gay kappa wedding

Robert Brown and Nathanael Gay are brave.

The couple, which tied the knot last month in a beautiful ceremony at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort in Lexington, Kentucky, decided to share their precious moment with the world and posted a video of the celebration on YouTube. The video is quickly going viral and racking up spirited comments across various social networks.

As I watched the too-cute video, I felt conflicted about it being shared on social media. While I commended the two for being so open and marveled at how in love they looked, I felt sad for them because I knew the backlash would be vicious.

Despite it being 2012, many people don’t agree with homosexuality or think gays should have the right to marry. Although it’s within their right to feel that way, many take their opinions a step further and attempt to verbally condemn (and shame) those who live their lives differently. Predictably, that’s what is happening to Robert and Nathanael.

As the video began to spread, the comments grew. Twitter exploded and “Kappa” became a trending topic after folks picked up on the fact that Nathanael appears to be a member of Kappa Alpha Psi*, a historically black fraternity.

In one part of the video, Nathanael is seen “throwing up the Yo” (the hand sign) and presumably posing with other members of the fraternity. Many of the negative commenters used this brief image to condemn not only Robert and Nathanael, but also the fraternity as well.

While many of the comments about Robert and Nathanael’s union were positive, the onslaught of hate the wedding video provoked was astounding.

It’s clear when it comes to sexuality (and race, and sexism, and several other hot-button issues) people conveniently forget the adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself.” But in this case, I wish they would. Not only are they taking shots at a couple’s special day, but they’re also slandering a 101-year-old institution in the process.


*Note: It hasn’t been confirmed that Robert or Nathanael are members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc

**UPDATE: Robert, Nathanael’s husband has confirmed Nathanael is a member of KAPsi.

  • Erin

    Their wedding video is beautiful…

  • African Mami

    May God bless their union, abundantly and eternally!!

  • ?

    BEAUTIFUL. I want my wedding to look like this.

  • Courtni A. Patterson

    The video gave me chills! My god, it was beautiful. I’m greek letter affiliated and although I haven’t witnessed any backlash at this moment, I’m sure at least a small amount will come their way. Even if, I’m sure it wouldn’t be “hate”, just immature jokes. Every member of a BGLO that I know, would welcome their brother/sister with large open arms and embrace their happiness. Congrats to them!

  • GeekMommaRants

    All the best to the lovely couple!!

  • Shell

    not cute.

  • Kacey

    I am so jealous right now. This was wonderful. It’s obvious that these two are in love and are loved by so many who came to share in their happiness. Who could possibly hate that?

  • Lady P

    I truly respect these young men. Wishing this couple a long-lasting loving union.

  • One Love

    GOD Bless them, their bravery and their union. LOVE IT!!!!! :) #progress

  • Tamara

    Good for them. Their wedding was well done and you can feel the love the two share. I’m sure they posted the video as a statement. As gay men I’m sure they are all too familiar with the unveiled hatred their union brings. It’s unfortunate that people are still living in the dark ages but kudos to Clutch for standing by these two courageous men as they share their love with the world.

  • OneLove

    What a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! The love expressed through the photographs is truly heartfelt. Congrats

  • Jamey

    V. Adorable and they are lucky to have found each other

  • Carlton Jordan (@CarltonJordan)

    i love how you ladies are being so liberal on here, but go on bossip and post homophobic stuff. lol

  • TruthHurts

    its sad that two black men getting married gets more praise than a heterosexual couple. and your homophobic if you are against to big ass black dudes rolling around in bed having anal sex. ijs

  • Houston

    Clutch: Why title the story “A Different Kind of Kappa Wedding”, only to note the *disclaimer at the very end, that it hasn’t been confirmed that they’re members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

  • Kacey

    I’m sorry, but you obviously don’t know Clutch very well if you dare to equate the average Clutch woman with the average Bossip hoodrat.

  • Jessica

    Some heterosexual couples roll around in bed having anal sex. What’s the difference and what is your point?

  • Keepitreal

    My one long comment to this post, the roosters have come home to roost black people, in the last decade or so the image above (2 men or 2 women) seem to be more and more commonplace within our communities, there is either something in the water or something is contributing to this upswing. Sexuality is a complicated issue and I am by no means a homophobe and recognize some people are simply born this way and that’s okay (at east okay and understandable to me) but than there are those who veer that way due to outside forces, I think that “upswing” has do to the latter and I’m a little uneasy with that.

  • Britni Danielle

    Legal reasons. It’s the same way journalists use the word “allegedly.”

  • Blue

    I hate how people who have an opposing opinion or belief against homosexual marriage are called “homophobes” as if it’s sooo horrible to disagree with a certain issue. When is everyone going to learn that not everyone is going to agree with it. That’s the way of the world

  • apple

    nice to see their family and friends support them..may steal some of their wedding ideas :-)

  • Houston

    What I find most interesting, is that many black women (by evidence of the comments posted), are in favor of this kind of union, but have a huge problem when back men marry outside our race.

  • just madness

    You can call me whatever name you want this does NOT promote children being born. Why this is the most dumb conversation ever. If you can sustain you species you will die out duh! Its not even about being homophonic how is this.promoting healthy happen families. And why are african americans down wigh all this foolishness but africans are not. Because children are a blessing thats why so you can ram this down someone elses throat and intimidate them but im not budging is foolishness. And deep down everyone and you know it stop trying to silence the truth.

  • Liz

    “but than there are those who veer that way due to outside forces”

    this get’s a HUGE wtf.

    What kind of outside forces?

  • Afrostyling

    then you should have put a question mark at the end of your title.

  • Natalie B.

    God bless them and their union.

  • eulapearl

    I agree, “not everyone is going to agree”. Tose on the opposing side should likewise concede that not evreyone finds gay marriage offensive.

  • slyplace3033

    I love everything about this wedding and congratulate the happy couple. If you are fortunate to find someone to love in this sometimes lonely world, I am happy for you!

  • SS25

    It’s still black love so I have no problem.

  • Mr_Johnson

    Let these two do as they feel.No one is deemed worthy to judge them and their decisions on romance or social relationships.I just would ask that whoever wrote this article please refrain from making this a so called “Kappa Wedding” as it is clear to anyone that is a true man of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.knows that the beliefs and values held dear to our brotherhood is not reflected in this video.

  • Nikster

    Really?! Oh please. Classism at its best in the black community! I have seen so many articles on other topics on this site where the commentary has been off the chain and ratchet. So bad at times that the moderators had to close the comment section. Bossip doesn’t have that kind of moderation so anything and everything gets through. Please do not let your degrees and professional jobs fool you into thinking that you are some how absolved of ignorance. SMH.

  • Ms. Information

    I thought all Kappas were gay…j/s…lol

  • arlette

    @just madness
    firstly does the world really need more people? i think it is way over populated as it is.
    what about people who cant conceive or people who dont want to have kids?
    unless heterosexual people all decided to stop having sex , i really dont see how the world will die out.

    promoting healthy families, really???
    Research has shown that the kids of same-sex couples — both adopted and biological kids — fare no worse than the kids of straight couples on mental health, social functioning, school performance and a variety of other life-success measures.
    Difference between heteros and gay parents is that most gay parents are parents because they choose to be. they adopt children put in foster care by hetero-sexual parents.

    oh and btw why deny that you are being homophobic when its obv that you are.

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)

    WOW..that was so beautiful! Should be featured in some wedding magazines.

  • edub

    Do a web of science search to see that since about 2006, there are several studies looking at possible environmental factors and homosexuality. I can post some articles citations if you would like for me to. With the abundance of toxins in our food and air, exposure to these toxins at critical times during our mental and sexual development (prenatal and during adolescence pruning) I would not scoff at such sentiments and the budding research.

  • Jay

    Only one guy was a Kappa. And it shouldn’t even matter anyway.

  • TruthHurts

    i forgot. the “Clutch” women are all smart and progressive….

  • TruthHurts

    @ Jessica: because to gay men cannot procreate. why do i have to like gay men. two men together is NOT the same as a woman and a man together. so stop it!

  • Bob the Bear

    Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. is a social organization that seeks to promote “achievement in every filed of human endeavor.” This video does not destroy the brotherhood that your most noted founder, Elder Eatson Diggs, dreamed of. In fact, it promotes it in ways unthinkable. Robert (a dear friend of mine) received indescribable support from his fraternity brothers in probably the most special occassion of his life; an event that he knew would not be supported by everyone. Brotherhood outshines homophobia, racism, sexism, agism, and hatred. Brotherhood helps sustain and preserve sanity of those who may struggle with things such as sexuality, unpopular opinions, and doubt. But just because YOUR PASTOR tells you that this is wrong, does not reflect the values of your fraternity, nor does this video say or portray anything that goes against the ideals sought by those like-minded men on the campus of the University of Indiana over 101 years ago. Perhaps you should re-pledge, become active or even pay your annual dues to be reminded of what true brotherhood is.

    –a Sigma

  • just madness

    G-d is not blessing this, that is blasphemy. dont get it twisted you will go to hell if you live like this. #repent

  • just madness

    Bravery is accepting the call to manhood.

  • Keisha Smith

    @ Just Madness. They may not be able to have children, but maybe they can adopt all the child heterosexuals abuse and abandon every day. Just a thought. You know since heterosexuals are responsible for keeping the race alive and are doing so well.

  • O

    You aren’t a homophobe- but you sound just like White folks who said they are annoyed that people call them racist because they don’t want to have to look at Black people in their neighborhoods, or drinking from their water fountains. They had a different opinion too- enjoy your side of history.

  • K.D.

    Again…the sheer ignorance of some of these comments amaze me.

    At the end of the day, these two people did what made them happy (which is everyone’s goal in life).

    You don’t have to “like” it, but you don’t have to let your ignorance and/or hatred “tear it down” either.

  • dirtychai

    Manhood to me is being brave enough to express love in a society where you absolutely will be judged, condemned, and mistreated. When’s the last time you did something brave, just madness?

  • just madness

    No its being a responsible father, and husband to a wife to continue his legacy there is no legacy if there is no woman, there is no women no children and you may not borrow my eggs. Be responsible and deal with your issues of abuse bc that what its really about. Its about a sick individual who harmed these men. they should b ashamed to put a speak yoruba app on this website no real.african will cosign this madness. #turninyourblackcardplease

  • C11

    Because a bigot by any other name is still just as prejudiced. You can’t agree to disagree on someone’s basic human rights. It shouldn’t be up to you. Churches and other religious communities are private organizations and have a right to decide what constitutes a marriage in their institutions. However, we have a separation of church and state in the U.S. (or we are supposed to) and denying two consenting adults the right to marry because it makes you uncomfortable or conflicts with your religious beliefs is unacceptable. No one is asking you to have a gay wedding or even let same sex couples get married in your church so why do you think its acceptable to allow your view point to prevent people from living their lives? You have a right to your opinion but I don’t see why anyone should let its abhorrence slide. I call racists racists and I call homophobes homophobes and if you don’t like it stop trying to infringe on the rights of your fellow citizens.

  • just madness

    Why can they have kids?

  • l

    Its wrong.

  • lrw

    “disagreeing” with homosexuality (and/or same-sex marriage) is like disagreeing with the grand canyon: ridiculous. it exists. get over it and move on with YOUR own life. this is not just “a certain issue”…this is the right of two people who love each other to make decisions about their own lives (not yours) and be together. it has nothing to do with you, and you need not concern your homophobic self with it.

  • ?!?

    Gay men aren’t potential partners for us. It’s not the same thing.

  • Mike

    I’m not really for gay marriage, but it’s not my business honestly. However the only negative thing I see is that they are both from the same fraternity, which in an essence includes brotherhood(meaning that these two should see each other as brothers) as one of its elements, and they’re both from the same organization. That’s a whole different discussion though…but what’s messed up is that news will spread around about every negative thing an organization is doing, but overlook the positive things.

  • Jay

    Yes Frat! You better say that!
    It was a cute ceremony that many people one day dream of having, and I’m glad the couple got to experience that.

  • Outedhypcrite


    I wonder if all this love, open minded tolerance and post-homophobical nirvana will survive the next update of HIV infection stats, if they’ve gotten worse.

    By the way how come there’s a term for “racism is over” = post-racial
    but no term for – “homophobia is over” eg post-homophobical?

    Things that make ya go mmm?


  • Lisette Merced

    It was a beautiful event and beautiful union. I see no disgrace or disrespect. Love is Love. Congrata to them! Sending nothing but Greek Love their way……ZZZ-PHI

  • Outedhypocrite

    Oh and I forgot to add > > something seems fake and staged about this whole episode, Like someone’s trying to get some reaction out of me.

    Will apathy suffice? .

  • A true Delta

    That was the ceremony of my dreams!! God bless and God will bless their union. Everyone forgets that one sin is not greater than another. Some of my LS’s and dearest friends are Gay. I would be a fool to worry about what goes on in their bedrooms more than the caliber of person that they are. Congrats again!!!

  • Liz

    You just proved why you aren’t worthy of a response. Go head with your junk science.

  • D.T.


  • Nathanael Gay

    well said

  • edub

    Translation: I don’t have the intellectual capacity to read the research for myself and come to my own set of conclusions and as a result, I will dismiss it outright. Sounds like a lot of black women I know, so I guess I can say…not surprised..*Kayne Shrug*

  • Goz

    They gay

  • Jai

    An absolutely beautiful ceremony. I wish them nothing but love and happiness in a world where they will see more than their fair share of hatred and prejudice.

    May God bless them.

  • Charle

    Aren’t you observant!

  • Pseudonym

    Heart MELTED!!!!!!


    (and- if one of the grooms is a Kappa- so great to see the support)

  • Pseudonym

    Okay, then under that same logic any person who never has children (save for infertility) is unnatural and should go to hell. And out-of-wedlock babies are not a loophole.

    Everyone on the earth does not have to procreate!

  • Pseudonym


    THANK YOU!!!!!! hahaha

  • Pseudonym

    Well, given all the sins listed in the Bible and human nature, chances are- according to your logic- you will be in hell, too. Fix your attentions on that instead of the lives of people you don’t even know and probably will never meet.

  • Lisa

    Loves .. Yes they are gay so what. That wedding was amazing!!

  • African Mami

    LOL!! Comment made my night, thanks!!

  • Nic

    Those men have great taste and if I ever get married I hope it looks half as beautiful. A lot of tacky people should take notes at how beautiful and elegant their wedding was, and I hope they have a long and happy life together.

    Also, that is my hometown…

  • Nic

    Handsome guys and beautiful wedding. They are very lucky to have found each other. Everyone should be so lucky to find true love and celebrate it with a loving and supportive family.

  • YiaYia

    They both fine too! Very handsome black gay couple. Congrats to them and may they have a happy life together.

  • Kacey


    No Dearest, you are mistaken. The ratchetness rarely comes from Clutchettes, but rather from the Trolls (mainly misogynistic, self-hating black men with “mommy issues”) who choose to invade the site to spew ignorance and hatred.

  • Eric

    @edub, Research should also tell you that homosexuality has existed for a very long time. You can research all you want, but that will not tell you how many gays have been closeted over the years. You’re not noticing, more people being “gay”. You’re just noticing the awareness and acceptance. Do you know what else happened in 2006? Twitter was created and Facebook opened itself to the world instead of just college students. What you’re seeing is more gay people being accepted and being more comfortable coming out. What you’re eventually realize is that there are more gays around you than you think. It can be pretty disrespectful to rationalize someone’s sexuality. The toxin statement is pretty ridiculous, as someone else mentioned, that’s not worth commenting on. Why would that only affect gays. Is there a toxin that makes a straight male choose a blonde and a different one that attracts him to brunettes? Just saying, people should quit trying to explain homosexuality and do what most gays do, love everyone for who they are, not what they are.

  • test

    “Nobody knows what we’re for only against when we judge the wounded.
    What if we put down our signs crossed over the lines and loved like You did?”

  • tish

    Please consult a grammar textbook prior to insulting another person, ok?

    BTW, it’s “they’re” as in “they are.”

    i’d be more offended if folks would not incessantly butcher the english language in an attempt to sling venom…

  • Kacey

    To the contrary: homophobia is actually one of the root causes of the HIV epidemic in the black community.

    When people are allowed to be their authentic selves – living freely and openly and buoyed by the support of their community – they will make better choices. They will not engage in deceit and risky, clandestine behavior that is shrouded in shame, self-hatred and fear. They will seek out true and meaningful relationships, just as they two lovebirds did.

    Risky, promiscuous sex (of all types!) fuels HIV. When we love ourselves and respect our partners enough to be honest about our behavior, and use protection, then we will all be better off.

  • Robert

    This was a beautiful wedding may God bless the both of you!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn

    Black folk sure can be some petty bigots for a persecuted people. And no, people don’t couple up for the sole reason of procreation. How silly.

  • William

    What a beautiful wedding of 2 gorgeous men. I wish nothing but these 2 people can be 2gether 4ever and ever…..

  • PinkPantiesandLeopardLipstick

    Wow! That was a celebration… wish I was there! LOL Best wishes to them!

  • binks

    Hey, at this point if they like it I love it. I wish them the best of luck together.

  • JBK

    Simply beautiful.

  • LaNubiana

    “abomination of desolation” the inevitable.

  • ThatsTheWayItGoes

    I cannot hide my black skin. Homosexuals have the ability to keep their sexual preference TO THEMSELVES. When I buy a house next to a racist bigot, I CANNOT hide my skin color…BIG DIFFERENCE. I hate it when people compare the gay community struggles with the struggles of being black!

  • trouble?


  • NY’s Finest

    Smh at people who use religion to hate.

  • SS25

    There has been an overwhelming show of support for this couple in the comment section, so you stop with the petty shit.

  • Pseudonym

    So, if this couple decides to adopt, their kids will have- not one- but TWO fathers! Problem solved!

    Genius idea, SMH!

  • Eric

    I am a straight black male. I haven’t seen the YT vid. But my gut reaction is this.

    If I was their friends, I would have came to the wedding to show support. Gay black males celebrating their love for each other is cool.

    But I do not like the constant attack on Black male masculinity & homosexuality being push down my throats at every turn. Equality is fine. Agendas to undermine Black Males is problematic. Know the difference

  • Eric

    Oh, and those bridemaids is the second reason I would have showed up.

  • The Kradler

    Big Bro Diggs rolled over in his grave.

  • Rodney

    They look happy & in LOVE!! I say more power to them. It’s their life, for those haters…….they don’t get in your business. SO DON’T GET IN THEIRS!!!

  • Stracy Brathwaite (@Stracy_B)

    OK in this life do what makes u happy, do you. i personally don’t support the whole homosexual life style but i will respect you two as people. You got married and no matter what any of us say whether we be throwing holy water at u or the bible we in t going to change what happen so, for all of us who don”t support just sit back and relax and leave the two men alone. Its their life and their choice. And with all that said damn why two ya all had to be gay, Two other sexy ass men i Can’t have in this world :(. but stay happy and stay strong.

  • outedhypocrite


    Well your theories about the causes of HIV in the BC are based on the assumption that downlow homosexuality is main culprit.

    Well that contradicts the message coming from the CDC about causes of higher HIV infection in the BC.

    They’ve tried to be very careful in the language they use to warn of the problem, to avoid stigmatizing people, however it’s easy for those who read objectively to pick up what’s being said.

    They attribute the disproportionate levels HIV infection in the BC minimally to downlow homosexuality, but mostly to drugs, poverty, and the unconventional lifestyles that many women lead

    for that read

    downlow prostitution.

    But i agree with you . . .

    “When we love ourselves and respect our partners enough to be honest about our behavior, and use protection, then we will all be better off.”

  • Juan White

    How beautiful. You do not have the right to deny people cause how you feel it does not affect you at all God Bless Love ALL LOVE!!

  • kelsi

    Beautiful wedding !!! Love it allllll god bless thumbing their new life together!!

  • Kacey

    “Well your theories about the causes of HIV in the BC are based on the assumption that downlow homosexuality is main culprit.”

    @outedhypocrite: You seem to have a comprehension problem.

    My response was to YOUR insinuation that homosexuality is the cause of HIV epidemic. YOU said: “I wonder if all this love, open minded tolerance and post-homophobical nirvana will survive the next update of HIV infection stats, if they’ve gotten worse.”

    The first part of my statement is about acceptance. In the second part I make it very clear that all promiscuous, unprotected sexual behavior (hetero or homo) fuels the spread of HIV.

    I just wanted to make that clear.

    I don’t do this back and forth thing, so I have nothing more to say to you.

  • Coloredboy

    Never understood people who “aren’t for gay marriage” or “don’t support gay marriage.”

    Why do you care? Does it affect you somehow? Can I also be “against fat people?” Help me understand.

  • Beckie

    Love. That’s all it is. How can you hate on that?

  • African Mami

    So will you, because of being judgmental. See you in hell homie!! :)

  • TruthHurts

    WOW!! you got thumbs down for saying you would go for the brides maids. Now if you said you were going to find your self a man the women on here would be giving you thumbs up all day! smh

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  • Michele

    Just watched the video and I got teary eyed. How can you hate on two people who obviously love one another? They had LOTS of family and friends who stood up and by them. I’m not gay and I can only wish to meet a man who will make me smile like they are in this video.

  • VK

    Love it! Being true to themselves!

  • Andre

    No matter what one does, there’s always going to be those with negative comments!

  • TRandallJones

    It’s really simple…if you don’t see the beauty here…keep scrolling… if you must stop out of outrage, curiosity or some MISGUIDED moral indignation, I CHALLENGE YOU to keep your opinion to yourself… and go talk to YOUR GOD about YOUR SIN and YOUR OWN SALVATION.

  • Donna

    Here is my problem with the Wedding…. It was a Gay KAPPA wedding. A Gay wedding is perfectly fine. But a Gay Kappa Wedding? They pulled an ENTIRE HISTORICAL, MEN’S FRATERNITY in to their gay wedding/lifestyle. Not every Kappa wants to be identified or associated with being Gay… especially those who are not gay. You do realize straight folks have that right? THAT, IN A NUT SHELL IS THE PROBLEM.

    Historically, Kappa Alpha Psi was formed to teach Men how to become Responsible Men/Gentlemen. Keep in mind Kappa Alpha Psi is a FRATERNITY FOR MEN… not a Gay Man’s Fraternity. As hurtful as that may sound… it is true.

    Grant it… Gay men have pledged over the years….. simply because they are still men by nature. However… being gay is a choice for whatever reason. With CHOICE being the key word here…. it all boils down to respect. I don’t believe these two men RESPECTED Kappa Alpha Psi’s Fraternity as a whole. Why have a Gay Kappa Alpha Psi Wedding? Why not have a Gay Wedding or hell…just a Wedding?

    I know tons of straight Kappa’s that have gotten married and they have Weddings not Kappa Weddings. The Fraternity or Sorority that you choose to join during your college years, or your life time is for personal growth and life long relationships, not for over the top wedding themes.

    I don’t think the Gay Wedding is a problem…. gay couples get married almost everyday…. it was the KAPPA ALPHA PSI theme/association that cause such a stink… and justifiably so.


  • sisteronthewall

    We all will have to answer to how we lived our lives on this earth one day. No one will be exempt, no matter your race, your creed, your religion, your bank account, your belief or disbelief. We all will answer, just be ready.

  • francis-olive

    evidently there are gay kappas. simply put. deal with it! i think that they’re devotion is beautiful, as are all weddings. and frankly, its none of anyone’s business. the fact that we have to fight for the rights of human beings who love someone of the same sex is mind-boggling to me. are we still ‘back there’??

  • LaNubiana


    Thank you!

  • Donna

    Where at in my post do you see that I wrote there are no gay Kappa’s???

    I am not concerned with their devotion… that is simply their business. Who gives a rats booty that they are gay or that they are married??? I certainly don’t.

    The problem is that THEY pulled an entire FRATERNITY into their lifestyle. Being a Kappa is something you pledge and you abide by THEIR by laws. Having a Kappa Wedding was a bit much…. As I stated before… Kappa Alpha Psi is a Fraternity for MEN not a Gay Man’s Fraternity.

  • TRandallJones

    Donna – What’s ‘justifiably so’ is an OPINION, and subjective, as is your assertion that homosexuality is a ‘choice’. You apparently are not gay, or you wouldn’t believe that. And since you ARE NOT GAY, you CAN NOT KNOW what their ‘choices’ are. You can not understand someone else’s TRUTH. You don’t have to get it…and frankly neither does Kappa Alpha Psi … or have they been stripped of their association. They don’t do that, do they? Perhaps these young men chose a themed wedding because the fraternity is the thing that brought them together. WHO ARE YOU to say that they have NO RIGHT TO EXPRESS THEIR LOVE HOWEVER THEY CHOOSE TO?

  • TRandallJones

    So are you saying their right to the association is negated by their CHOICE to walk in their truth? Should they also give up being AFRICAN AMERICAN? How about calling themselves MEN?

  • DKS

    People kill me because they do not know what they are talking about. Just because the colors of their wedding is Crimson and Cream does not make the wedding a Kappa wedding. The man just so happen to be a Kappa and the media put the name to this wedding. I’m sure some Kappas do not want to be labeled as gay as a whole but only childish individuals would make such a label to the faternity as a whole. I have homosexual Sorors and that does not put a label on my Sorority. People just want something to talk about because these gentlemen wedding looked better than any straight man and woman wedding. Goodluck to these men and BYE HATERS!

  • Donna

    KAPPA ALPHA PSI IS A FRATERNITY…. FOR MEN…. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH A WEDDING???? If the Kappa Frat bought them together… that is fine and dandy… but a KAPPA wedding??? Come on…. Why pull the whole Fraternity in??? Have some respect for the straight guys!!! Geez…

    And TR…. what does any of this have to do with being African American…. stop jumping all over the place and stick to the subject… GAY KAPPA WEDDING. (nothing more, nothing less) Geez!!!


  • TRandallJones

    Actually, if you watched the video, it appears they were joined by several of their brothers, not AN ENTIRE FRATERNITY… Or do the actions of ALL AMERICANS, ALL AFRICAN AMERICANS, ALL MEN, ALL WOMEN speak for everyone else in each group?

  • Sabrina

    Donna– until you see Kappa’s greek letters on the invites, dinner napkins, program, etc. then it is not a Kappa wedding! It is a wedding with Kappa’s colors but a million people have those whether they are affiliated or not. True, Kappa Alpha Psi is a Fraternity for Men. It is also a fraternity that teaches acceptance for diversity which is why there are Kappas of different ethnicities and backgrounds. There is no evidence in any book that says that being a gay man is comparable to not being a man at all! Being gay changes who you love or attracted to but it does NOT change your gender. As the wife of a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, I can personally tell you that their are no laws that say Kappas can’t be gay. Your use of labels is ignorant but it is not your fault. Society has a way of creating labels that generalize and/or separate people to make them seem inhumane. Kappa Alpha Psi and all other fraternities are for Men, gay MEN INCLUDED, whether you or anyone else likes it or not. Stop the ignorance, it’s not a pretty color on you.

  • TRandallJones

    Thank you, Miss Sabrina. I’m gonna hush now. Please feel free to be my facebook friend!

  • DKS

    I’m not trying to start any arguements but I would like to know where did these two men PERSONALLY say that they are having a Kappa wedding? Or was their wedding colors crimson and cream(their favorite colors) and one threw up the Kappa sign? In the video I did not see a Kappa theme.The media sure know how to put a name to everything and have people roll wit it…

  • Mi-Mi

    I’ve seen plenty of guys display their fraternity signs in their wedding pics. I don’t get the issue, so what they are gay. So are most of the men in Atlanta, DC, New York and San Francisco. Additionally there are plenty of gay men in all fraternities . I think most people just need to get over it and get a grip. It’s not that serious.

  • Nicole

    I dont have to agree with thier lifestyle, nor do I have to hate a person because of who they choose to love. But i will say thet sure had a beautiful wedding. I love the details they put into it. they should go into the wedding planning business. I am impressed!

  • alex

    Donna how was this a “kappa wedding”?!?!?! I dont see the kappa crest or anything official linking the frat to the wedding They only chose to have crimson and white as their theme and Nate decide to take a picture with his frat brothers. I dont see how that makes this a “kappa wedding.”

    I KNOW you are not trying to insinuate the frat has a lock on whether of not someone can use the colors crimson and creme or that a bonafide member of a fraternity that has paid his dues to become a member cannot show his membership by throwing up the sign because he is gay???

    As for the rest of you ignorant comments about gay being a choice, I will let some else school you because I’m not wasting my breathe on you ignorant ass.

  • http://Lancelot Sir

    Brothers All,

    Over the last several days, news regarding the union of Robert Brown and Nathaneal Gay has exposed Black homophobia yet again. While only one-half of the union is a actually a member of Kappa Alpha Psi (which is rather irrelevant altogether), Greeks and non-Greeks alike have opposed and mocked the couple’s milestone. In my own e-mail, various messages from listservs arrived without haste, one of which had a subject line reading “Oh No, Sad Day for Kappa.” Really? Why is this a sad day for Kappa?

    Per my absence at this past weekend’s fraternity meeting, I was attending the wedding of my mentor, Dr. Shaun Harper, a Spring 1998 initiate into the Albany State University Chapter, the Delta Xi of Kappa Alpha Psi. He, too, married his male partner of five years, a non-member, but was supported by no less than 20 NUPES who were in attendance. It was one of the most loving and warming wedding celebrations in which I have participated and attended. Are Dr. Harper’s achievements as a par excellent scholar and tenured professor at an Ivy League institution no greater or reflective of Kappa because of his love for a male partner? I think not.

    As a scholar who studies gender and sexuality, one who’s working with our young men to move beyond homophobia and heterosexism, I believe such same-sex unions of our fellow Brothers makes us all realize the true meaning of our purpose of achievement, beyond the assumption of a man’s heterosexuality as a prerequisite. There is no sadness in the companionship of persons, most especially those of Kappamen dedicated to the task of honorable achievement, regardless of sexuality.

    While we certainly reserve the right to our opinions on same-sex unions, I would hope that such positions could remain separate of our organization’s fundamental purpose and objectives, which are non-discriminatory in their spirit. The quality of our membership cannot be defined by our sexual orientations, but by the merits of our achievements in all that serves to promote the welfare of humanity.

    Yours in the Bond,

  • KN.RN

    I’m so darn jealous! That was one beautiful wedding!

  • Amir D

    Gay people being allowed to get married is WONDERFUL! However, the Frat should not have been involved. Not only is it extremely ghetto, but its irrelevant to their wedding. KAPSI should be more strict about what their name, brand, and likeness is used for. It’s becoming a problem.

  • Fefe


  • silentnomore

    Im glad you are so strong but someone has to speak on behalf of the souls of our men. This is an indication of a problem not a praise. I will not continue to remain silent as our men are abused and spineless women who are more concerned with being popular and fearful of saying there is indeed a problem.authentic manhood matters. To us as black women and the future of our children. #silentnomore

  • Morgan

    Congrats to the Grooms. I’m glad they are Kappa. Now maybe more of you guys will be real with themselves and stop fronting and leading the sisters or any woman thinking that you really love her when you can’t love yourself.

  • silentnomore

    Dont stress her out. People have bleed and died to be known as upstanding fathers and citizens in this country. Defending your right to do whatever you want is not what my forefathers died for. It sucks but its tru, no one would choice to b gay. It is a result of a family and society gone wrong. Why would u choice that. It is not.procreation. but we need Gods help as we all do, there are many people willing to help get out if one is willing to admit we,ve missed the mark.

  • Kalay

    God can only judge these individuals and their wedding was beautiful .I wish them the best of everything life seem to offer!! For the individuals who judge or hate please look at yourself before you JUDGE anybody!

  • Shay

    We as a people have too much time on our hands to worry about what someone we don’t know is doing in their bed. I don’t know if being gay is a choice nor am I convinced that this was a Gay Kappa Wedding. I think these men just happened to belong to the fraternity and decided to use those colors for the wedding. I loved the video, the colors, and especially the cake so much, that I’m stealing some of their ideas for my own (straight) wedding.

  • folks

    Theres no such thing as a gay wedding in order for a ‘marriage’ to take place there must b a man and a women. Marriage is a blood convenant. There can b no covenant btween two men argue all u want doesnt exist. Thats why even in so called gay unions one takes the man role and the other the female. Its a spiritual thang. God doesnt recognize it so argue all day still dont change the fact.Take care

  • Kobe

    Stop it!!! They DID NOT use Kappa as a theme for their wedding!! You people take the smallest jestures and run with them. So does every wedding with those colors represent Kappas or Delta? No!!

  • Chelsey

    How were they portraying or representing all Kappas? 2 men who happened to be Kappas decided to marry one another. In no way do they represent their entire organization. Their marriage should have no affect on the organization. You should really be ashamed of yourself for spreading such hate and ignorance. Seems apparent to me that their love is genuine and they have indeed found themselves. And for them both to have their mothers walk them down the aisle was beyond beautiful and for you to imply that they were terrible mothers for doing that, when all they were doing was supporting their sons, is absolutely shameful. Quit hating.

  • Kelsey

    Speak for your man silentnomore… you certainly cannot speak for me! Oh and guess what, you don’t get to define what manhood looks like. Just marry and associate with the ones you deem acceptable and miss with your faux concern!

  • Kelsey

    I’ve met so many gay Kappa’s and attended a few funerals of those who are victims of ignorance like yours. They ended up contracting AIDS and because they were on the DL; they did not get tested in time! And oddly enough they had Kappas at their funerals but wait a minute, maybe they should not have “dragged” a whole fraternity into that either. Your proposition is flawed and full of homophobic ignorance. There have been MEN on earth for a long time and nobody pledging Kappa, Sigma, Omega or any of the others took a pledge not be who they are whether that be gay or straight. It is not a choice it is who God made us to be and the sooner you learn that you big dummy, the better off you will be! If he is a Kappa, then he has every right in the world to honor his fraternity as it is near and dear to his heart… You are a bigot with a narrow, pathetic view of the world and that is what is really sad!

  • LA

    So if “God can only judge…” then what do we do with the courts and justice system? Or do you mean that only in this kind of case that “God can only judge…”? I’m not commenting on the shamefulness or lack thereof of this act. I’m just curious about this interesting qualification of when to judge or not to judge.

  • africanspritheal gran5t

    Fiast they should have thought this thing through. Using the Frat Name really went a little far Why not say the colors are red and white and leave it like that. it is if the member did not give a damn about the organization. if you love the organization don’t put it up to any unnecessary light

  • Adrianna

    This was absolutely beautiful! Let what God put together no man tear apart.. The bible also says those without sin cast the first stone…. And no sin is bigger then the other…. I wish these two a lifetime of happiness :)

  • Dee1Foreveryoung

    I thank this was a lovely wedding,Congrats guys
    These guys are happy and if they lose any of ther Kappa friends.So what

  • Roze

    It is extremely disappointing to see people get so involved in the personal lives of others. Everyone sins you can’t judge them for sinning differently then you! Stop twisting God’s word to fit your views. Because at the end of the day all sin is created equal so worry about what he is going to say to you on judgement day! Leave them alone! Congratulations Fellas!

  • TRandallJones

    Beautiful! Thank you for taking the time!

  • Shay

    Beautiful simply beautiful. I hope and pray God blesses your union

  • Alex

    Stop justifying iniquity and those things that appear “fair-seeming” for truth and righteous behavior. Indeed, Judgment Day is coming…

  • LifeNStylePatty


  • f8ckyou

    shut up you righteous twat, god doesn’t love hate does he?

  • Eric

    wish them the best….i had a gay best friend,i know what this would mean to any gay man was beautiful. am straight but i live my life,i never ask my friends what they do in bed,because not everyone is like your lives and let life lead you,and isn’t the greatest commandment of all time LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOUR SELF?? where is the love fellas…stop wasting your time and embrace your friends,you do not know how much that could also help our women and communities,

  • Michelle

    How would you know? Are you God? Nope didn’t think so,. So you just need to eat your own words, stop the hating and stop calling people nasty names just because you don’t agree with them..

  • Michelle

    yea they did something alright..self righteous pricks…gays just can’t leave anything alone these days. Nothin’ but greed and force. Hrmph.

  • IMO

    Congrats to them! I so abhor when Black people especially use the Bible to condemn anyone. The Bible was used to reinforce slavery, yet here we are as a people, using the very same thing that was used to put our ancestors down to put down other Black people. What kind of backwards stuff is this?

    Jesus sat with some of everybody, even prostitutes. Not once did He ever tell them to leave him alone cause he wasn’t sure where their hands (or mouths) had been.

    Most of the people commenting are living in some kind of sin (or commit sin) right now. Please, don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

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  • Loree Collins

    This looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding. The grooms looked happy, the guests looked happy and I saw nothing “gay” about it. Clearly, the couple surrounds themselves with love and it showed all through the video. They are lucky to have found love and I wish them the best.

  • Ken

    As a Caterer..that was off the fucking chain beau-t-full. The flowers were arrange with style and grace. the whole thing was beau-t-full.

    Most Kappa men are gay anyway, just closeted, for all the haters, this just shine a light on what you thought your man was and might be…GET OVER IT…

    THOSE GUYS SHOULD LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Gay people can’t SHINE any more of a negative light on marriage no more than straight people already have, with your multiple divorces and sideline tricks and mistresses. We as a society are so quick to voice our opinion about others and how they live their lives. Live yours and set the example……..

  • Charles Davis

    Not sure who posted this on my behalf but I appreciate you extending my humble thoughts into the conversation. No justice, no peace!

    Charles H.F. Davis III
    Spring 2004 Initiate
    The Florida State University Chapter, the Theta Eta of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.

  • juantil

    People always have something to say.Who are you to judge when you have kids and your not married. I wish them both nothing but happiness.

  • Nupe4REAL

    Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc is for MEN. Not ones who play like men and then act like women. Disgusted. Just my thoughts.

  • Kizzee29

    Mike, your comment makes absolutely no sense at all. What does being in the same fraternal brotherhood have to do with any of this? Gee, is it incest? Their nuptials have nothing to do with the organization, it just so happens that one of them belongs to the fraternity. That’s what all of the brouhaha is about.

  • Janet V.

    You know Its not the Married couple thats making Kappa look bad…..its the kappas who are throwing their brother under the bus for being true to himself…..smh

  • ivorp

    This was just a lovely event. Don’t know these guys but the video warmed my heart…you could truly feel the love. Best to those brothers…pcs

  • Delta Girl

    This was a beautiful ceremony. Much love and best wishes for a wonderful marriage.

  • allgigz

    Zetas and Sigmas get married all the time. We are constitutionally bound meaning we are the only brother and sister organization in the D9. Does that make it incest? No. Only one man in this relationship is a Kappa and to me it doesn’t matter, love is love. The media isn’t spreading around negativity in this story they are showcasing what a lot of men are afraid to do straight or gay–get married. Nevertheless, their wedding was beautiful and I wish them the best of luck.

  • misstiffany2u

    That was absolutely beautiful.

  • Sweetles

    I could care less that two gay men chose to get “married”, but I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people keep saying that all sins are equal. If that is the case, I don’t get why people have such disdain for murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. Surely some sins are worse than others, so can we just stop with that?

  • ImAllForIr

    Hell, I hope to fine me as fine and makes me shine like them!

  • Frank P.

    This is embarrasing to all Black Fraternaties……What ever chapter they from that Chapter needs the death penalty.

  • African Mami

    Come again? Jesus.

  • hhhhh

    “When I created the heavens and the earth, I spoke
    them into being. When I created man, I formed him from
    the dust of the Earth and breathed life into his
    nostrils. But you, woman, I fashioned after I breathed
    the breath of life into man because your nostrils are
    too delicate. I allowed a deep sleep to come over him
    so I could patiently and perfectly fashion you. Man
    was put to sleep so that he could not interfere with
    the creativity. From one bone I fashioned you. I chose
    the bone that protects man’s life. I chose the rib,
    which protects his heart and lungs and supports him,
    as you are meant to do.” Not Adam and adam!

  • http://facebook chris

    What’s emmbarrassing is your spelling….

  • justnayy

    in Gods eyes all sins are of the same caliber. a sin is a sin to Him. it’s us humans who form OPINIONS on what we feel is worst. whether you robbed a bank or stole a candy bar from 7eleven it’s still stealing.

  • Candyce

    I cried the whole video. You can just feel the true love they have ans the support thats backs them is also amazing. Congrats fellaz

  • Geneva S. Thomas

    *Tears* So beautiful. Love is love.

  • Alesia

    I may be wrong but Kappas stick canes in buttholes and are known for being hoes… is THAT not shameful?

  • Can you Digg It!

    To all that may read this reply…understand, Man First. I am a Kappa…when this news first broke and was brought to my attention, I set and looked at the video and read the comments. My response to seeing the video was… Social Media has tapped into something close to home and heart. My Frat is 101 years old this year and the history is the basis of my reply. First and foremost, A Frat does not make a man, whoever pledges, you are a Man first. That being said, whatever you are or lack thereof, when you pledged, will be you after you have gone over (finished pledging). Kappa Alpha Psi was founded in 1911 on the basis of fraternity, family and the foundation to provide support and structure during a time that these elements where not priviledged to black Me(or tried to be strickened away). Struggle, perseverance, tenacity were the back bone of day to day that we Kappa Men used as Achievement in accomplishing higher education, community service and Brotherhood in a time of discrimination. During this time the truth, well being and overall image of the Black Man was to be strong, unwavering and a leader to our family and loved ones (during this time, I wonder if an open and alternate lifestyle would have been made public during earlier years and Jim Crow?). Based on the recent post of this video, the history I speak of over the years has been diluted with terms of Open Book, Out the Closet, Social Media/Posting everything that comes to mind, blow by blow of your day to day….No Since Of Privacy (and respect of the history and Black Man…ladies dare I say that have commented of how beautiful the wedding is, are the same ladies that claim they are tired of dealing with down low brothers, gay men and the lack of choice when it comes to good black men…if the shoe don’t fit, don’t wear it!). I am concerned that the history of my fraternity has been a victim of a modern day trend and associated identity as it relates to this video. As I stated before, you are a Man first…not a Gay Man, not a Kappa Man but A Man. Kappa Alpha Psi has 101 years of birth, beginning and beyond that will endure well past this media highlight, Facebook fantasy and Twitter Tale of the latest. For those of you that may read and disagree…I agree that we may do the same…disagree.

  • chanela17

    i am so immature but their last name is gay… and they ARE gay??? interesting.. LOL

  • chanela17

    so it’s appropriate to call both the grooms and not one a groom and one a bride? just wondering

  • Timothy B

    @chanel17 You are right… You”re childish as fuck.

  • Timothy B

    You are a homophobe… And they are usually gay themselves….

  • y?

    Last name so what

  • Delly

    People are Dumb!! Lovely wedding.

  • justanotheropinion

    Although Kappa’s have been around for 101 years, LOVE has existed for much longer. Many of us could care less that these 2 MEN were Kappa’s – we only applaud their love and commitment to each other. And by your definition: “the overall image of the Black Man was to be strong, unwavering and a leader to our family and loved ones”. This seems to fit the bill – they have definitely been strong and definitely unwavering (especially to the backlash). They have also proved to be leaders to their family & loved ones…about LOVE. And yes, they are MEN first…they just happen to love another man instead of a woman. And…? Isn’t Love & Acceptance what we’re all striving for?

    I am tired of low down brothers and the sometimes lack of choice. However, I applaud ANY person that has found love, respect & commitment from another – it’s more than many of us have found. Those traits supercede the man/woman debate (in my book). It may not be for you, but how dare you deny those that it works for.

    Throws the mike down with a giant F-you…


    Excellent. To the haters, as Whoopi once said if you dont like same sex marriage, don’t get married to the same sex.

  • Sweetles

    A sin is a sin, but they are all not the same caliber. I am not the one to argue about anyone’s religion(or interpretation thereof) but that thinking makes no sense to me. Where does it say that? This sort of thinking would give humans no moral compass to live by, and would make it impossible to know a good person from an evil person. If all sins were the same, then where did the seven deadly sins come from? So basically, I could start murdering people, and be on the same level as someone who occasionally uses profanity? This defies all logic and again, makes absolutely no sense. I wish people would stop hiding behind that incredibly stupid statement to defend their beliefs.

  • Momma D

    Beautiful ceremony… I’m all for love however it comes.. However, they can celebrate their union without associating the fraternity.. Their union is between them and really has nothing to do with fraternal association, so why glamorize that aspect of it?.. (Not saying they did, but someone did for this article to even come about.) It’s a fraternity where members may or may not agree with their lifestyle, and unfortunately this will associate homosexuality with KAPsi… Regardless of how one feels about homosexuality or KAPsi, one shouldn’t stigmatize the other.. The sexual preference of one or a few should not be imposed on the entire fraternity, and this is unfortunately what this will do.. And I say that because regardless of whether or not the union was Kappa themed, it’s labeled a Kappa wedding. I understand the reasons for both the negative an positive outcry… And I will end with a congrats to the men and may you be blessed with many many years of abundant joy!!!

  • Claire


  • Nicole

    You people are redicualus, this is a beatiful moment who cares weather there straight or gay and what organization their apart of. These are their choice not yours so fall all the way back. On another note congrats to the happy couple

  • Elijah

    I am a member of this Noble Klan and I think it is a complete travesty that we live in a Country where individuals are completely “dropping the ball” everyday, but I am not surprised. These two individuals are a part of a generation of many, that are lost. The odds are and have been “stacked” against them from the time they were born, because they are Black first , Men and now show the entire country that they are homosexuals. Yes, we live in a society where freedom and free speech is important, but Ladies and Gentleman, this is a issue of morality not what fraternity these guys are a member of. If you are a Christian, the Bible teaches us that God destroyed an entire community of homosexuals. Many of those individuals who are homosexuals have no religious perference, so this behavior is expected as it was in the Bible. These two individuals were homosexual before pledging and will remain that way until they get God in their life wholeheartedly. People need to as Laurence Fishburne stated in Spike Lee’s Epic movie “School Daze” and WAKE UP!!!! Based upon my religious beleifs, I do not and will not condemn these two individuals but I can say that my God tells me and has shown me that, what they as well as others who are not Christians and non believers have done is wrong. Yes, we all sin everyday, myself included; however, Ladies and Gentleman who read this reply, if we don’t come together on this hallowed ground and start giving God his praise and repenting for things that we know are blatently wrong, all of us will be destroyed. This ordeal is much bigger than my Noble Klan, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, this is a issue of morality. To all of my Fraternity Brothers, including the one who just married another man, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness
    and all these things shall be added unto you.

    Yours in Bond.

  • Dena

    These two MEN, BLACK MEN, who probably are well educated and have decent jobs should not be condemned because they sin differently than you. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!!!! Judge not lest thee be judged!

  • Ivy

    Let them be happy and live in peace. Its hard to find love in this world and if they have found it, good for them.
    What a beautiful ceremony!!!

  • Ms. V

    God bless these two men who’ve decided to live together in love. May their union be blessed and their love for each be forever.
    Who am I to condemn two people who have found love and want to live a life together as a family? Are they hurting anyone? Are they spreading disease? Are they spreading hate, narrow-mindedness, comdemnation? No, they’ve decided to announce to the world, just as any heterosexual union does, that they’ve found a companion who loves them and wants to be together as long as it lasts.
    GOD IS LOVE, experience it, live it, spread it.

  • Bruh

    Only the ignorant and ghetto, would have much negative to say about this. If it does not affect you, or is not taking place on your front porch, what concern is it really of yours? If you wanna talk about sin, or whatever, put your own life up to the microscope, and see if YOU pass the sin-free test! As for this pissing off other Kappas, GTFOH!!! Many Kappas, as well as other frats, have engaged in some sort of same sex encounter a time or two, and some are gay as well, themselves. At least these two Brothaz got married, its you DL mofos who are creeping, and hiding in the shadows, like Batman. So, be real, or be g-o-n-e!!!

  • Daayiee Abdullah

    In your mind it is, so happy your mind does not rule the universe.

  • O.G. Bobby Johnson


  • Daayiee Abdullah

    Why are you so inclined to yuck my yum??? If it doesn’t suit you, don’t do it. Easy enough to accomplish. Next!!!

  • K.E.

    Congrats! May God Bless their union.

  • CAM Jr

    STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL celebration! I suspect 100% of the unmarried folks who view the video would want a celebration JUST like it!!! But it looks like you’re gonna need some LOOT to pull this celebration off! KUDOS to the brothas!!!

  • slim

    Well i dont care what the negativity people saying about these guys,i think it was beautiful and a nice wedding some folks shouldnt judge cause i dont.all family and friends were there to support them and im here to support them even more so haters gonna hate and im gonna congratulate be blessed and enjoy your lives to gether and not worry about these assholes…..i love you guys for being yall and again congrats and wish u the best to come;)

  • v young

    i tip my hat off to both of these two beautiful men who want to spend the rest of thei lives together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much love to you both robert and nathanel

  • Scott Foz Stewart

    That sounded like something a hoe would say right tnere

  • Scott Foz Stewart

    Or his grammar.

  • Mark

    I am neither ignorant nor ghetto. I support individual rights to be…individuals, including ones right to be gay but that still does not make the practice, whether it be by nature or nurture, right. Yes, I am a sinner. As a follower of God I work at correcting my sins and not committing them repeatedly. Please do not insult me by drawing comparisons among sinners. Thre is no comparison.

  • Kaz

    I’m not hating nor am I afraid of gay men or blah blah what all these people keep claiming.. If a “brother” of my fraternity goes out and shoots people in plain clothes he’s a criminal.. But if he shoots in kappa alpha psi clothing he’s the kappa criminal.. How did most of you find this!? I guarantee someone said did you hear about the 2 Kappas wedding or the KAPPA guys? THAT WHERE THE FRATERNITY NOW BECOMES INVOLVED! Why in the HELL would you involve Kappa? Y’all didnt search 2 men in love.. 2 men getting married video cause 99% of y’all wouldn’t have have a damn.. BUT because KAPPA was said you curiosity brought you to that video… SHAME ON THIS DUDE NOT FOR BEING GAY but for bringing this on the SHIELD. keep …BUSINESS AND PLEASURE DON’T MIX WELL AND KAPPA ALPHA PSI IS A BUSINESS

  • Me

    You just said a whole bunch of NOTHING! Have a seat…

  • Alex McClain

    I agree with the comment made by’s not about the guy being a “kappa” or at least it shouldn’t be..but simply the fact that two MEN are getting married. it’s not normal..end of story..whether they’re dude is Kappa or not.

  • LemonNLime

    Oh my God! They are so cute!

  • Egypt

    Judging by the amount of responses (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc) It seems the Kappas were more up in arms about this, than the hazing; incidents in which, people have actually lost their lives trying to pledge Kappa. Smh. These flawed narrow-minded views of manhood are something else.

    I wish the happy couple all the best!!!

  • Outedhypocrite


    “My response was to YOUR insinuation that homosexuality is the cause of HIV epidemic.”

    Well it’s obvious that I don’t believe downlow homosexuality is the primary cause of disproportionate HIV infection rates in the BC.

    If you recall, I proposed an alternative cause, namely, that downlow prostitution is behind higher HIV rates in the BC.

    I merely drew upon the comonly held MISAPPREHENSION that HIV is caused by downlow homosexuality to question the sincerity of the women cooing over this gay marriage, by asking –

    would they”d be as tolerant of homosexuality they’ve being here if the next release of HIV stats show an increase in infection rates among black women?

    Your assumption loaded response to me, confirms my suspicion this show of tolerance is just that

    all show.

    *To see the rest of the exchange go to page 3*.

  • Brandey

    Don’t worry Just Madness, they wouldn’t want your eggs.

  • Outedhypocrite


    will they be as tolerant of homosexuality as they’re being here if the next release of HIV stats show an increase in infection rates among black women?

  • Phat

    This was a beautiful weddin. They look happy and thts all tht matters. The guess was happy and enjoying theirselves. Shit the wedding look better than a traditional bride and groom. Luv the video. Congrats to u grooms.

  • Cocochanel31

    Two men kissing is not natural, it doesn’t even look right in that picture, HOWEVER, I don’t have a heaven or hell to put anyone in, as I’ve matured I’m learning that most things are NOT for me to understand, so I stopped trying a long time ago, and live by the motto:” as long as folks aren’t hurting anyone , let them live their life. “

  • Steph

    Just checking to see what faith you are, your last scriptural quote sounded familiar and all religions don’t quote the same

  • Tacha

    So, the Kappas are mad because to gay men got married or because to gay Kappas got married?

  • Badu

    Thank you so much for showing this. I was grinning all the way through this. Good luck to both those beautiful brothers. I wish them all the very best in their life together. May it continue to be filled with love.

  • Cocochanel31

    That was not scripture to my knowledge lol

  • sbee3

    I don’t understand what this means.

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  • james t

    You’re a sad individual. Two black men getting married deserve a whole lot of praise and welcome. The very same praise and welcome that any and every heterosexual couple receives. There are way to many people turning their noses to the truth and reality of life in 2012…and what–What would you rather they did??…stayed in the closet, gotten married too a female as opposed to a male….have 3 or 4 kids….become miserable….begin to exhibit “DL” behavior….begin to have sexual encounter after sexual encounter, with “X” many partners, and more than likely it would be “unprotected”…because they’re “trying” to get it in before they go home to said wife and kids. I wouldn’t consider you homophobic, more than likely you have quite a few “gay” friends, but you’re miserable, and I’d consider you simply: a hater. You hate the fact that two men have found each other and more than likely, you can’t get a date. AND for the record, Anal Sex is NOT EXCLUSIVELY a sexual activity for gay men. TRUST ME when I say, heterosexual couples do it too…white AND black and every other ethnicity. As a matter of fact, heterosexual females are usually the ones wearing a strap on for their heterosexual male partners who are more than ready. I’m this blunt with you, because you inferred that sex between two men is somehow unnatural. Sex is sex. The only thing that changes is anatomy. What people enjoy in their sexual life, is quite varied from person to person. Being Gay…DOES NOT EQUATE to being sexually assaulted as a child, teen or for that matter as an adult. As a point of fact, Pedophiles, identify as straight/heterosexual. Please wake up. Life is too short.

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  • james t

    Neither does E-dub. Talking out of his/her arse.

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  • Chillin CoChillin

    Hey Britni: Wassup with the disingenuous, specious, fake, made-up, gay agenda word “homophobe”????? NO ONE is afraid of gays. NO ONE cares what they do in their own life. “Homophobe” is a marketing campaign buzz word, used with lawyer/debate tricks to “project blame” on the other side of a disagreement. Folks who use “homophobe” have a histrionic mental disorders. Gays get enraged over folks merely disagreeing with them. They FLATTER THEMSELVES thinking that folks care more than they do. We just don’t want them cramming their stuff down our throat telling us that we HAVE TO accept what they do in our own world of our own morality.

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  • howcool

    “The couple which” ?!?!
    Britni needs to go back to grade school to try to pass English.

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  • YellaDawg

    Why do you care if there are 2 men in this world that you can’t have? All you need for yourself is just one good one.

  • Mademoiselle

    Agreed. It makes no sense to dwell over people that don’t want you back. That also applies to the people who have issues with IR couples, people dating people much taller/shorter than them, adults dating adults with big age differences, “dating/marrying down (career or class-wise)”, etc.

  • Mitt_Romen_Noodles

    Yep, looks about right. The bruhs don’t get down like that. ’06

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  • Cee Cee

    That was beautiful! Lovely, wedding!

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  • Karla

    I agree with Nic. I think the wedding was beautiful and who are we to judge with whom someone wants to spend their life.

  • Kris

    I could not see the whole video but everyone deserves the love they obviously have for each other. Stop hating, congrats to both of them! May they have many years of happiness!

  • bob marley

    I think that gay knew or should have known what was coming and i think hed did it on purpose.Dont feel sorry for them AT ALL They have the right to do wharever they want BUT as a Life Long Kappa i regret 100% the fact that she choose to put our fraternity in the middle of this.

  • bob marley

    As God in the Bible that i read condemned homosexuality i Don’t think they will be getting his Blessing.

  • bob marley

    Good thing you don’t know All BGLO Members because as a Kappa Man i don’t like my Fraternity being put out there the way they did it.Marry who or What you want but you don’t have to dragqueen everybody into it.

  • the heart of Yashewa the mind of a scholar

    I must be honest I have been both inspired and afraid. Inspired because I want the heart that these two men have. The heart to find love and embrace it. Im afraid because I love Kappa Alpha Psi. It s who i am in my heart . But i don t want to lie to be accepted into the brotherhood. I live in Ohio and it s not exactly open minded here. I don t believe in gay, straight , or bi sexual. I believe people do what they do when they do it. drunk or sober. The labels are so that people can know how they look at each other {judge}. I could use some references from some Big Brothers in the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. { i understand that we must communicate for a while.}

  • Windy

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