T.

    This is terrible…….

  • isolde3


    Is he really blaming Gray’s grandmother as the reason behind why a black man raped and murdered her grandchild?

  • apple

    it does? hmm maybe they should find more efficient ways ..it seems so cheap with a bullet to the head or a completely free push off a bridge…

  • apple

    well they have one thing in common..its mostly men raping them,…so yea, its still a problem

  • http://gravatar.com/dginki Kim

    When will you stop blaming other people for what black boys and men do? You are telling the world that black boys and men can not be trusted, but feared and therefore hated.

  • ChillyRoad


    While made crudely, you do bring up an interesting point. There are some families that are more vulnerable than others. Decades ago, the feminists tried to portray the nuclear family as the biggest threat to women and children but we know now that the nuclear family is the safest place for women and children. Married, biological fathers are among the safest men for women and children. Once you bring strange men, transient men, non related men in the picture the risk to children increases tremendously. These predators are reluctant to go after children where there is a present consistent male figure around.

    The only one I am blaming here is the guilty but lets not pretend that there isn’t a correlation between broken homes and vulnerable, exploitable children.

  • ChillyRoad

    I think the point he is trying to make is that any children who is the in the care of their grandparent or rather a grandmother is vulnerable and predators know this.

  • ChillyRoad


    Rape and murder isn’t a default setting for males offset by the gentle guidance of concerned women and girls. Most people, and that includes our sons, are good and decent. I find it very insulting, this idea, that we need to teach our boys not to rape and murder as if they are like that coming out of the womb.

    I maintain that men are more likely to instinctually want to protect a woman than to harm them. Therefore, I wouldn’t teach our boys not to rape but to develop and encourage their natural instincts to protect.

  • isolde3


    Victim blaming, rape apologists are kindred spirits to you, Jester. I mean, I could pull up multiple threads of your fcukery. No one’s shocked that you’re running interference for your fellow clown college alum in an attempt to boot-lick and rationalize his convoluted point of view. Based on SMH’s subsequent remarks in the thread, he is indeed blaming the grandmother and even the girl herself (SMH, 9/13, 3:25 am)

    “Not only that, she stupidly agreed to link up with a perfect stranger at an obscure location. Why don’t your ask whatever is left of your brain to figure why the attacker knew she would fall for that?”

    Quick, a black girl got raped and murdered by a black man . . . time to blame grandma and feminism.

  • Keke

    Wow. Let’s stop with the victim blaming and focus on the real issue: this girl who died senselessly. The person who is to blame is a grown man who decided a gun was the solution to his problems. That’s the culprit. Rape and murder happen all the time regardless of the best precautions we take as humans. And it can happen even in homes that are parented by two loving, caring individuals. In fact, my sister’s friend was literally snatched from in front of her home in an upscale neighborhood and raped and nearly killed many, many years ago. Sometimes people just do crazy things and go off and kill people. I think we are all reacting because it’s scary to think that the world is so chaotic and random that people we love could be taken out at any moment.

    If we can point the fingers and say “this is why that happened,” then we’re in control and can keep those bad things at bay. But the truth is, things happen. And the people committing the acts should be punished.

  • Nestafan2

    I really feel sorry for you. How sad to use this poor girl’s tragedy as a “let’s defend black men” argument. I pray you don’t have daughters.

  • ChillyRoad


    You’re spouting ideology, im spouting research. In fact I am taking verbatim from David Blackenhorn in his book Fatherless America. He is a white guy with degrees from both Harvard and the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Now I know how important both degrees and white men are to the black women at Clutch so go argue with him about this thesis. Accuse him of blaming victims and apologising for rapist.

  • chan

    Dont waste your time on chillyroad/qon

  • ?!?

    @isolde3 – I know right. That’s how he rolls. On another article where a basketball player beat up his girlfriend, he said that the victim was stupid and worse than her attacker. He asked where was her father. He blamed the boy’s bad behavior on his mother for being a baby momma. He thought the girl’s mother was a baby momma, but she was married. That threw him for a loop. I also saw a comment by him where he said that Chris Breezy was a good guy. He thinks domestic violence, sexual assaults, and sexual harassment in the black community are to be blamed on black women, so he was saying that he thinks the person at fault is Gray’s mother for not being married to Gray’s father. And….if she was married to him but they got a divorce it was because she didn’t submit lol.

    But….her mother’s name is Sherry Gray-James. I also read that they were moving to another neighborhood to be closer to her father’s workplace. His name is Dewayne James, and she has a younger bother that goes by the last name James. So her mother is married, and the girl actually had one of these amazing protectors they keep going and on and on about-her stepfather. Somehow it didn’t make a difference. SMH will probably say the murderer’s mother was probably a baby momma lol. Or he will say the difference is that this man is her stepfather and not her biological father.

    I’m sure after Rihanna was beat he was asking where was her protector and blaming her. He and ChillyRoad are all over this site with their male protectionism. They jump at any and every chance to denigrate black women, but when a black girl dies at the hands of an obviously evil black man, they start asking about protectors and blaming baby mommas lol!!!

    ChillyRoad on another article said what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander lol. SMH will probably reply back with a bunch of name-calling. He’ll probably say moron a couple of times idiot, unintelligent, and stupid probably insult my looks and call me a future baby momma. That’s what he does when people disagree with him. You know because he’s so logical.

  • Janaé

    Your mother was clearly unfit.

  • Chillyroad


    Can you show where I have denigrated black women? I typically dont use every opportunity to join the “hate-a-brotha-flash-mob” because it is amoral and unhelpful.

    Recently there was an article about three day care workers, two of whom were black women, who encouraged and video taped children at the day care fighting. The response… Clutch shouldnt have reported the incident because it makes black women look bad. Not one comment said we needed to “teach our sisters” not to abuse children.

    I likewise would have condemned comments that wanted to extrapolate behaviors to all black women based on what those two childcare workers did.

    This isnt about black men vs. black women. This is between good black folks and bad black folks.

  • Chillyroad


    “How sad to use this poor girl’s tragedy as a “let’s defend black men” argument.”

    I wish some of these comments didnt put all black men, even black boys, on trial. We cant just talk about ways in which we can protect children when they are outside the house, when they are online, when they are not in the company of trusty worthy adults. The only thing we can devolve into is condeming black men and even boys as rapist and murderers?

  • ?!?

    @ChillyRoad – I don’t think I said anything about hating all the brothas or joining the flash mob. Black women are told they need to lose weight, check their attitude, stop wearing weave, stop having babies out of wedlock and yada, yada, yada. You all say these things over and over. I can take criticism, and I listen to people and try to improve myself based on constructive criticism. This girl was raped and then killed by a black man. Some folks here brought up how sexual assaults on black girls/women happens too much and you all start looking for protectors and blaming single mothers. No one is supposed to criticize black men.

    I recall on that article one of your buddies motrennaisance said something about how black women were so horrible and angelic white women would have never done that. You yourself have made disparaging comments about black women. Usually when you seek to put yourself on the anti “hate-a-brotha-flash-mob” mob you do so by putting down black women.

    Anyway….I don’t think my comments on this site are about hating black men. I criticize their poor choices just like the men constantly criticize us. I know plenty of good black men. I guess you all only know hoodrats. Shania seems like she had a good stepfather. There are women at this site who dislike black men, but there are many many who don’t. There are some who simply think black men need to do better. I mean dang! There must be hundreds of videos on YouTube by black men complaining about black women. The majority of black women commenting on this comment section did not say black men were evil because of what this man did. There was nothing in my comment that suggested that I think black men are evil. I just can’t agree with you all blaming these atrocities on mothers for being single mothers.

    You say it’s about good black folks vs. bad black folks. I just get the feeling that you think black women are bad black folks. I mean you went all out of your way trying to blame Gabby Douglas’s mother for Gabby issuing that statement about her dad. You also made a negative comment about BW on that article. But hey maybe I will see one of those unicorn comments of yours where you don’t put women or black women down. I myself have made PLENTY of comments on this site about how BW need to do better. I have never seen a comment by you about how BM need to do better. It’s always our fault for BM’s screwups. When we say that BM need to do brother, you put us in the “black men ain’t ish” mob.

  • ChillyRoad


    You’re lying. Im prepared to defend anything I have ever said on Clutch but I will not defend your inventions. Sorry.

    Whoever is on YouTube saying what…thats not my business.

    With regard to SMH comments… Ive never defended anything he has said about Chris Brown, Gabby Douglas, or anyone else you can pull out of your back pocket. I offered research done by a noted sociologist on why some families are more vulnerable than others. No one can dispute that.

    I made it a point not to say anything negative about Gabby Douglas. My problem was with people taking what little Gabby said about her father and concluding he was a deadbeat based on a very popular meme in the black community. I suggested that a man who is both separated from his wife, and placed overseas by the American government couldn’t be the type of father all children need.

    I don’t really care what your suspicions of me are. You can either agree or disagree with what I say but don’t lie or make things up or conclude you know anything about how I feel about black women or black men.

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