Sharmeka Moffitt: Says 3 Racist Men Set Her On Fire

by Yesha Callahan

Twenty-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt is clinging to life at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport after being attacked and set afire Sunday night at a park in Winnsboro, Louisiana, by three men who wrote “KKK” — possibly with toothpaste — on her car. Although Moffitt was able to call the police herself, she wasn’t able to identify the assailants, but did say they were wearing white hoodies.

Sheriff Kevin Cobb was also shaken, saying he had never experienced such a crime. “It’s most definitely a horrific event that has created an uneasy feeling in the community,” Cobb said.

Police said Moffitt, was walking in the park and then doused in a flammable liquid and set afire. She was able to dial 911 at about 8 p.m. Cobb said a police unit was on the scene within 30 to 45 seconds. Trooper Albert Paxton said Moffitt, suffered extensive burns below her neck on her chest and back all the way down to her calves.

“To my knowledge, she has never been threatened,” said Edna Moffitt, Sharmeka’s mother, as she softly cried and wiped tears from her face during a Monday afternoon news conference at LSU Hospital in Shreveport. “I have never known anything like this to happen in Winnsboro. They want to take the dead skin off and place other skin there if they can.”

Authorities have made no arrests and no suspects have been identified. The Winnsboro Police Department, Franklin Parish Sheriff’s office, Louisiana State Police, Louisiana Fire Marshal and the FBI are investigating and will later determine if the attack could be classified as a hate crime

  • pe.riche.

    I honestly don’t even know what to say…I’ll pray for that young woman and her family. Just, wow…

  • Nia Everal

    It makes me feels so angry and sad to know these things still happen. I hope she recovers and her attackers identified and brought to justice

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblv

    I bet they were republicans

  • Ange B

    I would dare to say it is a hate crime. Wearing white hoodies…written KKK on her car and then attacked a Black woman. Someone according to her Mom was not threaten previously. It is disgusting, cowardly act. What is wrong with some people! I pray that she recovers and that they do catch those B@$****$!!

  • IAMSHE (@0oIAMSHEo0)

    Oh come one now! those cretins don’t even know such words.

  • dirtychai

    I pray for her strength. I pray that she receives justice. I pray that she heals physically, mentally and emotionally from this senseless act.

  • Anthony

    My sister told me that she was attacked because she was wearing an Obama shirt. Has anyone else heard a story like that?

  • billy

    I pray for this young lady to have a speedy recovery. I hope the bastards that did this crime get what they deserve. This is sad I hope the people that did this get caught, and get something 3x worst done to them.

  • apple

    times like this i wish i was a superhero so i could go find them SOBs and retaliate

  • Perspective

    Where are the IR daters on this thread?

  • Amber R.

    Right here. This has everything to do with hate and fear and nothing to do with the confounding love I have for the people in my life. By asking such a question, you harbor the same feelings these cowards have except you may not take it to such an extreme. Ask about the IR lovers, friends, family members, coworkers etc. and beyond. Do some research. Get back to us.

  • Lola

    Where are the black men to protect her”black women”? nowhere
    what about the blk men on bossip talking bad about blk women and this women who is fighting her life.

  • Anthony

    Lola, did you read about a black man who witnessed the incident but who ran off? If so, I haven’t seen it. I think you know full well that the kind of people who committ these sorts of crimes pick victims who are least able to fight back. Whether it is an old man like James bird in Texas or a lone woman like Sharmeka Moffitt. Black men have lots of issues, me included, however, the attempted murder of Miss Moffitt is not one of them.

  • Lady P

    This is truly sad. I have experienced angry stares while wearing a President Obama shirt, not surprised. With 60 percent third-degree burns on her body, I’m praying for a quick recovery and less visible scars as possible. Healing in her mind as well…it’s still crazy out there. We all have to be careful.

  • binks

    I saw this on my local news yesterday still no updates on her case, I truly hope they classified this crime as what it was a HATE crime. But honestly, I can’t say that I’ am surprised people think just because it is 2012 things like this doesn’t happen or we are so “post-racial” that we don’t have to worry about this…WRONG, sadly we are not. I truly pray for her and her family and hope for a speedy recovery for her and that the animals that did this to her are found and brought to justice.

  • Tonton Michel

    All of you all need to chill with that, this kid allegedly was assaulted and is in serious condition at a hosptial and all of yall want to project your insecurities on her misfortune? Thats some sick mess.

  • Tonton Michel

    I am going to take a wait and see approach to this case, the authorities seem to be moving quickly on this, they will let us know whats what in due time.

  • jourdan

    I’m from Shreveport, LA (about an hour from Winnsboro, LA) and on our local news they just announced that Sharmeka’s wounds were SELF-INFLICTED and that she lied about the entire story. They just held a press conference where they announced all of this! This is so sad all around. I really hope Sharmeka gets the help she needs. It’s upsetting that she lied about it, but there is obviously an underlying problem going on with her. I’m still praying for her recovery & for her family. Here’s the link to the story from Monroe, LA’s newspaper website.

  • miss piggy

    Um…might want to change the story. They have found out she did it all herself.

  • jourdan

    The FBI, Louisiana State Police, & local police all found evidence that her wounds were self-inflicted.

  • ?!?

    Great. Just what we need!

    She’s just like that idiot who carved Obama’s name on her face. She must not be mentally stable.

  • Deeana

    I pray for her and her family. I hope she can recover. Also praying that we make the light on what happen so justice is done.

  • Deeana

    Oh my I just saw Jourdan’s post. Why would she do that? I hope these are not lies because it would be evil.

  • ?!?

    What does interracial dating have to do with this?

    This is the same guy who writes the same crap about black women all over this site. You probably date interracially yourself.

  • Apple

    This bitch!! This bitch! Turns out she set her own self on fire! Now when I really happens to one of us they not gone believe it.

  • Echi


  • The Comment


  • The Patient One

    She’s a twenty-year-old woman, not a kid.

  • ~E.Wilson~

    it turns out the story of her being attacked by racists is not true:

  • Tonton Michel

    Im older that makes her a kid.

  • Eric


    I feel you on that.

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