Remember when white female rapper Kreayshawn was all the rage? Yeah, me neither.

After becoming wildly popular on YouTube with her video “Gucci Gucci,” Kreayshawn was poised to become hip hop’s next it girl. Magazines clamored to interview her, she amassed hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, her crew, the White Girl Mob, caused controversy, and Sony/Columbia reportedly broke her off a million dollar advance. Just one year later, however, it seems to be all for naught.

According to reports, the Bay Area rapper sold just 3,900 albums in her first week of sales, landing her in the history books as the lowest selling debut for a major label.

While many cracked jokes about Kreayshawn’s swift fall from fame, I was relieved.

Had her album, Something ‘Bout Kreay, blown up, record labels would be scouring the web for the next Kreayshawn, and we’d be inundated with yet another “artist” whose talent amounts to white skin, hood lingo, quirky outfits, and catchy beats.

Although Kreayshawn’s weak album sales are a serious blow to her career, she doesn’t seem bothered by it. She recently tweeted, “Im so confused right now. Why is everyone so concerned with me? I think I’m just really popular.” Way to squeeze those lemons, girl.

In spite of taking a tiny bit of pleasure at her lackluster sales, I know that Kreayshawn’s new spot in flop history could very well inspire many to seek out her album and set her up to be the biggest comeback story in music.

But until that happens, I’m going to go listen to A Tribe Called Quest and thank the hip hop gods we dodged this odd little bullet.

  • The Comment

    Well…. Will you please do a courtesy call to 106.1 KMEL (who sold out to b.s rap in 1995) that this chick is officially whack! Cuase they still playing her crap like it is bangin.

  • Yb


  • Caladen

    This is what happens when you mock a genre, and she wasn’t sincere about it either.
    Her name is just another spelling of creation… I hope she didn’t think people would not get this…..

  • LaNubiana


  • African Mami

    Talent will take one far. VERY, far! Farther than 3,900 lackluster sales of an album!

  • dogboy

    not really. talent plus good life choices, maybe. seen so many talented folks either burn out before they got their shine or never get a chance because of things holding them back in their life.

  • African Mami

    Good point sir!!

  • apple

    african mami, you preggers???

  • African Mami

    in my head, yes. In reality, no.

  • Rochelle

    You sound like a hater. I don’t know anything about this girl or her music. But to wish someone’s dismiss….I don’t know, sounds haterish, but I can’t say I don’t agree with you.
    If she is using the n word and claiming to be a real “black girl” then she deserves her weak sales. I did read somewhere that she has two biracial children an uses the n word. You can see that some men don’t care who mothers their children, as long as the pu^^y wet and the skin is light or white. Disgusting.

  • apple

    lol your comment is a walking call her a hater then talk about how she stupid for using the n word and say black dudes want her because her cat is wet and white..pick a side haha

  • Mina

    She said her name was going to be Creationaya or something ghetto sounding. She’s a joke.

  • Mina

    The only one in the white girl mob that is pretty is Lil Debbie. But she can’t rap for ish. She should just stick to DJing. V-nasty isn’t all white, she’s half Vietnamese. But she too can’t rap. And Kreayshawn, I can’t take her rapping seriously. They all seem like a joke to me. Just some white girls trying to be cool but can’t rap but think it’s cute that they’re rapping and saying the n-word and that they came from the hood. If you were as decent as Eminem, I would support you. But it just seems like they’re making fun of girls from the ghetto or trying to be that black ghetto girl with the long name, the door knocker earrings, tattoos, and nails who occasionally raps but they can’t rap as good as her. Sasha Gohard is a corny rapper but she goes harder than all the girls in the white girl mob. And Iggy Azealea’s flow is sick! I just wish she wouldn’t capitalize or focus on the fact that she’s white to be big. I don’t care about her skin color, I wish she would shut up about it and Azealia Banks and just rap lol. I like Kreayshawn’s style though and that she’s a fan of Sailor Moon (I mean who isn’t if they grew up with Sailor Moon too lol) but she really can’t rap. There’s so many female rappers who are trying to be the next Nicki Minaj and trying to make it but they suck at rapping. They don’t have anything original to offer us or they just sound as ignorant as Chief Keef or Lil B. They all have that simple Lil B, I’m Miley Cyrus kinda rap flow lol. At least Lil B knows how to rap for real though lol.

  • arlette

    oh and she says she knows nothing about her

  • MimiLuvs

    I never wish career failure on any artist.
    But I am not surprise that Kreayshawn’s album did not sale as much as one would think.
    I am starting to think that record company execs are secretly salivating at procuring that one white woman rap artist.
    I find it funny that certain artists can have hundreds of thousands of Twitter/Facebook followers, but when it comes to making their fandom count (buying/legally downloading that artist’s albums or EP), they are no one to be found.

  • MimiLuvs


  • Bobby

    “whose talent amounts to white skin, hood lingo, quirky outfits, and catchy beats.”

    Britni – would it be racist to say that Milli Vanilli’s talent amounted to black skin, caucasian lingo, quiky outfits, and catchy music?

  • Rochelle

    Im callin the author a hater. Not this white girl. No I am not familiar with this broads music, but i read on some message board somewhere about her n*ggerish behavior. What in the flying F>*>C>K does this have to do with me wanting to be white. Do you want to be white SMH. Seems like it as you mention white people A LOT in your post. It is sad really. Self hate is a killer.

  • TuMadre

    Britni Danielle is just another bitter black woman.

  • malcolm sex

    dont be hatin on a black man like me

    just call me malcolm sex

    i have a wet dream

  • Ross SMCM

    Hopefully she is much better live! Cant wait to see for myself. Come out to the Roseland Theater on 12/13 and find out too! Tickets are only $20! Doors @8:00pm

  • Dirt

    What’s with the white skin remark? Oh, right, Minaj is making classic fucking racist.

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