The list of celebrity designers is ever-growing. In some cases, it works like Victoria Beckham’s eponymous line and Diddy’s successful Sean John brand. But in most cases, entertainers aren’t always blessed with the eye and skill set it takes to be a designer. That doesn’t top luminaries from pursuing careers in fashion though.

Recently, Keyshia Cole tried her hand at designing with a line of shoes for Steve Madden. The singer, who appears on a reality show on BET entitled “Keyshia and Daniel: Family First,” wanted to design a collection that is affordable and cute. She told Power 105.1 FM’s “The Breakfast Club”:

I’ve been talking about this Steven Madden deal for about four years now so the reason why I wanted to do a deal with Steven Madden is because, when I didn’t have any money and before I got my deal, I use to buy Steve Madden shoes. So I just want to make sure that I do really cute shoes that my demographic can afford.

[The shoes will debut in] November. I’ve already made all three and they will be featured in my videos and in the album packaging.

She previewed two pairs from the collection on social media and on a television appearance for BET’s “106 & Park.” Check them out below:

The line appears to be feminine and flashy, with florals, ruffles and sparkles adorning platform sandals and wedges.

What do you think of the shoes, Clutchettes? Are you feeling them?

  • African Mami

    what in the plastic fuck is that?! My pippoz, let’s not force talents that are non existent.

  • ndv

    No me gustan los zapatos.

  • The Comment

    Her Durant Square and East Mont Mall is showing.

  • Thanks4thegum

    As an Oakland native, THAT ^^^^ is KILLER hilarious!

  • Irene of F*ck X’s We’re 12′s!

    As a shoe blogger and shoe lover I give these a huge thumbs up! If they come in size 12 I give major props!!!

  • Patience

    They are ugly.

  • Downsouth Transplant

    yeah, maybe when i start shaking in the gentlemen’s club! IJS

  • Rue

    Dear celebrities:
    Please stop designing, making perfume, etc. Because you wear the thing doesn’t make you an expert and an artist. Also we all know you pay us unwashed masses to everything except shill the crap in front of a camera.
    Thanks much,

  • JN

    They look better than anything Kanye has ever put his hands on.

  • binks

    Hot mess…negative

  • bk chick

    Can we cease all celebrity endorsed/ “designed” products for like a year??? I’m soo sick of it!

  • Overseas_Honeybee.

    Wow … what a backhanded “compliment”.
    I reckon since the rest of us broke azzs aren’t able to do any better … we have no choice but to bow down and buy them. Chick please. I rock Steve Madden and whatever else I can afford (and find cute) after my bills get paid. High-end and low-end works just fine. #financialmanagement

  • Cali

    LMMFAO 4EVAH!!! That is soooooo cold! (fellow Oakland native)

  • kamille

    yesssss, took the words out of my mouth lol
    now that ppl´s music careers are over, ppl tryin to be fashionistas and actors and actress…just stop

  • Gumbumper

    Not a big fan at all!

  • Chillyroad

    I like them too. The thin heels scare me but the colors are nice. They look a lot more functional than those made by white male homosexuals from france or italy.

  • Chillyroad

    I love the first ones. The red platforms are a bit much. Good luck to her. Steve Madden ships overseas.

  • Lady P

    I need to see some more of her designs. So far, No to the first one, a possible Yes to the second pair.

  • Starla

    The blue ones are hawt, I think they will sell out. She may be on to something here.

  • LeLe

    Wish they were more of a Fall collection rather than Summer.

  • Keirra

    Hmm…for a certain situation..

  • Oomie

    LOL …a situation of the bedroom kind K? lol I was thinking the same thing!

  • Bria


  • jacquelyn

    They look the way Steve Madden shoes feel – cheap & horrible

  • Nicole

    They scream “hood rat”

    I can see it already. Girls with their inappropriate outfits, fake ponytails with the brown gel around the edges, long fake lashes and acrylic nails and a pair of Keyshia Cole by Steve Madden shoes all standing in line waiting to get into the Gucci Mane concert.

  • Cocochanel31

    I guess! I’ve seen similar shoes in BAREFEET! I’m not mad though at her getting money legally by any means necessary!

  • The Comment

    OK…..HELLA Hilarious!

  • JGirl

    Keisha is tacky & evidenced from those two pictures there is no way I would purchase her shoe line. I don’t even like Steve Madden anyway

  • Echi

    Both get a “hell no!” from me – unless they were free AND part of a Halloween costume.

  • rena moffett

    where can i purchase them

  • Malissa

    I like the top ones the best. With The perfect jean a cute top and quarter tux Jacket the red pair would pop

  • Nakia

    I looooooove both

  • vonetta

    Where can i purchase them

  • erica raenette hall

    will rock both off them



  • angela cheatham

    i love the one with the heartin it,but I love ur taste in shoes 5 inches is a little to high. the wedge are off the chain. Keep up the good work Email me ur new arrivals and I would love to buy the shoes with the hearts.

  • India Pyt Edwards


  • Dulce

    Them go so hard proud of my girl can’t wait til u come back to the town. Bbq block party time again its on yeeeee. Canjays

  • loyalty


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