Her name was Shania Gray.

Gray, a 16-year-old high school junior, never expected her life would come to a tragic end, but it did, all because she had the courage to speak out.

According to Mesquite, Tx. police, the teen met her demise at the hands of Franklin B. Davis, the 30-year-old man she had accused of raping her. He was scheduled to go to trail on four counts of sexual assault of a child next month, but took matters into his own hands, shooting Gray twice before stepping on her neck until she stopped breathing.

Davis met Gray when she was babysitting his two children. And after she declined several times to watch his children again, Gray confessed to her grandmother that Davis had raped her.

Davis claims he never assaulted the teen, and only wanted to talk to Shania last Thursday when he used social media to lure her away from school and kill her.

The Associated Press reports:

The man insisted in a jailhouse interview Monday that he only wanted to talk to the teen and prove his innocence but said he was overcome by “demons” once they were face-to-face.

Franklin B. Davis, 30, of the Dallas suburb of Irving, was charged with capital murder Sunday in the death of Shania Gray. Gray was last seen alive Thursday afternoon at Hebron High School in nearby Carrollton. Her body was found Saturday in a secluded area near the Trinity River.

Carrollton police say Davis confessed to arranging a meeting with Gray under false pretenses, driving her to a trail near the river and shooting her twice with a .38-caliber pistol. According to an arrest affidavit, Gray fell into the river and called Davis by his nickname: “Why, Wish?” 

Davis told police he then stepped on her neck until she stopped breathing, the affidavit said.

Carrollton police spokesman Jon Stovall said in an email that police believe Davis killed Gray because she was about to testify against him.

Gray confessed to shooting Shania, telling police, he was “fighting demons,” and felt like “a different person was in me.” He has been charged with capital murder and is being held on $2 million bail.

Shania Gray’ tragic murder is heartbreaking for her friends and family who remember Gray as a girl who loved to give hugs and talk about her future.

Shelby Holland, Gray’s junior varsity basketball coach at Horn High School, told a local Dallas news outlet, “We want to spend our time talking about the hugs she was constantly giving out, the wonderful life she held for us while she was here. To see the kind of kid she was and that untapped potential for the kind of woman she would become – it’s just sad to sit here and think, `We’ll never know what kind of great young woman she’d become.'”

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  • Starla

    Being born with a vagina is both a blessing and a curse. I am sure if Clutch was to do an unscientific survery of all the female commenters who have been touched, fondled, or raped the findings would be shocking.

    Nobody deserved what she got, but at least she is no longer feeling the pain. Her poor family may never recover from this tragedy. I feel it to the core of my being.

  • tonisha

    God it physically hurts to hear something like that happening to her. First shes raped and then by the same man murdered. Rest her soul

  • nona

    And of course we won’t hear about this on CNN or Nancy Grace, because black girls lives mean nothing. RIP, beautiful.

    • LaNubiana

      Wrong skin, eye, hair color. Even for BET which is now owned by Viacom.

    • gmarie

      Unrelated side note*** I actually did see a story recently, last week on Nancy Grace about a missing black teen in Texas (Gabbiee Swainson) She was abducted from her bedroom. I suppose you all can google her story but she is still missing last I heard

    • ?!?

      Mainstream sites report this stuff sometimes. Folks on black sites would complain that the mainstream media only shows news like this to make us look bad.

  • gmarie

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she were not his first assault victim. so tired of hearing about women and young girls being preyed on and assaulted. It just makes you feel helpless like..how can we protect them? Prayers out to her family.

  • Lala

    We need to watch and care for our little sisters. Black girls childhood is almost a fallacy, 60% of black girls, by the age of 18 have been sexually assaulted. 60%! 3 out of 5. Understand this is not a small problem and when they are brave enough to speak out Listen. Please LISTEN.