With just two weeks left to the presidential election, a Seattle-based conservative group is trying to erode President Obama’s strong support among black voters by running a 30-second ad criticizing the President for not paying advocating specifically for African-Americans.

The ad, paid for by Pivot Point, a political action committee launched this year, are running on BET in Seattle and the extremely important swing state of Ohio.

David Weigel of Slate spoke with Dave Shemwell, a scientist who runs the PAC part time.

Shemwell explained the ad’s backstory:

“I’ve been working with a fellow named Wayne Perryman, a local black evangelical pastor in Washington state who’s been active in gang outreach and various religious outreach programs,” said Shemwell. (The PAC chairman is white.) “Since he’s also a Romney supporter, I said I want to reach out into communities that are not Republican. I started talking about jobs, and all the things that people have in common, and he said: You’re not going to reach anyone that way.”

The 30-second spot criticizes President Obama for “cutting aid to black colleges,” black businesses, and supporting marriage equality, calling the President’s support for gay marriage rights “a slap in the face.”

Shemwell says he bought the ad for a rock-bottom price and could have run a national ad on BET for just $2000, but chose to focus on Ohio because “50,000 votes in that state could be a big deal this year.”

This isn’t the first time Conservative groups have reached out to black voters to try to get them to “vote their values.” Earlier this month a religious group called God Said began imploring black voters to vote their “Biblical Values” and presumably choose Mitt Romney.

While the President has not been very outspoken on policies that would specifically target black folks (possibly because many of our issues are the same as other Americans), it is foolish to believe the Romney administration would take a stronger stand on our issues.

  • AJ

    I don’t know about anyone else, my vote is MY best interest.

  • paul


    This is an interesting one.

    Very clever of the reps.

    Someone with a big platform is finally asking the question that black Obama dissenters have been asking for four years.

    What have you dun for blacks -


    They won’t be so quick to shut people down with – “he’s the president of america, not black america” now that white people have made it legitimate to ask what the president done for blacks?


    Hence the rather limp appeal, yet again, to the lesser of two evils in this statement -

    “it is foolish to believe the Romney administration would take a stronger stand on our issues.”


    why is it? we’ve got four years of PROOF that Obama won’t even take a weak stand on black concerns.


    This is a continuation of what happened to Obama in the first debate. Man had nothing to distinguish himself from the reps and no record of accomplishment that has benefited any section of american society – except lip service support for gay marriage.

    He’s gonna find it pretty hard to defend against this one too.

    What a dud.


  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblv

    Paul = republican=racist that’s all I need to known

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Good job. Blacks need to pay more attention to who they are voting for and why. Obama clearly doesn’t have our interests at heart. Noone does. At least Romney would help the country as a whole. But as usual, black people are in their own little world.

  • paul

    Why do i feel so smug even though my comment has been voted down eight times -

    so far?

    Must be because the soundness of my comment remains unspoiled in spite of all the “robust challenges” there have been to it.


    and btw

    yes – if I was a black american (I’m a “black brit”), and if I thought there was anything to gain from voting in two party elections, I’d sooner vote rom than bam, just to see how this WORSE of two evils thing would actually play out.

    but carry on crushing me under the weight of your “vocal” opposition – though.


  • http://gravatar.com/khrish67 khrish67

    I can’t even believe they chose to talk about respect!!!!They have no respect for others so why do they feel they are owed respect? I Obama loses, they’ll have a lot more to complain about in 2016.

  • Jae Bee

    Speak for yourself Misty. You don’t know what my interests are, but I can assure you that I am voting to ensure that they are not taken away from me. That said, you don’t/won’t know how Romney will perform in the role of comander-in-chief because he’s never had to be under that level of pressure. You don’t know if Romney will help the country–not even Romney knows that.

  • Joy

    OMG!! This is the corneist political ad I’ve ever seen in my life. And if you agree with Obama’s politics or not; it’s absurd to say he doesn’t respect black people. As for the religious take; a President is the President of ALL people….NOT just religious people. My point: not everyone in this country is religious and bible thumbing.

  • Anthony

    The same people who criticize Obama for cutting aid to black schools would have had a field day criticizing Obama if he had made increasing aid for black schools or anything else specifically for black people a priority. I do feel that Obama has been timid when it came to black interests, but making Eric Holder Attorney General was a huge plus IMO.

    As for gay marriage and people of faith, this church goer believes that marriage is a civil right and other people’s religious beliefs should have no bearing on another citizens rights.

  • https://twitter.com/TheKMichel K. Michel

    How would Romney be better (or the greater of two evils) for African-Americans than Pres. Obama in your personal opinion?

    The problem as I see it isn’t Obama, but the fact that Congress retards his progress on the bills and motions he wants passed. Arguably, you can say that it’s its job (it’s not by the way) but W. Bush had both the House and the Senate …and the Supreme Court under his party flag. Bush Jr. may have done a substandard job as president in my opinion, but he had the backing of nearly all branches to push the legislature that his party wanted pushed.

    So, I say don’t just vote Obama through if you are going to vote for him. Make sure to have as many Democratic senators (or senators who have a record of being bi-partisan) filling their seats as possible. African-Americans need to be just as eager to vote during midterm elections and midterm election gains are something that the Tea Party knows and exploits very well to their credit.

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