UPDATED: Ohio Bus Driver Uppercuts Teenage Girl

by Yesha Callahan

There is currently one less bus driver in Cleveland after allegedly getting in a physical altercation with a woman passenger. Yesterday a video posted on  WorldHipHop.com shows the bus driver and  woman having a verbal altercation, that soon escalated into something ugly and violent.

The video shows the girl throwing the first hit, followed by the bus driver yelling, “You’re going to jail now”. Unfortunately the incident didn’t end there.  With the arguing continuing and threats being thrown around, the girl is on the receiving end of an uppercut courtesy of the bus driver.   At one point, the driver chokes the woman and even pulls her hair.  During the ordeal, the girl ever once stops yelling and other passengers can be heard screaming, “she’s a girl.” The fight is eventually broken up by other passengers.

Although the woman did provoke the bus driver, he took it to another level. For a grown man to uppercut a young woman is just ridiculous and uncalled for. His reasoning, which is heard in the video, “She wanna be a man..I’mma treat you like a man”.

The names of neither the bus driver or the girl involved have been released, but a RTA Spokesperson released the following statement concerning the incident: We just saw this (video) today and are investigating.  Upon review of the video the driver was suspended immediately.  The investigation continues.



Recent updates were posted about the Ohio bus incident. The woman in question has been identified as Shidea N. Lane, 25. The bus driver involved has been employed with RTA for 22-years.

The RTA released the police reports on the incident, including statements by both combatants (see the full public report in the document viewer below). Hughes told RTA police that he had been assaulted by the young woman, but declined to press charges, RTA officials said. Transit Police and Beachwood Police were both called to the scene. Lane also did not file a report or charges against Hughes at the scene.”
  • paul

    she got treated like a man…. simple… shouldn’t act like one and i promise you wont get uppercutted by bus drivers.

  • Tonton Michel

    Will not shed a tear for her, keep your hands to your self. I don’t get how some women think they can put there hands on people and think there is no consequences, especially with strangers.  “She wanna be a man..I’mma treat you like a man”. And there it is..

  • http://ClutchMagazine Nikita

    I will say this, there couldn’t have been anything that serious where the bus driver and that ghetto girl had to argue and for it to escalate like that. A woman can never match the strength and power of a man. So yea he shouldn’t have hit her but seriously some women/girls get up in mens’ faces and hit them like nothing will ever happen to them. I will NOT hit a man unless I am prepared to get hit back…PERIOD.

    I think she kinda deserved it. i hope she will rethink her actions next time she wants to punch a grown man in face.

    I also thought that uppecut was real funny…

  • Afrostyling

    So what if she was a girl? She obviously thought she was hard enough to get in a fight with him. And she had zero regard for the lives of the people on that bus. The man was driving but that didn’t stop her from physically attacking him. She had it coming. No sympathy here.

  • OSHH

    Although this young girl was clearly out of line, that grown MAN did not have to uppercut that child as if she was another grown MAN.
    His reasonsing for resorting to violence against a young girl was assinine, he could have restrained her or simply put her off the bus or better yet let metro authorities/security/police handle it.

    So few men in the world today, sad.

  • Ms. Information

    These are the women who the world think that we ALL act like….this is sad….I see women like this often in Atlanta, and often acting this way in front of their children….a smart woman would never physically start a fight with a man.

  • Yvette

    Exactly. The bus driver had other alternatives to hitting her. No excuse.

  • Afrostyling

    Thank you! You want to complain about the image of black women but want us to defend these rabid animals with no home training. FOH!

  • ?!?

    I’m sorry. That was ridiculous. Teenagers are emotional and stupid. Adults are supposed to understand that. He could have wrestled her to the ground and restrained her or something. It’s not about her acting like a man. If that were a boy, I’d still be upset and think the same thing. There was absolutely no reason for all of that. That website is full of filth just like that. So stupid.

    A lot of these kids don’t have any home training. They think they can get into a fight or argument with whoever they want. I don’t know why the heck these silly girls actually think they can fight a man. After a man gave me an uppercut, I’d be running the heck away. She’s going back for more like she can actually win.

    Unnecessary fighting in my book is ridiculous. She was an idiot. He was an idiot. She got her butt beat up, and he lost his job all because they wanted to be emotional. This is all tied to self control just like the baby momma article. People don’t know how to control their emotions, and they’re told it’s okay because they’re keepin’ it real. There are consequences for bad behavior. He got what he deserved. Hopefully she learned a lesson about fighting especially running up on someone who outweighs you and is obviously stronger. Seriously though, what do these girls think that the flailing fists they use in cat fights will be enough to beat up a man, or are they thinking that they can just hit a man and get away with it because he’s not supposed to hit back?

  • Muse


    I’m sorry but two wrongs don’t make a right. That was COMPLETELY excessive and as a man dealing with an ignorant teenager, he should have exercised proper restraint. Be the adult and handle it as such. Call the cops! That uppercut he delivered could’ve KILLED a grown man, let alon her. If that would’ve happened, he’d be in jail looking like the poster child of When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.

    I hope he’s fired

  • http://lindseygregory.wordpress.com Lindsey G.

    #1 That wasn’t a child, that was a teenager
    #2 She put her hands on him FIRST
    #3 If he was going to restrain her he would have had to put his hands on her, and people like you would still have something to say
    # 4 He did throw her off the bus but she got right back on it

  • http://lindseygregory.wordpress.com Lindsey G.

    Uppercuts don’t kill people.

  • Muse

    Oh, I’m sorry. Perhaps the choke hold or the ragdoll toss from the bus to the pavement, would have been a better example.

  • OSHH

    1. A teen is still a child, they are not adults.
    2. A grown man should know better than retaliate against a young girl like that mind you.
    3. What is people like me? Reasonable, have the sense of an adult? Who would have engaged ignorance with ignorace verbally in the first place ????
    4. Right, after he uppercutted her :-?

  • Muse

    last comment was in response to Lindsey G

  • http://Clutch Linn

    Iam a female.. And she should have kept her hands to herself, she got what she deserved. SHE IS STUPID FOR TRYING TO FIGHT A MAN.

  • Yb

    This girl was absolutely wrong but so was the bus driver and now he’s the one who is going to get fired and the girl walks off with a check.

    He did NOT follow proper protocol. He was supposed to pull over the bus, call law enforcement, have her extracted from the bus, then file an incident report provided by the bus company (they have it stashed in their buses), and get witness’s accounts. I’ve seen this numerous time when I rode the bus in High school. He failed to do so and now he’s out of a job will his violence documented on the Internet forever.

  • Yb

    I thought you were a woman. What’s a female? What kind of species?

  • http://Clutch Linn

    You dont what a female is ?

  • Yb

    Lol. Well it seems you don’t.

  • Perspective

    ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS – She was looking for it – SHE FOUND IT!

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    I don’t think he should have hit her — he should have actually made an effort to get her arrested — but I’m not understanding why Americans think it’s normal behavior to react violently in certain situations (I’m talking about the girl)? In segments of society , people seem to really think it’s an acceptable reaction. IMO, it’s actually abnormal to decide to assault a stranger unless your life is at stake or you’re going to experience harm…

    I’ve heard it time and time again in speaking to youth in volunteer work and formerly teaching — it’s incredible just how often they think violence is an acceptable resolution to problems (and it’s youth of all races).

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    Gender is a social construction. Female is a biological reality.

  • Smilez_920

    I don’t think there’s so few men in the world. I think this young women forgot how to act respectable in public. She broke the law by reaching over into the drivers area and hitting him.

    Now yes the upper cut was a bit much. But if the girl was going to continue to swing at him , he would have had to at least grab her and throw her off.

    A little piece is kind of glad she went through this . No I don’t condone men hitting women. But some of these women want to jump and swing and hit men and get crazy. Next time she’ ll think twice about running her mouth and hitting ppl.

    Unfortunately he will lose his job. So in the end this girl won.

    I make sure to tell my brother nt I mess with chicks like that. If you can walk away, get away as fast as possible and call the cops.

  • Starla

    I never get why people argue about something they don’t own. The indignity of getting into a fight over public transit. These people act up over fast food, buses, cheap clothes and all kinds of worthless things.

    I hope they both learned a valuable lesson.

  • Perspective

    I keep noticing that “some” BW like to talk reckless to some black men who really have some of the crumbiest jobs.

    Warning to young women: These are the WORST MEN to mess with because most are already mad at life and their situation – THEY LIVE FOR MOMENTS LIKE THIS, and have very little to LOSE!

    Seriously – is a crumby job holding you back from being DISRESPECTED?! If you were making 6 figgas – ok you should back down – ain’t worth it.

    But last month the Bus company cut benefits and here you have this girl talking crazy to you?! (Aww hell nah!)

    Leave their asses ALONE! PLEASE – it’s for your own safety.

    Be warned – Do not mess with

    Men who – work at McDonalds, Bus Drivers, Garbage men, Door men, or any of the more medial jobs in there services industries. You are asking for BLACK RAGE to be unleashed on your ass.

  • Perspective

    Go Lindsey G. – Its your birthday! LOL

    And there you have it. Gosh – I love women who get past the EMOTIONS and THINK!

  • Ms. Information

    You are right and completely logical…lol…I just know that sometimes when I come in contact with women like this, I would also like to punch them in the face..lol…but like you said, protocol works best…self control works even better.

  • someguy

    haha she looked like Glass Joe from Mike Tyson Punch Out

  • Mike

    There’s not a black man in this country who hasn’t wanted to do that, at least once in his life, to a loud mouth, aggressive, unfeminine hoodrat all up in his face talking crazy about some nonsense. Sorry, but it’s the truth

  • someguy

    Real talk though, these teenagers today will kill you. They are out of control and have no home training. I bet she wont act a fool like that again now.

  • Perspective

    Menial – not medial

  • Perspective

    “Unfortunately the incident didn’t end there. With the arguing continuing and threats being thrown around, the girl is on the receiving end of an uppercut “courtesy” of the bus driver.”

    I went back and read the article this sentence is HILARIOUS – falling out my seat. Trying to be quiet but CRACKING UP!

  • Señorita

    Unfortunate on both ends. He with the possibility of losing his job and benefits and her with a fat lip and lifetime of embarrassment. Lesson of the day: Don’t write checks your @$$ can’t cash!!

    Bet she won’t do that no more…

  • Sam Chreese

    Yea so a man is not supposed to hit a girl…. but on another principle- what about respect for your elders? She got what she deserved.

  • maymay

    The bus driver needs anger management classes, never ENGAGE someone who is looking for a fight, I’ve dealt with these people and you never ENGAGE on their level. He should have never been talking to this girl, he should of disengaged and talked the passenger down or stopped the bus and called the police.

  • el

    I don’t think he should be fired. Maybe suspended for a while, but not fired. After the way that girl acted she should be prohibited from ever using the bus service again. People who work in public transportation take a lot of abuse and even as a young female I’m glad he hit her. If a girl wants to act like a man, she should be able to take a hit like a man and not pull the “I’m a female, you’re going to jail” card.

  • Flash

    Don’t condone the violence of it…but if someone puts their hands on someone and causes all the commotion this girl did, I’m sorry…I feel NO Sympathy for them.

    To attack a bus driver whilst they are driving is extremely irresponsible and putting people lives in danger.

  • [email protected]

    Maaannnn she got what she asked for ….. she provoked that man ans a woman is NOT suppose to do that to a man and or put her hands on a man just like a man is not suppose to put his hands on a woman. We are human and some ppl can control it and some can’t. she is CLEARLY use to bullying and flippin off at the mouth to ppl and challenging others. she met her match !!! he shud be suspended w/out pay for about 2-3 months but he should not loose his job. im sure he will handle it better if there was ever a next time. if God can forgive why can’t we. They were BOTH wrong.

  • LaNubiana

    Is this real? Wow!!!!

    If so, both parties are wrong. The young girl should have been respectful of the bus driver and should not have put her hands on him. The driver should not have MAN HANDLED her as she is a woman and a teenager at that. Ya Allah!

  • OSHH

    @ Perspective, who was being emotoional and not thinking? Where in the comments did you see that per say?
    What’s more, a thought out response to this situation and not an emotional one, would have been to follow protocol on the bus driver’s part, but then people want to talk about not being emotional and thinking. Mkay

  • Shannon

    The part about “a woman can never match the strength and power of a man,” is inaccurate. There are plenty of women out on the streets, who look like they could hurt something, and plenty of men stay away from them.Tell that to women body lifters around the world, black belts, etc. But in this specific case, it was obvious that the mans strength could easily overpower the girl, even before he uppercut her.

  • Mark

    Girls KNOW guys can’t hit them, which is why they get all mouthy like they can’t be touched…if i prodded a tiger in a cage and the tiger broke out of the cage and bit me…who’s fault is it? My stupid fault…not the tiger…He was right…if you want to act like a man and provoke another man…you will be treated like one…she wasn’t defenceless, this isn’t a man beating his innocent wife because he’s drunk….it’s a tiger who has been prodded and ridiculed teaching the offender a lesson…and well done that man…you don’t hit a woman…but was she a woman?….No

  • OSHH

    Ok so people are animals now without a mind to reason. Ok, and most adults encourage this behavior and wonder why teens and kids are so out of control, when they are only a few words or even a prod away from losing it themselves.

  • bijoux

    oh, dear… @Lindsey G

  • Smilez_920

    It’s illegal to hit a transit worker and harash them. Now no he shouldn’t have punched her . But he was going to have to use a little bit of force to get her off the bus. Heck after she got thrown off she hopped back on to keep fighting . And let’s be honest the cops don’t come in a hop skip and a jump. This girl was relentless in trying to fight this man. So lets not make it seem like its so easy. Again he shouldn’t have hit her. But if this was a woman bus driver and this young women was attacking her I’m sure she would have hit her too. When someone’s hitting you , you don’t always think straight.

    I won’t to know why the other transit worker didnt step in and get her off the bus?

    And she is not a young girl. She is 18 or 19 , she is a young woman a young adult. Meaning she needs to handle herself with more respect.

    But their both wrong and they will both face consequences .

  • bijoux

    Find it quite disturbing *shrugs). They were both wrong. But the bigger issue I see is the anger and hurt both individuals obviously are carrying around. That’s why I always say you gotta always be careful when you go out there. People ARE dealing with ish, and they are waiting for the slightest opportunity to snap. Girl obvs wasn’t in her right mind. Neither was old dude.

  • Smilez_920

    She is a young adult . 18/19 she has to take responsibilty for her own actions. No he shouldn’t have man handled her . But she was acting wild, you can’t tell me she was being civil . She got thrown off the bus and jumped back on to fight him again. Not saying he should have continued to fight her , but she was not helpless.

    These 18 and 19 yr olds are not kids they are young adults who need to understand there are consequences to their actions . If she was 16 or younger that’s a different story .

  • Trinasobad

    These were 2 people who had no self control. The argument should not have gone as far as it did. I’m there is protocol for the drivers in situations like this. No sympathy for either party. She got hit and he will lose his job. Side note: was anyone else amazed by how quickly she bounced back from the upper cut?

  • Yb

    What the hell is with some of these comments? Did black men find this article and flock to it. It’s like their living vicariously through this man and relishing in him hitting the teenage girl. It’s like they get a hard on from it. Jesus Christ some of these men are sick but will be the first to cry foul when people of all races bring up the black crime, assault, and rape stastics and demonize black men as subhuman violent creatures.

  • Kacey

    I haven’t read through all the comments but was anyone besides me disturbed by the guy in the orange vest not doing anything to try to defuse this situation? Here is a black man standing around watching an altercation between another grown black man and a young black girl and never once do I see him try to intervene! This is so typical of what I see of black men today.

    As many have already mentioned, the young girl was wrong for her conduct (including assaulting the bus driver) but the driver could have simply made a call to the police and they would have sent the nearest squad car to meet the bus and she would have been arrested, fined and even served jail (I don’t know about Cleveland, but in NYC assaulting a civil servant is a big deal). He did not have to (he should have NEVER) engaged with her verbally, and definitely not physically.

  • Smilez_920

    Easier said than done when the passenger is attacking you. Now if he hit her just because of words , I could understand. After she got man handled the first time ( which isn’t right) she jumped back on the bus to fight her again.

    Plus the cops aren’t a hop skip and a jump away. At some point he was going to have to retrain her from hitting him. Now he could have yelled for a passenger to call the police.

  • Mike

    Black women have a bad rep and this is it. Ladies say what you have to say and KEEP IT MOVING. Why prolong a disagreement and then get in someones personal space? You see this is what Nick Cannon was talking about when he said his wife remains a “LADY at all times”. Once you start dog cussing and swinging men lose respect for you. Even if you’re right!

  • Charle

    Maybe I’m not following you properly; I think this woman was completely out of line (and the bus driver even more so), but I fail to understand how her actions meant she “wanted to be treated like a man”. She was upset, and acted irresponsibly because of it, but at no point did she ever cease to be female.

  • Yb

    How do you know her age?

  • Patience

    I wouldn’t put it past them to be doing so.

  • Alexa

    Oh boy.

    I’m from Cleveland and use the transit system often. and I must say that the bus driver should have known better. For one, he was on a hood route and likely used to this sort of thing. Secondly, RTA instructs drivers on how to restrain passengers if a problem arises. I’ve seen many a driver repeatedly restrain and kick off a passenger (never seen one call police, however). They’re allowed to use brute force to a certain point since they’re also required to mind public safety.

    As a human he was probably already on a short fuse that day, I imagine.

    With all of that said, I don’t feel sorry for the teen, lol. My own sister got wholloped in the face by a guy once, and while I don’t think he should have done that I believe the learning experience may have saved her life. Her days of popping off at people and likely stepping to someone who doesn’t give a rats about beating you up or shooting you are over. Folks are too crazy to be trying to defend your pride and honor against some lame you just met five minutes ago.

  • Patience

    They were both wrong, but the bus driver even more so because he should have known better.

  • Kacey

    She was obviously wrong for her conduct BUT in what world is it ever OK for a man to hit a woman (a child!) like that? He had other remedies available to him (i.e. call the police and put the bus out of service until they got there and arrested her) instead he chose to lower himself to this type of behavior. He is no better than she is – worse, actually. He abandoned his manhood in that moment (but perhaps he never had it).

  • Toby

    Haha, she deserved that, let’s be honest.

  • African Mami

    She was PHAKKING stupid! Are you kidding me? You swing at another, and not expect somebody not to swing back. So because she is a woman we should defend her? PLEASE! That bus driver was also dead wrong for pummeling her like that, BUT if you gon swing, expect a swing back. IDJOT GHEL.

  • Patience

    I hate when we (women) are ALL painted as weak n comparison to a man.

  • Mike

    Not me. BS is BS. But aren’t you the one who yesterday tried to defend and give a pass to Nicki Minaj dog cussing and acting a fool? The same woman who it seems can’t get along with any black women and calls black women “Nappy Headed Hoes, Chimpanzees and Nigga Monkeys”. Come on now.

    Seems to me you think this type of language and behavior by black women is acceptable. I wonder why. Do you see yourself in Nicki and the girl on the bus?

  • Patience

    What was she being ignorant about?

  • apple

    i dont feel bad for her, she kept going at him instead of just getting off the bus,finding another bus or just shutting up and waiting for her stop.. but instead she kept going and going and got in his face and spit on him/hit him whatever.. the delay between her assaulting him and then the upper cut may not help his case though.. however under emotional distress he may have a chance..

  • Patience

    And why is it that if a girl or woman hits someone they are labeled as ‘acting like a man’? If a male teen in this situation had been acting the same way, it would have been more acceptable for him to commit battery against the bus driver? Would he have been ‘acting like a woman’ if he didn’t get into a fight?

  • Laugh

    I hesitated in watching this video because it just sounded like a horrible situation. I finally watch and it’s much worse than I could ever imagine. Then you have ignorant comments on here saying well she got treated like a man. I can’t believe our society has gotten this disgusting that people would condone that grown man punching that tiny girl like that! You disgust me.

  • Kacey

    Good point! There are a lot of people *on the edge* out here.

  • Patience

    Why the disclaimer that you are a ‘female’?

    *I don’t think it is stupid for a woman to fight a man. I think it is stupid for someone to fight someone else who is not their physical match.

  • Sweetles

    That was hard for me to watch. That child was disrespectful and out of line, that is clear. But it is still unsettling to see an adult man who is old enough to be her father, manhandle her that way. Although she did assault him, I wish he would have just thrown her off of the bus, shut the doors, and kept it moving. Unfortunately, they both learned a lesson. Also, SMH to all of the people on the bus who thought that exchange was funny.

    P.S We have got to do better with our kids…

  • Yb

    You little bitter black boy. Funny how you jump on my comment. A hit dog will holler.

    And you know darn well I did not defend Nicki Nor this girl on the bus from my comments. Your another example of how the public educational system fails and passes kids with teaching proper comprehension skills.

    I don’t see myself in this girl nor in Nicki but I know damn well you see yourself in that man and wish you were the one who assualted that girl.

  • Kacey

    Yes, and it is so sad!

    It seems that there are black men who are constantly lurking on this site, waiting anxiously for these types of articles to appear so that they can spew the hate they feel towards black women.

    Black men and women are like enemies today.

  • ChillyRoad


    This girls behaviour is far more sick than the comments being made on this site. Its sad that you are deflecting attention away from who actually caused this incident so that you can attack black men for reacting the way most human beings would have.

  • Reason

    I can’t believe society has gotten this disgusting that people lik ethat girl act that way.

  • Kacey

    I don’t know (or care) what kind of black women you are accustomed to, but the black women I know don’t behave this way.

    You know what? You (and all the other black men who troll this site) are no better than a racist redneck who sits in his double-wide trailer in the middle of bumf*ck America, with a huge chip on his shoulder – blaming all his inadequacies and troubles on black people. Except in your case, you are an inadequate black man, who probably hates his mother, who sits around and blames all your inadequacies and problems on other black women.

    You hate all black women, but will gladly accept (depend on!) the help of black women when you are in trouble. You know, like when the police are harassing you in the street for no reason and it’s black women who show up en mass to the townhall meetings to protest your treatment; or like when you actually do commit a crime and the only one there to bail you out or visit your sorry ass is some black woman who you will never repay and don’t even appreciate; or when your broke ass don’t have anywhere to go its a black woman who feeds, clothe and shelters you; or when you father a child that you don’t want to care for, its the black mother who has to do her part and your part too.

    Get off of this site!

  • the real paul

    This paul doesn’t speak for me.

    I think the driver was out of order. He should have simply refused to drive the bus any further while the girl was on board.

  • ChillyRoad


    I give public servants a wide berth. They have to deal with this type of crap all day long.

    This girl made it very clear with her speech and actions that she could take care of herself. She didnt need anyone while she was talking trash but when she got what was coming to her, now you want someone to come rescue the damsel in distress. She forfeited her right to protection. Women like her dont need protecting because they are the predators. The woman on the bus, minding her own business who is attacked, robbed, or fondled, is the one in need of protection. No man would cape for trash like that.

  • dee

    That’s what I’m saying. If this grown man was strong enough to punch her the way he did he was strong enough to remove her from the bus by just holding her hand behind her back and forcing her from the bus.

  • Mike


    Uneducated, little black boy? lol You’re truly confused. I’ve never hit a woman in my life. Although there have been times I’ve wanted to.lol Now how many times have you got into it with a woman & man. lol Yeah, I’ve got your number. Grow up. Stay out of a persons personal space. Say what you have to say and keepitmoving. Don’t prolong petty arguments.

    Your words: “I agree completely with this article. Mariah’s “oh save me from this mean black woman act is starting to annoy me.”

  • ChillyRoad


    She was a bully. I like when bullies get what they deserve.

  • Kacey

    “The woman on the bus, minding her own business who is attacked, robbed, or fondled, is the one in need of protection.”

    The problem is, the same black men who wouldn’t step up on the situation with this young girl, won’t step up in the above-quoted situation either! Black men are NOT protectors of black women. I can not stress this enough. A white man would sooner help a black woman than a black man would – I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

  • ChillyRoad

    I dont feel sorry for this girl because people like her have a pattern of bullying people. I have had many bullies in my life. I dont feel sorry for them.

  • ChillyRoad

    But she wasnt fighting anyone. She was assaulting someone. Thats the legal difference. This wasnt mutual combat. The man was put on the defensive by an illegal, offensive physical attack. Dont mince words because she is female and lost the match.

    If she were a young man, EVERYONE in here would be talking about how he deserved it.

  • ChillyRoad

    As a black woman, I have wanted to do that as well. These women are far more likely to act this way toward other women and some other women dont have the strength nor the inclination to react the way this man did.

  • the real paul



    my my you’d think that the most dangerous people in america are black workers in unskilled jobs -

    until we remind ourselves of suburban serial killers, pedos in the catho-lick church,

    psychos in the police, military and all levels of government right through to the top.

    What they got to be mad about that makes them rape, maim and kill people everywhere.


  • ChillyRoad

    But men dont act like this…animals act like this.

  • Lady P

    I cannot believe this grown man uppercut this young girl (a woman). He released a lot of his anger out on her. She was out of line, but an uppercut? Wondering if he would have hit a man or male teenagers like that. Leaning towards NO! The bus driver was tired of her mouth and had taken matters into his own hands. If it was a young man, he knows it would have been entirely worse that what it already was. Gracious…

  • elle

    Wow this is so similar to the Macdonald’s incident in NYC. Both of these people are wrong the bus driver even more so. However I’ve seen teens acting wild these days so it makes you wonder if we should sympathize with them. That said, these two should have channelled their anger better so that it wouldn’t come to this situation.

  • S.

    The world does not think “we ALL act like this” *eye roll*
    The world WANTS US to think that they think we all act like this

    Big difference

    Don’t give them the satisfaction by identifying with her


    Who exactly is defending the actions of this young girl? *waits*

    You sound like new low-standard Brotha that exists in mass these days. The type of weak Black men who want to go head-to-head with any woman who dares

    Don’t even hold yourself to high-guard enough to not engage in brawls with ghetto girls who will always be ghetto

  • http://www.facebook.com/lasaundra.watsonlegate Lasaundra Watson-Legate

    The driver was clearly provoked. You can’t insult, assault and in courage violence and then claim to be a “girl”. She may be a “girl”, but she is no lady and got what she deserved.

  • Shell

    she wanted to fight this man. she hit him and squared off edging him on. her ponytail on the other hand wanted no parts of it and choose to flee.

  • ?!?

    No. Many of the women commenting here seem to agree that she was in the wrong, but an uppercut? Choking? Really? That was excessive. He could have pushed her off the bus and closed the door. There’s no way I can sit and watch him manhandle her like that and think he couldn’t have used his strength to wrestle and hold her down. He could have held her down easily. He decided to whip out his WWE moves. I mean even a slap would have been not as bad as an uppercut.

    If it were a female bus driver, she wouldn’t have been able to inflict this much damage. It would have been a cat fight, and no one would have cared that much. A man beating up on a woman like that would be like a female bus driver beating up on a child or a weak elderly person, and I would be just as upset. A healthy woman can restrain a young child or a weak elderly person, so there is no need for excessive force.

    I understand that people don’t think straight, but if you can’t think straight enough to think that giving an uppercut to a teenager on the job is probably a bad idea, then that’s a problem.

  • Shell

    she hit him while he was driving and could of killed everyone on the bus or pedestrians on the street. but, according to some of these post it would be ok because she was an emotional child.
    this girl would not stop. she didn’t even stop when she almost got her head knocked off, and tossed off the bus. she jumped her dumb ass back on the bus and continued to try to fight.

    she got was she was asking for. a fight.

  • Lizzie

    I am in no way condoning violence however, she was very disrespectful. I have friends and family members who work in the line of public transportation and they go through a lot on daily basis. Maybe that was the last straw for him. He did go too far but from what I saw she initiated the fight but hitting him first. I also like how everyone’s yelling “She’s a girl” after he hit her but they weren’t saying anything when she was popping off at the mouth to her elder.

  • edub

    YES. I’ve seen this situation a few times on public transportation in Boston. The bus drivers just ignore it, no matter how irate the male/female is. They call the transit police and at the next stop the police are waiting there to escort his/her arse off the bus and off to jail.

  • http://gravatar.com/perspectiveofreal A Real Perspective

    Let’s be real, if he would’ve tried to remove her she would’ve still threw punches. I don’t know about Cleveland but in Minneapolis, the transit would’ve been on it.

    People are so vigilant against violence from men towards women, and just shrug at violence towards men from women. It’s unfortunate that she was so young. But that driver probably did something that her parent(s) should’ve been doing.

  • lol

    it’s just as stupid to fight somebody who you think is your physical match or smaller. never underestimate people. some carry knives, guns and some could beat you with their martial-art-trained hands and feet.

  • edub

    illegitimate chickens coming home to roost. I’d bet 500 dollars that this woman came from a fatherless home.

  • http://UrbanSoulFlower.Wordpress.com nicoleh73

    Was she rude and disrespectful? Of course, but his was of handling it was uncalled for. I’m from New York and I’ve seen drivers step off the bus, dispatch the police and a Union Rep. He could have shoved her off and then close the damn door. He reacted like someone who was triggered. He could have killed her. Now he’s out of a damn job. No one won at the end of the day.

  • http://gravatar.com/thereluctantsocialite thereluctantsocialite


    The bus driver was completely out of line, but like I always say, women need to stop trying to act like they are men. One day, you’re gonna pop off to the wrong dude that doesn’t care about being a gentleman and has had enough and boom! Situations like this happen…

    I’m so sick of this idea that its permissible for a woman to hit a man and he just has to man up and take it, but that if a man hits a woman, then he should have had more self control and he’s a terrible person. Neither situation is ok.

    Plus… the whole “men are bigger, so they need to chill” thing is played. If I punch a man in his nose, he would bleed just like he would if another dude did it. Maybe not as badly… but It would still hurt. It is still violence. It is still NOT okay.

    Everybody just needs to keep their damn hands to themselves.

  • http://gravatar.com/perspectiveofreal A Real Perspective

    imo it’s only “acting like a man” if she hits a man, If it was a young man he would’ve just been a “dumb ass ni**a”. If the driver didn’t fight he would’ve just been assaulted with a lawsuit on his hands. The girl would’ve been locked up

  • Just a thought

    THANK YOU, finally someone who can clearly see the right thing to do. We can talk all day about what she was doing wrong. bottom line he is the authority figure all he had to do was call the RTA police…. He was just as wrong because he told the young girl he would bring / call someone to fight her. I feel sorry that our youth have gotten to a place where they disrespect their elders; I feel worse knowing adults have forgotten how to be an example.

  • http://gravatar.com/perspectiveofreal A Real Perspective

    Shout out to “IDJOT GHEL”! haha

  • Pingback: Video: Hooligans to take fighting lessons from bus driver – HOOLIGANS SOCCER

  • Zaza

    What he did was wrong , he should have stopped the bus and called the police if he felt she attacked him first. I’m sorry to admit it but no, I felt little sympathy for her. Watching her holler and stamp around brought back memories of the groups of black girls in high school that would take pleasure in intimidating people by shouting and throwing their weight around…

    There are too many angry young black girls stomping around with this nasty, rap bravado attitude. Went to the shop with my mother (in England) yesterday, and there was a group of young black girls probably around 14/15 yrs and about 5 of them. They could see me and my mother were coming up the shopping aisle and refused to move, blocking the whole path. I refused to be intimidated by these children so walked past them (not touching). After we moved through they started calling names and yapping like a bunch of wild animals trying to prove something. Such is their grasp of english language however that I did understand what they were even saying, jsut that it was nasty and directed at me and my 60yr old mother for daring to not be intimidated by them.

    Girls like these are a bunch of weak ifollowers, following one or two serious bullies that control the rest of the group. I don’t wish for what that bus driver did, to happen to them, but these types of kids need to kind of lesson, or to meet a bigger bully than them, because that’s the only way some people learn/respond= to equal or extra force.

    Sitting thse types of girls through some anti-bullying/anger management workshop will do nothing, they’ll just laugh their way through it . Sometimes people could do with a lesson that don’t go throwing your weight around for no reason, because someone might throw it back at you.

    Again, the bus driver should not have retaliated, but does anyone think that girl’s going to be showing off, trying to make a fool out of bus drivers,intimidating strangers on public transport anymore?, no I don’t think so.Harsh lesson, but a lesson.

  • Laugh

    Did you listen to how he was talking to her? He said someone needs to slice her face up! Even when police are being spit on and abused they can’t act out in this way, no one in ANY job in this country can!

    I hope he gets charged with attempted murder. He is a pig and does not need to be anywhere near public service. All he had to do was pull over and call the authorities and have her arrested. The monster that he is chose to punch and choke a girl who is about 120lbs to his 250-300lb self. Can’t wait to see him behind bars.

  • Patience

    You’re back, KIR (Keeping It Real).

  • James

    Mr. Bus Driver Man for President!!! She was no lady. Not even close. She was a punk as bitch who got the smack down she deserved.

  • Zaza

    Moral of the story….

    ‘The next person you try to bully, might be a bigger bully than you.’

  • Ms. Information

    I meant exactly what I said..no retraction here….most people actually believe exactly what they see on television and on the internet…

  • hmmmmm


    I really wish I felt sorry for this young woman but I have a problem with anyone touching anyone else unprovoked. Reminds me of the women who were convinced their girl power made them tough enough to attack a man at a McDonalds.

    It’s 2012 and it’s time for us all to get on the right side of things and stop abusing
    out-dated privileges and codes of conduct. All of us.

    With that said: If I ever have daughters I will teach them to confront anything that seems counter their progress and to be willing to fight for that. AND I will also teach them that it is part of their human duty to keep their hands off men because they can not win and can get hurt, and as a result create a bigger issue for the men they care about.

  • apple

    and all she had to do was walk away, or sit down or not hit him..she could have caused a serious wreck killing people on the street or in cars. nobody told her to go hit him

  • apple

    woops my reply was @laugh

  • apple

    i didn’t say he was! i’m just saying that IN THE COURT OF LAW, the jury/lawyers may see that delay as a chance for her to get off and him to be guilty , but since he is under emotional distress maybe not,this could go either way.. read again!

  • Ms. Information

    It’s very interesting that women want equality in so many areas…yet when you challenge a man you call “but I’m a woman”…if this woman did this to an elderly black woman, we would be tearing her apart verbally…but she does this to a man and somehow it is becoming excusable…I don’t excuse violence from either party BUT the chicken came first in this situation….I don’t have sympathy for her…she is what is used for youtube and worldstarhiphop fodder.

  • hmmmmm

    ” For one, he was on a hood route and likely used to this sort of thing. ”

    So women who live in the hood should expect to get harassed and just keep it moving, right? if not what is the difference?

  • Laugh

    Yes, that is all she had to do. But to literally try to kill this girl like you are an animal with no brain or knowing of right and wrong is the bigger problem here! He punched this girl with all his might and choked her! A girl who is not even half his size! He could have EASILY restrained this teenager. This is a “man” who is at work and look how he responded! This was unnecessary and I hope he spends a lifetime in jail.

  • omfg

    they were both out of line. BUT, as the person in a position of authority, he needed to have restrained himself waaayyy better than he did.

    he deserves to be out of a job.

    he should also watch his back. if she has brothers or a father, his ass might be grass for real.

  • omfg

    chillyroad, you are truly disgusting.

    in general, striking another person should always be avoided. doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman.

    it’s really not about whether she was ladylike or not…

    this is called decency and evidently you don’t have any.

    i would hate to be your woman in an argument. you’d smack the ish out of me if i ‘got out of line’ i’m sure.

  • b

    The female passenger was identified as Shidea N. Lane, 25.


  • Mia

    Seems to me that this loud obnoxios teenage out of control and rainchy girl…got what she was asking for. Soo disrespectful.
    Simple as that. I mean how can I have simpathy for her acting like that. What ever happen to girls acting with some couf and class? The bus driver seemed to be in a loose loose situation and lost control. Now he gone be out of a job over some teenager who clearly has no home training. Rediculousness everywhere I turn.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Clutch you might want to update because other sites comfirmed that this young lady is 25 years old not a teen. Though I do think the bus driver was wrong I can’t drum up that much sympathy for her. I personally hate when some women use the excuse “but I am a woman” when a man hits them back. Being a woman doesn’t give you free reign to hit a man nor does being a man means you are supposed to take mistreatment. Violence goes both ways! She shouldn’t hit or spite on him, and he should have called the police. But I understand that many bus drivers put up their fair share of abuse and ill treatment, it is a very stressful job especially when passengers think they walk over you. Sorry she just ran across the “wrong one” to many people walk around thinking they are big and bad and can do whatever to whoever well…she met Mr. Whoever

  • omfg

    @ ms. information
    it is not that her actions are inexcusable. i would actually take the gender component out of it an focus on his job and position and who she is.

    she is a minor. yep, despite her dumb mouth, she is considered a child.

    he on ther other hand, is grown and at work. not only that, he seems to be working on the taxpayer dollar.

    as the adult (not as the man) who is mature and restrained, he needs to take the higher road and figure out a way to diffuse (or remove himself from) this situation to the best of his ability.

    he is the authority figure. she is not. period.

    some of us still believe in living in a civilized society. this is not how adults behave in a civilized society.

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    Updating now :) Thanks sweetie!

  • omfg

    why does clutch repeatedly post my reply comments at the end of the thread rather than where they belong?

  • Ms. Information

    @ omfg….She is 25…does that change anything?

  • Ms. Information

    My dad would walk away…women need to stop assuming that all men will react like the men that they love and know.

  • Sweetles

    The updated version says that the bus driver is 22, yet he claims to have grandchildren. If her age is really 25, it sort of changes the situation. Because she hit him first, he could actually press charges. I know a few women who have spent a night in jail because of a domestic violence situation where they threw the first punch.

  • Patience

    You all keep saying that you don’t feel sorry for her, and neither do I, but one doesn’t need to feel sorry to see that the bus driver escalated the situation and probably felt as if he was ‘putting a little Black *itch in her place’.

  • Nikki

    This “teen girl” is actually twenty five years old. And yes, she deserved it. Maybe I’m in the minority, but we women cannot play the dang victim all the time. In a seperate article, I read that she spit on him first. Yes, spitting is an ASSAULT. If you’re acting like a man, expected to get treated like a man. Women need to act like ladies in order to get respect instead of like thugs. Being loud and obnoxious wont make a man respect you or treat you fairly.


    THe bus driver is 59 years old, per the incident report.

  • Meeee

    FYI, its been reported that the woman is 25 yrs old, so she is definitely a GROWN WOMAN that should know how to control herself. I don’t condone violence against women, but you cant just go around laying your hands on people and not expect to get hit back. Unfortunately this man who has worked for that company 22 years will lose his job because of a grown woman that doesn’t know how to control herself. While is was a little excessive, she she didn’t take it there she wouldn’t have gotten knocked upside her head.

  • Sweetles

    I misread that, thank you.

  • Patience

    I didn’t say she was fighting anyone. I was speaking in general in reference to this comment “SHE IS STUPID FOR TRYING TO FIGHT A MAN.”

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    Hi omfg :)

    We have no control on where the comments post. You have to click reply under the comment you want to reply to – it should automatically go under that comment.


  • Patience

    Please, someone do tell how this woman’s behavior was her ‘acting like a man’? Why is it only okay for boys and men to be aggressive?

  • Patience

    He’s not losing his job because the woman couldn’t control herself. He is losing his job because HE couldn’t control HIMSELF! He escalated the situation when he stopped the bus and took off his seat belt to uppercut the woman.

  • bre

    She’s not a child she’s 25, It looked as though the bus was moving when she hit him as well, so If the bus was moving she put him and everyone else in danger of a big accident, She’s an adult in no world is it okay to disrespect your elders at all she gave the first punch and he defended himself, I shed no tear for her she should have kept her hands to herself, and the fact that everyone on the bus is yelling, “she’s a girl” she hit him! and she was still threatening him don’t feel bad because she got hit back, are you kidding me? I don’t condone violence between a male and female but don’t hit a man if you don’t want to fight one then get mad because he did.

  • https://twitter.com/TheKMichel K. Michel

    “Please, someone do tell how this woman’s behavior was her ‘acting like a man’? Why is it only okay for boys and men to be aggressive?”

    She wasn’t being aggressive, she was being dangerous.

    To answer your question, she “acted like a man” when she decided to hit one (with the intent of injury). At least, that’s how the expression goes and is generally understood.

    Personally, I think it’s a sign of the times. Gender roles are flying out of the window and all kinds of people are seeing what they can get away with.

  • Wanye

    NO, She physically attacked him first, by hitting and spitting on him. If a 25 yo woman at work hits and spits on me, imma treat her like a man too. Boomshakalaka for real.

  • victoria

    Patience, I think you asking the question may be a problem.

    In this case, acting like a man meant being confrontational with a man – provoking a fight with a man.

    She should have behaved LIKE A LADY. Meaning, not cursing and provoking a fight.

    Yes, there are societal and biological differences between men and women. In this case, it appears no one raised her to know the difference.

  • Mike

    All of that and they didn’t file charges against each other? LMAO

  • victoria

    Like teachers, Im assuming bus drivers cannot use force to remove someone off of the bus. Im sure for their safety, they are trained to call the police.

    With that being said, it is 2012…people better realize that placing your hands on others can be a death wish. People have been hurt worse than this girl for doing and saying less.

    Let’s raise our kids to stop disrespecting public workers, to stop running crazy in our neighborhoods, to behave like civilized human beings and display manners.

    At 25 yrs old, she is still a reflection of her parents. Or shall I say parent.

  • Do better

    in courage…wow

  • Patience


    I think Toni M’s response to this incident is worthy of being read.

  • LMO85

    And how pray tell, is confronting someone or even putting hands on them automatically equivalent to “being a man?” That is ignorant and makes no sense. He has a right to defend himself but he had no business as a supposed grown ass “man” and supposed professional, to even lower himself to the level of engaging in a fight with a passenger, no matter who it was or how trifling she was acting, he damn sure didn’t have to hit her like that regardless. By the looks of some of these weak ass comments- there is large number boys who don’t even know the meaning of being what a man is and they damn sure don’t know one when they see one.

  • Do better

    Ew you are disgusting. Hope you never breed filth.

  • victoria


    Truth is, in 2012, many men will smack the ish out of you if you hit them first. I do believe that a man shouldnt hit a woman, but unfortunately, thinks are no longer that way. And personally, I believe we (society) bought this upon ourselves. We accept any and everything now and days. And now we are paying the price.

  • Sweetles

    @A Real Perspective

    I don’t know what the protocol is when a bus driver is being harassed, but I can assure you that engaging in an altercation is nowhere in the books. But this is the part of your comment that bothers me:

    “People are so vigilant against violence from men towards women, and just shrug at violence towards men from women”

    I can agree with you that sometimes violence towards men often times, is seen as less severe than if it were the other way around, and that is not right. But part of the reason that people are more “vigilant” against violence from men towards women is because of the obvious difference in strength. Men have a degree of strength over women (in most cases), so how is it appropriate that this man punched her and manhandled her the way he did? He was much larger, and obviously much stronger. And no, she was not acting like a man by challenging a man, she was acting like an ignorant, disgusting, and immature girl. If an elderly lady slapped my face, I would not be justified in beating her to a pulp. The truth of the matter is, most people aren’t claiming that this young lady is innocent, but the behavior exhibited by this man is jarring and upsetting. The comments of people who fully support him are just as disconcerting. To advocate violence toward individuals who are clearly weaker is troubling. This young lady definitely learned a lesson, but I think this man, who had a lot to lose learned a bigger one.

  • DB

    Youre stupid. I hope he does breed and i hope the next time you think a woman can hit, spit, and verbally abuse a man that someone uppercuts the shit oit of you.

  • edub

    Thanks for posting this. I’m torn. On one hand, you get back what you give out, but I was really struck by the question posed by one of the commentators:

    “I wonder if the bus driver would have reacted similarly had this been a loud, aggressive non-black woman or girl?”

    That’s the million dollar question.

    They were BOTH in the wrong, but the bus driver was really, really, really, extra with that uppercut. I was very uncomfortable when I saw him punch her like that. I was also very uncomfortable by the lack of action of all the other people on that bus. And, I was really uncomfortable by the actions of this woman because unfair as it is, THIS is the image of black women around the world–regardless of pedigree.

    However, as black women, we have known–since a very young age–that life is not fair, that we are rarely given the benefit of the doubt or a second thought. It really boggles my mind why we continue to make bad decision after bad decision after bad decision. Why do we continue to make it all the more easy for those who already hate us, to justify or even express that hate? I’m not victim blaming here–because in the instance there are NO victims.

  • Smilez_920


    I’m not saying he was right. But every body keeps saying how calm they would be and how they would just all the police and they would magically show up. When most of us get spit on or hit we act with emotion. Yes you have to think on your job, but I can she was his reaction came from as far as hiring her back. Yes he over did it. But when you feel threaten as a human being you either fight or flight he choose to fight just like she did.

    No he shouldn’t have beat her like he did. But he would have had to literally throw her off the bus for her to stop Tryin to fight him. She also put the lives of others in danger. In NY the transit ppl can use physical force to throw you off the bus if you are endangering others. ( no not an upper cut and wee wrestling moves).

    And if it was a female bus driver and she fought like that man. I know females who can hold their own like that. She would still be facing the same consequences for not following the correct procedures.

    This 25 yr old women was out of line. This bus driver wasn’t being professional. They are both equally wrong and will both face consequences for their actions as they should.

    As a woman I only put my hands ( or a weapon if needed ) on a man if he is trying to harm me and started the situation. Unfortunately she had to learn her lesson the hard way.

  • Eric

    @Kacey She is 25 years old. And if the genders were reversed and HE WAS a teenage child (16), your opinion would be he deserved it.

    Some women are total hypocrites in a near egalitarian society

  • lol

    i heart almost every comment you make and i feel where you’re coming from.

  • Patience

    It is the million dollar question and the reactions here and elsewhere would be totally different.

  • wisewon

    I don’t care what happened. The bus driver is a uncle Tom punk. Why didn’t he just call the cops and press charges. I’m a woman and that’s what I would’ve done. That wuss wouldn’t have hit a white woman like that.

  • wisewon

    Yes this girl was as wrong as she could be, but he will be losing his job because of his OWN actions. I don’t feel sorry for him. He was old enough to know better. He should’ve have just let the cops handle it.

  • wisewon

    You are so right. Attentive murder is a bit much but he should be fired and he deserves prison time. When black men get violent with cops and get their behinds beat they call Al Sharpton. That girl wasn’t right and this man is just wrong. IDK why your comment got such low ratings.

  • http://gravatar.com/ brian

    Correction…#1 she was not a teenager, she was a 25 yr old woman.

  • Eric


    I just blew my load just thinking about it

  • Eric

    @Edub I didn’t read the BWE version commentary but I will try to answer the question.

    “I wonder if the bus driver would have reacted similarly had this been a loud, aggressive non-black woman or girl?”

    1. Pull up any videos & stories, accounts of NON-BW challenging Black Men. I will be pleasantly surprised if you can find anything in a tiny crevice of the Internet. Non-BW know better not to test BM for the most part. The most they will do is call another man on the scene.

    2. But to give you the answer you was looking for. Black men would most likely give a non-BW a pass for things we would NEVER allow BW to get away with. I know I am guilty of this. Non-BW are not my natural mates so I don’t necessarily have a standard for them.

    And for me, Non-BW are a great Ace In The Hole if BW decide they don’t want to address their issues & not distance themselves from the ratchet BW (could be educated, middle class, etc.)

    Real talk.

  • Eric

    @WiseWon Because WW for the most part are “in pocket” when they are with BM. They know better

  • Kacey

    @DB – You are a poor excuse for a human being. I hope no one ever deals this type of “justice” to you, because you certainly seem like the type who will eventually end-up in a very unfortunate situation.

  • Kacey

    The truth is, you are probably undesirable for any woman, of any race.

  • Keepitreal

    No, she acted like a rabid animal and was treated in kind.

  • Alexa

    Lol, where did I say women on his route should expect to be harassed?

    Re-read what I said.

  • beks

    why do we all think she was acting like a man? It doesn’t make sense…because she was talking back? yelling? how are those things manly??

  • Michael

    That girl got what she deserved. No one should put there hands in anyone. Male or female. If you are big and bad enough to swing on another human being regardless of sex, then you should expect the same in return. Period. America was not built on turning the other cheek. violence induce violence retards

  • lol

    how classy of you to let us know

  • Jacob

    Why does the race card come into play in this black on black crime. Somehow you are trying to turn this into a race issue it’s not dumb ass. I don’t agree with what he did but what the hell does that have to do with white people. By the way look at the fight between Roger Huerta UFC fighter vs a black guy that DID HIT A WHITE WOMAN. So no one is above stupidity.

  • Jacob

    It’s not an issue of what black women do its an issue of what trashy people do. And yes the answer is he would have hit a white woman if one threatened him in that way. Race is not an issue at all CLASS IS! There are white trash women that make as bad if not worse decisions all the time. It makes me sick to think that there are people out there that think it would have been different if she was white no it wouldn’t. We as black people have progressed so far, it’s thoughts like this that set us back to the segregation times. We are just segregating ourselves on how we think people view us. There issues that society has against black people but pointing out how we are viewed by others just drives racism further into others hearts.

  • sandrasanders

    Watch the video that runs for 3min 59 sec and you will see he put his passengers safety at risk entertaining and provoking her to hit him so he could crash the bus. He had enough time to avoid the situation, he even said he put his job on his reaction of punching her. With all that being said there are no winners…..Driver=no job,Woman=beat like a man and Company=lawsuit…………

  • Kacey

    @LM085: Their definition of manhood is obviously: One who succumbs to his basest animal instincts – abandoning all reason and thousands of years of civilization – to satisfy an overwhelming urge to put the female member of the species promptly back in her place!

  • AH

    I don’t understand why people have to turn it into more than what it was, stop with the what ifs because that’s not what happened!! Maybe if she had some manners and knew how to act in public she wouldn’t be picking her jaw up off the ground!! She’s a grown woman, and as a woman I don’t condone a man hitting a woman, but hitting a ratchet bitch is totally different. People are saying the driver put everyone in danger, but wasn’t she the one who spit on, hit him, and grabbed the STEERING WHEEL?? So yea, I don’t feel bad for that asshole at all!!

  • ChillyRoad


    “Black men are NOT protectors of black women. ”

    And you have women like the one in the video to thank for that.

  • ChillyRoad


    I thought black women’s thug loving was a myth but you confirmed it is true in your last paragraph. Funny how black women have all the love, money, energy, and space on her cough for black men “in trouble” i.e. dusty dudes, but a black man driving a bus for 20 years who only wants to go home and have a beer and watch the game gets all kinds of nasty lip from black women.

    Is this the socalled loyalty I keep hearing black women have for black men? You show a lot of loyalty to the thugs but a regular black man just trying to live his life gets the neck rolling, attitude and violence. Then when these thugs black women bailed out of jail, went to see in jail, allow to lay up on her couch, revert to type and bust you in your head, you want all those other black men to come and protect you. Really?

    Next time, buy some text books for a black man or finance a study abroad trip to study in PAris or London instead of putting money on dudes books.

    Lastly dont ask decent hard working law abiding black men to kiss your behind because you bailed Pookie and Ray-Ray out of jail.

  • wisewon

    A white woman could’ve spit at him and called him the n word. He wouldn’t have done all of that. That bus driver went too far.

  • wisewon

    Oh please. She may have been loud obnoxious and disrespectful but she wasn’t acting like a man, she acted like a 5 year old crack baby. Besides only a gay man would behave like that. The bus driver is a PUNK.

  • tig

    She is 25, not a teenager.

  • apple

    and she had enough time to walk away or change buses.. she didn’t have to go hit/spit on him

  • little

    I feel that the bus driver was out of line, because he was the authority in charge on the bus. He should have called the police instead of taking matters in his own hands. Now he have plenty of time to think, because he’s unemployed and is going to jail. 22 yrs of his life career gone down the drain. I drive for a living also, but I would never put my job in jeopardy you have to think before you react. To hit a woman in that manner tells you the kind of man he is (coward). They were both jawing back and forth at eachother and being disrespectful, but he have the most to loose. He gnna loose his job, retirement and life cuz he’s going to prison, weather she press charges or not the State is going to go to prison. You really can’t see the whole thing of what she did, but you can clearly see what he did, but you can hear both of them so both of them was wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/gennatay Gennatay (@gennatay)
  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    saw this comment on fb and thought it was interesting:

    “I also think it is important to ask the question about whether the violence would have been more justified if the bus driver had hit a man? Is violence between men (or between women) (and OK, to satisfy the anti-absolutists here, I will say except in cases of very clear self-defense) justifiable?

    I think that violence is not justifiable (on individual, national or global scales), regardless of provocation.

    It is still worth talking about violence against women separately from violence in general because there is so much male-on-female violence, and because it is part of a system – but NOT because women are ‘weaker,’ or that it isn’t ‘gentlemanly’ to hit a woman, etc.

    Yet isn’t it interesting that as a society we are at the point where we are able to talk about violence against women as a problem, and a structural, patriarchal problem, but we rarely will talk about how the violent behavior of men (towards women, towards other men, as leaders of nations, etc) is also structured by patriarchy – and that it is a problem”.

  • Kacey

    @ChillyRoad: Everytime I see something you write, I just laugh – because you’re a joke.

    Trust, I am no thug. But from the tone of your writings, anyone can clearly see how ignorant and self-hating you are. Please seek help for all your failings.

    And for the record, I don’t deal with black men (at least, not black American men).

    That is ALL I have to say to you. Knock yourself out with your hateful, venomous comments!

  • Pseudonym

    She’s not a teen. She’s a 25 year-old woman.

  • Chillyroad


    I deal with black men all the time. The type of black men who are posting pictures of their weddinds or graduation on facebook. Thats why Im proud to.say. I deal with black men. They dont have me protesting their.arrest on t.v. Or laying on my couch. When Im in need they.are there but I dont abuse their protection. I dont put myself in a positiion risking my life and their life. I fulfil my end of the bargain by carrying myself like a woman they can protect but dont.have to.cuz I make wise.choices.

  • SMH

    Lmao @Yb

    What do black men have to do with this, you mentally retarded fatherless troll.

  • http://aol booker harp

    mess with a bull, then deal with the horns

  • leelah

    This man got fired. After 22 years on the job, he lost his job over this. Now he has to interview for a new job with a youtube video of him punching a woman following him around. I know he wish he didn’t loose his cool that day.

  • Eric


    Suspended, not fired. Show us a link

  • http://www.facebook.com/X23sexy Wong Chia Chi

    People should not talk crazy to anyone, much less put their hands on someone and expect nothing bad to happen to them.

    Cosign every comment here. Many times I wanted to beat the breaks out of someone at my job. Maybe God has a plan for this poor man. He reacted the way anybody could have. Lord knows if that was me she’d have some broken bones.

    This guy and the guy at Mcdonald’s that beat the breaks off of that chick that came after him at the counter. I feel no sympathy for these women. I hate bullies that act like victims when they end up getting their asses whooped.

    And yes, women do this alot and I say this as a female. Men are ready to fight if they talk smack, but girls always want to be on that “but I’m a girl!”

    Some fat ugly ghetto bitch got in my face. Why? No reason. I did nothing to her. She was just jealous of the fact that I had a good looking man and looked better than her.

    She was really confident that she could get in my face and I wouldn’t do anything because she was pregnant.

    She put her hands on my and I beat her ass(above the waist). Blacked eye, I always go for the eyes first, broke nose, knocked out teeth. When the cops came, she called them for a fight that SHE started. She was like” She hit me and I’m pregnant.”

    The cops were like, well why did you hit her?

    The cops took my side and told her if she wanted to press charges she could, but the whole fight was on video and they knew she hit me, was talking shit to me first.

    Of course she cried and tried to play the victim, but after that I never heard a word form her again. I passed her on the street each day after that looking her dead in the eye expecting her to talk shit. She would avoid me or look away. No charges or nothing.

    She was smoking drinking and doing drugs while pregnant, already was on probation. She didn’t even ask to go to the hospital because they check for those things, and she would have been in deep shit, child endangerment, even if she did bring charges.

    I really I did not care if I caught a case, and I’m normally NEVER like that. I’m sorry to her unborn child, it’s not the child’s fault the mother is a ghetto bitch that got out of pocket. But sometimes….you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • D. Olds

    I am truely suprised that in all you just said you had the galls to mention GOD

  • D. Olds

    I feel that the respect that people have toward one anothe has fallen. Our youth, and yes I say OUR, do not have respect for the elders because they are not being taught at home, nor are we demanding respect from them. They have even less respect for themselves. To speak to someone in that manner and then desire to have someone love you as a person is insane. The things that you put out will be the same things that you receive. Our young people need to better themselves to expect better from others. We need to be mindful of what we are condonnig today, because these things that are spoken out of our mouth are spirits and they bring life (things to existence). We should not want our sons/daugthers marrying anyone who treats them the way these two people treated each other. Fathers, teach your sons that the wife he has chosen is his GOOD THING please treat her as such. She is his treasure even in the mist of arguing. Show your daugthers (by example) that their husbands should show love ONLY by thought, positive words and deeds. Not by laying on of the hands. Mothers, show your daugthers that a husband deserves to be respected and that they are a aprt of him, be his GOOD THING. Teach your sons how a wife wishes to be loved by her husband. The next generation needs to get betterin all things and that will not happen until we as ADULTS change the way we think.

    Be Blessed in the Lord,
    D. Olds

  • Yevi

    “In this case, acting like a man meant being confrontational with a man – provoking a fight with a man.”

    So if a woman were to confront her husband for something he did would that be “acting like a man”?

  • Xiantoni

    LOL …. Well she is 25 years old.. and he is 60 so he is considered a senior citizen… So she is possibly looking at Elder assault which is a federal crime… also assault on an city worker which is illegal as well…
    Look I hear all this ” He could have restrained her ” blah blah blah.. If this were the 1950′s i would say ok yes… but we are dealing with babies having babies… no one spanks their kids anymore.. no one allows others to correct their child in error… no child respects adults anymore ( and I know you all do not fit this mold I am just making a point) .. and a lot of teenagers are on trail as ADULTS for murder over arguments as silly as this… the bottom line is… she was on the bus with no money… if she was a real women she could have gotten that ride for free with some smooth talking and classy acting.. but oh no… she had to spit on and hit the driver (which she in fact admitted in an interview ) she also called him a bitch and threaten to beat up his mother … This women was behaving like she had been raised by a pack of wolves… The fact that the man was old enough to be her Grandfather and she treated him like that was beyond me… and everyone on the bus laughed when he was begin assault then they want to get scared when he hits her… Do I think I would have tried to restrain her if i were a man YES !!! But it is his decision on how much blows he was willing to take in order to do that .. since no one on the bus came to his aid… he would have at least had to take a couple to the head in order to calm her… she would not have gone calmly.. and i just do not feel comfortable telling a 60 year old man to take a few hits to the face and head to control and irate woman… you was on the bus illegal anyway because she had not paid…
    BTW : The uppercut looked alot worst than it was… She got back up and hit him about 2 more times… then he threw her off and she still came back on
    Keep your hands to yourself.. and respect your elders

  • Xiantoni

    Actually 18 and 19 are teens and they are adults by the law…. and they also can vote and marry and so on and so forth … ADULTS oh and she was 25 not 18

  • Ian morris

    I an a bus drober in the state of Connecticut. As a bus bus drive of the public we are taught to handle a population what is often intoxicated, high, and just ummanerly and disrespectful. We take pride in out work and care of all passengers is up most. They were many regulations which had they been fellowed would have prevented this most unnprofessional incedent. The bus should never been moving with any passengers in font of the yellow line. This driver allowed two persons to stand infront the yellow line while the bus was in motion. A clear violation of DOT regulation for which he could lose his licence. By carring on a conversation of this nature the was operating while distracted. strike two. The triking of the lady, which occured after he was heard to have insulted many times,was clearly in retaliation nor selfdefence may be reason for law sueOne must imagine how many times this drive has exhibited gross un professionalism in the course of his duties. A bus driver duty is to maintain control and be courteous to all his passengers. Obviously he fell way short. The young lady has ample grounds to sue. .

  • zelda

    “It’s because even the BW who don’t fit the description defend the BW who DO”

    so you missed the fact that the majority of the comments (most of which were made by women)said it was her fault, she instigated it , etc and decided to judge by the very few that were defending this woman?

    you black men aren’t worth it.

  • http://gravatar.com/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Oh, you as a woman know what it is to be a man? Please enlighten us men as to what that is, and than give your self an F for not having a clue but having the audacity to presume you know. No man or woman has to tolerate a physical assault from anyone regardless of their station. And if a woman think she is exempt from this rule she is a fool. And as a man walking away is optional, not a noble act, you get no extra points for walking away or fighting, what you get is understanding that you took action when provoked one way or the other. Leave the definition of men to men.

  • Mitt_Romen_Noodles

    Total lack of self control by a Grandfather in our community. That little cat slap that she hit him with could have been deaded with stabbilng the breaks and sending that hood rat sliding under the bus console.
    …that said, the old man’s form was spectacular once he climb out of the captain’s chair..
    Notice the head and shoulder faint, the drop step, and foot plant that flows in the Larry Holmes style uppercut- that sends Shatika’s hands flying out of her pockets and into a public transit backfip.
    And his hat stayed on for the entire round….M. Bison like Swag.

  • LMO85

    Repeating this link again (shout out to Patience) for the i d i o t s who cannot comprehend the words written in this comment (nod to tonton) http://www.gradientlair.com/post/33510067174/uppercut-video

  • LMO85

    @Kacey–yes, I didn’t realize that acting like a depraved maniac as well as a violent, aggressive asshole was gender specific and actually defined so-called “manhood.”

  • LMO85

    @Kacey- Yes I didn’t realize that acting like a depraved maniac and violent, aggressive arse whole was gender specific and actually defined so-called “manhood.”

  • lise

    *Shes a dirty, untamed animal*-You are not a man or a human being.

    I always wondered after c-rap music and hip hop *culture* what next black men would be allowed to get away with re Black women and I am seeing it here, live and in living color(the public escalation of violence against black women and everyone laughing, agreeing with and enjoying it) and with the full support of BLACK WOMEN and men. All of you black females agreeing with this will choke on your words and your daughters definitely will also.

  • Sarah

    Good for you!

  • Spank

    she got what she deserved… If you watch the FULL VIDEO and not just the 45 second clip, you can see that she continued to hit and or try to hit the bus driver while the bus was in motion. She came on the bus with no money, the driver paid her fare and yet she continues to be belligerent . Sure, that might of been a tad bit excessive, but being spit on is assault and she could have made him crash the bus and injure many people..so she got what she deserved!

  • bbrowns

    not mad at you at all. i agree, a lot of people want to pop off at the mouth, go off with the hands and don’t think there will be repercussions. i say keep your hands to yourself because you never know how crazy that next person is.

  • Lesa Hall

    The aggressive female happens to be 25 years of age, not a child. She should have had more respect for herself and everyone else on that bus. I don’t promote violence; however, I do promote self defense. I am a woman, and I do not believe it’s ok for us females to physically harm a man, unless he is attempting to harm us, our children, or loved ones. For some reason the judicial system here in our country pretty much so promote to women that,” it’s ok for us to strike a man, and he had better not strike back”. That is unfair to men. Just as men are expected to be the bigger person women should have that same standard…STOP THE VIOLENCE!

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    First off… men you’re probably not going to get much love in this site. But that’s the nature of the beast. Guys, this is more for you than for anyone else. Anyone else’s thoughts be damned. Listen to this bruhs… listen with your mind and your heart.

    My initial response was that his reaction was not warranted at all. While I understand his anger at her striking him first, I do not understand his lack of self-control. She’s a teenager, he’s a grown man. His best out would have been to call the police immediately.
    This was before I knew more of her story and before I read the actual police report. Now that I have far more insight into the situation my position remains the same.
    Here is the actual Police Report:
    If you read it along with the handwritten eye witness testimony given by at least 5 people on the bus you will see that it is VERY damaging towards the young woman.

    So in saying that… I know what I would have done. I would have run. That’s right, run. I’m 6’4″ and about 265lbs or so and have no fear of physical harm from this young woman but would have run my black ass ALL the way OFF the bus the minute I was attacked. If I saw her coming off the bus to continue to attack me I would have run “DOWN THE BLOCK”. She would have had to catch me at the next bus stop, which I doubt she was prepared to do. Yeah I would have been clowned the next day at work, yeah I would have had to hear the jokes about Usain Bolt the next day at work, yeah I would have even probably clowned myself the next day at work by doing the ‘Running Man’ dance or some shit BUT the operative words are ‘THE NEXT DAY AT WORK’. Now he has no next day at work as he is currently suspended.

    As an aside, I SERIOUSLY doubt that he will lose his job behind this for a few reasons:

    1. He’s a member of a City Transportation Workers Union. If you know nothing about unions at the very least you need to know that they are INCREDIBLY strong.
    2. He’s been on the job and thus in the Union for 22 years.
    3. She spat on him which initiated the assault and spitting on a City Bus Driver is the exact same as spitting on a police officer or a fireman. It’s assault and not just regular assault but felony assault.
    4. She choked him and then punched him also initiating the physical contact. Both of which are also criminal offenses… FELONY criminal offenses.
    5. She did these things while the bus was actually in gear. This is important because she can easily be charged with intent to commit hijacking and probably will be.

    Simply put there are a LOT of things in his favor including the police report that make his chances of NOT being fired favorable. Now he may never drive another bus in his life and may be sitting behind a desk until he retires but… it’s HIGHLY unlikely that he will be fired.

    The reasons that I would have run are these.

    I’m a black man in America. I’m already wrong. 3 times wrong.

    1. I’m black.
    2. I’m a man.
    3. I’m in a country that has a history of enslaving and killing black men with little remorse and for no reason in many instances.

    Knowing this I understand completely the quote in American Gangster which is “It’s not in my best interest to say this Frank, but quitting while you’re ahead, is not the same as quitting.” The only way that a black man in this country is ever even ‘possibly’ ahead is when he’s done ‘nothing’ wrong. Even then it’s iffy.

    I completely understand what this man’s rationale was. He was being attacked. He wanted to defend himself. He is a city bus driver and is not necessarily on the best route. The person was rude and disrespectful. He’s 60 so he had children her age at the VERY least. Being spat on is probably the MOST degrading thing that you can do to a person. The bus was actually moving so it scared the hell out of him I’m sure. HE was unprepared for the attack. She bullied him and attempted to embarrass him. I get it. I honestly get it. The young woman was DEAD WRONG. I get that too. That being said, you have GOT to know what your situation is. Self preservation, self awareness and survival are the order of the day. Shame on you for letting someone derail your plan. It’s not about HER it’s about you. You’re not refraining from hitting her because she’s weaker than you or because she’s smaller than you or because she’s a woman… you MUST refrain from hitting her because YOU ARE A MAN! Period.

    He KNOWS that he’s a city employee.
    He KNOWS that he’s close to retirement.
    He KNOWS that he’s got a great deal to lose.
    He KNOWS that he’s black.
    He KNOWS that he’s in America.
    He KNOWS that he’s in a country that has a history of enslaving and killing black men with little remorse and for no reason in many instances.
    He KNOWS that he cannot win here.

    He KNOWS these things. He MUST behave as such. He cannot afford to be in ANY type of situation for he typically has no help. He is an endangered species as a matter of fact so self-preservation for him is the avoidance of conflict at ALL COSTS. (This isn’t the case in EVERY instance however in this one and ones like this it’s important) As a whole our society doesn’t care about black men at all. Our society doesn’t protect black men at all. Our society actually is ‘against’ black men. Knowing this should be enough to let you know that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. He should have in no way retaliated.

    Gentlemen, I know JUST want you’re about to say, “Why is it that the man is always expected to maintain control while the woman can do whatever the hell she wants? She hit him first!” You know why? Because you’re the fucking man. Period. You either run this shit or it will get run into the ground. He didn’t run this situation and now it’s been run straight into the ground. I’m not saying it is fair, I’m just saying that it is. This incident should have never got to the point of the physical violence. The bus driver shouldn’t have been arguing with the young lady. He should have ignored her words and if she didn’t stop talking then he should have called the police OFF of the bus, case closed.

    Now about the other part about her wanting to ‘be a man’… Ladies this is EXACTLY how we think. It doesn’t matter to us not one single damn how you think that we should think… this is how we think so this is what it is. We think this way because this is exactly how it is. She was ‘trying to be a man’. Men are raised to be disposable. That’s why we must register for the draft. That’s why America’s Game is Football. That’s why we gravitate toward things that are fast and dangerous. Testosterone is a beast. Trust me ladies, you want for us to be this way because it works DIRECTLY in your favor when the cruise ship hits the big assed iceberg in the middle of the ocean and you are floating away in a life boat while my ass is freezing in the middle of the ocean playing a cello until I freeze to death or drown. Or when there is a noise downstairs in the middle of the night or when there is something high that needs to be fixed to something deep that needs to be dug or anything that’s too dangerous for your liking. These things work in your favor as often as not. That’s why our ‘play’ consists of violence. We are raised and designed to be the aggressors not for our own sakes but to protect you… but more succinctly to protect your womb. Period. Yes there is a double standard here and in most cases double standards cause someone harm. This case is no different. She did to him what a man would do to him if the driver was EXTEMELY disrespectful or it was a very stupid man. The reason that I make the caveat of stupidity in a man is that men typically don’t fight over things like this. There is too much pride and fear of losing involved in a man’s decision to fight. Something WAY over the top would have had to have happened. Also you know, I know and every other man knows that if a man did to him what she did to him that man would immediately know to prepare for retaliation.

    A quick note for the men and I’m done…

    Whether by police and law enforcement, or financial reimbursement for the dissolution of a marriage or a child out of wedlock or “insert point of conflict here”, there is a white man in every interaction and relationship that we have with a black woman and it is dictating their behavior toward us. Think about it gentlemen.

  • simplyme

    hmmm…. thanks for providing a rare intelligent male comment on this site. I don’t necessarily agree with everything you said, but at least I can see where you’re coming from.

  • http://gravatar.com/clnmike Tonton Michel

    Oh trust me we all understand what your trying to say, no one other than the like minded fools are buying it. Keep that post.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Thank you simplyme. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful response.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Please elaborate. What about my post would dictate that a like minded person would have to also be a fool?

  • Kimberley Willay-Jenkins

    She is not a teenager.

    She is 25 years old.

  • Kamari Johnson

    That’s irrelevant. She shouldn’t have been assaulting him. She got what she deserved. (And yes, I’m a woman. If I was that bus driver I would’ve given that little ratchet piece what she needed too.)

  • Kamari Johnson

    Also, I know it should like I’m disagreeing with you, but I’m not. All I’m trying to say is that if you go into the woods and provoke a bear, don’t be surprised when it chases you down and claws you to shreds. That’s exactly what happened in this video.

  • Kamari Johnson

    Um, the fact that your post is full of bullshizz obviously indicates that a like minded person would also be a fool. Duh. We’re living in a patriarchy, but it’s MEN who are the victims?!! Go back to your “men’s rights” meeting, we’re trying to have a serious conversation here.

  • Cleo Hines

    Oh please, f*%k that noise. She deserved it, I get so damn sick of the “it’s never permissible to hit a woman” argument, I call bollocks on that. Abuse is one thing, being pissed of enough to deck someone because they put their hands on you first? I’m cool with that. Just because men are supposedly the stronger sex doesn’t give women the right to go all willy-nilly hitting them, that’s crap, and a lot of women get slap happy cause they know most dudes won’t hit them back. Respect other people and keep ya damn hands to yaself. I’m sorry but if I were a dude and some chick hit me, kept talking ish, and tried to hit me again? I’m dropping that bish. I bet she won’t ever do that ish again, or at least think twice about it next time. So I guess a real man is one that submits himself to whatever verbal or physical abuse women feel like heaping on him right? That’s a real crap double standard.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Kamari Johnson, thank you for your reply. While I appreciate your sincerity and conviction, I’m having a difficult time determining what exactly it is in my comments that is “bullshizz”. I find a number of logical fallacies in your position, however, to keep from ‘assuming’, I’m interested in hearing exactly what it is that I’ve said that has garnered such a visceral response.

    The core of my position is that while the man was assaulted by being spat on as well as being assaulted by being choked and hit, he was wrong in retaliating in the manner in which he did. HE WAS WRONG! What exactly about that position is bullshit? I’m extremely interested in your response.

    Regarding the difficulties men face in this society, particularly black men but men in general, it is not my intent to diminish the difficulties that women face, as my post was not geared toward women, but to explain my rationale to men who think that striking the woman is OK. It is in fact NOT OK. The reason that it is not OK is that we are men. Period.

    We only diminish ourselves in our own eyes by striking an individual who poses no credible threat to us. If there is bullshit in that position I’d be interested in hearing your opinion on that as well.

    Your mention of the term ‘Patriarchy’ simply indicates that you yourself have been, at least to some degree, indoctrinated with regard to Feminist Theory which I find particularly interesting for I do not believe that we live in a Patriarchy at all.

    1. a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe and descent is reckoned in the male line, with the children belonging to the father’s clan or tribe.
    2.a society, community, or country based on this social organization.

    Origin: 1555-65; < Greek patriarchía.

    The fact of the matter is that by definition we do not live in a Patriarchy at all. I believe that the high percentage of single parent women headed households in our communities would in fact bolster my position.

    Men have double standards in their favor, women have double standards in their favor. Life is not fair. But because I am a man, a BLACK MAN, I will abide or cosign another black man striking a young black woman. It is up to us as men to have control of ourselves if for no other reason than we are men.

    I eagerly await your response.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    I see, Kamari Johnson, you believe that he was justified in hitting this young woman because she assaulted him. I disagree with your position. I will NEVER agree with a man striking a women just as I will NEVER agree with a woman striking a man.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    That last multi-sentence paragraph should read:

    Men have double standards in their favor, women have double standards in their favor. Life is not fair. But because I am a man, a BLACK MAN, I will NEVER abide or cosign another black man striking a young black woman. It is up to us as men to have control of ourselves if for no other reason than we are men.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    WiseWon, with all due respect, I think that you need to actually ‘read’ the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin before you call this man an Uncle Tom. He’s more closely aligned to Sambo than anything yet I think personally that he’s neither.

  • Nicole Tasha

    She’s not a teenager, she’s 25. And your comment was a 3 pg long word document.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    I’m aware that she’s not a teenager, I was merely giving my initial impressions and at the time I thought that she was a teenager. After I read the police report and gathered more information I was less ignorant about the situation.

  • Charles

    Are you kidding me? RUN? Its this kind of thinking that makes this young women, not a teenager think she has the right to treat people like she does. Although I think he could have used much less force as he was so much bigger than her. He should have removed her fron bus however she chose to go, on he feet or on her ass.
    And we are tired of people like you that bring race into everything. You are obviously a racist. As race has nothing to do with this story but you find a way to blame it on race and the “WHITE MAN” when will you do as the rest of us and advance on your deeds, and not on your ancesters struggles.
    You are also obviously a pacifist. Let them act as they want to just dont cause a seen. Had enough of this already.
    As for you speaking for all men I beg everyone to not think for one second this man speaks for all males, or even part of us. I think you need a reality check DUDE if you are a male.

    This was a WOMEN on a bus acting totally stupid! Has nothing to do with WHITE, BLACK, PINK OR GREEN. Has nothing to do with man vs women. This was a situation where both reacted wrong, However if I would have been the driver I would have clocked the B also. It is plane from her mouth she has no manners, Probably due to a week male figure like yourself or no father at all.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Thank you for your response. A few words if I may.

    It is not my responsibility to ‘teach’ this woman a lesson. I am not an arbiter of justice. I am not a vigilante. The bus driver has a job that he’s been in for 2 decades as well as a family to support. What good does it do this man to become embroiled in a verbal, much less physical, altercation with a woman who is obviously behaving irrationally? It seems as though you’re speaking with pride and I am not. I don’t care about her getting off the bus via the force of my hand. I care about my employment, the future of my family and not winning a battle that is not in my opinion worth winning.

    Regarding ‘bringing race into everything’… I did not ‘bring’ it, it was already there. I simply pointed out the obviousness of it’s presence. To call me a racist is the height for folly but because you don’t know me from a can of paint your words mean less than nothing. The fact that you insist on using logical fallacies, specifically Ad Hominem, as a plank of your rebuttal speaks volumes.

    Because an individual does not choose to engage in an altercation that would result in a pyrrhic victory at best means that this person is a pacifist? Your lack of reasoning skill is devastatingly astounding as the cause and the effect that you’ve positioned as linked are not at all mutually exclusive. This is your second logical fallacy and third false assumption in as many paragraphs. Methinks that this is going to be a waste of keystrokes.

    I’m not speaking for ‘males’ at all. I’m speaking for ‘Men’. There is a distinct difference sir and it seems that you are woefully ignorant of this fact. Men understand their power and Men understand when to use it and when not to. This was not a situation that required him to retaliate in the manner in which he did. Being a Man does NOT mean punching a person who weighs 60 lbs less than you. Being a Man does NOT mean losing emotional and physical control and placing your future and your family in jeopardy. It seems that ‘you’ are the individual who has not been raised around or by a Man. It seems sir that you have been raised by ‘males’ and your response to the actions of this young woman prove that point.

    Maybe you are white… I’m not sure… but what I saw was a young black woman in an altercation with an older black male. I’m in America, race is all around us. However it is clear that you did not read or grasp the entirety of my post because not once have I ‘blamed’ anything on race. The young woman was wrong. This cannot be and should NEVER be denied. She was COMPLETELY in the wrong. However two wrongs do not make a right. Men know this. Males, it seems, have an issue with that logic. Maybe if one day you become a Man we can have a different type of discussion regarding this topic.

    I wish you the best.

  • jaz

    Since when is 25 years old considered as being a teenager?

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