Would You Freeze Your Eggs?

by Clutch

Motherhood ain’t for everybody. But there are those of us who have always desired to one day answer to the call of “Mommy” and raise a child or two. And you never think that time could get in the way of those dreams but sometimes, it does. At least it has for me.

I looked up after I had lived fully through my 20s, travelled, studied at the top universities, made strides in my career, and realized my formidable “child-bearing years” were slowly escaping me. I hadn’t felt pressured to get married and have children while I was out enjoying the single life, not from my parents, family or even society.

But once 30 came and went, the ticking of my biological clock was ever-present. I had no husband, not even a prospect, and didn’t know one man who I’d felt would make a good father figure if I did the no-relationship, co-parenting thing, which my parents would completely disapprove of.

It was time to take matters in my own hands so I considered freezing my eggs.

If by the time I get married my natural eggs are too old, I can take my frozen eggs, have them fertilized with my partner’s sperm and then put in my uterus. At first, I was turned off (it sounds like a science experiment), so I spoke about it with one of my older friends who also wants children one day.

Her mother forbid her from fertilizing her eggs. It’s just too unnatural, she thought. If it hasn’t happened by a certain time, her mother said, it’s not meant to be.

I’m of the thinking that I can be proactive about my future, rather than letting the chance to be a mother slip through my fingers. I’m not alone. It’s estimated that 5,000 women nationwide are freezing their eggs.

As “unnatural,” as it may seem, freezing eggs might be the difference between me succeeding at having a child or not. And that makes it worth considering to me.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Would you freeze your eggs?

  • Rue

    Nah I’m more of a vege-crisper kinda a gal ; )

  • Sweetles

    Women don’t have an unlimited amount of time to bear children, so if you have the resources the freeze your eggs for later use, Why not?

  • Patience


  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks


  • Chris

    If there are resources available, by all means go ahead. When the time is right, you’ll have the eggs for it. To me it’s similar to adoption or surrogacy. If you can, do it.

  • steff

    I have also thought of this option in the past. Im only 22 but i have so many hopes and dreams that i cant really think of having children till im at least 30 if not older. I think taking control and wanting to make the most of your life is a great thing, If by 32, 33 im not married or with anyone then freezing my eggs will definitely be an option.

  • Apple

    Since I’m on the road to dying alone , freezing my eggs will probably be necessary

  • Lisss

    The way i feel about egg-freezing is the same way i feel about the HPV or the H1N1 virus. These are procedures that have not been around long enough for women to really know the effects. Like a commenter said, i am also 22, full of dreams and it doesnt look like i’ll be done by 30. But i’ve also never had a problem with adoption or foster children. So if the maternal instincts kick in at 35 or 45, i’ll be more than happy to raise any of the kids who desperately need love and care. And on another slightly related topic, i think more social programs are needed to encourage motherhood so that the woman doesnt have to feel like she has to choose between her career and motherhood in her 20′s and then end up getting a second mortgage in her 30′s or 40′s just to have a child through unnatural and costly procedures i.e. artificial insemination.

  • JC

    Will you let another woman carry your child?

  • http://ladyngo.blogspot.com Lady Ngo

    No thanks. If i decide i want kids (and that is an very huge if) one day and it doesn’t happen the old fashioned way i’m all for adoption. I don’t understand why women go through so much hullabaloo when there are more than enough children already living and breathing that need a good home. But to each his/her own…

  • Since1989

    No. considering I just had a child and I am only 22 years old. But it’s okay if other women choose to go that route. In this day in age women do feel like they have to choose between having a family versus a career. many feel like having babies too soon will pull the plug on accomplishing their goals and dreams and will hinder their paths towards a successful career but when you finally get to that point your best reproductive years have passed you and you’re still caught up in the dating scene trying to find your match with hopes of engagement then a marriage. So it is hard out there for women and many of us do end up choosing; I think we should be able to choose both as unrealistic as that may sound to some.

  • K

    im in the same boat im trying to figure out how to get the money to do it now

  • angel

    IVF has actually been around for quite a long time. at least 30 years now. So it really can’t be compared to the HPV and flu vaccines. And also artificial insemination is not a costly process, it is actually pretty cheap compared to other IVF procedures. Once you have done the egg retrieval you have actually done the majority of the work. As long as your spouse is healthy, you should be good to go. I think most people think they know but really don’t have a clue about these procedures and what all is involved. It is so easy to make blanket statements about what you would not consider until it is too late. that is the bad thing about fertility. The best thing about freezing your eggs if you can afford it is that your eggs don’t age once they are frozen. They will be the same quality as a 20 year old if that is what age you take them out instead of dealing with the issues with aged eggs.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Agreed, I always look at it as is it more that you want to be a mother in general or do you only want to be a mother to your bio kid? Not saying the latter is wrong or that a woman should feel ashamed for wanting her own bio child because she shouldn’t no one should but if you truly just want to be a mother in general why isn’t adoption the first choice…shrugs

  • Nicole

    Yes. I decided if Im not married by 27/28 I will freeze my eggs.

  • claudia

    I did it at 37.

  • Patience

    The H1N1 and HPV are procedures?

  • C

    I don’t think I would have. I probably would have adopted or had no children.

  • Downsouth Transplant

    @ Apple not to make light of the situation but this is an hilarious statement of truth Thank you for the chuckle

  • HoneyDew

    Definitely!!! I have actually been thinking about this for a few years and have actually begun researching it.

  • Ola

    As a thirty something who has had problems with secondary infertility, I would advise any woman over 30 to consider freezing their eggs. I had my daughters at the ages of 25 and 29 yrs respectively. I was trying to have a third child when I discovered that I had problems; now I’m 37yrs old and lucky to be pregnant thru the grace of God and IVF. I had to go through IVF twice because of the quality of my eggs.

  • b

    It is true: there aer so many children out there in need of love and a good home. I am all for adoption, however, I can also understand the yearning to have a child that is of your body and holds traits from your ancestors. It is quite powerful. I believe that is the ‘hullabaloo’ you speak of:) My husband and I are seriously considering adoption and we have two biological children.

  • Lo

    This post was right on time. I turn 32 in a few wks and have my first consult with an MD next week. I’m in a committed relationship however my s/o knows I’m not ready for kids and may not be for several yrs.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    Ditto. I busted out laughing. I guess I am too though :) No real prospects yet. I do realize the clock is ticking but I’m still on the fence about having kids period. They are really not for everyone but I see nothing wrong with freezing my eggs for a later date.

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