Wednesday Sep 28th

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Rob Kardashian Puts His Family on Blast for Not Inviting Blac Chyna to “HIS” Baby Shower

Rob Kardashian lashed out at his sisters Monday night on Twitter, while most of social media was tweeting about the debates. The 29-year-old reality tweeted out sister Kylie Jenner’s phone number to his 6.6 million followers and called out his family for not inviting his...

Hillary Clinton Ethers Trump During Debate: ‘You Know What Else I Prepared For? I Prepared to Be President’

Did you catch Monday night’s first presidential debate? If you didn’t, you missed Hillary Clinton tearing Donald Trump to shreds. Most of the night, Trump tried to smart-talk and shame Clinton, with lines referring to her “stamina”, but Clinton wasn’t here for it. CNN has...

Lil Wayne Reveals He Officiated a Gay Marriage & Drake Slept With His Girlfriend in New Memoir

Lil Wayne’s upcoming memoir, Gone ‘Til November, is set to be released next month. Based on an excerpt from the book inspired by a series of diary entries Wayne wrote while locked up in prison, it seems the entire work won’t fail to entertain. In this...

Dominican TV Host Wears Blackface to Imitate Dominican Artist Amara La Negra

The photo above is a picture of famed Dominican model and actress, Amara La Negra. Recently one of La Negra’s fellow Dominicans decided it would be cute to imitate her with blackface. #Repost @sehablaespanol7 ・・・ @geishamontes imitando a Amara La Negra @amaralanegraaln ¿Que les parecio? #GeishaAmara...

Open Thread: How Do You Feel About Lebron’s Comments On Colin Kaepernick?

While he respects Kaepernick, he still thinks all lives matter.

BLM Founder Alicia Garza Proposes Police-Free Communities; Could They Work?

If you get rid of the disparities that lead to crime you no longer have a need for men and women to police one another.