So…Prince Has An Afro?

by Britni Danielle

Yesterday the black interwebs errupted at the sight of the purple on, Price, with a low cut afro. It seems like the legendary musician has traded in his signature straightened look for something a little more ethnic.

In an appearance on The View, Prince debuted his new look, talked about his upcoming concerts in Chicago to benefit Van Jones’ organization ‘Rebuild the Dream’, and talked about his upcoming album, which channels a ’70s vibe. Despite speaking to the ladies on various topics, it was Prince’s hair that got the most buzz.

Questlove of the Roots tweeted, “Whoa!!! is Prince rockin’ a baby fro on The View??!!” capturing what many were thinking.

While the natural hair movement has been spreading for black women, we rarely think of men “going natural” as well.

Between closely cropped haircuts, dreads, braids, and ‘fros, men have seemed to sidestep the hair debates all together. But with Prince’s latest look, we are reminded that how some men choose to wear their hair can be just as noteworthy as women.

  • Candi83

    I was more surprised that he was on the view. No matter what style he’s rockin’, I will always love his music.

  • OSHH

    This is Andy Allos influence on Prince I bet.

  • Muse

    Big chop! lol

  • Marjorie Michel

    He had a fro in the very beginning ….

  • LaNubiana

    I love me Prince!!! And of course that mini Afro looks good.

  • gmarie

    he sure did! And it was nice and fluffy. I’ll love prince no matter what look he’s rockin with for the week

  • christinagraham

    lol man prince had a fro in the 70′s. lol at the big chop comment. i thought it was an old picture

  • Phillyteri

    Prince’s first album I believe he wore a big fluffy afro…It was my freshman year in college (he’s 1 1/2years older than me). I thought he was cute then, great music…I love his ‘fro it was time for a change…LOL

  • Malik Hemmans

    Cant wait for his next album to come out

  • fancypants

    Questlove watches The View?

  • Anthony

    I am in awe of Prince as a musician, but he looks kind of dorky with the afro to me. I guess after thirty years of perms, his naturally hair is a real eye opener.


    Prince looks a little like Moammar Qaddafi in this pic. That aside, good for him, he wore a fro before and he’s bring it back, nice!

  • African Mami

    His voice and his looks don’t match at all oo!! #afrolicious

  • jazzyphile

    What would be way more shocking is seeing Prince with a sister!

  • Marjorie Michel

    I think Jimmy Fallon is in the same studio – & he’s a DIE hard fan.

  • isola

    It is always weird to me when someone makes the news for rocking their natural hair.

  • GlowBelle

    Uh…why is everyone acting like he’s a stranger to a ‘fro? Prince even had a ‘fro on the the front cover of his very first album! I’d rather flip out over new MUSIC from Prince than what he’s rocking on his head.

  • binks

    Right! People better get familiar.

  • Quietly

    He had an Afro before many of us were even born! Lol not news. Knowing Prince he’ll change it soon anyway. Love him

  • desi

    Don’t get it twisted! Prince is a master at promotion. His new protege is Cameroonian beauty Andy Allo, who has sported a natural for several years. He produced her new album slated to come out at the end of the month!

  • Jess

    Prince has worn his ‘fro from his earliest days. Up until the 80′s when the Morris Day look came into style. Prince bbe rockin’ fro’s for years. But it looks like he he has done a little something to his skin. Anyway, check out his many fro’s here:


  • hughes09

    Ugh B Walters….fall back girl…you making him uncomfortable. I’d look this if his clothes fit the hair, he’d be he regular hot self! Ooowwwtt get it Prince…I would die for youuu……

  • Nic

    A lot of people think the world doesn’t exist beyond their limited memory. These are the same people who think black people never had natural hair until a bunch of girls got on You Tube.

    Plus, all of Prince’s looks have been “ethnic.” At no time in history has prince been wearing hair that you’d see on a white man. He’s just worn styles that match the times. Presses, curls, relaxers. He and Morris Day did the same relaxed but curled hair for ages. And in the 80′s he just had long Jheri Curl hair like Full Force and everyone else.

  • Nic

    I think the people writing this stuff are like 12, so they don’t think the world existed before the year 2000. They regularly and lazily erase everything that happened in the past and think they are discovering EVERYTHING for the first time. Natural hair, black pride, etc.

  • Jack Alanzo

    He looks like a fruit.

  • Erika

    I am rotfl… a fruit?!?

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