There is currently one less bus driver in Cleveland after allegedly getting in a physical altercation with a woman passenger. Yesterday a video posted on shows the bus driver and  woman having a verbal altercation, that soon escalated into something ugly and violent.

The video shows the girl throwing the first hit, followed by the bus driver yelling, “You’re going to jail now”. Unfortunately the incident didn’t end there.  With the arguing continuing and threats being thrown around, the girl is on the receiving end of an uppercut courtesy of the bus driver.   At one point, the driver chokes the woman and even pulls her hair.  During the ordeal, the girl ever once stops yelling and other passengers can be heard screaming, “she’s a girl.” The fight is eventually broken up by other passengers.

Although the woman did provoke the bus driver, he took it to another level. For a grown man to uppercut a young woman is just ridiculous and uncalled for. His reasoning, which is heard in the video, “She wanna be a man..I’mma treat you like a man”.

The names of neither the bus driver or the girl involved have been released, but a RTA Spokesperson released the following statement concerning the incident: We just saw this (video) today and are investigating.  Upon review of the video the driver was suspended immediately.  The investigation continues.



Recent updates were posted about the Ohio bus incident. The woman in question has been identified as Shidea N. Lane, 25. The bus driver involved has been employed with RTA for 22-years.

The RTA released the police reports on the incident, including statements by both combatants (see the full public report in the document viewer below). Hughes told RTA police that he had been assaulted by the young woman, but declined to press charges, RTA officials said. Transit Police and Beachwood Police were both called to the scene. Lane also did not file a report or charges against Hughes at the scene.”
  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Thank you for your response. A few words if I may.

    It is not my responsibility to ‘teach’ this woman a lesson. I am not an arbiter of justice. I am not a vigilante. The bus driver has a job that he’s been in for 2 decades as well as a family to support. What good does it do this man to become embroiled in a verbal, much less physical, altercation with a woman who is obviously behaving irrationally? It seems as though you’re speaking with pride and I am not. I don’t care about her getting off the bus via the force of my hand. I care about my employment, the future of my family and not winning a battle that is not in my opinion worth winning.

    Regarding ‘bringing race into everything’… I did not ‘bring’ it, it was already there. I simply pointed out the obviousness of it’s presence. To call me a racist is the height for folly but because you don’t know me from a can of paint your words mean less than nothing. The fact that you insist on using logical fallacies, specifically Ad Hominem, as a plank of your rebuttal speaks volumes.

    Because an individual does not choose to engage in an altercation that would result in a pyrrhic victory at best means that this person is a pacifist? Your lack of reasoning skill is devastatingly astounding as the cause and the effect that you’ve positioned as linked are not at all mutually exclusive. This is your second logical fallacy and third false assumption in as many paragraphs. Methinks that this is going to be a waste of keystrokes.

    I’m not speaking for ‘males’ at all. I’m speaking for ‘Men’. There is a distinct difference sir and it seems that you are woefully ignorant of this fact. Men understand their power and Men understand when to use it and when not to. This was not a situation that required him to retaliate in the manner in which he did. Being a Man does NOT mean punching a person who weighs 60 lbs less than you. Being a Man does NOT mean losing emotional and physical control and placing your future and your family in jeopardy. It seems that ‘you’ are the individual who has not been raised around or by a Man. It seems sir that you have been raised by ‘males’ and your response to the actions of this young woman prove that point.

    Maybe you are white… I’m not sure… but what I saw was a young black woman in an altercation with an older black male. I’m in America, race is all around us. However it is clear that you did not read or grasp the entirety of my post because not once have I ‘blamed’ anything on race. The young woman was wrong. This cannot be and should NEVER be denied. She was COMPLETELY in the wrong. However two wrongs do not make a right. Men know this. Males, it seems, have an issue with that logic. Maybe if one day you become a Man we can have a different type of discussion regarding this topic.

    I wish you the best.

  • jaz

    Since when is 25 years old considered as being a teenager?

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