Queens Teacher Gets Beat Up By A First Grader

by Yesha Callahan

John Webster, a 5’10, 220 pound teacher in Queens, recently filed a notice of his intent to sue the city because of mental and physical injuries he suffered at the hands of a 1st grade student. Rodrigo Carpio, described as the “tiny terror” by Webster’s attorney, is 6 years old and weighs in at 63 pounds and 4 foot 3 inches.

Webster claims Billy Bad Ass karate kicked him in the knee and ankle as he was trying to escort him to the principal’s office. Once they finally reached the office, the tiny terror also attacked the acting principal and safety officer. “It’s sort of like an angel-devil sort of thing,” said the 5-foot-10 Webster, who recently filed a notice of his intent to sue the city and says he must now wear braces on his right ankle and knee. “[Rodrigo] looks like an angel, but then, all of a sudden, that halo turns into horns. It’s been a nightmare. It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating.” Webster now has to wear braces on his right knee and ankle.

But of course the bad seed’s parent’s sees things differently. His father, Jorge, stated, “The lawsuit is totally absurd. How could my little boy do so much damage? My poor son.” The boy’s mom added, “This is a terrible thing to say [about] a child.”

Webster’s doctor placed him on medical leave for several months, after the incident. But the Department of Education told him to go back to work as of last month. Webster’s attorney said school officials were warned about the first grader, but failed to do anything. “It’s sad that teachers like Mr. Webster are not offered protection from someone who can endanger other teachers and students.”

All jokes aside, apparently this kid has issues. Rodrigo’s mom said her son is now on medication so he can focus. “He is getting help, and he is much better now,” she said.

If I was the teacher, I wouldn’t want to interact with him either, especially since he’s had a history already at the age of 6. What the mother fails to realize is that her ‘poor’ son, terrorized adults and the people who are there to provide him an education. Her child is not the victim in this situation. But like she said, hopefully he’s getting the help he needs.

  • pe.riche.

    The reason the teacher was “beat up” by the little boy, is because teachers are governed by strict policy no matter the circumstance (even in self defense) to not put their hands on their students.

    Obviously Mr. Webster could easily harm the little boy, and refrained from getting physical with him for that fact.

    My mom taught middle school for years, and many of the teachers would refrain from physically breaking up fights out of fear that not only would they be harmed, yet also do to the possibility charged with assault or some other crime at the hands of the students they were trying to help.

    And having that little boy pose in a boxer stance isn’t exactly helping, either.

  • Downsouth Transplant

    Dad:, “The lawsuit is totally absurd. How could my little boy do so much damage? My poor son.”

    Mom:”This is a terrible thing to say [about] a child.”

    Mom:“He is getting help, and he is much better now,”


  • http://mommaused2say.wordpress.com mommaused2say

    His parent’s reaction are exactly why he is the terror he is. His mother will be the same woman who is saying “My poor son” when he is facing prison time if this behavior is allowed to continue.

  • Kacey

    Looks like “poor” little Rodrigo will be part of the prison industrial complex in the not-too-distant future.

  • Fantastico

    The parents are in denial! I hope this teacher wins his case.

  • starr

    In another article it said that this kid also bit and hit the principle, and he had prior violent issues. Their son obviously has issues, and the parents are obviously in denial. He’s a gym teacher , how is he suppose to work with a bad knee and ankle.

  • Chillyroad

    When kids are acting up like that I always direct my attention to the parents. This isnt normal rombuctious behavior.


    You can’t hit but you can sure choke a child..I wish that little boy would!!!

  • MommieDearest

    That’s the first thought that came to mind. The teacher could have easily restrained that little monster, but as soon as he touched him the parents would have stormed the school with a lawsuit of their own.

    Parents of little bad-azz kids are a trip. They KNOW their kids are terrible, but want to live in denial because if they faced the truth then they would be forced to deal with their children.

  • ?!?

    “My poor son”

    Parents need to stop coddling these boys and making excuses for their bad behavior. I think a lot of mothers teach their children that they don’t have to respect other adults only them nowadays. Kids who know they’re supposed to respect their elders don’t act like that. But parents especially mothers will go up to the school and say “Don’t talk to my kid like that or don’t even think about disciplining my kid. That’s my job.” when they aren’t doing their job. The kids then think that they don’t have to respect other adults and authority figures. Talking back to a teacher was never a thought that entered my mind as a child much less hitting one. That’s parenting.

  • pe.riche.

    Haha. Reminds me of what Bernie Mac (r.i.p.) would say, “If you’re old enough to talk back, then you’re old enough to get hit in the throat or in the stomach.”

  • Lady P

    Where is corporal punishment when you need it? In some instances, we need it back. If parents are not incorporating discipline within their kids, teachers are clearly left at a disadvantage. This law suit is far from being absurd ~ sheesh!!!

  • Lady P

    Exactly! This is exactly why paddling was removed from the public schools in the first place.

  • LaNubiana

    Please send that little boy over here to finish the rest of his schooling…

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    I bet these same parents and many other people would be in an uproar if the teacher, principal and safety officer handcuff this kid or spanked the HELL out of him. Such a shame, I hope the teacher win his suit, as for the parents they need a clue and a handle on their child before he ends up messing with the wrong one…

  • Kam

    Why, why would they let their child pose in that stance after he’s been accused of fighting?!

    Anyway I believe the guy. When I was a teacher we were not allowed to break up student fights. They told us if we did and got injured they would NOT pay our medical bills. A hard blow to the knee by a six year old could damage it and poor guy probably wasn’t even allowed to hold him back or restrain him. Not even security officers are safe. My cousin had his ankle broken trying to break up a school fight as a security officer. Up side is that he did receive a settlement as a result, but as a result of the injury he failed the running portion of his police officer exam. His ankle just isn’t the same anymore.

  • Srenda

    You are talking about a little boy. Let’s hope things can get better for him. Kids don’t act out like that for no reason. Who knows what he has got going on at home.

  • Blaque217

    This is a sad story all the way around. I too hope that the teacher wins this lawsuit, but I also hope this child gets some help. He’s 6 years old and already has a history…that is heart breaking. And it sounds like his parents are doing more enabling that helping.
    Today’s youth, Lord. Help them!

  • African Mami

    Listen, this is BULL SHIGGIDY! My son hits a TEACHER-that’s the beginning to the end of his life. I’ll teach him RESPECT, the hard way!

    He is sick-well right, get him treatment! Cry me a river with that excuse!

  • No not that Jess

    well, let’s hope not. geesh

  • Bell

    My cousin does the same thing that you mentioned. I verbally reprimanded her son years ago because he was being disrespectful to me and she said to me “that’s a child and you are an adult.” Like he should be able to get away with it. I’m not one of her son’s little friends. I may be his cousin but I am grown. A few months ago he was even more disrespectful and I don’t have time for that type of behavior. When I see him I don’t reprimand him anymore I just ignore him. I’ll deal with him when he is an adult or when his mother feels as though he can be held responsible for his actions.

  • coco

    I don’t think this teacher is afraid of him so to keep from laying hands on him (the student) he called the cops and he is sueing. If he would have hit the kid back he would have went to jail. So I think he is doing this to prove a point. That parents need to be a parents and control your kids. If not you can get sued. Because some parents believe that some behavior is cute until it becomes a problem when they get older. You have to nip it in the bud the very first time.

  • lol

    true African Mami, lol!

    we don’t play that sh!t back home.reminds me of the kid that slapped his own mom on Dr Phil.smh…

  • Rosey

    Good for the teacher for not hitting the child back. I think my first reaction would to be to restrain the child or smack the arm away. This child obviously has horrible parents who are not equipped to properly raise a child.

  • Keke

    These parents are clueless. I hate it when parents of a bully or a child who exhibits violent behavior acts all incredulous when the fact is, they know their child is a danger to others. Instead of burying their heads in the sand, they should get the child some help and a healthy outlet for all that pent up energy.

  • NEELy

    he is not afraid of that little punk- he exercised self control- how much you want to bet – if he put his hands on him, he would have been sued

  • African Mami

    Eeeeeeh, slap WHO?! I would show him what it means to be the son of African Mami.

    Accord respect, at all times-No ifs, buts or squares!

  • Niki

    This situation is unfortunate. If this problem isn’t addressed, in a couple of years this young man will one night climb through your bedroom window. And believe me, he’s not going to be interested in tucking you in….

  • Mina

    LMAO! I’m sorry but this story seems too unreal! Wow! That little boy attacked the teacher and the principal lol. I’m sure his knee will heel and it’s not like he’s paralyzed. He sounds like he can never walk again smh. And the parents need to do a better job at disciplining their son. I wonder why he was going to the principal’s office in the first place, but the little boy should have gotten suspension or maybe the same treatment that little 6-year old had when they sent her to jail. It would have shocked him right.

  • Mina


  • Gell0h0h

    Bless the teacher for exercising self control because Lord knows how I would react in the situation. And to think when I was younger, I wanted to become a teacher and dedicate my services to the youth – but I have figured out another way instead by becoming a mentor. A lot of children these days are not being raised by their parents, rather they are being raised by media, pop culture. Of course it is a shame. Some parents are not taking responsibility. Rather instead of being a parent, they choosee to become a child’s friend or something similar. Let me tell you something, I got my behind torn up during Pre K when I disrespected the teacher in front of the class, third grade in front of the class (I was a little deviant back then hehehehe) and in sixth grade when my dad gave me sage advice, “If I have to come back to this school one more time, you are GOING to WISH WE WOULD send you to my country. Because after I am done with you, you will be speaking 3 languages: JESUS, LORD HAVE MERCY and BON DIEU.” Me being the rebel I was, I decided my dad was not “about that life” as these kids say these days. Let’s just say, I met the Lord soon enough and MY WAYS were CHANGED.

  • Mademoiselle

    (Sorry if my comment has already been made by someone else, but I’ve decided to stop clicking through pages of comments when all I want to do is scroll & move on.)

    Gender and size have nothing to do with it. Some parents raise little monsters and they know it. Teachers are professionals who are expected to deal with physical violence without the training or the pay. I feel bad for the man and all the other teachers who have to deal with this.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    I sincerely hope that the man wins the lawsuit. He is handling the situation correctly in this current climate.

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