Weight Gain is SEXY! Embrace those Curves

by Risa Dixon

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about pictures of Lady Gaga where she is more curvaceous than the public is used to her being. Critics are calling her fat, lazy and urging her to lose weight. The thing is that this “obesity” that people are going crazy over is nothing more than curves that many women get as they age. Instead of feeling like we need to be a model-esqe stick figure all of our lives, we must embrace this sexy weight gain! It’s not about getting fat or being sloppy, but rather gaining the curvaceousness our bodies were meant to have.

Many may not know this, but lady Gaga come from Italian heritage. Curves are a natural asset for most women with an ethnic background. Stars are especially prompted to deny their natural figures by working out like maniacs and following an unsatisfactory diets. Having hips, thighs and a rotund behind is not the end of the world, yet society makes us feel like it is. The weight of negative comments comes down heavily on our female celebrities of Hispanic, African-American and Caribbean descent. They are told to fight these genetic curves with all of their might. By doing this, they are telling impressionable minds that they too should do all they can to fit into a body stereotype that may not be natural for their body types.

It is one thing to gain an unhealthy amount of weight that is detrimental to your health, but gaining 10 or 15 more pounds that actually compliments you is not the worst thing that could happen. I gave birth to my son 4 months ago. I lost the majority of the weight that I gained after giving birth, but I am still 15 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I was 130 and now I am 145 pounds. The amount of compliments I have gotten from family and friends is mind-blowing. I have had people tell me I look like a “real” woman now. My parents are from Trinidad. I was always teased about not having a bamsey. Now I have a bamsey, thighs and bigger breasts than I could have ever imagined I would have. I learned to embrace my new body because it is sexy and beautiful. I’m not sloppy. I still workout to keep things tight and to remain healthy. I am no longer obsessed with being 125 pounds.

All of our bodies change as we get older or go through life-changing experiences like giving birth. If you are a size 8 now instead of the size 2 that you were in your former years, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin and being HEALTHY. Being a stick figure doesn’t always mean that you are healthy.

We need to embrace our bodies, and the many shapes they may become. Having a little extra cushion is not something to be ashamed of. As woman this is something we need to understand, and encourage our sisters. Often times women are the harshest critics. We get enough combativeness about how we should look from men. We shouldn’t receive the same treatment from one another.

Those curves are sexy clutchettes. Flaunt them with pride!

  • FeMANist

    It’s pretty messed up. What were you a FAKE woman before? or a man?

  • Starla

    I get the point of the article, but to equate obesity with”curves women get as they age” is ridiculous. Obesity is obesity. If they need to lift you out of your house with a forklift and take you to the hospital on a flatbed you aint curvy. If you have to throw your breast over your shoulder to wash underneath you prolly aint curvy either, and if you have to curl yourself into an s-shape to paint your toenails chances are you are way beyond curvy.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being curvy, obese is something else all together, and it rarely is pretty.

  • Cee Cee

    As long as you are healthy that is what matters. I am a size 8/10 and so not skinny by any means but I try to eat healthy and clean and I am physically active. People may look at me and think I need to lose weight but I have been cleared by my physician. I am still working on the feeling more sexy part though.

  • lol

    thank you for this!

  • Chika

    “Curves are a natural asset for most women with an ethnic background”
    …But isn’t everyone from an ethnic background?

  • Sweetles

    I think people should focus on being healthy. Eating well, and being active. The comments in this thread will be interesting.

  • Diana

    Thank you for that as well. As a thin woman I’m amazed at the double standard. It’s okay to mock thin woman and call them “10 year old boys.” We’re ALL real woman regardless of our figure, we need to stop tearing each other down.

  • LaNubiana

    Amusing article! First, this is what we call 1st world problems. Second, did you just call lady gaga ethnic? I think we all are ethnic even Caucasians.

    The food consumed in the US is toxic. From the endless processed food to the portion size. I can understand why people gain weight. But let’s not endorse it as if it’s a natural phenomenon. Eat healthy, exercise and maintain a natural shape.

  • http://positivelyjewls.com Shamika “Positively Jewls”

    I don’t judge ones weight whether they be naturally skinny or naturally curvy, I do become disappointed or saddened so to speak when the naturally curvy women strive to become something that their body wasn’t meant to be. My bestie is actually meant to have curves but since the day we became friends she has been disappointed with her size 6 figure as she feels if she isn’t a size 2 then she isn’t right. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin whether you are meant to be skinny or curvy. Embrace the naturalness of yourself ladies no matter the size as it feels oh so good. On a side note: I think Lady Gaga looks more beautiful with the curves as it looks natural.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks


  • African Mami

    Fruits, nuts, grains,vegetables {and roasted goat meat, soooo CRAVING it!}

  • BoutDatLove

    @Diana, I agree.
    This is complete ignorance, especially that the black community would agree with this, when no one is blind. Look at us, look at the things we eat etc. We should be promoting being healthy inside and out. Black woman all look different so to even make it seems as if we should look a particular way (with curves or weight gain) just because we are ethnic is just as bad as the white media telling woman with curves or with extra weight to be stick thin. We will stay losing because we are always focused on the wrong things and this is in no way uplifting in anyway, because our bodies are all different from each other, yet all are beautiful. We have bigger issues than how much fat someone has on their body or how much fat someone doesn’t have on their body, this is stupid & i will no longer entertain these kinds of articles.

    I would also like to add that thin woman can also be curvy, such as myself… even though the black community doesn’t see it that way. I know boys aren’t big busted with a nice waist line and backside. ..:Shrug:..

  • Ms. Information

    Interesting take on that, I always wondered how women who were thin with curves felt about being called boy shaped or “built like a boy”…It is very mean and insulting…I also hate that it is ok to make fun of thinness but not fatness…no one should be ridiculing anyone for what they are and no I am not thin….10/12..

  • LaNubiana

    Amen! I’m wanting some goat stew with some ugali right now!! And it’s 1:15am :)

  • NTG

    “Curves are a natural asset for most women with an ethnic background”

    Yes because of the diets that are common to these ethnic groups. It seems like many use this as an excuse to be overweight and unhealthy. If Blacks were to incorporate more fresh vegetables into their diets (not that diluted can stuff) and moderated their use of butter, sugar and certain meats, many would be just as thin as cacausians/asians. It’s not in our “blood” to be overweight. It’s what we put in our mouths that does. A little weight won’t hurt but be honest with yourself. If you’re obese, then you’re obese. Don’t die an early death because of your weight.

  • zelda

    hehehe! make some for me my sista!

    but make sure the ugali is not too hard, that one is for builders/construction workers!

  • Rue

    I swear people at my work think I have hit the crazy point of no return, i was laughing so hard at these examples.

  • Rue

    “Curves are a natural asset for most women with an ethnic background.” Emphasis on the most i guess cause i like being slender

  • smiley

    *opens door, looks to the right then to the left*

    *slowly creeps in and cosigns comment*

    *quickly gets out before anyone notices*

  • YA KNW

    tired of fat people talking bout they are a real woman. so skinny women are fake?

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    no, fat is NOT sexy…….

  • Chris

    I believe you misread the article. I see the focus on the need for females to be healthy and saying ‘So what I have curves.’ Society is so obsessed with weight and being ‘fat’ that we’ve lost sight of what it is to be healthy on an individual basis.

  • http://cupofjo-jo.blogspot.com bk chick

    I do agree people are weight obsessed…the real problem America has is we eat way too much shitty food and consume too much of it in one siting. This horrible diet translates into obesity and a plethora of other health problems. What I don’t agree with is that “real women” are “curvy”. It sounds like the author herself bought into this notion and that’s why she is so happy to have her curves now. It offset the years of negative jokes her family had about her lack of “womanly” curves. That’s why I think she finds this sexy. Not that it’s wrong, I just think she’s not factoring in how much her perspective plays a role in accepting her new curves. In the same way, the curvy women who detest their curves have a negative perception because overall society has told them it’s wrong, or maybe they’ve gotten unwanted sexual attention. The moral of the story is weight obsession is bad, whether it’s in the form of feeling inadequate because you’re too skinny or feeling fat because you’re curvy. Parents need to stop making fun of their daughter’s body types, and people should ween themselves off of media: constant magazine reading and tv watching can really be detrimental. You’d be surprised how much an impact it can have when weight is not mentioned AT ALL or is not even presented to you in subtle ways, such as weight watchers ads and weight loss infomercials , then you really stop thinking about it. People just need to eat healthy and exercise and they’ll be fine.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    fat is not a sign of health. eating clean, plenty of water, excersize, that makes you healthy. black people really need to stop making excuses and clean ourselves up.
    we are self destructing with all kinds of disease that stems from poor lifestyle choices. we need to clean up.

  • Callemout

    What we really need to understand, and encourage our sisters that “curves” aka a big booty is NOT worth risking our health over. We need to understand, and encourage our sisters, exercise and eating right is the way to go, period & putting down others to raise yourself up is not the way to go.

  • http://idreamofspeed.blogspot.com E.M.S.

    Society needs to shut up about weight (wishful thinking of course). Why is everyone so obsessed with how thin or thick other people are? It’s not your concern and it does not affect you.

    Focus on encouraging healthy living, not criticism of those who do not fit your personal ideal of physical beauty.

  • luvlife289

    ok…thats true, but being skinny doesn’t make you better. MO

  • luvlife289

    Just read this…she’s ONLY 145 pounds? Can the skinny chicks PLEASE SIT DOWN!
    OMG! Relax… its ONLY 10 pounds! smh! (-_-)

  • au napptural

    I feel this article was misunderstood, and that picture didn’t help any. I get what the author is saying. Yes, eating a healthy diet and exercising should be a daily practice, HOWEVER, in this life we a re going to gain weight. Childbirth, aging, etc. ar natural events and it is unnatural to try and freeze your body at one stage for 50 years. Monitor your body for health, don’t try to beat it into an arbitrary “desirable” body shape b/c of what others say.

  • zelda

    nobody here said it does…

  • Downsouth Transplant

    Ugali na Supuu Yammmmmiiiiieeeeee! I am almost starting to lick my fingers right now:)

  • Leonard Smalls

    forgive me if my comment comes across as being too bold, but everything has limitations. Hence, being too fat or too skinny will always be taken as an unattractive attribute of that’s person health, or lack thereof.

  • Leonard Smalls

    Skinny chics, please stand back up…

    10 lbs. is surely a lot of weight and it’s us men (and our bodies) will notice it.

    However, I guess when your +190lbs. you don’t care about those 10lbs. It’s sad really, because weight can cause MAJOR relationship rifts.

  • Leonard Smalls

    In my experience, when a woman claims to have “curves” what she actually is saying is that she has a stomach that is at least as bid as her back side. It may be argued that the current usage of the term is erroneous.

    My suggestion, put the food down and go workout like a normal human.

  • Leonard Smalls

    Each person must aim to satisfy their partner’s rational requests. Staying in shape is good for one’s health and finances. “[I]n this life we a re going to gain weight. [c]hildbirth, aging, etc.” sounds more like an excuse of why you can’t stay in shape and arguably sounds rather pathetic.

    Stop making excuses for being fat/too skinny, period.

  • http://gravatar.com/niknique starr

    I went from 230 to 164. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m going to get get smaller, ideally my goal was to get to 155, but I’m not obsess with it anymore. The goal is more about maintaining a healthy weight now. My family thinks if I get to 155, I’d be a stick, but they wanted me to stop around the 170-180 mark, just figure they aren’t use to me being slim, but thats not my problem. I love the way I look. I have healthy curves. I actually have some kind of a shape lol. I’m toned, and I love it. There’s a diff between morbidly obese and putting some weight.

  • luvlife289

    @ Leo… whateva
    Ur so pathetic…U can have a seat _/

  • luvlife289

    @Zelda Society does & MO (My Opinion)

  • paula

    Leo please continue standing…

  • smiley

    happy for you!


  • TheBrownestSuga

    Who writes these clutch posts?!

    I’m not afraid to admit that I am overweight. But I know that I am overweight because of how I eat and how inactive I am. I still do find myself to be attractive, but healthy and attractive are too different things. I am trying to lose weight because I want to be healthy; not to be a perfect size for anyone. Truly, I now that I will never get past a certain weight because I’ve always been heavier.. even when I played sports and was really toned, couldn’t pinch an inch, i was still classified as “overweight” by my doctors.

    Women come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s focus on our health instead of how “sexy” we look. Trust me, there’s someone out there who’s gonna like it anyway…

  • Ravi

    “Many may not know this, but lady Gaga come from Italian heritage. Curves are a natural asset for most women with an ethnic background.”

    lol, wow, we are still doing this?

    ok, I’m thinking the author is confusing “ethnic” with non-white, or minority perhaps. But for clarification, everyone has some sort of ethnic background. Italy is a country — in europe — where white people are from (sort of like nearby France and Austria). Lady Gaga is white. Either way, this is still incredibly ill-informed. White people can be curvy. There are lots of curvy Germans, British, and even Swedes. And non-white women aren’t always curvy. There are more than a few Japanese or Chinese women with absolutely no curves and plenty of such black women also. There is a ton of variance within any ethnic background when it comes to body type and no type of woman has a monopoly on curves.

    BTW, Gaga’s growing midsection isn’t usually what people are referring to when they say curvy. I’m all about embracing your body no matter what, but she’s not curvy.

  • Ravi

    I think the black community would agree with you for the most part. Curvy is more about waist to hip ratio not overall weight. I know some very curvy petite girls — under 100 pounds even. I think some people have tried to co-opt curvy as if it were synonymous with thick or big, but curvy can be any size. Also, every big girl isn’t curvy. Curvy isn’t the correct adjective for a large waist.

  • Mademoiselle

    Looks like you got stuck on the same sentence/word I did in this article.

    I’m sick of hearing/reading people justify white people’s weight gain and/or curves (or whatever else we typically don’t associate with white people) by claiming it’s due to some “ethnic” trait that countries that aren’t the UK possess as if being “ethnic” is synonymous with being less white.

  • Humanista

    I’m sorry, I’m not sure how we got to talking about men’s opinions and relationship problems when this is a discussion about health….

  • Shay

    I’m rather sick of this “real women have curves” movement. Real women have vaginas and fallopian tubes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re skinny, thick, or fat, you’re a person. Get over it. This “thick is in” fad is only causing more discrimination towards skinnier women. People act like skinny women are more appreciated when that is simply not true. My whole life I was picked on and gawked at for being skinny. And I have hourglass CURVES too. I wish EVERYONE would just get over themselves, find a guy (or girl) that loves them for them and shut up about it.

  • Weight Gain

    I think gaining weight Weight Gain may lead to lots of problems;most of them think that health is important so that is the reason they wanna reduce their weight!!Looking good is the secondary task!!

  • Pseudonym

    “I’m rather sick of this ‘real women have curves’ movement. Real women have vaginas and Fallopian tubes.”


    I don’t know you,
    but I love you for this comment!

  • http://skinny2hunk.com Ironlifter

    Female curve is always Irresistible.
    Men Prefer Curves, Not Skinny.

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