Lee Boyd Malvo claims he was abused by John Allen Muhammad

In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Lee Boyd Malvo alleges he was sexually abused by shooting mastermind, John Allen Muhammad.

Malvo, who was just 17 when the attacks terrorized the D.C.-area in 2002, now claims that Muhammad abused him from the time he was 15 until the pair were arrested.

He told Lauer,

“For the entire period when I was almost 15 until I got arrested, I was sexually abused by John Muhammad.”

“I felt a sense of shame, and I just said, ‘That’s just something that I’d never tell anyone.’ And to a certain extent, up until that point, I really couldn’t handle it.”

Despite being 15 at the time the abuse allegedly took place, Malvo insists he couldn’t say no. Why? He craved love and Muhammad took advantage of the troubled teen.

“I couldn’t say no. I had wanted that level of love and acceptance and consistency for all of my life, and couldn’t find it.  And even if unconsciously, or even in moments of short reflection, I knew that it was wrong, I did not have the willpower to say no.”

Although Muhammad was executed in 2009, Malvo says he’s coming forward now because he’s older, wiser, and more equipped to handle the mental trauma he’s dealt with over the last decade.

“The main reason I’m coming forward now is because I am more mature. As far as the guilt that I carried around for several years, I dealt with that to a large extent for years. And now, I can handle this. In here, there’s no therapy. Rehabilitation is just a word. In solitary confinement, in a cell by yourself, I am priest, doctor, therapist. So, it just worked out that I just took it off piece by piece. That I could handle it.”


During the revealing interview, Malvo also told Matt Lauer that there are more victims of the shooting spree that have yet to be identified, but he’s taken it upon himself to reach out to the victims’ families.

“Without anyone contacting me two and a half years ago, I reached out and I did that. In five different instances in different states. But there was a point in time where psychologically, I couldn’t handle it…I cannot afford to break down psychologically in here, because there will be no help,” he explained.

Malvo, now 27, is serving a life sentence in a Virginia prison. He told Lauer that he isn’t speaking out now to curry sympathy from the public.

“I seriously doubt this is going to change anything as far as my life goes,’’ he said. “I’ve come to grasp that what I have to look forward to is life in prison.

“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It was intended to punish, and it is effective. It is complete deprivation. I don’t see outside. I have no contact with animals, plants, people.”

While many of his victims and their families may not have forgiven Malvo for his heinous actions, he says he’s forgiven himself. Why? “That’s the only way I can live with myself,’’ he admitted.

  • GeekMommaRants

    This young man is Jamaican, not born or raised here. His mom allowed John Muhammad to bring her son to the states. The family is/was very dysfunctional.

  • isolde3


    Um, no. Actually, you blamed the rape/murder victim and her grandmother.


    Way to backtrack there, Skippy.

  • opinionatedgal

    Not surprising to hear about the sexual abuse; everything about that relationship was unnatural and sad.

  • isolde3

    “Go play somewhere, I’m busy.”


    Who are you kidding? You’re busy, alright. You’re busy spending copious amounts of time trolling a woman’s blog-site (big man that you are). With all the nonsense you post, it’s no wonder you can’t keep your BS straight.

    Anyway, the true, despicable tea about what you wrote in the Shania Gray rape/murder thread is there for all to see in that link I posted where you blamed Shania and her grandmother for Shania’s rape and murder. So you can either continue making a good meal out of your foot or use your mouth and missing ribs to resort to your self-gratifying tendencies under your bridge.

  • set

    This is so sad and unfortunate,