Are You Over Celebrity Fragrances?

by Clutch

Is there a celebrity fragrance you actually like? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. I remember enjoying the scent of Sean John “Unforgivable” for a summer and Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Lovely” stays in my rotation. But there are so many more celebrity fragrances I simply detest.

Rihanna’s “Reb’l Fleur” was one of the most disappointing scents I’ve smelled before, right behind Gwen Stefani’s “Harajuku Lovers Baby” and Mariah Carey’s “M by Mariah Carey.” The dizzying scent of Usher’s namesake unisex fragrance was enough to send me to the mall bathroom scrubbing my wrist for dear life. Each of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé’s fragrances came in pretty packages, but were uninspiring to say the least. And there are a ton more three-quarters full bottles of celebrity fragrances where that came from.

It seems the makers of celebrity fragrances eschew the need for a decent scent and instead, put extra time into their marketing plan. There’s an extravagant photo shoot, a sexy commercial and sometimes, even a launch party. But there’s rarely a good product to go along with it.

What’s worse is every celebrity is suddenly a fragrancier. They’ve all jumped on the fragrance hustle, translating five seconds of fame into an excuse to put a lackluster scent on the market.

Mama Jones seems to be making fun of it all, with her new scent “PumKásh,” which is a combination of the words PumPum and Cash. You read that right. See the commercial below:



If Mama Jones’ “PumKásh” is really just a clever satire of the over-saturated celebrity fragrance market, I’m all for it. However, if she is serious, I say it is grounds to end the celebrity fragrance business altogether.

What say you, Clutchettes and Gents? Are you over celebrity fragrances for good?


  • African Mami

    Pumkash?! Is she pushing kush into the market? My laaaaaaaawd!! That smell is suffocating.

  • Pseudonym

    Yes. I never want to smell like the celebrities who make them.

  • BK

    I want some of that kush

  • thatthang

    A. Hot. Mess.

  • Marseeuh

    pum kash…really?

  • Soulfullyreal

    Jennifer Aniston’s fragrance is great, I like Beyonce’s Heat, but the Heat “remix” fragrances (one is orange and one is blue or puple i think) smell exactly like the original with , like, orange juice squeezed in. NOT the bizness.

  • Gell0h0h

    I can’t. I only brought myself to watch the first 30 seconds. DONE! -_-. Instead of investing money towards perfume, why not use the money to establish mentoring programs for young girls and women of color? Or some other community based program designed to uplift us? PUMKASH – Because VAGINA MAKES MONEY. Wowww… To each their own though.

  • ibwff

    This HAS to be a parody because this is just a little to close to Strangé perfume… it stinks so good! LOL

  • Rue

    Mama Jones is making a fragrance…It will have notes of top desperation and tackiness.

  • C

    I’ve never been into celebrity fragrances. I did have a sample of Glow by J. Lo back in the day, but I didn’t like it.

  • Joy

    Yeah been over them. Everybody and their momma has a fragance

  • Echi

    This woman is HILARIOUS!!!

  • chanela17

    ROFL @ the men sniffing all extra hard in the commercial!! i can’t!!! lol it looks like they smell nasty hot dog water smellin chicks instead of a good perfume!! SMH

  • chanela17


  • The Comment

    This is when I wish slavery never happened…..then I wouldn’t have to support crackhead moves like this.

  • justanotheropinion

    So trifling that I can’t even comment. If you base your likes & dislikes based on celebrities, you have more issues that we can deal with.

  • Treece

    The last celeb fragrance I smelled and liked was Halle by Halle Berry and they sell that at CVS…….also a friend of mine had Usher’s fragrance when it first came out and it was ok. Otherwise, I am over and done with the whole idea. Most times the celeb has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the fragrance, some company will just come up with some smell they think matches the person’s public persona and then gets them to promote it. Ridiculousness……

  • mikey kun

    I agree halle’s firt perfume was really good

  • Downsouth Transplant

    @ Rue, LMAO that’s whats up!!

  • misshuntley

    I actually like Curious by Britney Spears …. *shrugs*

  • Cee Cee

    I like Beyonce’s Heat…wore it today. That commercial was a mess…love Mama Jones and I will assume that will not be a real commercial that will run.

  • Nnaattaayy

    Hey!! Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku frangances smelled amazinggg!!¡

  • Alex McClain

    I actually enjoyed Jennifer Lopez lines of fragrances. Hers Britney Spears (Fantasy) and Jessica Simpson, but other than that, not too many other celebrity fragrances are memorable for me. (Maybe Halle Berry’s..whatever the purple one was after the original scent of Halle) I think mama Jones is a little extra with her fragrance and I can’t imagine who in their RIGHT MND would want to smell like something called “punkash”…??

  • Cheryl

    I’m not over celebrity fragrances at all. If I like a particular scent, I buy it. Michael Kors, Donna Karen, J. Lo, Gwen Stefani’s LAMB, and the rarely mentioned Ashanti Precious Jewel are some of my favorites.

  • Kelli

    I’m very over celebrity fragrances. I prefer true fragrance brands like Bvlgari, Chanel, Gucci, Viktor & Rolf, Jo Malone, & Annick Goutal. I find it comical that many celebrity fragrances start out at Macys but end up on the shelves of Walgreens for $9.99 or $14.99. The last celeb fragrance I tried was Halle and it was just okay, nothing to scream about.

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