Chris Brown's neck tattoo of Rihanna

When I saw the headline, “Chris Brown reveals new tattoo of a ‘beaten woman’… but denies it’s his ex Rihanna,” I thought it was a joke.

Why on earth would Breezy stoke the ire of the Rihanna’s rabid fan base, affectionately known as “the Navy,” and pop culture enthusiast everywhere by tattooing anything that could remotely be construed as a reminder of that fateful night on his body?

I clicked on the link thinking it was merely a ploy to get more hits, when I was met with the an image that made me say, “Hmmmm.”

Apparently, Brown got the tat on August 30th, but somehow, images are just hitting the web. The tattoo depicts a woman’s face, which appears scratched and bruised on one side. At first glace the image certainly looks suspect, and like it is indeed the face of a woman who has been beaten, but is it?

While I think Brown may have screwed up (again) by getting this tattoo and reminding everyone—yet again—about the beating he inflicted upon Rihanna, the more I stared at the tattoo, the more it resembled the comedy/tragedy theater masks.

Usually depicted as two different images, the comedy/tragedy theater masks are meant to show the duality of personalities—the happy and the sad, the good and the bad. And if this is what Brown was going for, I get the intent. But he totally missed the mark.

It’s clear the pair have moved on from “the incident” that ended their relationship and nearly upended their careers, but the public has yet to let it go.

Just last month after Rihanna confessed to Oprah that she still loves Brown and they have once again become good friends, her admission nearly broke the Internet. Shocked tweets were exchanged between viewers, numerous blog posts were written, and even mainstream news outlets picked up the story.

Three years after that fateful night that changed both of their lives forever, folks still can’t get over it. And actions like this questionable tattoo—and Brown’s storied temper tantrums—explain why.

According to Brown’s reps, the tattoo is of a “random woman,” but seriously, could he really expect anything less than speculation that he was, once again, thinking about Rihanna?


*Photos via The Daily Mail

  • African Mami

    why do you care?! How does this affect the state of black womanhood?!?!??! The amount of energy ya’ll be giving him on this site is beyond smh levels. We already KNOW, what took place this boy will never be forgiven, Rihanna should cease and dessit any contact with this boy, even tussling his hair at the VMA’s was a no go zone, we get it, we really do! Urrgh!

  • Britt

    I saw pictures of this tattoo weeks ago. I think the public and the blogs are REACHING. These pictures have been on the Internet for awhile now and people are just now talking about it. He had it when he was at the VMAs last week and when he was at the back-to-school event for the domestic violence organization. This is only a story because his interview with EXTRA is on tonight.

  • LorriK

    If it is it seems like he did it on purpose very few will forget what happened. Either way, not the wisest choice if he wants to move on.

  • Britt

    The blogs are clearly reaching with this one. He’s had that tattoo for a couple weeks now. That looks nothing like Rihanna, at least to me. It’s only a story now because his interview with Extra comes on tonight.

  • LaNubiana

    I don’t know what or why but there is clearly a very dark cloud around young black mainstream artists. Some are heading in a road to tragdy. It is really concerning because the youth is following this. Regardless of now much we as adults disregard it, this affects our younger generation!

    We must pray for these troubled individuals and our youth.

  • Ms. Information

    Couldn’t really focus on your comment while looking at the eye candy on your profile pic…lol…as far as Chris Brown…you can’t blame him, all that blonde dye has effects. ;)

  • Laugh

    This is a very disturbed person!

  • July

    This doesn’t look like the face of a battered woman. It looks more like the masks Italians wear

  • onegirl

    Why is it on his neck? It looks like he had it done one minute before the picture was taken. Raw and’s disgusting no matter what it is.

  • a

    Its penance because of his guilt he feels bad so thats why he did it. But can we STOP with the tattoos already i mean its not necessary to mess up your skin to make a statement draw a picture thats what the art store is for i mean really?

  • Sasha

    why look for significance in an act of stupidity perpetrated a clearly distrubed and vacuous person crying for attention?

  • Sasha

    excuse the typos, meant to say “perpetrated by a clearly disturbed”.

  • Tonton Michel

    Her knew what he was doing, drawing attention….

  • Jess

    Damn young people sure are stupid!

  • Tracy

    This is what I’m trying to figure out GOD is trying to tell us something or punishing us,idk.

  • bk chick

    It looks like one of those “dia de los muertes” masks…in any case he was stupid for getting this and not thinking ppl would make that connection..and if it was intended to have some innuendo…still stupid.

  • Margaret Cooley

    I’m not sure what he’s trying to accomplish. I know I’m tired of it and I wish he would just focus on his career and stay out of the news.

  • chanela17

    it looks like a mexican sugar skull tattoo not rihanna. DAMN!

  • Mr. Man

    Regardless of who the tattoo is a picture of, or what it represents, its an absolute idiot move. Cause and effect, stupid does what stupid is.

  • binks

    At the end of the day anything he or Rihanna does are going to be meant with speculation regardless personally body art is personal so I don’t have any varying opinion on it. It is not on my body and is not affecting me but it doesn’t look like a batter woman IMO

  • Britni Danielle

    Good to know. You should have schooled Oprah on not talking about “the incident” either.

    Thanks for reading! :)

  • Saidah Ali

    It DOES look like a Dia De Los Muertos face. But you’re right; not a smart move.

  • Saidah Ali

    God is punishing us? Seriously?

  • Saidah Ali

    Geez. We’re going to ride this kid until he dies, huh?

    Can we talk about how therapy and maybe medication would be helpful to Chris (and plenty of other black men and women)? Can we talk about the lack of mentorship for high-profile black kids (who are more likely to lack strong familial support)? Can we talk about how Chris epitomizes a generation of reckless, angry, and disenfranchised young people (particularly black boys)?

    Oh, no, because that would be moving in the direction of actual solutions to problems.

    Okay, fine. Then can we at least talk about how his tattoo looks like an exact copy of a Dia de los Muertos face painting? And (regardless of why he got it), can we talk about how it’s freaking HIS body, so why do we all care so damn much?

  • apple

    look at history,god has always been punishing us.

  • apple

    its an ugly tattoo,initially i thought it was a comicbook woman..but since he admits it is a battered woman, i dont know what hes trying to say..beside that he’s officially off the rails.

  • Zulu

    You really are a mean spirited person. Please respect other people’s opinion without personal attacks.

    Be blessed.

  • ?!?

    Did you see that article about people having haters on this site? I feel like many black entertainers are just like the messy people we know who love to be around drama. Many of them are just messy drama-filled people taking their bad manners on a worldwide stage. The beefs and rapper feuds are so childish and immature to me. Like the whole Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’ Kim stuff. That was a hot mess. They’re like the teenage girls who always fight in school. Some rappers act like they are proud of having no home training. Many of these celebrities are also rude and selfish. I don’t think it’s the money. I think they were that way already but the money made it worse. I think record labels prefer rappers to be rude and have no manners. I guess that’s keepin’ it real. Rihanna and Chris Brown seem like they like drama. I’m sure he got that tattoo just to get attention. That fight between him and Drake was to get attention. Rihanna does so many things for attention. Have you noticed many black artists’ music videos? People say they are devil worshippers and whatever. I don’t really believe that, but some of their videos are a little crazy. They do all of that to get more views on their videos, more attention, more money. They know the Illuminati conspiracy theorists will take a peek or two and discuss the satanic things in their video. I feel like the record companies probably script certain things in their lives like a reality TV show to get the public to pay attention. I’m pretty sure record companies encourage these beefs.

    BTW, I don’t know why black folks believe that Illuminati stuff so much. Other than Lady Gaga, the majority of people supposedly in the Illuminati are black. It makes it seem like our celebrities are not good enough to have their own success. They have to make a deal with the devil to be successful. I wouldn’t be surprised if a white supremacist actually started that black celebrity in Illuminati thing.

  • Jess

    “the more I stared at the tattoo, the more it resembled the comedy/tragedy theater masks.”

    Wow…you’re really reaching there.

    Besides, why is anybody shocked that he’d get this tatto? Violent? check. Narcassistic, unapologetic, misogynistic asshole? check.

  • Nicole

    If you look at the tattoo those “bruises” are flowers. People are clearly reaching and the amount of time and energy we give to other people is getting ridiculous as well. Maybe if we focused some of that time and energy on ourselves then we as a whole wouldn’t have so many issues happening within our own neighborhoods and communities. For example, the rampant killings in Chicago, crazy people purposely spreading HIV, children being harmed and taken advantage of. These are issues that directly effect a lot of us, yet we want to focus and drag people down who are pretty much here to entertain us. If you don’t like them, don’t support anything they do, but this constant reaching and reporting on ridiculous stories is getting out of hand. I like celebrity news and “gossip” too, but when it’s constantly the same people with the author’s apparent dislike trickled through it gets old. Chris Brown likes weird “artistic” things, it’s apparent from the drawings he shares and creates. My first reaction when I saw it, “oh, it must be one of those weird characters he likes.” It looks nothing like Rihanna and I need the media to research and report facts (I work in journalism too so this applies to me as well), not opinion, because the media is a driving force behind how people intake and react to the news the produce.

  • Goddessweaves (@GoddessWeaves)



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