Ever wonder what the First Lady is really thinking? Well, two of my favorite women have teamed up to take a crack at exposing what happens when Michelle Obama lets her hair down and keeps it real.

Fresh off the news that Issa Rae inked a deal with Shonda Rhimes to team up for a sitcom, Rae hooked up with Nickelodeon writer Lena Waithe and Benjamin Cory Jones to take viewers behind the secretive walls of the White House and get Mrs. Obama’s view of what’s really going on.

In the new web series project, The Michelle Obama Diaries, we get a glimpse at what the fictional First Lady feels about the debates, her husband’s chances for re-election, and the state of reality TV.

Check it out.

Are you feeling it?

  • A.

    I won’t lie–I giggled at, “We get it in more than the Huxtables”, but I’mma need this lady to tone up those arms if she really wants to convey the essence of our First Lady! lol

  • dirtychai

    I don’t think that it’s necessarily bad. I love the actress. But, It’s just not funny. I felt like I knew every joke she was going to crack before she said it. Anniversary sex, blah-blah…Real White House Wives, blah-blah. Maybe there will be a few more episodes to develop it more.

  • heide

    Ok that totally sucked. They could’ve skipped that. So not funny. Like not even remotely funny.

  • Mitt_Romen_Noodles

    It was dry. For an intro vid, I can see the potential.

    Will watch the next episode to get a full feel.

  • http://soundlessreflections.wordpress.com srblogger11

    They did well!!! I’m not used to seeing the First Lady being made fun of, so I had to check myself. Most public figures are able to be laughed at. I do love her. Any fact checkers know if other first lady’s were made fun of???

    I think it’s not knee-slapper because they are really respectful of her, and there really aren’t alot of Michelle Obama-isms to make fun of. It’s a mark of how respectable she is that even the people who dared to make fun of her (which this is the only one I’ve seen) kept it classy.

    I’m interested in the actress. And I’m fairly certain she and Issa Rae really respect the first lady so that’s why they aren’t dogging her out (not that she needs it). I say, give them time. Humor doesn’t always have to have swearing or yelling, and I’m glad they are doing this new project…Black women portraying black women. How refreshing.

    *I wish it would have been titled somehting like “The First Lady Diaries”…that’s a title and character to make fun of…not Michelle Obama, her personal name.

  • Echi

    Wasn’t really feeling it either.
    I wish Issa Rae would continue Ratchet Piece Theatre – now, that folks, is some hilarious YouTube.

  • kc

    Issa’s collaborations usually fall flat for me. She has a fresh and quirky voice that her coconspirators usually lack.

  • http://elegantblackwoman.blogspot.com Elegance

    I don’t like it! Michelle Obama is an educated, sophisticated, intellectual, poised, and well-spoken woman and to represent her like this does NOTHING to help the greater public have more respect for her. They portrayed her with too much attitude and in a non-classy manner. It’s just as annoying and unhelpful as those videos of Obama impersonators rapping! She does not need a TV show where she “keeps it real” like a moron!!!

  • Disbelief

    I’m surprised about all the negative comments. I actually liked it. My favorite quote: “Don’t let this fabulous J. Crew ensemble fool you, I’m from the south side of Chicago”

  • netta16

    o_0 …why is Issa Rae’s name on this?!

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