There is currently one less bus driver in Cleveland after allegedly getting in a physical altercation with a woman passenger. Yesterday a video posted on shows the bus driver and  woman having a verbal altercation, that soon escalated into something ugly and violent.

The video shows the girl throwing the first hit, followed by the bus driver yelling, “You’re going to jail now”. Unfortunately the incident didn’t end there.  With the arguing continuing and threats being thrown around, the girl is on the receiving end of an uppercut courtesy of the bus driver.   At one point, the driver chokes the woman and even pulls her hair.  During the ordeal, the girl ever once stops yelling and other passengers can be heard screaming, “she’s a girl.” The fight is eventually broken up by other passengers.

Although the woman did provoke the bus driver, he took it to another level. For a grown man to uppercut a young woman is just ridiculous and uncalled for. His reasoning, which is heard in the video, “She wanna be a man..I’mma treat you like a man”.

The names of neither the bus driver or the girl involved have been released, but a RTA Spokesperson released the following statement concerning the incident: We just saw this (video) today and are investigating.  Upon review of the video the driver was suspended immediately.  The investigation continues.



Recent updates were posted about the Ohio bus incident. The woman in question has been identified as Shidea N. Lane, 25. The bus driver involved has been employed with RTA for 22-years.

The RTA released the police reports on the incident, including statements by both combatants (see the full public report in the document viewer below). Hughes told RTA police that he had been assaulted by the young woman, but declined to press charges, RTA officials said. Transit Police and Beachwood Police were both called to the scene. Lane also did not file a report or charges against Hughes at the scene.”
  • Smilez_920

    It’s illegal to hit a transit worker and harash them. Now no he shouldn’t have punched her . But he was going to have to use a little bit of force to get her off the bus. Heck after she got thrown off she hopped back on to keep fighting . And let’s be honest the cops don’t come in a hop skip and a jump. This girl was relentless in trying to fight this man. So lets not make it seem like its so easy. Again he shouldn’t have hit her. But if this was a woman bus driver and this young women was attacking her I’m sure she would have hit her too. When someone’s hitting you , you don’t always think straight.

    I won’t to know why the other transit worker didnt step in and get her off the bus?

    And she is not a young girl. She is 18 or 19 , she is a young woman a young adult. Meaning she needs to handle herself with more respect.

    But their both wrong and they will both face consequences .

  • bijoux

    Find it quite disturbing *shrugs). They were both wrong. But the bigger issue I see is the anger and hurt both individuals obviously are carrying around. That’s why I always say you gotta always be careful when you go out there. People ARE dealing with ish, and they are waiting for the slightest opportunity to snap. Girl obvs wasn’t in her right mind. Neither was old dude.

  • Smilez_920

    She is a young adult . 18/19 she has to take responsibilty for her own actions. No he shouldn’t have man handled her . But she was acting wild, you can’t tell me she was being civil . She got thrown off the bus and jumped back on to fight him again. Not saying he should have continued to fight her , but she was not helpless.

    These 18 and 19 yr olds are not kids they are young adults who need to understand there are consequences to their actions . If she was 16 or younger that’s a different story .

  • Trinasobad

    These were 2 people who had no self control. The argument should not have gone as far as it did. I’m there is protocol for the drivers in situations like this. No sympathy for either party. She got hit and he will lose his job. Side note: was anyone else amazed by how quickly she bounced back from the upper cut?

  • Yb

    What the hell is with some of these comments? Did black men find this article and flock to it. It’s like their living vicariously through this man and relishing in him hitting the teenage girl. It’s like they get a hard on from it. Jesus Christ some of these men are sick but will be the first to cry foul when people of all races bring up the black crime, assault, and rape stastics and demonize black men as subhuman violent creatures.

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